A Palestinian girl stands next to art work "Nativity under the Rubble" by Palestinian artist Tariq Salsa in Manger Square near the Church of Nativity on December 24 in Bethlehem, West Bank. Maja Hitiji/Getty



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Grow up, America:

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Selective outrage. I don't hear anyone calling out the abuse of Royhingas, Uyhgurs, general Islamic treatment of women, or overall judicial discrimination. The armchair activists gathered for a possible popular riot. It's all over now people,; civil war is probably about one decade away.


The armchair activists wouldn’t actually gather. They’d put a frame around their profile pic and pat themselves on the back like they did with the Ukraine flag.



Clearly you're a liar. Because you would not know anything about what you wrote that no one was talking about if no one was already talking and writing about it constantly.


Good ol' SPD, contributing to be that beacon professionalism and integrity. Perhaps it was the contrived defunding that prevented the upstanding and virtuous officers from being able to provide legal counsel for the minors... Or more likely, it was because these lawful folks prefer to ignore laws that inconvenience them?

This makes one wonder why is it so hard for a very well funded organization like SPD to do the right thing and follow the laws and be good people? I'm sure those with the lingering taste of cop boot leather in their mouths will provide worthy retort.


What do you mean "we" Kemo Sabe?
Today is the second day of Christmas; there's even a well known song about this! Sure, the anti-"Happy Holidays"-crusaders have pretty much packed up their trees now that advent season is over, but we've got 10 more days of baby Jesus.


@2, selective outrage is all that humanity is capable of, it’s been a thing forever, not some “liberal agenda.” Only recently have humans been able to communicate everything all the time, it is simply impossible to hold all the truths at the same time. Till your own field: help the Rhohinga or Islamic girls or whatever. Using their plight as a “gotcha” is pretty lame.


their plight
as a 'gotcha' is pretty lame."

so is reposting this
but there it


As I've said before, I have zero sympathy for Hamas. And I'd probably be more sympathetic to Israel's military campaign if only its leaders could articulate a specific military goal other than "eliminate Hamas" plus some realistic plans for what will happen afterward. Hamas cannot be anywhere near "eliminated" without mass killing on a scale far greater than we've seen in Gaza thus far, horrendous as the current destruction and death toll are. Which leads me to suspect that Israel is really doing one of two other things, BOTH of which would be war crimes: (a) executing the first phase of a long-range plan to depopulate Gaza of Palestinians and replace them with Israelis; or (b) simply engaging in an open-ended, rage-fueled revenge orgy until Biden decides he can't defend any more carnage and orders it to stop. (Whether said rage is genuine or performative is not a meaningful distinction, though I'm virtually certain it contains elements of both.) However, I still refuse to participate in or support any demonstration with pro-Hamas or anti-"Zionist" overtones. As others here have noted, the tactics and slogans of most of the recent antiwar actions have not been constructive to the cause of a just and equitable peace.


@9.....Lame indeed; aren't we all? As a society, we have crossed the point of no return; Seattle will never be the same again nor its mentor, San Francisco for that matter. The same holds for all the large cities in the world. Climate change and overpopulation has damned us all.


I agree but throw in a healthy dose of bad policy as well.


@13: Someone who lived in the region once warned his students about paying too much attention to “wars and rumors of wars,” which is always good advice there. In our modem times, we now have 75 continuous years of the rest of the Arab world conclusively demonstrating they care nothing about Palestinian Arabs, beyond use of said Arabs as pawns against Israel. None of this will stop you from issuing threats, because that’s all you have.

You can’t demand that both Hamas and Israel adhere to international laws governing armed conflict, because that would immediately show Hamas as a terrorist gang, whose entire m. o. violates said laws. That, in turn, would require you to demand defunding of Hamas, and you’ve had 2.5 months in which you’ve carefully avoided doing that. So you simply make up your own rules for this conflict, and demand just one side be bound by them. That hasn’t worked either, so now you’re just issuing ever-more escalating threats against the rest of us for our not submitting to your demands.

Despite what you seem to believe, you haven’t demonstrated any superior morality, just attempted bullying to get one side to submit to your arbitrary demands. As @11 noted, you’re not fooling anyone into believing that anything you’re doing will lead to peace.


@16: Hey genius, try reading. The statement you’re failing to quote wasn’t, “fighting a war on seven fronts,” but rather, a “multi-arena war, we are being attacked from seven different sectors,” some of which are tiny, e.g. Iranian-backed militants in Yemen. Much of the rest of this commentary (do you EVER cite a primary source?!?) reads like reheated leftovers from Suez-Crisis days, and the usual fretting about over-extension of the US military into irrelevant places, like Khobar Towers (go ahead, look it up).

The context of all of this, ironically enough, has been the increase of peace throughout the region. Saudi Arabia was on the verge of officially recognizing Israel, which would have been rather inconvenient for fundamentalist war-mongers — which is why they’re attacking now.


I’m sure Bibi’s belief that he will stay in office and out of jail as long as Israel is at war has nothing at all to do with the escalation of the conflict. Nope, nothing to see here.


Eve's and Mary Magdalen's getting "biblically" screwed, blued, and tattooed are among many reasons why I'm an atheist. Fuck you, RWNJs, and I hope it hurts! Have you white male misogynist pigs noticed how the number of births in the US has shrunk, DESPITE your desperate attempts for a Trumpian rape culture? Do you ever wonder why?
No, I forgot. You're too busy patting your self serving men's club asses on the back to actually notice.

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