Boeing's big blowout: A Friday night Alaska Airlines flight out of Portland International Airport took a quick u-turn after an unused door on the aircraft, a Boeing 737 MAX 9, blew out at 16,000 feet while the plane climbed to a cruising altitude. Should part of the fuselage be sucked out into the void at any point during a flight? No, that is not normal, and it is in fact bad. So far, the theory is the door plug on the aircraft malfunctioned. They'll know more after they analyze the plug, which was found yesterday in a teacher's backyard. Following the malfunction, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered a temporary grounding and inspection of all MAX 9s. That impacts 171 Boeing planes in service, most of which belong to Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. 

Some possible warning signs: The malfunctioning plane showed signs of, well, malfunction before the door mishap. Pilots reported pressurization warnings on three separate occasions, and Alaska had barred the plane from flying long distances over water. It is unclear whether these warnings were related to door blowout. I'm no specialist, but I'd at least call those red flags.

Kia Boy busted: A self-proclaimed "Kia Boy" found himself running from the cops on Thursday. The 18-year-old from South Park was believed to be an avid participant in a social media trend where people jack Kias and Hyundais because a design flaw makes them easy to steal. The Kia Boy jumped from a two-story window and ran when a SWAT team showed up at his house. They caught him. Cops found a stolen handgun and several car keys in his possession, including keys to three Kias, a Honda, a Jeep and a Subaru. 

Ceasefire now protestors shut down I-5: On Saturday, Pro-Palestinian protesters shut down the freeway for more than three hours. The Stranger's  Hannah Krieg was there and has more here

While we're on the subject: Here's a rundown on recent goings-on with Israel's continued siege. An Israeli airstrike along the Lebanon border killed "an elite Hezbollah commander," a move that could escalate into a regional war. Israeli airstrikes killed two more journalists, including an Al Jazeera journalist who already lost four family members in the war so far. Since Oct. 7, according to the Associated Press, Israel has killed "23,000 Palestinians, civilians and combatants, devastated vast swaths of the Gaza Strip, displaced nearly 85% of its population of 2.3 million and left a quarter of its residents facing starvation."

Boebert under investigation: Rep. Lauren Boebert is under "active investigation" for an incident in a Colorado restaurant. The Daily Beast reported the incident was an "an alleged physical altercation with her ex-husband." Social media reports say Boebert "punched Jayson Boebert in the face." Boebert denied the claims. 

Winter weather, finally: A blizzard warning is in effect in the Cascade Passes and areas near the Olympics. The National Weather Service hasn't issued a blizzard warning in over 10 years. Be safe out there. For the Seattle area, it will be cold and wet on Monday. Could we get snow this week? It's a toss up. 

Seattle snow or no Seattle snow? That is the question. Make your wagers. According to the everyone's favorite weather source, the Seattle Weather Blog, two competing weather models have two different theories for how the snow forecast could shake out by the end of the week. Either we'll get snow, or we'll get rain. I love a mystery. 

The big game is today: The 14-0 University of Washington Huskies face off against the 14-0 University of Michigan Wolverines in Houston on Monday at 4:30 pm. I don't have much more commentary for you except that I love these dawgs. Really, I am a bandwagon fan because it sounds fun to root for something, and I went to college there. Also, I bet my grandpa $20 that the dawgs would win. Where will you be watching? I'm going to post up at Ravenna Brewing Company.  

First lunar lander launched since Apollo missions: Peregrine, a lunar lander carrying NASA science experiments, science stuff from other countries, and a few human remains, launched on the Vulcan Centaur rocket Monday morning. It seems the lander hit a snag in regards to its orientation. We'll see if that's fixable. 

Lemme zoom-in on something here: The lander is carrying human remains, right? Those come from space burial companies that charge a starting price of $10,000 to scatter ashes on the moon. The Navajo Nation is upset that these companies are bringing remains to the moon since many native nations regard the moon as sacred. Clearly, the companies making a profit by putting ashes on the moon did not heed those worries. 

Golden Globes cringe alert: Comedian Jo Koy, the show's host, bombed. After one of his jokes didn't really land, he went off-script saying he only got the gig 10 days ago and the jokes that people were laughing at were the ones he wrote.

In other Globes news: For TV, it was a big night for Succession, The Bear, and Beef. Meanwhile, Oppenheimer dominated in the motion picture categories. Read more here

King of the weekend: A man crashed his car outside an Alabama Bass Pro Shop, ran into the store, stripped off his clothes, then and cannonballed into the store's giant aquarium. He was arrested. After consulting the below video, this seems to be more like a bellyflop than a cannonball.