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Increases in homelessness in the US shouldn't be so surprising. Lack of housing is a definite cause but so is mass immigration. In 2022 it is reported that two million people came into the US illegally; where are they going to live? Did they expect a house or apartment to be there waiting for them to move in? On top of that, there are millions already here without homes. Adding to an excess population will only lead to more pollution and more climate change. Doesn't the Puget Sound region have enough people already?


A cautionary tale for our military as well:

How do you assess Hamas capability? Israel is proving that Hamas continues to successfully hide their military facilities and capability from them. What surprise will Hamas drop next, and how devastating will it be?


@2 Housing is cheap in Texas, and there's no regulation on building more (no water breaks for you in the Texas heat). Also, the minimum wage in Texas is $7.25/hour--you think white people are gonna work for that? I'm guessing it will cost taxpayers far more to lock up immigrants, especially when Gov. Wheels starts awarding private prison contracts to his buddies.


draws a
straight line be-
tween lack of affordable
housing and homelessness.”

as Commodity
rules your Roost

and ‘Private Equity’
is allowed to purchase
entire Neighborhoods*

Ever couldda
Predicted such
an Outcome?! Whoa

*if not Now
then Soon enough

@1 -- 'Doesn't
the Puget Sound region
have enough people already?'

oh Lordy, No.
when the Climate
Refugees claw their
ways into Habitable lands


"What surprise
will Hamas drop next,
and how devastating will it be?"

why don't we
Ask the Gazans
who've had 23,000
Bombs dropped on them
about 'Surprises'? are you surprised
there are only 20,000 Dead? remind me:

how may 'Surprises'
has Hamas committed
(granted: even 1 is Too many)?


@2 & 4
Seattle is a Sanctuary City and King County promotes its status and an immigration sanctuary as well, so it’s odd that they aren’t reaching out to bring more of the migrants in.
Please don’t tell me it was all just performative and empty of any real intent to help the people coming into the US.


@3 — thank you! I bet a friend that someone would bring up the Israelis and Hamas in less than five posts, despite the fact there is no mention of either in today’s Slog.


“The report draws a straight line between lack of affordable housing and homelessness.”

Which is the only reason why the Stranger trumpets it here. Housing-affordability is the sole explanation the Stranger has ever accepted for homelessness in Seattle. Even as homeless persons in Seattle and the rest of King County die of overdoses at ever-increasing rates, the Stranger remains in stone-cold denial as to why this happens.

The Stranger would rather watch human beings suffer and die on the streets of Seattle than admit it has been wrong.


@10: lol, what's your timetable for these things that are never going to happen?

Sad about Molbaks, though I rarely went there - it was the heart of Woodinville.

FYI, Eduardo Jordan's June Baby is closing, too, on 12/31.


@6, There haven't been surprises for Gazans.

They have known they were living in a war zone since 10/7 as the IDF works to get at the 46,000 Hamas combatants in tunnels and buildings closest to their most sensitive hospitals, schools, mosques, and refugee camps.

What is likely surprising to Gazans is the location and amounts of Hamas infrastructure in their midst. Hamas operational security and camouflage has been surprisingly good.

@10, It's not a very efficient or effective genocide when you only kill .06% of the population to be wiped out. It's not very efficient to target specific places in Gaza, rather than carpet bomb it from one end to the other. Also they would use incendiaries like napalm, not high explosive, penetrative bombs and artillery. They would also use fragmentation, air-burst bombs, and artillery if the goal was genocide. If genocide is the goal, than the IDF is highly incompetent.


then not than


@9 As I am sure you know, the homeless population is consistently disproportionately impacted by overdose deaths. It's such a well-established problem that the King County Fatal Overdose Dashboard* has a dedicated page detailing the housing status of decedents. The trend is obvious: more and more people in our homeless community die from accidental fatal overdose every year. This includes hundreds of people living in encampments and homeless shelters (24% of fatal overdose deaths to date in 2023) as well as those living in subsidized housing and supportive housing (18%). The increase of deaths in this sector over the past 5 years is shocking.

Meanwhile, the percentage of overdose deaths amount those living in privately owned housing not connected to government or social service programs is unchanged from 2022 to 2023, making up just over half (51%) of all overdose deaths.

I know it's fun to blame landlords and Amazon, but our homeless problem is in large part a substance abuse problem.



@12 -- "If genocide
is the goal, than the
IDF is highly in-

not to Worry cap'n!
the GENOCIDAL* methods
Nutyahoo's employing against
Palestinians'll ensure Israel's gonna
have all the LAND they can Steal whilst
Most Of the Planet recoils in sheer Horror.

*as an Adjective
its Use is con-
doned even
by Israel.



@2: Au Contraire - Unless immigrants fall into addition, they're unlikely to add to the homeless situation. And as @4 notes, we really need their labor. I wouldn't worry about overpopulation, as Gen Z is already proving to be probably the most infertile generation in America's history. Too self-centered to have kids or too apoplectic over climate change to have kids, so we need immigrants and their kids.

@10: How does one forget something that hasn't occurred?


@14: I wager TS would say that homelessness often leads to substance abuse (and ODs), but many (most?) others would say the substance abuse leads to homelessness. I honestly don't know which is correct. Maybe both are.

Chicken &/or The Egg.


"I know it's fun to blame landlords and Amazon, but our homeless problem is in large part a substance abuse problem."

well. NO. it's a
lack of Supply and
OVERly-Priced Housing
problem. Diseases of Despair
(like Homelessness) are but Symptoms:

unbridled thru
the Wealthy's Mach-
iavellianistic Mechanations
have gotten US here and will
continue to make Certain it Only

Gets Worse.

buckle up


@3 Anyone who's surprised at the ability of cheap drones to destroy expensive armor hasn't been paying attention to the war in Ukraine for the last year and a half.


@17 For reasons that are unclear, local government elected to stop collecting detailed survey data from the homeless population, so trends in recent years are very much unclear. But, if you look back to the 2020 Count Us In survey* substance abuse and mental health issues accounted for a larger share of self-reported causes of homelessness than eviction or the inability to afford rent increases.

As for the chicken/egg of substance abuse and mental health, an astounding 67% of the homeless population reported mental health issues that keep them from holding a job, living in stable housing, or taking care of themselves. And a remarkable 44% of the homeless population report substance abuse problems.

It's clear addressing substance abuse problems and mental health issues would keep more people out of homelessness than limiting eviction proceedings or rent increases. And it's just as clear that substance abuse and mental health problems are biggest obstacle to getting people back in to stable housing. But, that's an unpopular viewpoint and requires expensive solutions, so that's not what we do. It's way easier to blame landlords, developers, zoning regulations, the tech industry, and so on. As a result, that's been the primary focus of city leadership. There's no question this approach has been ineffective: the homeless population is experiencing exponential growth.



@12 Not very "efficient," no. But a methodical, block-by-block carpet bombing campaign would be so obvious even Biden would demand that it stop immediately (the widespread use of banned weapons like napalm even more so). It's much smarter to make the destruction appear haphazard and collateral.

But Israel according to many of its own leaders (see link below for quotes) is deliberately rendering Gaza uninhabitable, meaning the Palestinian civil society and culture that has developed there is being systematically erased. While that may not constitute genocide per se, it's at least genocide-adjacent ethnic cleansing. If you have NY Times access, you might want to read this piece by a historian of genocide who is horrified by what Israel is doing:


@21: As I commented in yesterday’s Slog AM thread, the international community has not recognized Hamas for the ongoing violent international criminal conspiracy that it clearly is. Until we do, and begin taking effective actions to shut it down, Israel will continue to defend itself and its citizens from Hamas, with the results we have already seen.



Also, we have to consider how much WORSE the housing situation, both here and nationally, has become in the past three years, especially with the COVID support funds and anti-eviction laws going away. An 11% increase of homelessness in a single calendar year is both shocking and intolerable, regardless of the cause. Here we are, the richest, most powerful nation in the history of Human Civilization, and we allow people to be thrown out into the streets for no other reason except someone, somewhere isn't making enough money off of them.

As for @17's "chicken and/or egg" dilemma; as you say, a slim majority of abusers are housed individuals, presumably ones who still have enough functionality to continue to pay rents or mortgages. Some of them will no doubt descend into homelessness, just as some otherwise unhoused will descend into substance abuse, because being homeless is a veritable living nightmare, and NOT some "Big Rock Candy Mountain" utopia as many on the Right prefer to frame it.

@20: Unfortunately, incarceration is the "solution" supported by far too many people instead of treatment and providing safe, stable, basic housing. Oh, they'll bitch and moan about it either way, because BOTH options are exorbitantly expensive, but they seem to prefer to punish the poor, the mentally challenged or those who succumb to the horrors of addiction, because apparently that feels better to them than, you know, actually helping people escape from these otherwise preventable conditions.


@25: ‘Unfortunately, incarceration is the "solution" supported by far too many people instead of treatment and providing safe, stable, basic housing.’

It’s hard to support treatment when the Stranger, and the politicians it supports, absolutely and chronically refuse even to admit addiction has a role in prolonging or creating homelessness.

Totally absent from your comment is the slightest expression of concern for the other victims of addiction: the persons who suffer thefts and assaults by addicts who want drugs or drug money. Thefts and assaults are crimes, even when committed by addicts who crave drugs. It is completely unfair to ask all current and future victims to suffer more thefts and assaults, especially when such suffering merely prolongs addictions, and leads to overdose deaths.


@15, Let's use the definition in international law, since you keep appealing to that:

"The definition contained in Article II of the Convention describes genocide as a crime committed with the intent to destroy a national, ethnic, racial or religious group, in whole or in part."

@21, You falsely state the use of Napalm as been banned. It's permissible against military targets, and collateral damage to non-combatants is anticipated and legal under international treaty from weapons lawfully used against combatants. So unless someone can prove a combatant is knowingly and willfully attacking non-combatants where they know that there are no combatants, non-combatant deaths don't violate international law.

Further, countries get around event the civilian ban:

"Although the use of traditional napalm has generally ceased, modern variants are deployed, allowing some countries to assert that they do not use 'napalm.'"

And we are all horrified when non-combatants are in the crossfire in any war, even if it is an inevitable and lawful byproduct of armed conflict.

Israel, in all its prior self-defense conflicts (1948, 67, 73, 82) has known there is a clock running on them once the conflict starts. International pressure will rise over time. More significantly, as a society of 9.3 million, relying on the mobilization of a half-million soldiers from civilian life to fight these conflicts, their economy can only sustain the tempo of combat in such conflicts for so long before their economy collapses. So they have to be highly efficient if genocide is the goal. Be highly efficient at genocide, or demobilize the reserves (5/6 of the IDF) and go home. The fact that they aren't being as efficient as they would need to be at it to succeed, indicates that isn't their intent.

@15 and @24, Hamas is even more committed to a one-state solution than the right in Israel. It's their whole reason for being, even if they, and every Arab and Muslim, along with themselves, has to die to achieve it. Ethnic cleansing of Jews and other infidels from The Holy Land is so important to them, they will accept a Pyrrhic Victory to achieve it. I don't see any condemnation of that or any suggestion from either of you that the international community must do whatever it takes to stop Hamas from pursuing that aim.


@16.....Sorry Mr. Drop but I don't buy it. Most of the immigrant from the South come here with little more than the clothes on their backs. In addition, most don't speak English and have had very little formal education. Sure, they can do the stoop farm labor that the XYZer's don't want to do out of necessity but it will be migrant farm labor following the harvests. These people are not migrating here to live like they did in the old country but are seeking a better, more comfortable life. So yes, the white population will be dying out but they will be replaced, exponentially, by the new migrants. Add into that mix the water problems of the American Southwest and one gets a recipe for disaster.

@5.....Like they say, "Build it and they will come". There will never be enough housing for everyone.


@16 "Gen Z is already proving to be probably the most infertile generation in America's history. Too self-centered to have kids or too apoplectic over climate change to have kids, so we need immigrants and their kids."

While I agree with the conclusion, the starting premise is pretty wild. What exactly do you mean by "too self-centered to have kids?" Are you concerned that Gen Z might not define themselves by their ability to procreate? Do you measure a woman's worth by how many children she has? How adorably 1940's of you.

The Gen Z people I know who are thinking about kids either don't want to have them for a variety of other reasons or are concerned about whether they could provide for them because of their precarious financial situation. Which isn't entirely about student debt. It's also (for example) that home ownership is out of reach for large swathes of Gen Z. Climate change is way down the list.

I also appreciate the dog whistles in there. Gen Z is either self-centered, apoplectic, or organizes their life according to your world view. Way to be an empathetic human being! I thought you believed in civility and listening instead of judging people based on their demographics?


@29: You found a bit of hyperbole in my commentary? My goodness. I'll try to be more careful going forward. Old habits are hard to break. Thanks for letting me know.


@14, @18- the points you’re trying to make are not contradictory. Homelessness is not a single monolith. My understanding is that the majority of homeless people are not living on the street but are doubling up with friends, living in their cars on the DL, or in some other tenuous situation. A lot are employed. But they can’t afford housing because scarcity makes it expensive. And more cheap housing on the market would surely help them.

There is also the population living on the street or camping in the parks. It’s clear just walking past them that there is a very high prevalence of mental illness, and these appear to be the same people who are smoking Fenty on the corner. They really do need addiction and mental health treatment. If we don’t take care of both sides of the problem we won’t solve it. If anyone has numbers that say otherwise I’m all ears.

Now, if the city council would stop adopting ordinances that disincentivize providing cheap housing, it might make a dent in the first part. That means on the one hand relaxing some zoning and on the other being willing to set the expectation that people will actually pay their rent. Otherwise renting to the low end of the market is just way too risky.

On the second point, it may be time to insist that people with drug problems get treatment. Maybe a role for the courts, maybe something else. Same with those who are so mentally ill that they can’t take care of themselves. Letting them roam the streets is helping no one.


Greg Abbott doesn't have to worry about my ever setting foot in the oil soaked, blood red neofascist Lone Star State of MAGAt Confusion. I feel truly sorry for all the unfortunate women and girls held captive in Texas who are forced to give birth like farm animals, with no consideration to rape, incest, or life threatening situations to the mother, like ectopic pregnancy.
The severity of this unwarranted misogyny at its cruelest reminds me of a scene from Thelma & Louise (1991), as Louise Sawyer (Susan Sarandon) and Thelma Dickinson (Geena Davis) speed off in Louise's '66 Thunderbird convertible, after blowing up a lecherous truck driver's rig:
Louise (impressed, to Thelma): Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
Thelma (laughing): Oh, off the TV! Where'd you learn to shoot like that?
Louise: Texas!

I have a feeling that, in its current state of lawlessness, RepubliKKKan legislators in Texas--especially those who love their guns and worship the NRA--- might soon see a sharp increase of women shooting to kill their male oppressors. And it's going to get bloody.

@18 kristofarian, @25 COMTE, and @31 dvs99 for the WIN!
Bravo and well said regarding our national, statewide, and local homelessness problems.

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