Israeli airstrike hits hospital in Gaza: Al Jazeera reports that three Israeli missiles struck a residential building near the crowded entrance of Al-Asqa Martyrs Hospital. Palestinian reporter Hind Khoudary said, “You cannot imagine the amount of blood I saw.”

Israeli leader claims Hamas effectively no longer controls Gaza: Benny Gantz, a member of the country’s war cabinet, said Israel has dismantled “many'' Hamas battalions. To maintain security, Israel will need to keep this up for a long time, he said. Speaking of security, the World Health Organization just canceled a sixth aid mission to Gaza because Israel won’t approve its request or provide assurances over security.

How do you spell “stupid”? Schools in Escambia County, Florida banned 1,600 books, including eight encyclopedias and five dictionaries, books I’ve always found highly erotic. With words like urethra and fallopian tubes, administrators worried those steamy tomes violated a new state law banning sexual content in school books. Also on their shit list: acclaimed sex writers Jonathan Franzen, Bill O’Riley, Anne Frank, Stephen King, and Malcom X. Last year, Penguin Random House and nonprofit PEN America filed a free speech lawsuit against the district for removing books on ideological grounds.

Teens won't be able to see eating disorder content on Facebook and Instagram anymore, but it’s fine for us, I guess? Meta plans to start hiding posts that concern suicide and self-harm, too, even when an account they follow shares one. (Of course, the policy only applies for teenagers who didn’t lie about their age when signing up.) Meta probably didn’t do this out of the goodness of its cold, tech-y heart. Unimpressed advocates see the move as a ploy to dodge regulations. States are suing the social media company up and down for its alleged role in the young mental health crisis.

Sara Nelson fires head of central staff: Hannah wrote about Sara Nelson, the new president of Seattle City Council, axing the racial-justice minded Ester Handy for the financially austere Ben Noble. Hired in 2021, Handy apparently worked for two years without issue under former conservative council president Debra Juarez. Read all about it here.

Republicans want to ban trans care in Washington: HB 2241 does not have a good chance of passing, but it sends an unwelcome message to all the trans kids and adults who moved here from states legislating their care to oblivion. If this bill became law, puberty blockers, hormones, and surgeries for minors (a rare occurrence) would be illegal–unless the child is intersex, another unscientific idea. In fact, the United Nations has condemned surgeries to “correct” intersex kids, an identity common as red hair. As we tend to do, the US left that medical question up to the states.

Frozen pizza, never baked: A semi-truck carrying frozen pizzas rolled over on I-90 in Eastern Washington. The driver was unharmed, but the Washington State Patrol didn’t say anything about how the pizzas are doing.

Don't need a weatherman to tell you that it's too cold: Prepare yourselves for real-deal winter weather this week. Northwestern flooding is closing schools and wrecking Southeast buildings. Ample snow is falling in the Midwest. Over the weekend, the National Weather Service issued the first blizzard warning in the Olympic mountains in more than a decade. A coastal flooding warning remains in effect until 3 this afternoon. If you absolutely need to travel in those conditions, don’t be a moron. A winter survival kit in your car could save your life. If you’re staying home, check out Megan’s tips for staying warm.

Spread the word: The King County Regional Homelessness Authority is opening extra shelters for the severe weather, according to the Seattle Times’ Project Homeless. The Seattle Center, Exhibition Hall, and 301 Mercer St. will be open 7 pm to 7 am starting Friday. Today, the Salvation Army is expanding its 24/7 shelter in SODO, 1039 Sixth Ave, to 33 adults. If you need to stay, tell the security guard why you’re there.

Queeeen: OL Reign is rebranding to its original name from 2013, Reign FC, and a queen (mascot) will reclaim her throne. The new logo is a revamped version of the original royal that “embodies the exponential growth in professional women's sports.” Any self-respecting Irish-American isn’t too keen on monarchy, but I like this girlboss a lot more than the lion, so I’ll make an exception for her.

Zoinks: Half of the world’s population is expected to vote in 83 national elections this year. But runaway conspiracy theories, baseless claims of election fraud, AI-supercharged disinformation campaigns, X falling apart, and foreign meddling across the map threaten them all like never before. We’re not sure how it’s going to shake out on this scale, but if all goes according to foibles and dastardly plans, these forces could accelerate the global rise of authoritarianism. More here from the New York Times.

You will never guess what this Australian ad is about!

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