"turf restoration" :facepalm:


Yeah, Nikki Haley has only herself to blame for her answer to the question of what led to the Civil War, but this is just the sort of culture war gotcha question that accomplishes nothing but setting a trap for the individual being asked the question. Not unlike Elise Stefanik's stunt of asking those Ivy League presidents whether calling for the genocide of Jews was against their campus policy. The irony here is that, back when she was governor of South Carolina, Haley took a courageous step by taking down the Confederate flag and she did not pay a political price.


Following on my comment @2, what I really wanted to get to was this. I've been asking myself, "What's more important--that Biden win or that Trump lose?" For me, clearly it's that Trump lose. With that in mind, before the end of the year, after I make a small donation to Katie Porter's CA Senate campaign, I'm probably going to make a small donation to Nikki Haley's presidential campaign.

Sure, if Biden is going to overstay his welcome and be the Democratic nominee and continue to carry the albatross that is Kamala Harris, I'm still going to vote for him. But boy, I would be breathing a huge sigh of relief if it was Haley and not Trump who was his opponent, even though odds are Haley would clean his clock. Worst case, she'd be better than George W. Bush since (A) she's not an idiot and (B) she won't have Dick Cheney whispering in her ear to go invading foreign countries. But on the most pressing issue of our time--the war in Ukraine and holding off the rising tide of authoritarianism around the world--she has clearly stated where she stands, and I think she'd actually be better than Biden.


Cal Anderson Park restored at last!

I trust the Supreme Court will overturn Colorado, as it should. The proponents of the Colorado case can't claim the mantle of saving democracy when it cuts out the leading candidate for a one of the two political parties. Yeah it's Donald now, but it could be someone else in the other party in another scenario in the future. Even Gavin Newsom is against this idiocy.


What to stay on the ballot? Don't ferment insurrection.


If Seattle wants a monument to CHAZ/CHOP in Cal Anderson Park, then it can create a plaque or other permanent installation to memorialize the young Black men who died violently there during the CHAZ/CHOP.

The part of the Seattle Parks announcement Hannah ignored becomes hilarious in context:

“The City's Unified Care Team also removed tent encampments on Wednesday morning that were located near the garden area and immediately outside the park along E Olive St. as part of ongoing efforts to keep public spaces clean, open, and accessible to all. This is the 76th time the Unified Care Team has resolved encampments at Cal Anderson in 2023, which is one of the most frequently addressed areas in the city for repopulated encampments.”

Seattle’s parks exist for all of Seattle’s residents and visitors to enjoy. Having park spaces simply appropriated indefinitely by private persons for their own uses is both illegal and a violation of the community spirit which built and maintained the parks. The Stranger is just angry, bitter, and petulant that the persons the Stranger prioritizes over everyone else in Seattle — homeless campers, and only those activists with whom the Stranger completely agrees — are no longer allowed to take what rightfully belongs to all persons and communities in Seattle.


"which served as one of the last enduring monuments to the historic 2020 protests, particularly CHOP/CHAZ"

There was nothing historic about the 2020 protests/riots and in particular the dystopian nightmare that was CHAZ. The only thing that came out of that period of time is two murdered boys, massive damage to local businesses (many owned by minorities) and infrastructure and a degradation in public safety that will take the better part of a decade to fix. The silver lining, if you want to call it that, is many residents finally had enough of the progressive/urbanist vision for the city and in back to back elections rejected that vision. The only enduring monument to CHAZ should be a footnote in the history books that at a time when the city needed leadership the most our leaders failed us miserably by allowing anarchists and activists to hold the city hostage.



"Yeah it's Donald now, but it could be someone else in the other party in another scenario in the future."

If someone in another party led an attempt to overthrow the United States government I'd be fine with their being prevented from running for President.


This scathing track from Steely Dan was their response to John Lennon's "Imagine."


@4 The "proponents" of the Colorado case are 6 registered Republicans in Colorado who are eligible to vote in the Presidential primary. who filed suit. Don't they have a say in who is on the Republican primary ballot?


@9: In theory, yes. But having Trump off the ballot just galvanizes his support. I choose reality over perfection.
@11: Of course they have a say, in the primary. Shouldn't be in the courts if at all possible.


Genocide Joe? Really? You sound like you get all of your news from Tiktok.



Were you physically present at any of the protests, or did you just passively receive whatever pro-SPD screeds the Seattle Times, Jason Rantz, et al, regurgitated from their press releases?



You think Haley would clean Biden's clock!?!

I dunno, man. Obviously the past few years have demonstrated that prognostications (particularly ones done this far out) are basically pointless, but I feel like Trump's entire raison d'être is hatred, humiliation and subjugation of people like her. Having her grab the nom would put off large factions of his base, probably causing them to retreat back to the derelict cave's from which they poked their heads based on his political emergence. Would be fascinating though.


mike blob @18, you're right. Who knows how a Biden-Haley matchup would work out?

My broader point would be, EVEN IF Haley has a better chance of beating Biden than Trump does, I'll take that risk just to see Trump out of the picture.

But if we do want to make predictions, I can build on your point and state the obvious. It's still hard to imagine Haley beating Trump for the nomination for precisely the reasons you offer. Sure, it looks like she can give him a run for his money in NH and SC, but her best hope--her only hope--is still external intervening events.



“A King County Superior Court judge sentenced 22-year-old Marcel L. Long to 14 years in prison for the shooting and killing of 19-year-old Lorenzo Anderson about three years ago inside the Capitol Hill Organized Protest (CHOP) area.”

Please let us know if that crime was insufficiently bad, or the source not liberal enough, for you.


always thought the 2 young gentlemen who were killed had come to CHAZ looking for trouble. wasn't one of them shot after himself shooting at people in Cal Anderson?

as far as memorials, there's always the BLM painted on pine and occupying 2 lanes of a busy street.


@19 as long as Trump is in the race Biden will remain as well. The only way Biden's bows out (barring a major health issue) is if Trump is disqualified somehow. I agree with you about where the race will be decided though. We'll just be spectators up here in our corner of the country. There will be a lot of state level issues to be decided though so could still be a very pivotal election for our state.


I agree with those who would prefer to see a Republican nominee other than Trump, even if it's one who appears to be more electable versus Biden. As leader of the biggest and most violent personality cult in U.S. history, Trump is a uniquely dangerous figure -- and unlike in his first term, he now knows where the real levers of power are and how to use them. The sooner he's off the world stage forever, the better, regardless of any other considerations. Toward that end I also support the (probably doomed) efforts in various states to keep him off the primary ballot, despite the admittedly complicated questions it raises. The stakes are just too high to worry about that now.


@25 CKathes: for the WIN!!!! +1 Agreed, seconded, and amen. Bravo and SO well said. Kudos!

Hooray for the welcome news of new Baby J Pod Orca! The question is will he/she live long in these modern times? Of possible names, I offer Miracle, what with the majority of sea life doomed to extinction from global warming, plastics, boat engine noise, and human made fossil fuel overconsumption.


@2- the issue of Confederate apologists and the damage they are doing is very much live at this point. Perhaps you noticed the traitor flags being carried by the J6 rioters?

Finding out where Haley stands on that is a legit question. And boy oh boy did she tell us.

I wonder if it’s occurred to her that the “freedom” she claims the Civil War was about included the “freedom “ to buy and sell non-white folks like her?


joshinidaho dear, we must never forget that while slavery existed in the American colonies long before the Democratic Party was formed, the modern day Republican Party has aggressively pursued an expressly racist agenda since the 1960’s.


@29 is incorrect in that second clause.


Raindrop dear, for starters, google “Nixon southern strategy”. And then study donald trump.


@31: I suggest you watch Reagan's farewell address.


No thank you, Raindrop dear. If I want to watch a dementia-addled Republican, I'll just tune into a trump rally.

But now that you mention St. Ronald of Malibu, let's talk about his "State's Rights" speech in Philadelphia Mississippi.


So you never watched it. Figures. Tell me, after 8 years of bridge-to-the-21srt century, 8 years of compassionate conservatism, and 8 years of hope and change, 4 years of chaos, what happened to the post-racial society Norman Lear created "The Jeffersons" for?

It's not all on the R.

Also the Dems share the sources of antisemitism these days just about equally if not more.


If anyone is still reading this thread...

OK, I've had a chance to actually hear what Nikki Haley had to say about what led to the Civil War. I'm still cringing. Boy, it's one thing to avoid mentioning slavery; it's another thing to glorify "The Lost Cause." And then her spin today just made it worse. You know you've reached a new low when you give Ron DeSantis!! an opportunity to claim the moral high ground and not look like a dick.

I'm a bit embarrassed now at what I said @3. It would take some serious compartmentalization for me to hold my nose and make a contribution to Nikki Haley's campaign. Can I convince myself the future of the free world depends on it?


Not to mention, Dear Cressona, that in the antebellum south, Nimrata would have been one of those slaves.

And Raindrop dear, again I implore you: Proverbs 17:27-28.


@36: With all due respect, your handy retort doesn't win the argument. Nevertheless, your hair is getting drenched with raindrops as one scrolls down, so I won't belabor the point.


@7: That's right, preprogrammed lil MAGAt. Keep telling yourself that.
Nice try. Thank you for playing.

@29, @31, @33, and @36 Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN!! +1 You nailed it. Kudos!

@37: Eat your paste before it hardens, raindrop dear.


@38: And you keep feasting on those hot peanuts in the gallery.


Nikki Haley was not wrong. It WAS about states rights. The most contentious one at the time being slavery. Her mistake was in not uttering those Holy Words in front of an audience.

If she is elected and carries that broader view of state vs federal rights into office, there may be hell to pay if someone whips a few stragglers back into line. Washington and California, I'm looking at you.


My problem with Hannah singing with joy at the release of Gypsy Rose Blanchard from prison is that she is missing the picture. I do believe that she was somewhat justified in believing that she could not be free of her mother without killing her. For that she really should have had therapy and not prison. Had she acted alone, I'd be agreeing with Hannah.

My problem is that she seduced Nicholas Godejohn, her then online boyfriend, to do the killing. He will die in prison because he thought he was a knight in shining armor saving her from her abusive mother. She should have received the same sentence as he did, if only for ruining his life.


@39: It is as bestselling novelist Stephen King sez, raindrop dear: 'We charge for the drinks. The nuts are complimentary.' ;)

I would LOVE it if a rapidly gaining number of U.S. states joined Colorado and Maine on banning the Orange Turd from the 2024 ballot and DJT FINALLY had a fatal stroke. Whatever on this burning planet would MAGAts DO without their shriveled Dick-tater??


I think Haley confused the revolutionary war with the civil war. I know that sounds weird, but her answers were totally correct with regard to the revolutionary war. Here is the quote, as best I can gather:

“I mean, I think the cause of the Civil War was basically how government was going to run. The freedoms and what people could and couldn’t do,” ... “I think it always comes down to the role of government and what the rights of the people are,” Haley added. “I will always stand by the fact that I think government was intended to secure the rights and freedoms of the people. It was never meant to be all things to all people,” she added.

Replace "Civil War" with "Revolutionary War" and it is a good answer. For the Civil War it was complete nonsense. No mention of slavery, and no mention of state's rights either. No mention of the cultural and economic changes that were happening at the time, either. Complete nonsense.

Confusing wars is one of those "brain farts" that happens when you are pushed to the limit while campaigning, and asked to answer questions over and over. She went into auto pilot, but didn't realize until later that she had the wrong war.

This just shows what a horrible double-standard there is. Imagine if Biden did this (confused wars). Folks would say he was too told and too senile to be president. But she gets a pass because she is young. Fuck that. It is quite possible that she can't handle the pressures of the job, and will make stupid mistakes (like confusing wars).


@40 -- Except she didn't say that. Not even close. Put it this way: take the word "Civil" out of her statement and guess what war she is talking about. The Revolutionary War? The War of 1812? The French Revolution? The Spanish Revolutionary War? WW2? Some of these are good guesses, but the American Civil War makes no fucking sense.


@44: The topic was most certainly the American Civil War (or the War of Northern Aggression, if that makes you happy).

Did you really think that Haley was referring to North and South Somalia?

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