Hard to evacuate when everywhere is a war zone. Ahmad Hasaballah / GETTY








‘Israel obtained those battle plans more than a year ago, shared them "widely among Israeli military and intelligence leaders," observed Hamas training in the field to enact them, but officials ultimately "dismissed the plan as aspirational, considering it too difficult for Hamas to carry out," the New York Times reports.’

Whereas, if Israel had responded in force to disrupt those plans, the Stranger would have immediately questioned the veracity of this supposed intelligence, and concluded it was either exaggerated (or fabricated), to justify an Israeli attack on Gaza.

Even when Hamas intentionally targets civilians, it’s still always Israel’s fault if civilians die. Every time, no exceptions.


"I should like to say two things, one intellectual and one moral.

The intellectual thing I should want to say is this: When you are studying any matter, or considering any philosophy, ask yourself only what are the facts and what is the truth that the facts bear out. Never let yourself be diverted either by what you wish to believe, or by what you think would have beneficent social effects if it were believed. But look only, and solely, at what are the facts. That is the intellectual thing that I should wish to say.

The moral thing I should wish to say…I should say love is wise, hatred is foolish. In this world which is getting more closely and closely interconnected we have to learn to tolerate each other, we have to learn to put up with the fact that some people say things that we don't like. We can only live together in that way and if we are to live together and not die together we must learn a kind of charity and a kind of tolerance which is absolutely vital to the continuation of human life on this planet."

Bertrand Russell


Rich you didn't mention Hamas Terries killing 3 people and shot 11 more at a bus stop outside Jerusalem yesterday. That may have also contributed to the ceasefire's demise.

Or the hostage who reported they were held captive by an UNWRA employee.

RIP Shane. Shocked you made it to 65.


thanks for acknowledging shane macgowan. still hoping segal writes up something for the gen-x crowd about geordie walker and killing joke.


“… a bunch of landlords and Trump freaks …”

Seriously, Rich? Aren’t you the least bit embarrassed to call yourself a “newspaper editor,” or have you abandoned any sense of shame?


@2 and @6 are correct. Hamas can release all the hostages and surrender at any moment. They should do that.


Landlords and Trump freaks…
It’s writing like this that makes me think The Stranger is just satire.


@8 Why would they though when they are enjoying life in Qatar living on the billions of aid they have stolen from the Palestinian people? This war will only serve to enhance their portfolios when it finally concludes and the international community donates billions more to help rebuild Gaza.


@9 - Thanks for bringing this up. If I were Fergusons's campaign manager, I'd have a response ready if/when an instance occurs in Washington State. It baffles me that everyone expects high school kids especially to behave like miniature adults and sexual harassment or assaults wouldn't occur in school bathrooms.

Also, mere discussion of Murphy's Law wrecking havoc in these areas shouldn't be labeled as transphobic.





"There's not much left for the occupation forces to bomb, as 'some 60 percent of homes in Gaza have been destroyed by Israeli bombardment.'"

Militaries bomb combatants, not buildings. They bomb to kill the enemy WITHIN the building, destroy the military supplies WITHIN it, or to stop the command and control activity that are headquartered there. If the enemy resumes any of that in the rubble, militaries legitimately bomb the rubble.

"What is it with right-wing administrations getting intel on terrorist attacks but then not doing anything about them?"

Militaries and terrorist organizations around the world have contingent war plans, or studies to see if a particular course of action has potential against dozens, or hundreds, of different adversaries. They evaluate most of them as something the other country or adversary won't act on, can't act on, or will abandon for a plan that's better.

A country or adversary having a war plan, is not justification under international law, to attack that country or adversary. Like in civilian self-defense, there needs to be an additional element for justification, and that is some evidence that the adversary will imminently act on the design or plan.

"In one case discussed by the sources, the Israeli military command knowingly approved the killing of hundreds of Palestinian civilians in an attempt to assassinate a single top Hamas military commander."

That is legal and justifiable under the laws of armed conflict. To use an extreme example, nuking millions of civilians in Washington, D.C. is justifiable under the laws of armed conflict, because the POTUS, VPOTUS, top generals, and command and control are based there. Collateral damage is not prohibited by the laws of armed conflict.

Aparently Rich and TS, can't read the International Laws they claim to be advocating for, or think critically about them.


As a Reagan appointee, Sandra Day O'Connor she voted with the conservatives repeatedly. In 2000, she was the swing vote on the Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore, giving the presidency to Bush, Jr. He appointed more than 260 youngish, right-wing judges to the federal bench. When O'Connor retired in 2006, Bush appointed John Roberts and Samuel Alito to the Supreme Court, which horrific consequences. I will not mourn her death any more than I would mourn Kissinger's demise. Because of her, the Court has overturned most of the Voters Rights Act as well as the right to abortion in many states. It has become the most corrupt court in American history. I will not mourn her death any more than I would mourn Kissinger's demise. Burn in hell, O'Connor, along with your buddies Scalia, Nixon, Reagan and Kissinger.


That clown George Santos finally got the boot. It only took a whole year of him shamelessly spending the peoples' money on his personal affects with ever more shameless and reckless abandon for there to be these meager consequences. We really need to step up our ability to hold corrupt shitbags accountable and not let archaic rule making and douchebags who put party over country the gatekeepers of their own. People have the power and it's time to clean house across the board. Begone, shitters!


Bye, Georgie.

But before we head on over to the House and their chambers with mops, very hot water, and lots of Lysol, let's get rid of the 113 Congressional chancres who saw fit to have him stay.

Great weekend, all.


@15, "Corrupt court". By what legal standard? Who would make that ruling? Or do you not believe in rule of law?

@4, Israel knows how to limit casualties in a mass shooting. An armed civilian, and two armed off-duty soldiers were on scene and returning fire within 60 seconds.

In the U.S., we would rely on a 7 minute response time on the best day. Israel has one of the highest rates of private access to firearms in the world, and low death rates associated with mass shootings (terrorism is a sub-set of mass shootings), because response times to them are seconds, not multiple minutes.


@17. Hear, hear!!


@18. Then why are you here if the Stranger holds such low value to you? Seems like you could make better use of your time, no? Go take a hike and do yourself and everyone else some good if The Stranger is so beneath your lofty journalistic standards.


@21 - Check your attitude, mister.


@21 Like all propaganda it needs to be fought and countered with the truth so low information readers are exposed to the full picture instead of drawing conclusions based on selective information presented by the authors. Due to their past when they actually had journalistic standards and provided some value to the discourse in the community TS still is considered the voice of truth amongst the progressive left so many take the TS at face value without question. Some of us would prefer to post here and push back against the narrative in hopes we can bring some people out of their idealogical bubble.


Shane MacGowen was like no other. I've had a few of his songs on rotation for 30+ years. It's sad we lost two of the all-time best Irish musicians in the same year.

"Lorelie," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boJR79qnNkc

"Haunted (with Sinead O'Connor)," https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_q7307IWwr4


@22. Was there something wrong with the way I addressed the question to Sir Toby, mister man guy dude bro?


It’s funny how ‘progressives’ will tell republicans that Trump lost in 2020 and they need to get over it, but still cry about 2000 election 23 years after the fact.
Say what you will about Justice O’Connor, but she had the sense to retire at a time she’d be replaced by someone of similar philosophy.
Imagine if RGB had done that instead of hanging on to the bitter end.
The court would be more balanced than it is now.


@27: No worries bro


@14: “Aparently Rich and TS, can't read the International Laws they claim to be advocating for,”

When did any writer here claim to care about international law? They care when Israeli military actions kill civilians in Gaza. That’s all. Whether Hamas cowered behind those civilians means absolutely nothing, as we can see in this very headline post. As you recounted, the Stranger’s narrative starts with the Israeli decision to attack Hamas. It doesn’t start with Hamas using civilians in Gaza for human shields, because the Stranger simply does not care about Hamas’ use of civilians for human shields. Sure, non-consensual use of civilians for human shields violates international law, but the Stranger simply does not care.



It's funny how 'stupid people' will compare a thwarted attempt to overthrow the United States government that left six people dead with some lingering bitterness over the results of an election decided on purely grounds by a partisan judiciary.


@28: “Imagine if RGB had done that instead of hanging on to the bitter end.
The court would be more balanced than it is now.”

Please explain how RGB retiring before her death would have resulted in a Republican Senate allowing a sane judge to take her place. (Bonus points for every use of the phrase, “Justice Merrick Garland”.)


@31: Nothing partisan about saying no to a third recount and saying that 538 votes decides the winner.


I love you bomb! Big bomb go boom! Look at all the pretty explosions and dust!


@7; @10- don’t forget that anyone to the right of Kshama “idiot” Sawant is an official StrangerTrumper.


@32: Scalia's opera pal could have retired during Obama's first term when Dems had a plurality in the Senate.


Progressives are the only reason Biden won and Trump lost. If you really care about saving this country stop making enemies out your allies and ignoring the Trump cult. Maybe you can disagree with Progressives, but if you scapegoat and demonize them you are both bringing about the consequences you accuse the Progressives of being responsible for and helping the Trump cult doom us all. Focus on the real enemy and get your shit straight.


I love how any time an election is lost or the MAGA nutcases pull some dishonorable or downright unethical shit, it's because of the Progressives and not because the Republicans were voted in by Republican voters and their insane members did exactly what they said they would. Give credit where credit is due you dimwitted buffoons.


Progressive voters want to pass policies that will constrain the far right, but centrists are like no we can't do that. That will just make more people vote for Trump because it's too extreme! We need to be middleman and compromise. So they fuck over Progressives like you shitbags and waste all their time and energy making circular firing squads and pissing off their coalition into not voting while the GOP falls in line and the most extreme and insane policies of their fringe members become the agenda.

Get real you guys are fucking clowns and weak minded fools. Step it up and fight the power!


Here's an honest question for you Sir Toby, Ahab, and maybe even tensor. Is it possible to be against Netanyahu's campaign without being antisemitic? Is it possible to be against the bombing of civilians (including Israelis!) without being pro-Hamas? Is it possible to think more profoundly about how to fight the extremism and terrorism in the region without resorting to force and forced explosion? How can a lasting peace be reached? How can the countries succeed where in the past they have failed? What would it take to accomplish this?


And as obnoxious as Sir Toby is, he has a point about the quality of y'alls journalistic integrity. Irreverence and rebelliousness might feel good in a short term bubble, but it's a losing strategy in the long run. You can only get by on demagoguery for so long before it turns your credibility to mush. Use inductive reasoning and not deductive confirmation bias. You have an audience so use your voice for wisdom.


@41. That's idiotic. Antisemitic means you hate jews. Disagreeing with the heavy handed and unethical methods of the corrupt Israeli government has nothing to do with the race or identity or religion of an entire spectrum of people. It is a political disagreement, not one of hatred of a people. By reasoning this way you just reveal yourself to be a useful idiot.


@43. Especially when the vast majority of Israelis don't want that administration and Netanyahu has something like 16% approval and his officials ignored national security risks! You think we don't have national security risks here in the USA and that if our enemies succeed then we shouldn't hold ourselves accountable for our own defense because other people are openly threatening us? You're just a tool for the right wing government and you don't really give a shit about what the Jewish people want in the aggregate for their own destiny. Keep on funding the war machine brother, because the only way you can support Jewish people is by ensuring they are at perpetual war!


@43 yet that's not what progressives have been doing Garb. The minute you start using genocidal chants, insisting people who where attacked deserve it because they are oppressors, equate them with a political movement who killed millions of their ancestors and defend another political movement whose charter is to finish the job you've completely lost the narrative. You, personally, may be differentiating between the two things you note but the vast majority of the protest crowd is not. Just today authorities have been called to Rep Adam Smith's home because it was vandalized and another suspicious package was delivered to a Jewish temple. These aren't the actions of people who have a disagreement with the Israeli government policies.


@18: "At this point the Stranger is nothing more than the propaganda arm of Hamas and Socialist Alternative."

....all while being sustained by capitalist advertising dollars! The juxtaposition of advocating socialism while being supported by capitalism makes the steel plate in my head throb.


I could always listen to Shane MacGowen, but I always averted my eyes from looking at him, because of his horrible teeth. I'd just cringe. It's sad it took him so long to get a new set.


Bezos got Him a yacht
for his Minions he
got ‘em dog beds.



''War' Resumes
in Gaza'

Reopens the
Gaza Slaughterhouse

Phase One of Israel’s genocidal campaign on Gaza has ended. Phase Two has begun. It will result in even higher levels of death and destruction.

The skies over Gaza are filled — after a seven-day truce — with projectiles of death. Warplanes. Attack helicopters. Drones. Artillery shells. Tank shells. Mortars. Bombs. Missiles.

Gaza is a cacophony of explosions and forlorn screams and cries for help beneath collapsed buildings. Fear, once again, is coiling itself around every heart in the Gazan concentration camp.

By Friday evening, 184 Palestinians — including three journalists and two doctors — had been killed by Israeli air strikes in the north, south and central Gaza, and at least 589 injured, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza. Most of them are women and children.

Israel will not be deterred. It plans to finish the job, to obliterate what is left in the north of Gaza and decimate what remains in the south, to render Gaza uninhabitable, to see its 2.3 million people driven out in a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing via starvation, terror, slaughter and infectious diseases.

The aid convoys, which brought in token amounts of food and medicine — the first batch was shrouds and coronavirus tests according to the director of al-Najjar hospital — have been halted.

No one, least of all President Joe Biden, plans to intervene to stop the genocide. Secretary of State Antony Blinken visited Israel this week, and while calling for Israel to protect civilians, refused to set conditions that would disrupt the $3.8 billion Israel receives in annual military assistance or the $14.3 billion supplemental aid package.

The world will watch passively, muttering useless bromides about more surgical strikes, while Israel spins its roulette wheel of death. By the time Israel is done, the 1948 Nakba, where Palestinians were massacred in dozens of villages and 750,000 were ethnically cleansed by Zionist militias, will look like a quaint relic of a more civilized era.

--by Chris Hedges; Dec 1, 2023

more Horror
cum War Crimes:


@36: You seem not to understand the absolute embargo Republicans in the Senate put upon Supreme Court nominations by Democratic Presidents.

(I’m guessing your lack of comprehension is self-inflicted, as the Republicans themselves were not exactly shy about what they were doing.)


At least we got a great Picasso painting out of Guernica.
This lousy war gives us nothing!


@40, I don't agree with Netanyahu's demolishing the independence of the Israeli's courts, some of the extremist parties he has allied himself with to form a government that he rules, at any cost, telling the international community they will abide by the Oslo accords, while doing something else, etc.

It would be possible to disagree with the current IDF and Netanyahu strategy and tactics and not be antisemitic, if there was an alternative to Netanyahu and the IDF's military campaign.

There is no way to get to Hamas without going through the non-combatant's they shield themselves with, and the hospitals, schools, and homes they use to wage their campaign. To insist that non-combatants, and non-combatant's infra-structure (like the electrical generators at hospitals) be spared, is to insist that Hamas be spared to fight another day, and to continue to hijack some of the electricity and other portions of that Gazan infra-structure to make war. Hamas being left to fight another day means the eventual destruction of Israel, because Hamas is committed to that end, even if they have to sacrifice themselves and every other Arab between the Jordan and the Med to do so. It's in their charter, and their actions have been consistent with that.

Restricting Israel, with the result of allowing Hamas to continue until their objective is achieved (they will eventually get their hands on a Hiroshima sized nuke, that ways 60 pounds or less, and can be walked into an Israeli City), is to look the other way while Hamas wipes the Jews out. That's antisemitic. We turned the other way, or restricted Israel from using the only practical means to stop Hamas, while Hamas wipes Israel out, makes us culpable with the antisemitic result.

Combatants killing each other with small arms, is the thing pop-culture and war movies get wrong, misleading us all about the reality of warfare. The killing of the enemy, since WW I, has been 3 to 1 by artillery and bombs vs. infantry and bullets. The infantry, as a last resort, when other intelligence doesn't locate the enemy, forces the enemy to shoot at them, revealing the enemy's position. The infantry then calls for artillery and/or air to take out the enemy's shelter (a home, hospital, school, mosque, etc., in Hamas case, stacked with human shields to be massacred for the camera's and health ministry stats). Even war-fighters that don't have the armies and equipment to go toe-to-toe with a numerically and materially superior enemy understand that is how war is fought. Most of our casualties in Iraq and Afghanistan were from IED's, not someone firing an AK, or tossing a grenade, from behind a rock.

A war movie where the combatants aren't within visual range of each other, lacks the human v. human emotional and dramatic quality that will attract an audience to a book or movie. So we get streaming series about Easy Company at Normandy, not the gun crew on the battleship off-shore, or the gun crew of the German artillery battery, 5 miles behind the point of contact between the opposing infantries.

So we have this misleading idea, that its possible to kill the enemy effectively with surgical small arms fire. Even if the IDF were to do it the hard way, with infantry and small arms only, the non-combatant casualties would be no fewer. The infrastructure no less torn up from bullets, grenades, and battering through walls. The IDF casualties would be 10 times higher and they would run out of soldiers before Hamas ran out of fighters.

Israel, twice has allowed Jordan to fly supplies into the hospital that Jordan funds and operates in Gaza. Why? Because they trust Jordan when Jordan says, not one once of fuel for that hospital's generator will be used for electricity diverted to Hamas. Not one drop of antithetic will be diverted to Hamas. Not one water pipe for the hospital will be turned into a rocket by Hamas. Hamas won't be sheltered in that Jordanian Hospital. They know Jordan has the means on the ground to secure that outcome, and that they do what they agree to do. Jordan is no friend of Israel, and Israel is no friend of Jordan, but they know when they fight each other, it will be duplicity. A hospital in Jordan, is exclusively a hospital and one in Israel is ONLY a hospital. Neither is stacked with human shields, behind which the other side's generals fight.


@37, The more progressive the candidate put up in head-to-head polling vs. Trump, the larger his margin becomes nationally, and in the battleground states, than it is now with Biden.

Progressives will vote reliably for the Democratic nominee against Trump, or someone like DeSantis (Trump without the "mean tweets"). Independents and conservative Dems, not so much.

Faced with a binary choice between flawed Trump and a flawed (as they see it) Democrat, that will let Progressive policies into law, they will choose the least flawed, imperfect candidate. They can swing either way, and the polls show its toward Trump, if the alternative is a Progressive. If we don't want Trump in 2024 (I sure as hell don't), we need to put AOC, Newsome, and similar voices, in a closet and nail it shut until the day after the election. There aren't enough Progressives, no matter their turnout, to make up for the independent swing voters, even though that block of voters is much smaller than it used to be.

Progressives seem to make the perfect, the enemy of the good; the ideal, the enemy of the possible.


@44, Netanyahu didn't ignore national security risks.

Here is the really hard thing about intel. It's hard to sort through which of your opponents many contingency plans, and options, the enemy has the means and intent to actually act on. The Israel intelligence establishment, and the IDF, classified the the plan as too aspirational and beyond the means of Hamas.

France did the same thing with the Germans in Arden in 1940. An officer transporting the final plan to the Army Group at the front in an aircraft, was captured when the aircraft went down in Belgium. The plan was promptly supplied to the French. The French didn't believe Germany had the means and logistics to carry it out, so it wouldn't be tried. It was so fantastical, that it was either a plant, or one of three or four options, and this one was put up by some staffer, to make the actual plan look attractive to the decision-maker.

The Germans caught all the Allies with their pants down again, five years later in at the Battle of the Bulge. That time, they at least were correct that Germany lacked the means to succeed at the surprise attack the German's perpetrated.

That said, after the dust settled on the Yom Kippur War, and Israel was safe, Golda Meir's government fell in the backlash against the surprise.

If Hamas truly had Gazan's welfare at heart, they would cease hostilities, so the chickens can come home to roost on Netanyahu and his government.


@49, All that would end tomorrow if Hamas surrendered, laid down their arms.

If they did, the Netanyahu government would likely fall over the intelligence and defensive failures of 10/7. The Meir government fell after being surprised in the Yom Kippur War. That government didn't fall until hostilities were over. The longer hostilities continue, the less likely that Netanyahu's reckoning arrives. At best, the longer, it is delayed, while more Gazan's die.


The Goal Is Ethnic Cleansing,
Not Defeating Hamas

The funny thing about Henry Kissinger dying at age 100 is that he lived long enough to become one of the least crazy warmongers in the DC swamp — not because he got saner, but because the US empire has gotten so much crazier. Almost everyone running the US government today is a worse warmonger than Kissinger was at the end of his life.

Sane person: Stop murdering thousands of children.
Crazy person: You hate people because of their religion.

Israeli officials keep openly saying again and again that the plan for Gaza is ethnic cleansing, yet the western political/media class adamantly insists on continuing to frame Israel’s actions in Gaza solely as a war against Hamas. Hamas isn’t the target, it’s the excuse.

A damning new report from +972 Magazine published on Thursday exposes how Israel has been deliberately striking civilian targets in Gaza as a matter of policy because they believe it will “lead civilians to put pressure on Hamas.”

It makes it clear that the IDF is very much aware of where the civilians are, and that when they kill children it’s because they calculated that it would be strategically worthwhile to do so.

As evidence continues to mount that a significant number of the Israelis killed on October 7 were actually killed by indiscriminate fire from the IDF, Israel has announced its plans to bury the vehicles Israelis died in — in other words to bury forensic evidence.

According to the Jerusalem Post, “In order to save space and be as environment-friendly as possible… the cars may be shredded before being buried.”

Are people not tired of having their intelligence insulted?

--Caitlin Johnstone; Dec 1, 2023



@17 Bauhaus I: +1 Agreed with Garb Garblar--for the WIN!!!
Adios, Georgie! The Orange Turd really should be next to be permanently ousted, and preferably hurtled one-way into outer space on Jeff Bezos' hideous space dildo. I just noticed that the New York appeals court had to reinstate the gag rule on Trumpty Dumpty [NBC News, December 1, 2023]. They'd need 1,000 tons of cement to fill that bottomless pie hole.

@26 STII: "Someone needs to call out their lies."
I agree. Start with RepubliKKKans. Ever since Richard Nixon the GOP has been increasingly building its plutocratic empire on corruption, lies, hypocrisy, willful misinformation, xenophobia, fear-mongering, misogyny, racism, bullying, and propaganda.
I'm in agreement with Catalina Vel-DuRay and others: RepubliKKKans are truly horrible excuses for people.

@49 kristofarian: I feel sick about what is happening worldwide. I will have a hard time unseeing that horrific photograph of war victims in Gaza. Those who profit from war are beyond evil and criminally insane.
War is hell, no matter who you are, where you are, and what you're doing.


@37-@40 and @42-@44 Garb Garblar: +7 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!


@58: Caitlin Johnstone is a pure 100% sick and disgusting anti-semite. Please make note of it.


@53: “What set off McConnell with the Garland appointment was the Garland would have replaced Scalia, changing the balance of the court.”

So, you’re saying Scalia should have retired years earlier? Because we certainly can’t blame the Senate Republicans for their intentional blocking of Supreme Court nominations.


your Projection
is most Telling

take Note.


Israel Launches Strikes
& Orders Evacuations
in Southern Gaza

Israel pounded targets in southern Gaza after a truce with Hamas collapsed. Gazan authorities said more than 15,000 people had been killed since Oct. 7.


how much vengeance
is too much vengeance
for you? 10 dead Gazans
for each Israeli? 50? 100?

Ethnic Cleansings +
War Crimes =

to make
Note of it.


Israeli Government’s Mass
Terrorism Fortified by
Biden and Congress

In response to Biden’s repeated urging that Israel comply with the “laws of war” we [international law specialist Bruce Fein and Ralph Nader] described how Benjamin Netanyahu and his regime are doing just the opposite with its brutal terror campaign against defenseless Palestinian civilians and their critical public support structures.

Biden knows that the Israeli government is implementing what its ministers ordered on October 8th – a total siege with no food, no water, no electricity, no fuel, and no medicine which meets the definition of the crime of genocide under the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide.

Israeli videos provide the grisly evidence of over 20,000 bombs and missiles striking homes, apartment buildings, schools, markets, water mains, bread bakeries, hospitals, clinics, ambulances and places of worship. After many days, the terror-stricken civilians, fleeing from one place to another in Gaza while being attacked, are also dying of disease, hunger, thirst, and a lack of critical medicines, such as insulin, with the bodies of infants and children still under the rubble in numbers too many to be counted.

Israel’s extremist right-wing politicians use words such as “human animals,” “annihilation” and “extermination” as declared objectives of their mass terrorism. (See, Amy Goodman’s interview with Yuval Abraham today on Democracy Now!).

Biden can get more humanitarian aid trucks into Gaza simply by enveloping them with the American flag and daring Israel to delay, obstruct or destroy these carriers of live-saving food, water, fuel and medicine.

But he is too weak and too cowardly to put strong U.S. leverage behind his sugarcoating wishes for saving the civilian mothers, fathers and children of Gaza.

He has made the U.S. a co-belligerent by unconditionally supplying abundant weapons, military intelligence and political cover, including vetoes of United Nations resolutions.

Biden has another apprehension – the near total control of Congress by the “Israel’s government can do no wrong” lobby.

The indentured rubber-stamping Senators and Representatives have no problem supporting Israel’s violent repression and land dispossession in what is left of the original Palestine and its five million encircled Palestinians.

Would these politicians deploy such eagerness in helping poor American children and their families in our country?

tonnes more:


@63: No that's not projection as I'm not projecting anything. Find another retort.


your not


@68: Now we “learn” from her of Israeli responsibility, via “indiscriminate fire from the IDF,” for some of the 10/7 deaths. I give her a fortnight (at most) until she’s telling our local vector there was no 10/7 attack, it was all Bibi’s doing. (He will, of course, slobberingly copypasta that per usual.)


@66, 68, 69:

sure, sure
keep Telling yourselfs that.

otoh: nyt:
This Is the 9/11 Lesson
That Israel Needs to Learn

Wiping out Hamas
is an unattainable goal,
and getting stuck in Gaza would be a disaster.

As Israel debates what to do next in Gaza, I hope Israel’s political-military leadership will reflect on the adage often attributed to Confucius: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves” — one for your enemy and one for yourself.

--Thomas L. Friedman; Dec 1, 2023


here’re two of the three top reader’s comments on the article:

The problem with this analysis is that it assumes those in Israeli power (namely Netanyahu and his coalition) want an end to the fighting.

It is obvious to them that once the fighting stops, Netanyahu is toast and so is the ruling coalition.

Netanyahu has shown he puts his own interests above those of Israel and its people.
-- USVeteran 304th; Idaho

The analysis made great points to end the current immediate conflict. And you are right this will continue on the cycle it has been for over 75 years of war, ceasefire, war, ceasefire.

But a long term solution can only occur if the illegal settlement building, land grabbing, and brutal military occupation is ended. And this will not happen because the West does nothing to stop Israel's violation of International law.

Mr. Friedman knows all of this, but he never mentions them in his columns, overlooking the root cause of the problem which he knows too well.
--Yasmine; Houston



"I just hope he had
just as much fun killing all those
people as we had watching him kill them.”

yet another

[does this make me
an Anti-semite too?]


@70: Why don't you try to make the case in your own words instead of just linking to articles?

Oh, oops, never mind.


@71: I don't know, are you? We can't read your mind. But we'll appreciate your honesty if you say you are.


when others'
words're better
than why on Earth not?

you cannot
read my mind
and you cannot
fathom my posts

so it Looks like
You will never

for then Record?
I'm anti-Fascist*
& appreciate

*which makes me

now there's a real
for ya dewey


@74: So noted. You're not testing the limits like Susan Sarandon.


@75: Gotta love how his most inflammatory quote yet (@71) arrives with complete anonymity, with not even an attempt at a source citation. That’s his idea of constructive dialog.


@75/76 he’s a couple posts away from starting to defend Bin Ladins letter to America. It’s been both horrifying and fascinating witnessing the complete decent into madness.


@75: Their delis probably. It is rather condescending. It's a low bar of a statement of support.


@77: News isn’t for everybody, especially not for persons who want easily understood explanations, complete with clear-cut choices and easy answers. Those persons should stick with soap operas or whatever. Ugly scenes of death and destruction should be left to those of us who understand just how awful the situation and history really are, and how going for the easy, obvious answers will just continue that same dismal history.


"constructive dialog"
with ol' wormtongue?

pas on the bot
and pass pass Pass
on godd ole dewey too

the quote in question
was lifted mostly
from The Onion

got No

got that too.

you can
bugger off too.


& Happy Genocide!


oh Sh@t!

does @81 make
Me pro-Genocide?*

*your "logic" is some-
times damn Hard
to swallow.


@77, @80:

“the quote in question
was lifted mostly
from The Onion”

On the topic of Gaza, that’s closest thing to an actual news source he’s so far cited.


and Always
Spot ON!

bugger off.


and Then
There’s This:

“The Nation has published a piece on the genocide in Gaza that was pulled from the Harvard Law Review [FUCKING ANTI-SEMITES!] at the last moment.

The opening lines of this article read “Genocide is a crime. It is a legal framework. It is unfolding in Gaza. [more “Progressive” -- aka KKKomminisses!!! – Propaganda !!!] And yet, the inertia of legal academia, especially in the United States, has been chilling.

Clearly it is much easier to dissect the case law rather than navigate the reality of death. It is much easier to consider genocide in the past tense rather than contend with it in the present.

Legal scholars tend to sharpen their pens after the smell of death has dissipated and moral clarity is no longer urgent.”


“It is much easier
to consider genocide
in the past tense rather than
contend with it in the present.”

tS’s right-wing


From the river to the sea!
Oh wait, an Islamist group may have blown up Catholics in the Philippines? Ooops!


@85, Just for the sake of argument, let's assume you are correct and genocide is the goal of the IDF campaign.

If Hamas surrenders and lays down their arms, all the justification for the the IDF's actions go away. They would lose all support for continued operations and become a pariah.


not only are you Good
with the Whales but also
a Genius at Peace-making

get in touch with
Hamas post-haste
& End the Genocide

2.1 Million Gazans
will Thank You

go &
your Harpoon.


not only are you Good
with the Whales but also
a Genius at Peace-making

get in touch with
Hamas post-haste
& End the Genocide

2.1 Million Gazans
will Thank You

go &
your Harpoon.


@87: I like how, @85, the Harvard Law Review’s pointed refusal to call it genocide somehow magically becomes incontrovertible proof that it is, in fact, genocide. (To be fair, this is the closest thing to proof our abusers of the word, “genocide,” actually have.)

The diametrically opposite difference between the point the apologists for terrorism are actually making, and the point they somehow still believe they are making, just becomes all the more amazing, the further they go.



your narrative unsurprisingly
is murdering civilians the
only question being is
it Enough for the
to call it too

at Least with all the
Dead you're keeping
BiBi Nutnyahoo outta
jail. bully for you & tough
Luck, eh? for Gazans. like you've
Always Said: it's All about the Cruelty.

well played
siding with Fascists
is Always right up your Alley.


@90: Oh, so now Bibi is a fascist? I guess that pairs well with your "genocide" angle. Have you no shame or knowledge of history?


@92: Yeah, “genocide” wasn’t the first word whose meaning he flagrantly abused. He’s long thrown around various incarnations of “fascist,“ too.

In addition to his most carefully not using “fascist” to describe Hamas, despite Hamas’ many fascistic traits you’ve described, Slog’s most-persistent terror apologist has slobbered all over Comrade Sawant, for her Gloriously Striding To Total Victory On All Fronts. It’s as if, in his chronic abuse of the word, “fascist,” he’s actively trying to embody the concept of projection.


Also, I’d like to thank the Nation for publishing the article which had been rejected by editors of the Harvard Law Review. Reading the article completely justifies their decision to reject it.

One might think an article in a legal review would begin by defining the the legal issue in question, then showing how it applies to the situation at hand. The article does a terrible job of the former, and makes no attempt at all to do the latter. It simply assumes the (incomplete) definition of genocide applies, and having assumed the truth of what it needed to show, proceeds to berate Israel (and only Israel; the name Hamas does not appear) for causing the entire situation.

Having done that, the article then spends most of its words on attacking Israel’s very right to exist. The other shoe drops loudly and hard here, admitting this argument would also show the United States has no right to exist, either.

The article is so ludicrously biased against Israel, it first attempts to make the case the embargo against Gaza can, all by itself, be considered genocide — but then utterly fails to mention Egypt’s embargo of Gaza.


Given that kristofarian permits malleable criteria for who a fascist is and what constitutes genocide in his passionate commentary, we can safely disregard it in the name of intellectual honesty.


@90, @93 for the rhetorical win!


@96: Indeed!



Offensive, Tells
More Gazans to Evacuate

As its ground forces prepared
to move in the south of Gaza,
residents there were told to
leave their homes, spread-
ing fear and confusion.


war crimes
sanctioned by
US giving BiBi a
lifetime Pass. he and el
trumpfster like 2 peas in a pod

fascist buds
to The End.


By having over 100 comments, The Stranger gets an extra page of advertising revenue.


@99: He’s long removed all punch from the word, “fascist,” by his flagrant over-use of it; now, by repeatedly not applying it to the one entity involved in the conflict which fits it best, he’s totally given his game away. Again, watching him not understand this makes for amazing entertainment.


My heart bleeds for the critically injured couple in the photograph.

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