The US government is funding and fully supporting this hell. Ahmad Hasaballah / GETTY



Let's put a name to that racist fuckwit in Gold Bar.


Was that a half-Jewish homosexual or a Jewish half- homosexual? Fundies can be so confusing!


@1 Could you please furnish your evidence that European defense dollars are providing rockets for Hamas?


@4 various US and other NATO intel services report that EU funded pipes (for sewers) were dug up and converted into short range rockets.

It's rocket science. Bet you didn't know mortars are just a tube with an end cap.


I have a pretty good idea of how Finney survived two months in the mountains, next to a dead body.


@2- this is Seattle. We don’t allow treating racist fuckwits badly. If the KKKlerk applies for the apartment first, you have to rent it to him.


@3- I think that depends on whether his mother was a homosexual.


Shutdown averted? For a minute. Why did the Democrats help the Repubulicans (especially the Christian Fascist new speaker of the House)? Congress needs to do its motherfucking job and fund the government fully and completely OR THEY NEED TO GET THE FUCK OUT. At this point our government's state of constant crisis is obscene. Enough bullshit. We need to get rid of every single POS who refuses to do their job. And that means not voting for anyone, NOT ONE PERSON, no matter who they are, who votes to support the continued dysfunction.


So who will be the first Stranger writer to go full My Pillow Guy regarding the election (I foresee liberal use of “I’m just asking questions”). Just take the loss with dignity, encourage folks to actually vote (should be easy given the narrow margins in a few of the races).


Wait, somebody pumping gas and selling Slim Jims™ in rural Nowhere is a racist? Drop everything, we have to get this guy fired! Once he's destitute and homeless the town of Gold Bar will give him a bus ticket to Seattle and you'll get to hear his charming opinions shouted at you from his tent flap while you try to walk your dog in the park.

It may seem harsh, but it's the only way to build a society based on kindness.


It’s funny-odd, not funny-hilarious, when people let their prejudices override their intellect. That’s a ridiculously offensive shirt, and I can’t see much debate about that. It’s being worn not only to support the notion that white people are better than everyone else, it celebrates a terrorist group, the Ku Klux Klan, which has historically caused indescribable pain and has had blood on its hands for more than a century-and-a-half. Also, I’m old enough for the phrase “White Christmas” to send me back to an innocent place of serenity and snow. Irving Berlin, the composer of the song and a Jewish man, never intended for there to ever be any racial connotations and would be horrified at the notion. It was written to remind our GIs during WWII, all of them, what they were fighting for: home, family, peace on Earth.

So using that phrase on a t-shirt full of hate irks the shit out of me. Let’s hope that person wasn’t wearing the shirt ironically. That would be too dumb, too disconnected with the world for contemplation. Let me give an example about another offensive T–shirt – different, imaginary, but no less offensive. If the t-shirt had said, “Please let me eat your little girl’s pussy,” would that motherfucker not only be fired, but in jail? Sorry for the example. I made myself shudder in disgust.

I’m not saying you should have final election results by 11 PM election night, but election results shouldn’t go on for weeks either. Seems to me that if you want to vote (and you should), unless you are serving the country in Greenland or some shit, you can get that ballot in by election day. I think timely results are as important as participation.

In this day and age, anyone who is green-in-the-face about gay people or gay rights has unresolved internal issues. Man or woman. Closet case, maybe, or Daddy left Mommy for a man. Otherwise, if you have a life of your own, who cares? The preacher man who drums up Christian disgust does it because it’s good for business and the checks just keep on comin’. Like that popular mayor dude in Alabama who was also a preacher man. Anti-gay, but turns out he liked to sneak up to the attic and put on make-up and slip into a kaftan. When he got found out by some reporter, he drove outside his little town and blew his brains out. Death is a better alternative than living with the shame. That sick religious shit runs deep, unfortunately.

The story would have had a happier ending had he moved to Manhattan.


@3 I think a circumcised bisexual who can mace a decent matzo ball is what he's talking about. Can't really tell with delusional Christo-Fascists.


The reporting on the Gold Bar Nazi was not very good, as from the picture, it looks like holster he was wearing is a WWII Nazi German P-08 Luger holster. No, it could be empty, as it fully encloses the pistol and he doesn't look like the sort to afford an expensive antique firearm. Still, with that shirt, his message is obvious.

@13 The proper way to create a more kind world is by composting all Nazis.


@17 - You're right, 'Drop. The Constitution does protect offensive speech. It may even protect certain assaults on the senses.Threats are not protected, and touting the KKK comes pretty close to a warning. This person was employed by someone else and his actions while on the job can reasonably be expected to reflect the store's position. Perhaps the most correct way to handle this situation would be for the boss to say, "You need to go home and change your shirt," while respecting the right for the employee to wear it on one's own time. Or, maybe the people who were offended by it should have said to the owner, "Well, I won't be shopping here again." That's protected, too.


@18 - No real need to respect this asshat's views. Gold Bar is a small town and the KKKlerk's racism would be well know. The store would be well within its rights not to want to be known as the Konfederate Korner.


@17 - the Constitution in no way protects you from being ostracized if you demonstrate that you are an asshole. Or a Klansman. That, too, is the way it should be.


@17-20: If he loses his job because his offensive attire cost the store customers and therefore money, that’s the free market at work. (Cue right-wing whining about how awful that free market is when it hurts THEM.)

@13: Thus making him one of the few actual “victims of capitalism” in Seattle’s encampments. Having an actual Klan-friendly camper amongst all the unfortunate sufferers of mental illness and/or substance abuse disorder might be the only force in the universe potent enough to get the Stranger to stop calling every last one of them “victims of capitalism.”

@1, @7: At the risk of speaking too soon, your relentless sledgehammer pounding of actual facts into the comments here may finally have caused enough pain to our local abusers of the word “genocide,” as they seem all to have fled in agony. Congratulations on your good works!


@11 xina: I share your frustration.

@16 Greenwood Bob, re @13 The Arbiters: +1 "The proper way to create a more kind world is by composting all Nazis." Amen! That would recycle the overwhelming majority of RepubliKKKans quite nicely.
I'd love to see the worst of RepubliKKKan RWNJs, and Mr. KKK grocery clerk in Gold Bar and John Hagee among them, become recycled back into what's left of the Earth's soil. They could be replaced by...TREES!...CROPS!...
AMPLE VEGETATION!....URBAN GREENBELTS! The possibilities for conversion into good are endless.


I wonder if somehow the late actors Max von Sydow and Jason Miller (who played Father Lankester Merrin and Father Damien Karras in the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist) could return from the dead. Exorcisms appear to be in overwhelmingly great need, lately, especially on the Orange Turd and its loyal RepubliKKKan MAGAt zombies.
Too many innocent people are dying from extreme climate change.


@25:.....not to mention from genocide.


The Owner of the Dog Resort has several GoFundMe schemes at work simultaneously, and is constantly avoiding accountability for these 'accidents'. Seems like some investigative journalism would be in order.

A quick review of their BBB reviews raise some concerns on their policies and practices. Overcrowding being one of the most troubling. 2 fires in 6 months seems very shady as well.

She has a connection with the Neighbors and was interviewed back in the day by The Stranger when there was the fire at Neighbors.


I don't have a dog in this fight, but there is a fantastic show over at the FB page called Pet Lovers Against Dog Resort. Seattle has our own Tiger King, and their name is Mona. Wow, she sounds like a nightmare. Grab your popcorn!

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