Ceasefire now: As of yesterday, Palestinian officials report that Israel has killed at least 20,000 Palestinians, including 8,000 children, in its 10-week bombardment. Any elected official who has failed to call for an end to the bloodshed should be ashamed, ran out of office, and one day mocked as they burn in hell. 

Regular shmegular weather: Did you see that fog last night? Kinda fun! Well, as of about 3 am today, fog's done and we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. For the rest of the day, Seattlites can expect cloudy skies and temperatures to hover in the mid- to upper-40s. If you’re fiending for sunshine, you’ll have the best luck between 1 pm and 4 pm when the Weather Channel says a lil sun may peek through the clouds. 

Soak it up: Today won’t just be a short day. It will be the shortest day of the year. As Vonnai Phair at the Seattle Times wrote this morning: “Eight hours, 25 minutes, 25 seconds — that’s how much daylight Mother Nature will grace us with on Thursday (how generous of her).”

Love to see it: The New York City Council passed a law yesterday that will ban solitary confinement and require jails to allow inmates to spend at least 14 hours outside of their cell every day. The law kept a few exceptions to the torture tactic—jails can lock someone up alone for a four-hour period for de-escalation purposes and in other emergency situations. But it still seems too based for New York City Mayor Eric Adams who apparently thinks less torture actually will make it harder to protect inmates. Whatever, man. If he vetoes the bill, the council has the numbers to override it.

Washington next: During the last legislative session, some Washington state Democrats tried to pass a law to limit the use of solitary confinement to no more than 24 hours at one time or more than 72 hours in a 30-day period. The bill died in committee, but I think we should run that one back. 

I need this so bad:

Look at me: Hey! I went on the Seattle Channel! I’ve long lobbied to host KING 5’s NYE special, but honestly, this end-of-the-year appearance just about scratched that itch. So until KING 5 lets me interview drunk people on TV, enjoy this lovely convo with Brian Callanan and Seattle’s best and brightest.

Could have called it: As you read in yesterday’s Slog AM, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled to keep former President Donald Trump off the state’s Republican ballot in the upcoming primary. And according to NBC News, the Trumpers are pissed. Fringe Trumpers have called on their peers to kill the justices who made the ruling. One social media user wrote: "Kill judges. Behead judges. Roundhouse kick a judge into the concrete. Slam dunk a judge's baby into the trashcan."

As for Biden: President Joe Biden is playing it cool. According to Politico, Biden agrees that Trump definitely incited insurrection, but he’s not going to weigh in on whether or not that disqualifies Trump from the ballot. Politico kinda sympathized with Biden’s reaction. After all, Colorado's decision may not stand up to scrutiny from the US Supreme Court and celebrating could embolden his goons who absolutely love a victim narrative. 

Let them fight:

Rest in peace, Brianna Ghey: Yesterday a jury found two teenagers guilty of murdering 16-year-old trans girl Brianna Ghey in Northwest England earlier this year. The judge will officially sentence them after she receives the results of a psych evaluation, but they will face life in prison, she said. 

Required reading: Tomorrow, the Shrek Rave will return to the Showbox. Such an event has rolled through Seattle a few times in recent years and I’ve always been curious. After reading the Portland Mercury’s review on the event, I may just snag a last-minute ticket. See ya there?

I would die for her: