Getting some reading in while waiting for the hostages to arrive. Erik Marmor / GETTY



Noteworthy that far-right extremists in America don't disrupt parades and traffic, throw red paint on public libraries, vandalize property, pull down flags and replacing with their own, and glue themselves to the pavement like far-left extremists.


You're so right, raindrop dear. Thank God the "far-right extremists" limit themselves to things like killing abortion providers, blowing up Federal buildings, storming the US Capitol (where they pooped on the floor - or is that not considered vandalism by You People?), occupying wildlife areas, death threats, and killing children in school shootings, politically motivated shootings, shopping center shootings, and movie theatre shootings.


No, #1 that's not a mirror you're looking at, but rather your own asshole winking at you from the plate #s2 and 3 have served it to you on.


@2: You got me on Jan 6 and the bombings (good catch!), the mass shootings are sparked by a spectrum of things so I didn't consider those, but I can't remember parades of public celebrations of joy and harmony interrupted by protesters for a right-wing cause - but your memory is obviously better than mine.

@3: More shame than someone trying to damage a priceless work of art, hold up traffic, deface buildings, or gluing oneself to the pavement.


@4: You're new here. Garb and Catalina have been serving me for years, on gilded Haviland China no less!


Get back to me when a certified vegan shoots a bunch of people with an AR-15.


@7, It's only a matter of time. The history of humanity is that there is human will to do evil, and that when such will exists, the means will be developed or appropriated to act on that will.

On a happier note, domestic violence, which can accelerate at the holidays, at the hands of a specific ex, won't be perpetrated on this Issaquah woman this holiday season.

womenempowered #feminism #genderequity #domesticviolenceprevention


Happy Indigenous Peoples Day, everyone!

@7: Radical Vegans may have have their faults, but killing living animals isn't one of them; quite the opposite, in fact.


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9 - There are two? (not that I object) What used to be Columbus Day is Indigenous Peoples Day.


I want to push back on the Canadian professor calling the Canadian super pigs "the most invasive animal on the planet." No way. Hands down, the most invasive animal on the planet is homo sapiens. We are truly a menace.

And no, I'm not calling for our eradication. However, I would like to see us remove ourselves and our cattle and our rogue super pigs from the Great Plains and give the Great Plains back to the bison. From yesterday's New York Times:

When you stop and realize that only 20,000 or 40,000 of the 300,000 or 400,000 living bison are truly wild and the rest are raised as livestock, it's hard to look at that and see that as a success story. I hope I live to see the day when three are a million truly wild bison roaming our continent.


Hope everyone is having a nice Thanksgiving weekend. Mine’s awfully quiet (by choice). Food was excellent. My sister made scratch cranberry sauce which blew my mind. A little sweet, but tart…like a cranberry. That shit that comes out of an Ocean Spray can tastes like Concord grape jelly now. You could spread it on toast.

Ceasefire. Yes. Glad to get some hostages out. Please note that people held by Hamas are correctly identified as hostages, and the people held by Israel are correctly identified as prisoners. But Hamas can’t be trusted on any level to abide by any agreement. Their thirst for Jewish blood overrides everything. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if all returned prisoners are immediately upon arrival given a rifle, a knife, strapped with explosives, or any combination thereof. “We bargained for your release,” they’ll say, “Now you do this for us.” That’s how those fuckers roll.

You might be able to grow lemons in Washington, but I have yet to taste a decent tomato grown there. Yeah, those Cascade 100s are pretty wonderful, but I mean a beefsteak or a Brandywine that I can bury my face into. The problem is that tomatoes need lots of spring and summer rain and lots of hot sun – like melons. Washington has lots of rain (usually) and lots of sun, but not in the same season. Also, would you geneticists please stop tinkering with tomatoes? Much obliged.

Thank you, kind sir or madam, for the $800K. Someday maybe this country will agree to FDR’s Second Bill of Rights. Won’t see it in my lifetime, but it’s something to shoot for on that day when the country gets fed up and realizes that the 10 wealthiest people in the US have more dough than everyone else combined. I want to reward innovation as much as the next guy, but fuck, our schools are crumbling, our infrastructure is crumbling, a post-secondary education costs almost as much as a house which people can’t afford either.

The sad tale of Oscar Pistorius. Not nearly as sad as the tale of his murdered girlfriend and her family. He’ll always be like the South African OJ, right? Too bad. He was pretty inspirational before he started believing his own press. Got rich, spoiled, and manipulative. He was pretty cute, too. Tragic, but self-inflicted grief. Sports legends, as we know, usually don’t serve their full punishment regardless of the crime.

That couple in Niagara Falls. That car was a Bentley sedan. What..about $225K? Something like that. Couple in their 50s on the way to see a Kiss concert in Canada. The concert had been cancelled due to illness (middle-aged immunological response to all that silly-assed make-up?). I thought it odd that someone 53 would be hot to see Kiss, but then I realized they were about 12 when Kiss happened. So, yeah. The car, I read, was going nearly 100 mph when it hit that median and did a Dukes of Hazard airborne. It’s a puzzlement, but investigators are looking at mechanical failure. The couple had been at a Niagara Falls casino, but they were pretty successful small business people (owned a few Ace Hardwares). They’d know better than to try to cross the border sloshed, wouldn’t they?

If you are hungry or if you are cheap, you are probably willing to dismiss the dangers of consumption (noun and disease) on a NY subway car. I’m just saying that unless they power-blasted that car with a hot, soapy bleach solution before putting out the aluminum trays, there are some people today spending time with john.

Those boars are highly destructive to all branches of agriculture, too. I’m an animal lover to the max, but I don’t see much natural purpose for those boars beyond being lunch for larger species of mammals or reptiles. A threat to be sure – and they attack humans at a whim.

Great rest-uh-tha-weekend, all.


Also, no mention of the election in The Netherlands? Liberal, tolerant Holland. They've elected a hardline right-winger who is fed up with Islamic influences on Dutch life. This should be something to watch. Much of Europe is feeling as though their culture is being altered by immigration. I hear there are neighborhoods in London, for instance, where you dare not walk down the street in a mini-skirt.


Just saw on the news that the tree lightning ceremony at Westlake was cancelled due to the pro Hamas contingent. They just turned the tree on and cancelled everything else. I wonder how miserable a person you have to be to ruin such a joyous event for so many in the community. Everyone who participated is a complete pos.


@17: The City Council’s pro-ceasefire resolution didn’t actually mollify the Pro-Palestine protesters? So they disrupted a Seattle tradition of community holiday gatherings spirit?

Why, it’s like the lame-duck City Council just can’t do anything right.

(Did these protestors once again chant eliminationist slogans, because peace and harmony can reign o’er the earth only after you cleanse said earth of all undesirables?)


@18 of course they did because they are cultists and incapable of anything else. From the news report it sounds like they tried to preach to the crowd but people started shouting to light the tree so they did and shot off some fireworks drowning out the protest and then many people left. I’m sure they won a lot of hearts and minds with their callous and joy sucking protest.


@14: "Much of Europe is feeling as though their culture is being altered by immigration."

It's definitely been altered. Throughout history cultures change from migrating populations, often presenting great challenges and upheaval, but in the final analysis there should be more positives than negatives.

@19: Nothing is off limits with pro-Intifada anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian protesters. We can't do nice things or celebrate life anymore. Note that most of them didn't give a hoot about Israel/Palestinian conflict before Oct 7, 2023. It's mostly a disingenuous way to get an adrenaline rush by tying up traffic and annoying people.


Raindrop dear, if they weren't protesting the current sad situation in the middle east, they'd be protesting "consumerism" or some other Undergraduate Anger Topic.

I really am all for free speech and the right to protest, and I'm no fan of the Downtown Seattle Association. But when protesters choose to take over a permitted event they should be arrested. Part of participating in a protest is the potential to be arrested, and those arrests are important in promoting the cause. I was arrested for opposing my college's investments in South Africa in the Apartheid era (along with about 500 other UI students), and those mass arrests made news across Iowa and drew attention to the issue, which ultimately helped cause the state board of regents to divest.

Protesting where you know you're just going to be treated as a hostile eccentric serves no purpose.

By the way, this is my nine-thousandth post! (and that's not including the pre-registration era)


Have a great weekend!
And say it along with me; "Republicans are horrible people!"


@21: May there be 9K more
@22: I'm still a registered Republican. After voting for Romney 2012, I voted for Mrs. Clinton in 16, and Biden in 20, I hold out hope for a classical Republican to emerge for 2028. I don't think that's horrible.


Raindrop dear, there hasn’t been a good Republican presidential candidate since 1956. And the party has since rotted from the head down. If your unicorn candidate were to appear, the likes of Vivek, Nimarata, and Ron would beat it to death while Franklin Graham egged them on.


@9 - I won't be at all surprised when a vegan shoots up a meatpacking plant to save the animals. Like any other religion, they will no doubt include their share of zealots.


Dear Raindrop-
Rest assured, I have every respect for you. After all, you are part of our spectacularly disfunctional community. Wishing you the best!


@27: And respect and best wishes to you as well. I never took it personally, but every now and then it's good to chip away at the meme as there will always be a need for a rightward party to balance the Democrats.


@1, 5, @6, @20, and @23: WOW, raindrop dear. Too much tryptofan from your Thanksgiving dinner?
Get a nap and try again later after your rabid MAGAt trigger wears off.

@2 Catalina Vel-DuRay, @3 Garb Garblar, and @4 Lairdo re: @1: +3 for the WIN!!!

@9 COMTE: Happy Indigenous Day! I hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too.

@13 & @14 Bauhaus I: Thank you again for your commentary. I love your posts!

@21 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Congratulations on your nine thousandth post, and for being so consistently spot on!!

@22 pat L: +2 Agreed, with you and Catalina Vel-DuRay: RepubliKKKans are indeed, horrible excuses for people.

@24 Catalina Vel-DuRay: +1 Agreed. To my memory, WWII 5-Star General and 34th U.S. President, Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower seems to be the last Republican in the White House who had a conscience. Why he ever chose Richard Nixon as his VEEP, however, I'll never know. The GOP has been sliding downhill ever since.

@26 dvs99: +1 Agreed. The world is getting so crazy! I wouldn't be surprised if a rabid vegan dressed as Bambi bearing an AR-15 takes out a butcher shop, with a film update at 11. Where's Mark Trail when you need him?

Safe, healthy, and sane holidays to all.


@28: If I were you I'd be more concerned about balancing RepubliKKKans, raindrop dear. Steadily over the past seven years they have proven themselves the Party of the Orange Turd. What few brave crossing the aisle have been silenced or forced to leave the GOP.


Raindrop dear, if anything the GOP’s downward spiral into fascistic dementia has dragged the Democratic to the right. The current Democratic platform looks like a modern version of the GOP platform from the 50’s, while the current GOP platform is basically “whatever trump wants”


@31: Indeed, it's always popcorn time watching Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparain over at The Young Turks disparage corporate democrats and the talking heads on MSNBC.


I think the "Young Turks" should change their name to the "Middle-Aged Cranks". Cenk Uygur is almost as annoying as Mike Papantonio.


Ms. Vel-DuRay - I, too, have posted for a long time. My email provider went belly up a long time ago, and since we use our email addtesses to sign in, all of my Bauhaus postings were lost (I became Bauhaus I shortly thereafter). Been posting since maybe 1997 or 8, but I'm pretty sure I'm nowhere near 9,000 comments. I bow to you and your willingness to participate, your generosity of time, your endurance, and your wit and wisdom. Hang in there, gurl.


@31 Catalina Vel-DuRay: That the neofascist Party of the Orange Turd is steadily dragging the Democrats further to the right is another thing I find troubling. And the trenches are the deepest and most divided ever in U.S. history. If only we could get all the self-serving toddlers out of office! What could otherwise be more easily accomplished nationally and globally in resolving escalating economic, constitutional, and environmental issues is mind boggling.

@34 Bauhaus I: Congratulations, too, on your also being a long-time The Stranger commenter!
I have been a Stranger commenter online since bout 2004, although back when TS was in print I read it religiously from 1993 through 1997, and later when I'd manage to get a copy.

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