Good morning! Patchy fog this morning until about 11 am, and then cloudy all day with a high of 45 degrees, according to the National Weather Service. People can expect about eight and a half hours of daylight today, lasting from about 7:50 am until 4:18 pm. Only nine days until the shortest day of the year and then the sun starts creeping back. We can make it.

Israel used American-made and supplied white phosphorous: During an October attack in Southern Lebanon, Israel rained white phosphorous down on a small border town, according to the Washington Post. The shelling continued for hours, trapping people in their homes and injuring civilians. Amnesty International wants the attack investigated as a possible war crime. The shell dropped in the attack shows the white phosphorous originated in Arkansas and Louisiana.

Israeli military forces have killed more than 17,700 people in Gaza since Israel began its military offensive, according to the Associated Press. The war has displaced 90% of the 2.3 million people who live in Gaza, and "United Nations agencies say there is no safe place to flee." Israel announced plans to continue the fighting, and Qatar, which has tried to mediate the conflict, says it believes a "willingness to discuss a cease-fire is fading."

Prosecutors give closing arguments in Manny Ellis murder trial: After nine weeks, prosecutors made final arguments Monday in the trial of three Tacoma police officers, Matthew Collins, Christopher “Shane” Burbank, and Timothy Rankine. Prosecutors say the officers caused Ellis's death by not listening to his cries that he could not breathe. Burbank and Collins both denied hearing Ellis say he couldn't breathe, though Burbank never testified in court and other testimony at trial contradicted the officers' accounts. Rankine testified and acknowledged continuing to "sit on Ellis's back even after hearing Ellis gasp his last words: "I can't breathe,'" according to an article in the Seattle Times. Defense attorneys expect to give closing arguments Tuesday.

The US Supreme Court allows Washington's conversion therapy ban: The Supreme Court passed on the chance to hear a challenge of Washington's state law banning licensed healthcare professionals from practicing conversion therapy on minors, according to SCOTUSblog. Washington created the ban on the harmful practice in 2018. Conversion therapy tries to convert LGBTQ people into straight or cisgender people, which "can have deadly results," according to CNN. A Washington marriage and family counselor challenged the law because it violated his right to freedom of speech, but lower courts dismissed his claims, and SCOTUS voted 6-3 to ignore the man.  

Out of the Skillet and into the unlawful firings: Skillet has to pay $324K as part of a settlement after allegations that the restaurant stole wages, prevented employees from taking breaks, and unlawfully fired two employees, according to the Capitol Hill Seattle Blog. The City's Office of Labor Standards investigated Skillet's practices, and the restaurant had to actually create and follow written policies regarding time off and breaks.

Mergers and acquisitions drive up health care costs in WA: A new report from the state Insurance Commissioner says health insurance premiums rose by 49% for Washington workers on an employer's plan. "The costs of individual plans more than doubled," according to the Seattle Times. The report says the state healthcare systems need to make changes in order to prevent a continuance rise in costs for consumers.

George Clooney came to town: Clooney showed up for the premiere of his upcoming film, The Boys in the Boat. If you don't know anything about this book/movie, it's about the 1936 Hitler Olympics and the University of Washington rowing team that took gold. But I highly encourage people not to buy this book and instead read Heartbreak City, by Shaun Scott. First of all, neither the boat boyz movie or book mention Seattle swimmer Helene Madison, an Olympic gold medalist who dominated four years before the boyzzz, and "whose talent first created the funding apparatus that UW rowing rode to prestige," as Scott puts it. Second, people need to stop paying Clooney to indulge in his World War II obsession. Third, I rowed in high school and everyone should be wary of boys in boats. 

Morning radio host Danny Bonaduce retires: Bonaduce, a former child actor who starred as Danny Partridge in The Partridge Family, yesterday announced his retirement after 12 years as a morning radio co-host. Bonaduce said his final day would be December 15.

Are we still making jokes about the cost of eggs? Something caused a huge rip in the side of a truck that was ferrying a load of eggs. The eggs spilled all over State Route 18 near Raging River Bridge, west of Interstate 90, according to KING 5

Texas Supreme Court rules against woman seeking an emergency medical abortion. The woman told the court she needed an abortion because her fetus has a fatal diagnosis and carrying it to term could hurt the woman's ability to have children in the future, according to Reuters. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton argued that fertility risks don't qualify for an abortion exception, despite the fact that the Texas law allows abortions when the pregnancy threatens a person's life or major bodily functions. The fully Republican Texas Supreme Court sided with Paxton and refused to allow the woman's abortion and she must now seek out-of-state care.

Biden to host Ukrainian President: In a bid to pressure Congress into passing an aid bill for Ukraine and Israel, Biden plans to appear with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Tuesday. Republicans keep voting down the bill because they oppose aid to Ukraine and would rather spend that money on US border security, according to CBSNews. Last week, Biden said Congress' vote on the aid package "is going to be long remembered," and I agree with him, but I think probably less because of Ukraine and more because of the bill's connection to Israel's genocidal attacks on Palestine.

"I want pink diamonds on my belly chain and my nipple rings." Beyoncé dropped her new single "My House" and included this stunner of a lyric. Enjoy! Also, I drop a Bad Apples later today.