It's so representative of how far the Republicans have fallen from their "Law and Order" roots that Trump's attorney claimed in the hearing today that Joe Biden could have Trump assassinated, resign immediately, and face no criminal charges.

But, by all means, let's talk about Joe Biden's age and not how Trump sees the president as above the law, including murder. Also, her emails. /s


"I used to think Israel had a right to exist, but then some protesters trapped me in my car for five hours and now I don't."
-- The Reaction They Imagine


Huh. Leaving for London without the promise of a job sounds pretty problematic, especially since London is very expensive. But, then I wouldn't move anywhere without the promise of a job, so I'm probably not the best person to opine on this.


Hey Molly Fleck on Twitter - the Seattle Parks Department does playgrounds, not the Library. They’ve got indoor play space at community centers, check them out. Next time do a little research before publicly demanding your local government agency duplicate something that already exists! Kthanksbye


spd has a ‘Public Outrage
& Enforcement Team’?

they have a fucking POET?
does it Beat heads
poetically or just

speaking of
here’s a Good One
from* Brittney Bush Bollay:

“I used to
hate genocide,
but then someone
blocked my car for a little while.”

Bravo Brittney!
& BOO spd

*& thnx


@4 - Nice response ... You obviously got farther than me because I lost my marbles at the mention of "frostbite" in Seattle. Jeeeez, pathetic.


But where is the equity in only allowing students from high-ranking universities in? Isn't that mostly going to just lovely white well-off kids? And why would THe Strager be celebrating, rather than noting that fact?!

(Looks at pictures of The Strangers' mostly lily white staff from well off backgrounds and who their friends likely are...smiles knowingly, smirks, signs off)


The absurdity of the tactic is the primary objection. The protestors who blocked the bridges in NYC were quoted saying they want people to know what it's like to be trapped in a city with no way out. So hard to picture otherwise.

Unfortunately, now that they understand that vital point, no one stopped on the highway and having to pee in an empty coffee cup can influence the IDFs tactics in Gaza.

You can call Patty Murray's office to tell them about how sitting on 1-5 for hours changed your mind, but she can't influence the IDF tactics. Biden barely can, although he keeps plugging.

Because of steady contact and pressure, Israel is winding down the "genocide" currently. Switching tactics to "targeted" operations. I'm sure it's not good enough.


Who the hell is Molly Fleck? Regardless, her tweet gave me the willies. Phew - thank god I survived my childhood in upstate NY, smack in the middle of the lake effect snow region. If only I had known the danger I was in as I made snowpeople, snowballs, played with icicles and sledded down hills. All before microfleece was invented! Imagine!

FFS not only are human getting dumber, also getting more delicate and weaker


2: I was thinking more of a quote from “Animal House”: “I think this situation absolutely requires a really futile and stupid gesture be done on somebody's part!”


I used to think Hamas were terrorists but then I saw the unexpurgated videos of what they did and I know they are.

Release all the hostages and have Hamas surrender.


the Genocide
continued Unabated.


@11, You should be supporting @5 and Garb's constant calls for ceasefire so Hamas can re-arm, re-organize, re-supply, and re-perpetrate. After all, they, and they alone, are the repressed group. There can be only one in any conflict. They have chosen which group they will support. Join them.


“… so Nelson's more conservative politics probably cost Handy her job. One Seattle! Nelson replaced Handy with Ben Noble, who held Handy's job for more than a decade before becoming budget director.”

I like how the actual, obvious, and understandable reason — Council President Nelson wanted someone with more experience in the role — can’t make even the slightest dent in the Stranger’s hate-Nelson ideology. In successive elections, Seattle’s voters overwhelmingly rejected the Stranger’s multiple endorsements for more of the radical-leftie status quo, and now the Stranger whines about the resultant changes. (If the Stranger keeps doing this, then I’ll just have to buy more popcorn.)

@2, @10: Speaking of whining, in several days the Stranger has gone from sneering triumphalism (“Seattle won’t see the last of these protesters…”) to yelling at the victims of these protests, for taking the ‘wrong’ lesson from having spoiled, insolent children trap an ambulance on I-5. Can’t wait until the Stranger loudly declares complaining about such abusive ‘protests’ is itself a form of “genocide.”


Waiter, please deliver a cocktail their choice to table @2 and put it on my tab.


As we all know, the only way to prevent genocide is to commit genocide.


As we all know, the only way to defeat a terrorist organization is to commit terrorism.


It's obvious at this point that the Israeli ministers in charge of the way effort don't give a shit about the hostages and are doing all they can to destroy Gaza completely and force its population out so they can resettle it. Never let a tragedy go to waste!


It's obvious at this point that the Israeli ministers in charge of the war effort don't give a shit about the hostages and are doing all they can to destroy Gaza completely and force its population out so they can resettle it. Never let a tragedy go to waste!



Meanwhile, backlash against flagrant abuse of the word “genocide” continues:

“Assertions that Israel is committing genocide are thus not only demonstrably contrary to genocide’s definition, but they also trivialize the magnitude of brutality that the term should convey.”

Plenty more, at


@13. Or maybe, just maybe, Israel and a coalition of its allies could cease fire and cut off Hamas from rearming, reorganizing, resupplying, and repenetrating by addressing those vulnerabilities directly and fixing the holes in their intelligence other than completely destroying the entire region to ethnically cleanse it with constant bombardment. Not permitting cash payments from Qatar to Hamas would be a start! Oh, but we can't do that because then we would have to stop pursuing our not so hidden agenda of Greater Israel.

You can't possibly be this stupid. A cease fire doesn't mean you stop defending yourself!


@21. Tensor, why do you hate children?


It's only genocide if it's direct, not direct. It's only terrorism if someone blows themself up in a crowd, not if they blow up a crowd with a bomb from above. That's self defense!


It's only genocide if it's indirect, not direct. It's only terrorism if someone blows themself up in a crowd, not if they blow up a crowd with a bomb from above. That's self defense!


Ahab, why do you love war? Why do you want Israel at perpetual war? Why do you want to escalate the conflict with Israel's neighbors? When will you be satisfied? When Hamas is only one of dozens of military organizations attacking Israel? Why don't you seem to care about the other countries that are arming, supplying, and organizing to penetrate Israel? Why don't Palestinian lives matter to you? Why don't you care about the USA getting pulled into another war in the Middle East like Iraq and Afghanistan? Why don't you care about the corrupt and incredibly unpopular authoritarian government of Israel disguising itself as a Democracy? Do human rights only apply to Israelis and Americans and Europeans? When did you become a sociopath?


If Israeli lives mattered to you, you would do everything you could to keep them safe while avoiding war! You idiots are become the Ministry of Truth. War is Peace. Freedom is Slavery. Ignorance is Strength. Keep duckspeaking, you disgraceful sadistic maniacs.


"Council President Sara Nelson flexed some of her newfound power by firing the head of the Council's central staff, Esther Handy, according to KUOW."

Elections have consequences. If you want your opinions to matter, you should rabble rouse for moving council elections to even years. And maybe push to end the district council system.


I wish, I WISH, you could experience the sheer terror of bombardment. Of being a child with no one, no where to turn, starving, freezing, cornered, trapped, and terrified. Not understanding why you deserve this and to see your loved ones torn away from you with no time to grieve. You sick bastards are like rabid dogs picking up your own vomitous propaganda with this dehumanizing rhetoric. You make me beyond sick. You are worthless examples of the human race with no feelings or empathy. I couldn't be more disgusted or ashamed of your atrocious demagoguery. May God have mercy on you evil bastards.


@22: “…cut off Hamas from rearming, reorganizing, resupplying, and repenetrating…”

Demands from this weekend’s traffic-blocking protestors for coordinated international action to shut down Hamas seem to have been under-reported. Have you a quote & url?

@23, @26, @29: Yep, I knew it would come to this. I’m actually surprised it took you this long.


'NO Country
should be Allowed
to commit acts of Terror
on another Country. EVER.'

parphrased in a
Rarest of moments
of actual Lucidity. not
to Worry -- it soon Passed.


how tS's
become such a
wretched hive of scum and villainy.

We must be cautious.

and, oddly, coming
from me, careful
to avoid over-


@31. I'm livid. Thanks kristo. I'll step away for my own good for now. Hell is war.



backlash against
flagrant abuse of the
word “genocide” continues"

Article II (c) of the Genocide Convention in 1949, born of the Holocaust, defines genocide as, “Deliberately inflicting on [a national, ethnical, racial, or religious] group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.”

why does the
Pro-Genocide contingent
Insist on Linguistic Exactitude
whenever it comes to Nutnyahoo's
Ethnic Cleansing Massacre & War Crimes?

like tentsey
just wanna
shut that
Shit right

enough he's
also Quite Par-
Ticular when it comes
to the term 'Fascist.' why
he Hates that damn Lable
when he Personifies it -- oh!



@31: I’m sorry, the word in question was “genocide,” specifically the flagrant abuse of it by Israel’s critics. Do try harder to keep those great big long scary words straight in your head, ‘k?

@32: After all of that, it took exactly one request for facts to drive you away. Little wonder you and kristof’ get along so well!


Re Molly Fleck tweet: I grew up in Minnesota where we played outside when it was 20 below and never got frostbite. What a whiny, entitled demand that SPL provide an indoor playground for your kid! Just bundle them up and send them outside to play.


@32: That's fine, be livid. But don't expect everyone else to be livid in the same way.


@34. Kristo is looking out for me so I don't immolate in a quixotic spontaneous combustion. Nothing would make me happier than to rip you a new one, but I must not allow the dark side to take hold of me.


@26, I don't love war.

I do think the principle of self-defense, enshrined in international law, even before the laws of armed conflict, is worth defending. If that right can be denied by an attacker, by virtue of them surrounding themselves with non-combatants and non-combatant infrastructure, then the right of self-defense is dead.

You don't call for any practical alternative to stop Hamas. You don't suggest any mechanism. You only suggest stopping one side from going after Hamas, but not Hamas from going after the other side. Your, and Kristo's, calls are all for restraining one side, but not the other, rather than calls for a both sides to be stopped from perpetrating hostilities and calling for a mechanism to achieve that. It's the one-sidedness of your calls for constraint. It's telling.

You both would be credible if you were calling for the same constraint on using violence, and a means to achieve it, for both side, not just one.

War in inevitable in a world where the actors have agency and choice, particularly in morally relative world. In a morally relative world, all that matters is who can impose their moral, and other, preferences, by whatever means possible. The measure of virtue isn't being moral (in any universal sense of morality) but prevailing in your preference. In a morally relative world, war is more inevitable, since there is no moral code against it. It's a Machiavellian and Nietzschevellian hellscape with even more non-combatants constantly caught in the crossfire.


I want Hamas restrained and contained! I want them dismantled and their control over Gaza to end. And collateral damage is of course an expected cost of war. But Israel is not using care with their methods! They have the ability to be extremely accurate and precise and cut off Hamas from its suppliers, but I am categorically against their methods of literally destroying the entire Gaza Strip with 2,000 lb bombs. If Hamas were still attacking Israel and had an air force with such bombs we supplied, I would be just as outraged and would call for a cease fire as well if they were leveling Israel and killing Jewish kids! And I mourn the innocent lives taken by the barbaric Hamas terrorists who committed the most evil and inhumane acts against those children and brutally raped and tortured women and men. There can be no justice there. It was grounds for war.

But this cannot continue! Proportionality aside, it is immoral on its face! It is not how one should wage war! It is a perpetual Charybdis of violence and destruction that will not stop Hamas and is already igniting a hot war that every other player in the region is joining! What kind of madness is it to permit this conflict with limitless expansion and no clear cut goal or plan for occupation and containment? Is there no alternative in your mind to the status quo? Is this the only way? I expect that is not the case!

At some point there will be a cease fire and a semi permanent halt in the hostilities. And what will be done then to keep it from happening again? At what cost? You expect me to have all the answers? I don't, but they do! Where there is a will there is a way. And you are all like Gmork helping the nothing to destroy the hopes and dreams and potential future of every child, Palestinian, Israeli, Lebanese, et al who could have a future of peace and civility and not one consumed by war and vengeance. It is senseless and foolish and self destructive to enable the demise of our collective future. There must be a way and I will never stop advocating for one because I want my children to have a future to live in at all!


Oct. 7 Assaults,
Including Sexual Violence,
Could Be Crimes Against Humanity, 2 U.N. Experts Say

The experts’ statement came after the United Nations had been the focus of months of frustrated accusations that it was ignoring the rape and mutilation of women during the Oct. 7 attacks.

U.N. Ya

nyt hasn’t passed
up many opportunities
to remind its readership
of Hamas’ horrific Invasion
on Oct 7th and in this Instance

they’re Spot ON:

these ARE Crimes
Against Humanity
War Crimes & for
That they Gotta
be held Accoun-
table as Should
ALL War Crim-
Inals: EQUAL

just like it says
over the Doorway
into OUR *Supreme Court
if it’s Good Enough for Us it’s
plenty good enough for them too.

END the

*formerly- but
who’s Counting?


And yes Hamas is still attacking Israel with rockets and in skirmishes, but I meant if the shoe were on the other foot in terms of the names and places being swapped but the actions being the same. I don't see how bombing the civilian population en masse does anything but get Hamas more support!


@41: “I don't see how bombing the civilian population en masse does anything but get Hamas more support!”

And what is your evidence for the proposition that the IDF is “bombing the civilian population en masse”? Hamas has effectively turned much of the Gaza Strip into dual-use civilian/military infrastructure. Why does Hamas’ well-documented use of civilians in Gaza for human shields mean nothing to you?

Again, where are the protesters’ demands to throttle Hamas?


@41: "I don't see how bombing the civilian population en masse does anything but get Hamas more support!"

Well, Hamas has the civilian population en masse hell bent on wiping Israel off the face of the earth. I predict a Hamas and Iran setting off nuclear dirty bomb in Israel in 2024, unless the IDF completes its job first.


@39/40 Chamberlain would be proud of you both.


@40: It took the UN three months to understand that rape is always intentional, never excusable. UN Women didn’t even start looking at this until women’s groups protested outside UN HQ in New York. And pro-ceasefire protesters blocking traffic still don’t demand the world take action against Hamas. How long will it be until they do?



The UK’s offer for visas for recent graduates connotes a need for skilled – or at least educated – workers which I didn’t know was a problem. Several years ago, Ireland, you may remember, issued the offer to anyone of Irish descent to come home and work in high tech. But that was Ireland. The UK is more populous and richer.

I adore London – the Land of My Peoples. It takes some getting used to (like looking right before you cross a street), and there is a bit of questionable modern architecture, but they do and have done a lot of things right there, too. When the UK was in Thatcher mode, homelessness started being a big problem in London, but the city government and the public-at-large did not relent from its standards. The rules are you can sleep in a doorway at night if you have to, you can catch a quick nap on a bench, but you cannot establish residency on the street. That principle, I think, urges those in need to seek help from agencies designed to do so. None of this “you have a right to pitch a tent” nonsense. It’s why London remains an exciting, world-class city.

But as stated, London is super pricey. I’ve spent chunks of time there and have wondered how working class folk make it in a city where a small breakfast for two at a regular café can be $60(US). A friend told me, “You just have to continually adjust and learn to live on less.” That doesn’t sound like much of an answer. I would find it supremely depressing – especially if I weren’t in my 20s - to have to share my small flat with four other people only to find that I'd have to share it with five or six next year. Also, salaries are not compensatory with the cost of living there. In fact, they largely pale in comparison to equivalent American jobs. Good luck to those willing to risk it. It’s a grand place, but with those circumstances it would be helpful to be young.

New Orleans can be a very DANGEROUS city. In fact, you may be safer there at carnival time than any other. That said, shocked and deeply saddened by the murder of Mr. Carter. Have you noticed that the assholes who murder seemly always victimize people who are widely loved and admired? Don’t get me wrong. Killing a creep is morally reprehensible as well, but it is truly what they used to call a jest of God when, say, someone good, someone kind, someone who works for abandoned and abused at-risk kids finding them food and shelter and safety gets his life taken from him while the abuser gets to skate. All condolences to friends and family.

Interesting opinion a few days ago by David French in the NYT. Talked about using the 14th Amendment to bar the former president from appearing on ballots is not such a far-fetched concept. He opines that insurrection does not require conviction. Many Confederate solders never faced a courtroom, but they, too, were barred from government service by the 14th. Sedition is sedition even if you are the smallest cog in the machinery.

Sorry about the Huskies, you guys. I didn't attend UW, but they're such a part of the Seattle experience that you wind up loving it when they do well. Their game against Texas reminded of the good ol' days of the 60s when strong SEC/SWC teams would come out to play with some of our West Coast boys and get their asses handed to them. I did everything I could. I don't want to say I'm a jinx, but whenever I watch a team I'm rooting for, they frequently lose. So I just checked the score a time or two. Still, congratulations on a truly remarkable year.


@ 11 - Yeah, it's beyond crime, Will. So thoroughly disgusting to acknowledge a human being can do what was done on that day. If people only knew the half of it.


I am following on Mastodon. Is that y'all? Can you start using that instead of the Xitter links? KTHXBYE.


@30 Huh. Don't like it when people assume you support (a) because you said you support (b)? Golly. Where did anyone get that idea? Maybe it's your repeated statement that anyone who thinks that maybe Israel should kill fewer civilians must therefore support the rape of Israeli citizens by Hamas. Pot, meet kettle. If you don't like it, stop doing it yourself.

@8 Does more targeted operations mean that the IDF snipers will stop shooting civilians in the convent of the Sisters of Mother Teresa? Of course, that's after bombarding it with rocket fire. Naturally, we can't trust the news on this particular instance since it was reported by that well-known Hamas mouthpiece Independent Catholic News.

@30 Why do you support killing nuns? Or were those sisters cleverly disguised Hamas terrorists?


@33: “Insist on Linguistic Exactitude…”

It’s not just linguistics, it’s facts. From the same link I provided, above:

“In 1950, the total Palestinian population was 945,000, infant mortality was 142.3 per thousand live births and life expectancy was just under 46 years. By 2021, the total Palestinian population had grown 400 percent, to 5 million. Infant mortality was down 90 percent, to 13.8 per thousand. Palestinian life expectancy had increased to 62 percent, to 73.5 years. To point out the obvious, these marked improvements have occurred in spite of the many wars between Israel and the Palestinians. There is no genocide taking place by Israel.”


Tensor, when I read your commentary it really makes me wonder whether it is better to be a triggered emotionally unstable mess or to be without empathy at all. Your reasoning is as myopic as it is savage.


@39, "They have the ability to be extremely accurate and precise and cut off Hamas from its suppliers ..." CITATION.

What military talking-head (expert) has said that in print or on a broadcast? What foreign government has spelled out how that could be done, and criticized Israel for not using that specific means available to them? None.

You assume that to be true without supporting evidence of any kind. War is not precise. War is messy. Information is often vague and incomplete. Chaos reigns. By its very nature, war involves massive amounts of collateral damage. It is a blunt, bloody, wrecking ball of an instrument. If that isn't the case, then its not war.

Here is how war works in practice. Side A sends infantry forward. Side B detects infantry of Side A and takes them under artillery or air-strike fire if they have that capability, and their own small arms fire if they don't have access to that capability, as a last resort. The last resort option reveals Side B's position. Side A then calls in artillery and airstrikes on Side B's position. All EXPLICITLY PERMITTED by the laws of armed conflict.

If Side B's position is in the basement, or second story of an 8 story residential tower that Side B has kept full of non-combatants, artillery or bombs called in by Side A are going to do a hell of a lot of damage, injury, and death, going through upper floors to get to Side B and eliminate them. It may take down the building. Surrounding buildings are going to suffer similar collateral damage.

Even if Side A has sophisticated HIMARS artillery or air-launched guided missiles they can literally steer through the specific window that Side B is firing from, a munition of sufficient weight, velocity, and explosive power to eliminate those beyond the window is also gonna do much of the collateral damage already described.

What's the alternative? An infantry assault where Side A loses 30% of their force as casualties, and Side A & B is hitting people behind their opponent (or shields they put in front of themselves). Side A and B, use grenades, and demolitions to blow open doors and walls to allow them to take each other's protective cover away, with the civilians Side B is keeping around them all being killed as collateral damage (and to create optics for the camera).

All of Side A's actions are lawful under the laws of armed conflict even with all the collateral damage.

The alternative is that Side B is allowed to sit un-mollested and able to attack when they choose, without Side A being able to use force of any kind because any force they use will cause collateral damage to non-combatants.

If Side B is operating a command and control, weapons storage, or weapons manufacture capability in tunnels under 10, 20, 30 or more feet of earth and concrete (like the foundation and basement of a building), its gonna require a specially fitted 2,000 pound bomb to get to it and disable the facility. It's gonna take out what is above it, and much of what is around it. There isn't war-tech that will take out that target successfully without the described collateral damage. It doesn't exist.

War is irreducibly ugly, messy, and causes massive casualties to non-combatants. The only way to avoid that is not have a war and Hamas chose one.

Your assertion that Israel has the ability to cut-off Hamas has been factually shown to be false. Hamas has been under international sanction for about a decade with Egypt and Israel both regulating access. Yet Hamas has been able to smuggle in weapons and divert necessary civilian infra-structure and international aid, like water pipe, to weapons.

Your assertion @41 is correct. But what is the alternative? Leaving Hamas alone to attack when and where they choose, or giving them the optics and recruiting tools they want. In this Hamas is being strategically brilliant and beating the pants of Israel, Arab states, and the international community that wants to limit extremism. Heads Hamas wins, tails the IDF looses. They have created a strategic environment where those are the only alternatives when Hamas tosses the coin. Brilliant.

You want the carnage to non-combatants and non-combatant infrastructure to end? Then have the U.N. grow a pair and authorize the international force to go in and disarm Hamas. If Hamas chooses to fight that force, then all that will change is that it will be U.N. tactics and munitions doing what IDF tactics and munitions are presently doing. The optics gets much better for Israel, but also better for Hamas. It's not just Israel out to get the Palestinians, its the whole world. Let the Holy War against everyone, not just Israel commence. Hamas likely relishes that just as much.


I didn't go
to your stupid
link I've already
had my Fill but thnx

this is fun:
"There is no genocide
taking place by Israel.”

if you say it LOUD
Enough HARD Enough
& OFTEN Enough does
that Make it come True?

you Pedanticuity's
beyond Legendary

it's also a Cheap
Distraction Mass
Murder from The
Gazans and you utterly
Refuse to Acknowledge

they're being
Terrorized by
Israel -- which
You said was NEVER
Justified -- of Course
but those Are in Essence
YOUR Words. do you Deny
them Now? Also: WHY do You

support killing Nuns?

or just PRO
ing GED-


Jesus ahab.
did you Study
when you was
Inside that Whale?
did they have Free wifi?

the Planetlooks on in Horror
whilst you and your Puppeteer
pave the way for a Genocidal WAR
to Ethnically Cleanse an Open-air Concentration

Camp. and oh
My GOD Are
they EVER

NO Water
NO Food

No Idea when
or If the Ter-
ror's EVER

Dying Starving
as a Perpetual State
the PTSD UnFathomable

there is
no Justification
for Terrorism. Ever.


[Edited for
spelling &
clarity ap-

NO Water
NO Food

No Idea when
or If the Ter-
ror's EVER

Dying Starving
as a Perpetual State

the PTSD UnFathomable

there is
no Justification
for Terrorism. Ever.


"Your reasoning is
as myopic as it
is savage."

this is what
as a species
holds us back

the reptilian
brainstem is
our biggest



gotta counter
the far reich wing
on Seattle's sole rag

if not
the Quietariat's
gonna think Fascism
is the Leftist point-of-view.

besides that I
getta Exercise
my funny bone*

a few things

*it's Not


@57. If not even The Stranger is a safe place to speak out against this travesty, then where else is?

I used to march alone oh my way to work from Capitol Hill to Belltown down Pine street, fist raised, shouting at the top of my lungs in rage with my voice reverberating between the buildings. I had the cops approach me several times. Sometimes they told me they agreed with me. But that didn't seem as effective as writing here. If push comes to shove, it may come back to that. But in trying to be wiser and calmer these days.



your passion
clarity of
& Fer-


Thank You
for helping
Bend the Moral
Arc of the Universe

one Million times

*et Al


@57: “i have never learned a single thing from any of you that you are trying to teach each other?”

Well, mostly that’s just you generally, but your assumption about teaching here is the specific reason you don’t understand this.

It’s not about convincing any of the commenters I’m addressing directly; it’s about moving them along to their unintentional reveals, for everyone to see. As I suggested @30, I want everyone to see their raging hatreds, their angry, embittered wishes to torture and mutilate anyone who dares disagree with them. Watching their mask slip, getting to see the malice barely hidden under their posturing about peace, exposing the ugly source of their rank dishonesty in abusing words like “genocide,” showing their true agenda, which all their talk of “ceasefire” and “peace” exists to obfuscate.

The traffic-blocking protesters showed us how much they actually cared about innocent human life when they trapped an ambulance on I-5. There’s reasons why their demands are only about a ceasefire (which Hamas would simply violate with impunity), never about choking flow of men, money, and arms to Hamas, or extraditing Hamas’ raping “fighters” to face justice for mutilating women. Theirs is an ugly truth, and I’m happy to help them show it here. By that metric, I consider this comment thread to have been a huge success.


@62 And yet despite those high minded ideals, you are four square behind the regime that shot up a convent. How are those ideals holding up?


'Your reasoning is
as myopic as it
is savage.'

this is what
as a species
holds us back

success in
moral bankrupty
is what I think you meant

cling to your Definitions
& Massacre to your
heart's content
Hiding behind
BiBi a

for Jesus.


The Grammar
Terrorists have Struck


from ‘Notes
From The Edge
of the Narrative Matrix’:

How is anyone still talking about October 7? What Israel has done since October 7 is many times worse than what happened on that day by any conceivable metric; the only way to feel otherwise is to believe Israeli lives are worth many times more than Palestinian lives.

How is Israeli suffering still being centered over vastly less significant acts of violence three months ago while exponentially worse violence and suffering is being inflicted by Israelis right this very moment?

If your nation is attacked, and you respond to that attack by immediately murdering thousands of children with incredible savagery, then you forfeit any right to expect anyone to give a shit that your nation was attacked.

Israel responded to the Hamas attack by doing something much, much worse than anything Hamas has ever done, and in so doing completely delegitimizing itself as a state and completely validating everything the Palestinian resistance has been saying about the state of Israel since day one.

This genocide is being live-streamed. We can’t say we didn’t know. For as long as we live we’ll never be able to say we didn’t know.

Nothing about Israel’s US-backed assault on Gaza is comparable to the Allied offensive against Nazi Germany. They’re raining military explosives onto a trapped and besieged population in a giant concentration camp

with the stated goal of eliminating a small militant group who poses exactly zero existential threat to the state of Israel . . .

--by Caitlin Johnstone; 1/9/24


the Complicit’ll know

will their Justifications
survive the Decades?
one Wonders


@63: If you don’t want to understand how well Hamas has turned much of Gaza into an active military base with civilian shields atop it, then you simply won’t. And there’s nothing I, or anyone else, could write here to convince you otherwise.

Your smug, “either you agree with me, or you support murder of nuns,” attitude nicely demonstrates my point @62. You don’t want any nuance or difficult choices or tough moral questions. You don’t want to admit the messy, unpleasant truth, or the meager range of unsatisfying solutions immediately available, so therefore anyone who disagrees with your simplistic and wrong pronouncements just wants to kill civilians, full stop.

Enjoy your self-proclaimed moral superiority; like the immobile ambulance on I-5, I’m sure it’s saving lots of lives.


So instead of writing a positive post about a young gay man ascending to the office of prime minister of France, Ashley tries to defame Attal simply because he believes in supporting the secular foundations of the French Republic.

And FYI, 80% of the French agree with the abaya ban (from polling conducted after the ban). Strict secularism is a core French value, along with liberte, egalite and fraternite.

Remember when the stranger had the audacity to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community? Now it’s simply a propaganda arm of DSA (clearly one focused on generating Twitter revenue for their reporters based on the amount of linking we see to that cesspool).


I wish the Orange Turd and its enablers would either all get fired one way into outer space or just drop dead, al-fucking-ready.


@68: Or better yet, both.


@65: Your girlfriend certainly tore you a new one for your daring (@40) to mention the Oct. 7 attacks! How could you, of all persons, forget that only a complete and comprehensive censorship of all relevant facts can save your arguments? Let’s revel in her schooling of you:

“How is anyone still talking about October 7? What Israel has done since October 7 is many times worse than what happened on that day by any conceivable metric…”

Organized rape and mutilation of women simply can’t be a metric, because Israel has done nothing of the kind, thus invalidating whatever argument Johnstone’s hallucinating this time. (Probably the same one as last time…)

A couple of additional thoughts:

First, even though she’s flat-out ignoring Hamas’ organized rape and mutilation of women, Johnstone probably considers herself a better feminist than anyone who dares to criticize her for her flat-out ignoring organized rape and mutilation or women (sadly, by the standards of the modern international hard left, e.g. UN Women, she’s probably correct);

Second, was her use of the adjective, “conceivable,” to ignore rape and mutilation an intentional play upon words? Or perhaps a subconscious admission of what she’s really doing here?


@66 It's a lovely piece of irony that you claim that I can't see the messy unpleasant nature of war while you stand by the "Everything bad in Gaza is Hamas' fault" line. The bit about supporting the murder of nuns is simply a rephrasing of your standard "If you think Israel should maybe kill fewer civilians then you are a supporter of Hamas full stop." If you don't like it, stop doing it yourself. I mean, unless you actually like killing nuns.

Is your claim that Hamas had a military base in the convent? Or just that Israel didn't know where the convent was? Or maybe that snipers (who by definition are looking through scopes and choosing individual people as targets) were pretty sure the nuns were Hamas? I dunno, none of those look good.

To reiterate, Hamas are a bunch of shitheads, and I won't be sad to see them gone from Gaza. The IDF also acts repeatedly kills civilians with a level of impunity that would make SPOG leadership cream their collective shorts. It would have been nice if the Israeli right wing hadn't propped up Hamas in the years leading up to 10/7. Since we knew that Hamas was a bunch of shitheads long before 10/7. Is that accepting enough of a messy situation for you?


@71: Civilians are dying in Gaza primarily because Hamas uses them for human shields. IDF attacks Gaza because Hamas hides there, after Hamas intentionally targeted civilians for rape and murder in Israel. And civilian death and suffering happens in all wars, especially in urban warfare, which is of the type Hamas invited into Gaza. So yes, I have concluded Hamas bears most of the responsibility for the current civilian deaths in Gaza. Please feel free to argue with my logic any time you like.

If the Israeli right wing did indeed prop up Hamas, then they are complicit in all of these civilian deaths (Palestinians and Israelis) as well, and I hope both voters and prosecutors in Israel punish those politicians appropriately.

When I hear all of the protesters’ calls for ceasefire, but nothing, zero, zip, zilch, nada, about throttling Hamas, I conclude they’re not actually interested in stopping the current conflict and bloodletting. So I don’t take them seriously. Again, feel free to address that logic any time you like.


why on Earth need Anyone
call for Extermination of
Hamas wormmy? you're
doing enough of the
Heavy Lifting single-
handedly. Hamas:
Bad. Hamas: Ter-
rorists. Hamas:
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you're just
looking for an
Excuse to allow
Nutnyahoo to con-
tinue Exterminating
Gazans in his ONGOING
Genocidal Ethcnic Cleansing


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when the Body Count reaches
that'll STILL not be Enough
for BiBi -- he's gonna
get 'em ALL.

I know:

but Hamas!

your Justifications
make you Complicit.


are dying in
Gaza primarily
because Hamas uses
them for human shields."

DYING 'cause
BiBi Nutnyahoo's
using them to justify
Ethnic Cleansing: a War Crime.

Hiding behind Hamas
Gazans is the most
Crime. END
the Mad-


and so it

At World Court,
Israel to Confront
Accusations of Genocide

what Took
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@72 Unlike a number of people here, I'm not actually disputing whether Israel is correct in prosecuting a war against Hamas. After 10/7, that was more or less inevitable. I am disputing /how/ they are going about it.

The case of the convent is a great example. There were no human shields there because Hamas wasn't there. It was where much of the Christian population of Gaza was sheltering. IDF snipers deliberately targeted women within the convent. Either they didn't know who they were targeting or they didn't care. Neither is good. I'm particularly calling out snipers because by definition, they choose targets individually. The rocket attack on the compound might possibly be excused by Hamas activity next door. But not snipers. They chose to target women in a convent who weren't approaching or otherwise "threatening" IDF troops. Because they can and because there will be no accountability.

The IDF simply does not care how many civilians they kill in Gaza and they are prosecuting the war accordingly. That is what I am complaining about. And you can see that in statements from Israeli ministers advocating for nuking Gaza, describing Gazans as subhumans, etc.

The Israeli right wing absolutely supported Hamas before 10/7. The policy was roughly that Hamas should be treated as an asset and the Palestinian Authority should be treated like a liability. So the organization that accepts Israel's right to exist is a problem and the organization that wants to see Israel wiped off the map is an asset to the Israeli right wing. I certainly hope that they'll pay a political price, but I'm not hopeful so far.


@77: If the snipers intentionally killed known civilians, then that is a war crime, and the snipers should be prosecuted for it. To determine if the evidence merits prosecution, there should be an investigation. Until then, judgements are premature, but don’t let that stop you.

Bibi imprisoned for collaborating with Hamas would make a deliciously fitting end to his miserable career, and I hope prosecutors are already on his case. My only question would concern the preferred location for his involuntary retirement home: Israel, or The Hague?


You tentsey!

Finally getting
on the BiBi Nutnyahoo's
a WAR CRIMINAL bandwagon.*

what took
You so L o n g?

*sans BiBi
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Go, DAWGS, GO!! Sad about the Michigan defeat, but thanks for another exciting season. We'll get 'em next year.
The 1991 and 1992 championships were a treat while I was active Navy. Long live the winning legacy of UW Coach Don James.


While I generally recognize blocking traffic as a valid and potentially effective form of protest, and do consider Israel's current actions in Gaza to be at least war crimes, blocking I-5 over it is really stupid strategy. The strategy's value, and therefore validity, is directly proportional to the ability of those impacted to actually do something to change the situation. Netanyahu would just laugh at strongly worded letter from the Seattle City Council. There really isn't a lot America can do to control Netanyahu even if the American people were united in their support of the Palestinians. So at this point, antagonizing those who haven't thought about the issue has more potential to alienate possible support than help end Israel's war crimes.

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