Pelosi, interrupted: Rep. Nancy Pelosi spoke at a Seattle Democratic National Committee fundraiser on Thursday. Multiple protesters spoke up, interrupting the speech to call for a ceasefire in Palestine and to condemn inaction as complicity in genocide. Security escorted all protesters out of the event. 

UN's International Court of Justice orders Israel to prevent Genocide: The court, however, did not call for a ceasefire. In a provisional ruling, the ICJ rebuked Israel and asked the country "to do all it can to prevent death, destruction and any acts of genocide in its military offensive in Gaza," according to the Associated Press. While the court's ruling is legally binding, it's not clear Israel will change any of its actions. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the ruling a "mark of shame" and said Israel will "continue to do what is necessary to defend our country and defend our people."

Layoffs at REI: Nowhere is safe. Local outdoor store behemoth REI laid off 357 employees on Thursday—2.2% of its total workforce—in preparation for "a challenging year," according to CEO Eric Artz. The outdoor retail biz is no walk in the park these days, apparently. Sales dipped in 2023, and Artz expects them to be worse in 2024. And yet, REI is opening 10 new stores this year. None of the fired workers were part of REI's union. 

No fun and games: On Thursday, Microsoft laid off 1,900 people in its gaming division. Layoffs are happening across the industry. RiotGames cut 530 employees on Monday while Twitch cut 500 employees earlier in January. Last March, Electronic Arts laid off 700 people. 

Big bridge alert: Redmond just completed its swanky new 260-foot-long Overlake Village Station walk-bike bridge. The bridge will connect walkers and bikers to the new light rail station (which should be operable come this spring—emphasis on should, though), but it also connects to about 50,000 jobs and a whole neighborhood. 

5:00 pm sunsets and 60-degree weather? Wow, we're living the high life over here in Seattle. Things should get pretty mild in the temperature department. There is a ton of soggy wet rain headed our way, so don't get your picnic blanket out just yet. 

A daffodil thrill: Keep your eyes peeled in Volunteer Park these days. Whoever spots the first daffodil bloom and sends a picture to the Volunteer Park Trust ( will win a full year pass to the Volunteer Park Conservatory.

Alabama's untested means of execution: Alabama executed a death row inmate using nitrogen hypoxia, an untested method which had never been used in a US execution before Thursday. The inmate, Kenneth Eugene Smith, requested death by nitrogen hypoxia after he survived a botched lethal injection back in Nov 2022. Members of the United Nations said the execution method may amount to torture due to the possibility of "grave suffering." According to CBSNews, "Veterinarians have refused to use nitrogen asphyxiation to euthanize animals because of its 'distressing' effects and potential risks to people around."

Buggy jacking in Michigan: Whoa, there. A 31-year-old woman stole a horse and buggy from a Michigan Walmart parking lot. The Amish people who were shopping at the store came outside to find their horse and buggy missing. They called the police (using a cellphone??? I'm not sure on the details) who found the stolen vehicle of yore and arrested the culprit.

MAX 9s take flight again: Boeing's MAX 9 airplanes, which you may remember from the whole fuselage-panel-blowout-at-16,000-feet thing, will be back in the air starting Friday. The Federal Aviation Administration approved inspection measures required for MAX 9 carriers. Alaska Airlines completed MAX 9 inspections weeks ago, data that helped inform the FAA's new guidelines. Alaska's first MAX 9 flights since the blowout incident will take flight Friday, the first will fly from Seattle to San Diego at 2 pm. Those passengers' loved ones better really mean it when they say, "Have a safe flight!"

Japan's precision moon landing is a success: The first-of-its-kind precision moon landing worked! The lander hit its target, though it does seem to have landed upside down. Still counts!

Something nice for your Friday: This Peruvian Jack Russell terrier, Efruz, loves to surf. Doesn't that make you happy? Doesn't it?