Not a tagging fan, but that was impressive.
That plane crash, my grandparents flew that model back in the day. Have an aunt in Clearwater, so that whole story was eerie.


a new
Throttle Me
Elmo? kids these days!


Natalie, THANK YOU! For putting the resignation of Song and Rivera in simple terms. They were not elegible to keep their seats, period. Their unethical moves to get and keep power were about to catch up to them. Good riddance.


Graffitos can fuck right off. Spray paint should be a controlled substance.


A space umbrella might help buy us a few more years of livable temperatures while the oceans acidify.


@3, What “unethical moves” pursuant to what ethics policy?

The current and remaining School Board is in the business of CEDING power to the district and the decisions of senior staff. Song and Rivera have made their exit, but dang if their minority voices will be missed - no other directors ask the good questions to hold the district accountable. Schools will close next year with a $100M+ deficit.

And the current Board policy on Director residency is anti-renter. Will the Board champion the cause? Doubtful.


Space Umbrella: Once again, The Simpsons predicted the future.


Correction re LA Luxury tower - Tagging is not graffiti, it's vandalism. Taggers are not artists, they're criminals.


"Police arrested a 13-year-old girl and a 15-year-old boy on suspicion that they were in a car that intentionally targeted and hit pedestrians .... They were arrested for 'assault, possession of a stolen vehicle, and hit-and-run,'"

Are we amending state law to require the car owner, and the insurance carrier that provided the required car insurance to pay claims for the damage done?

Current law let's both off the hook once the car is stolen, since the car's owner has no control over what happens with the 4,000 pound, weapon-on-tires, once it's stolen.

Was the car's owner arrested for not securing their weapon in a sufficiently sturdy garage lock box?

If the cars were Kia or Hyundai models, which the Seattle City Council wants recalled because they are so easy to steal, are we charging those corporations with a crime as well?

How about the parents of the kids for not caring for them, or raising them better?

Or are we just going to stick to charging the people who actually made the choice to use an inanimate object as a deadly weapon?


I mean technically a car is an animate object, once it's in motion


@3: I like how the Stranger’s pick for a City Council seat had to quit the school board seat she’d illegally occupied. Just imagine what the Stranger would be writing about any person chosen by Mayor Harrell or CM Nelson who was behaving this illegally!


@8 -- "Republicans" are not
decent citizens they're
horrible people

who couldn't sniff
nor spray paint
their way out
of a paper
bag not

and yet
so Many
ARE criminals

as yet unindicted

@9 shorter
Guns don't
Kill people
bullets do.

price them


@12: But I'm a Republican (as opposed to a MAGA cultist) and a decent person, so how do you explain that?


@11 even better TS's other pick that is on the council openly admitted she had no idea Kia's were being used to conduct smash and grab robberies. Either she is lying or is completely out of touch with the community since one of these smash and grab happen on a nightly basis and has been happening for the last couple years. Of course she defended looting during the BLM protests so maybe she just thought this was more of the same.


Sadly I will be dead before getting to witness the space umbrella get tagged.


@13 At this point, almost anyone calling themself a Republican is implicitly endorsing MAGA.


perhaps you're
an Oxymoron
are you also
a Sackler


@10, Who, or what is the source of that animation? Does the car animate itself with its own agency and will? Does it spontaneously start itself up and hit someone or something?


Raindrop dear, it's simple.

Think of the Republican party as a body, and MAGA as a parasite that has taken refuge in the body and is killing it.

You could also use the analogy of cancer.


@12, "Price them accordingly." As long as you willing to do that consistently, and with all objects, used to assault, murder, and kill, or could be used in that manner, as a result of how humans choose to use them, I am O.K. with that.

Call it the "misuse, or unlawful use, of the object tax" and apply it to each and every object that has ever been used, or could be used, to commit assault, murder, or negligent injury or death. Then we are applying the rationale for the tax consistently.


"or could be used in that manner"
--@Cap'n Fax

are Designed
to kill but cars can
be co-opted to kill
& then there's Tesla


@18 sometimes, yes. this is why Cruze and Tesla are so anti-pedestrian anti-cyclist death traps


@22, Yes, but there is still a human in the vehicle responsible for monitoring the automated driving system and taking over in an instant if there is problem. The liability goes with that human, not the vehicle absent the human.

FYI, humans are even worse at monitoring something to take over than they are at driving without the automation there. So either the automation needs to be more reliable, or we need to not have it. Having it be 90% (or whatever the number is) reliable, with a human back-up is the worst of tech and the worst of human performance.


Anti-renter? Haha more like anti-liar.
If Song had rented a place for legitimate reasons, sure. But she rented with the intention to run in a district that offered higher chances of winning.
Ironically, it was Michelle Sarju who spoke up and boom! Vivian saw she had no way out other than resigning.
So there.
@11, this bring MAGA vibes doesn’t it? Ok if your peeps break the law.


@7 Teslick: Who (besides The Simpsons creator Matt Groening and his writers, STILL, after 34 seasons, and the profiteering fossil fuel giants--all raking in $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ at the Earth's expense) knew?

@12 & @17 kristofarian, @16 drewl2, and @19 Catalina Vel-DuRay for the WIN!!!

@22 Will in Seattle: Wow. Now I'm really glad to have hung on to my beloved VW, however gas, motor oil, and battery powered. We avoid I-5 and only drive recreationally anymore. If there's haze we don't drive anywhere.
I don't foresee buying a new car. My VW is it for me. What do new ones sell for these days? $60K?

So Punxsutawney Phil didn't see his shadow this year. Happy as I am that we're in for an early spring, it's an El Nino year. Climate change is real. I hope we don't get a devastating fire season like British Columbia, Canada did last summer and fall.


run by
a far reich
wing immigrant*
Bazillionaire with more
Money than GAWD -- oh and
did I Mention he OWNS the Satellites?

no no not
All of 'em Silly!
just the Important* ones.

but omg
we place our Futures
in. This. guy's. hands?

*with seemingly-
questionable mental
facilities & an Affinity for
drugs. I spose that's Still better
than him being a belligerent Drunk

*from: Elon Musk's control of Starlink
gives him unchecked power
over elected governments

Elon Musk's control over Starlink is in the spotlight after he thwarted a Ukrainian attack. Musk says he vetoed a 2022 strike on Russia's Black Sea Fleet over fears it would escalate the war.

But critics say he was wrong
and that he alone should
not have the power
to decide.

--analysis by Charles R. Davis Sep 13, 2023,

we cede OUR Futures
to men like MUX when
we cede OUR Communica-
tions to the Private Sector*

to Have Their Way
on this Planet's

why on Earth
do we Allow this?

PS do they make a
raygun Yet?

PPS will there be
a War on

*see also:
Nazis on MUX's 'Xtwt'
in Republican jesus they Trust

*it’s a part of The Commons
they’ve no “Right” to it at All


@21, No, bullets, like darts, are designed to shoot at targets for recreation. Fewer bullets, as a percentage of shots fired, wind up striking people, than vehicles as a percentage of vehicles manufactured, or miles driven.

8.1 billion rounds are sold annually. The percentage misused and fired at humans is a tiny fraction of a percentage of all uses and is much better than the cars.

Motor vehicle deaths on the other hand are 45,000 per year or so, divided into 13 million vehicles sold per year. A much higher percentage.


oh. so you're
saying we oughtta
License and Insure our
*WmDs? just like cars. Good idea.

of minimal

shit like
semi-auto pistolas
the odd Pocket nuke not
to mention nearly-battle-ready AR-15s


What's the deal with saying you don't want a war while bombing a bunch of military facilities as some kind of curt warning? Is there a sweet spot where you intimidate the opposition into compliance and project power without calling that an escalation to war?


@14 and these are the ill-informed people who are also advocating that we house youth criminal offenders, who would not give running you over with a car a second thought, in residential neighborhoods with a fucking babysitter watching over them.


@28, Nope. Your comment was tax.

If you want to go there the death rate of about 40,000 people for 13 million cars per year. Users possess them on public roadways are required to be licensed and insured (but aren't responsible for the death or injury if the car is stolen).

Take that same 40,000 (most of which are suicides) and divide 8.1 billion rounds. Those folks aren't required to be licensed and insured (unless they are homeowners with mortgage, in which case they have liability insurance for negligent acts with a bullet).

Which number percentage of harms is bigger, by a gigantic factor? Harms per car, or harms per bullet. The bullets are far more benign.


'The bullets are far more benign.'


'there is no Genocide in Gaza.'



@32: "there is no Genocide in Gaza."

What's that big word mean, again?


@32: "there is no Genocide in Gaza."

What's that big word mean, again?



1,200 dead Israelis
29,000 dead Gazans

who Needs any
stinkin' Genocide?

it's only
just a Little
lite 'Terrorism.'*

get Over
it, Palestine!

you Too,

is no justify-
cation for terrorism. Ever.

tensorna on December 8, 2023 at 8:44 AM "

well put


"it's only
just a Little
lite 'Terrorism.'"

well there's
quite a bit of
Revenge too but
that's just a Bonus.


speaking of
it cannot Possibly
be fucking Genocide*

As Face
of Biden’s Israel Policy,
Blinken Draws Wrath of Gaza War Protesters

Demonstrators have turned up
at the secretary of state’s home and
even splashed fake blood on his motorcade

Outside the State Department, several lamp posts are plastered with posters featuring his smiling face superimposed over the rubble of Gaza.

“We charge you with genocide for financing and assisting in Israel’s genocide of Palestinian men, women and children in Gaza,” they read.

(Israel furiously rejects the accusation that its military campaign against Hamas constitutes a genocidal effort to wipe out Palestinians, and the Biden administration says the charge of genocide is meritless, although the International Court of Justice recently issued an interim ruling suggesting the accusation was “plausible.”)

the World’s
patience Wears
thin . but at Least it
ain’t no stinkin’ “Genocide.”

so there’s

*END the
the FUCK
you call it.


@34, @35, @36: Your calling it "genocide," "terrorism," and "revenge," does not make Israel's destruction of Hamas any of those things -- especially when you cannot even define the meanings of those words. (All the rest of us know is that your uses agree with neither the common nor legal meanings of those words.)

If Israel is committing genocide, why are they so bad at it? Hamas killed ~1,500 Israelis in a SINGLE DAY, with light military equipment. The IDF is far more numerous and has heavy equipment. After 100+ days, why is the entire death rate in Gaza -- Hamas and civilians -- less than one-fifth of what Hamas easily accomplished on the first try? If Israel is committing revenge, why have they not raped and mutilated thousands upon thousands of women by now?

Your figures are telling the opposite story from the one you think they are telling.

'...International Court of Justice recently issued an interim ruling suggesting the accusation was “plausible.”'

If they believed genocide was actually occurring, they would have not denied South Africa's request to issue a cease-fire order.

Your words are telling the opposite story from the one you think they are telling.


is it Possible
to Separate real
Nazis from Grammar
Nazis? not pointing any
Fingers here but just look

Your Tax
at work.


is it Possible
to Separate real
Nazis from Grammar
Nazis? not pointing any
Fingers here but just look

Your Tax
at work.


Gazans'll take
Great Comfort in
your Very Serious and ul-
Timately complicit Words wormmy

Especially when
Terrorism is just
another walk in
the fucking park.


@34 The decisions by both parties isn't about creating parity in body counts, its about the overwhelming application of force until your opponent loses the means to attack you, or loses the will. THAT IS THE MEASURE OF SUCCESS FOR FAILURE, not relative body count.

"To be clear, I am outraged by the civilian casualties in Gaza. But it's crucial to direct that outrage at the right target. And that target is Hamas."

"It is outrageous that Hamas spent decades and billions of dollars building tunnels under civilian homes and protected areas for the sole purpose of using Palestinian civilians as human shields. It is outrageous that Hamas does not allow civilians in their tunnels, that Hamas says and takes actions to create as many civilian deaths as possible—both its own and Israeli. The atrocities committed on Oct. 7 are outrageous. That Hamas fights in civilian clothes, intermixed within civilians, and launches rockets at Israeli civilians from Palestinian civilian areas is outrageous."

The IDF is not the only party to this conflict with agency and choice. Hamas has chosen to strike, and continues to strike at Israel, from a carefully constructed environment that means unavoidable civilian casualties when the IDF strikes back to take away their ability or will to continue to strike.


"To be clear, I am outraged by the civilian casualties in Gaza. But it's crucial to direct that outrage at the right target. And that target is Hamas."

till the Very.

and if it takes a
Million Dead Gazans
then God DAMN the Gazans

it's their Own Fault!
they Voted in one*
Ideology and it
turned into a
Terrorist Org

which terrorized
Gazans too being a
Terrorist organization
it's Just What They DO

but don't' look at Israel!

and fire
at Will.

they haven't
even Voted
since 2006

Won’t let ‘em

till the very
last Hamas.

But don’t you
Dare call it



Teslas are dumb? iPhones are even dumber. They're made to be disposable landfill, and are programmed to make their users stupid and oblivious to everyone and everything else around them. Worst of all, with so many functions iPhones are anything but reliable sources of verbal communication anymore. Why bother to call them phones anymore?

Raise your hands, fellow boomers: who misses rotary dial, and pay phones at convenient locations: stores, restaurants, airports, bus terminals, ferry landings, hotels, etc.? I miss my landline!!
While we're at it, who also misses being able to drink from a garden hose without worrying about possible contaminants in the water supply? Who misses not having to read labels on food packaging or beverages?

You heard it here first, folks: the Tech Age will be the end of the world.


@41, So long as an attacker surrounds themselves with human shields, whoever they attack can't strike back at them. That is the precedent you are going for. Got it.


found my
edit button!

no, cap'n
right now

"To be clear, I am outraged by the civilian casualties in Gaza. But it's crucial to direct that outrage at the right target. And that target is Hamas."

till the Very.

and if it takes a
Million Dead Gazans
then God DAMN the Gazans

it's their Own Fault!
they Voted in one*
Ideology and it
turned into a
Terrorist Org

which terrorized
Gazans too being a
Terrorist organization
it's Just What. They. DO.

but don't look at Israel!

and fire
at Will.

*Gazans haven't
even Voted
Since two

Won’t let ‘em

till the very
last Hamas.

But don’t you
Dare call it


till the very last hamas

put that on your


ya don't gotta do it Now
just in case you might
Forget in fifty years


@42: I stand my ground on being anti ALI (artificial lack of intelligence in my opinion), too.
749 billionaires in the Divided States alone want to own everyone and everything without actually paying taxes or humans what they're worth, anymore. Amazon now has robots doing all the packing, sorting, and shipping 24/7 for free. How many hospitals are utilizing robots to perform surgical procedures on human patients under the knife? Self driving cars?? Seriously? Is full automation really the way we want to go?
Big Tech won't be satisfied until ALI reprograms all human brain tissue to follow Big Brother's command, and every last one of us marches in KKKorporate lockstep. Gen Zers and future generations won't like what they're left with. Nobody will ever again have original thoughts and ideas.
Sci-fi TV narrator, Rod Serling (born December 25, 1924, Syracuse, NY, died June 28, 1975, Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester, NY) was right, and over sixty years ahead of his time.
Don't believe me? Just watch The Twilight Zone, Season 5: Episode 33: "Brain Center at Whipple's", which originally aired on May 15, 1964.


@44: “ till the Very.
Last. HAMAS”

Yes, it was Hamas which raped Jewish women, and mutilated their reproductive tracts, in genocidal* attacks on 10/7.

Yes, it is Hamas which has vowed to continue such attacks until it has driven all Jews from what is now Israel.

Yes, it was Hamas which dug military tunnels under civilian infrastructure in Gaza.

Yes, it is Hamas which has long been documented using Gazan civilians for human shields.

Please do let us know what part(s) of that you find difficult to understand.


*”In the present Convention, genocide means any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group, as such:
“(d) Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group;”

— Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide


@44, Did Hamas attack Israel?

Do they still have the capacity to attack Israel?

Do they still have the intent to attack again?

What Israeli politician, left or right, is going to stop attacking Hamas in Gaza, or anywhere else, and let them do that instead of trying to stop them now while they have the chance?

Netanyahu probably goes down over this. Fine by me. What politician in Israel that comes after him, wants to repeat his fate, because they stopped attacking Hamas, and Hamas attacked again?

"Well," at 41 says, "The next government should sign a peace treaty with Hamas." That solves the political problem.

The problem is the only peace treaty that Hamas will sign is the unconditional surrender of Israel, followed by the forced eviction of all Jews from the Holy Land, or the Second Jewish Holocaust.

So what is your remedy @41, addressing those questions and issues?


War mongers
versus mongrels
weapons manufacturers
manifesting Destiny Europe’s
Horrors relocated atop Palestine

whatever became of the Residents
did they ever grow Tired of living
in their open-air concentration
camp blockaded for genera-
tions oppressed by an un-
wavering oppressor itself
Decimated by Fascists
dedicated to a Purity
of Essence -- where
are they Now?

fleeing bombed
to smithereens women
and Children slaughtered
no thought to their plights
Israel‘s got Rights you know

and the World
gets a little
Grow UP
they shriek
this is Modern
Justice. you’ll be Next.

WE’ll be


from Mother Jones:

Is Biden Shifting His
Stance on Israel?
Is It Too Late?

… I’m hoping that Biden and his crew realize that Biden’s years of experience don’t on their own win the day for him. Voters will look at what he has done with that experience.

The disorderly Afghanistan withdrawal—which was set in motion by Trump—did not assure the American public of Biden’s abilities. More important, his response to the Hamas-Israel war has disappointed and enraged voters in key Democratic constituencies: young adults, progressives, people of color, and Arab Americans.

For the first months of this war, those results have been gruesome and heartbreaking. The destruction and civilian death toll in Gaza—following the horrific October 7 Hamas attack—have been horrible.

Though the flow of nightmarish stories and images out of Gaza has lessened, as the war becomes less newsy, the reports remain harrowing and profoundly upsetting.

Half of all buildings in Gaza have been damaged; the area is uninhabitable. Its health care system has all but collapsed. Experts are predicting widespread starvation among Gazans. The body count grows.

Biden’s response to the war has disappointed and enraged voters in key Democratic constituencies. These voters don’t give a damn about his experience. They are looking at the results.

Israel’s brutal campaign has been supported by Biden and our tax dollars. For the millions of Americans pained by this cruelty and suffering, Biden’s experience is no selling point.

For all the effort Biden and his aides have made to restrain the response of Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, they have enabled this savagery and co-own it.

Certainly, if Trump had been in the White House the past few months, things would be far worse, as David Rothkopf noted in Haaretz. But Biden is responsible for what has occurred on his watch.

--by David Corn; Washington, DC, Bureau Chief

much more, quite hopefully:


@49, Who lead that blockade of Gaza? Egypt. Why? Gazans elected a government (Hamas) committed to the overthrow of Egyptian democracy. Israel. Why? Gazans elected a government openly committed to the Second Jewish Holocaust. Who followed in that blockade? The international community, because if Egypt and Israel were targets for standing in Hamas's way, other countries that did would be next. Egypt and Israel don't agree on much, but they agreed that Hamas (Muslim Brotherhood) was an existential threat to both states.

In spite of that blockade Hamas was able to divert billions worth of the resources and aid coming into Gaza, in spite of blockade inspections, to build hundreds of miles of tunnels, build tens of thousands of rockets, and stockpile food and guns for an offensive into Israel to kill over 1,000. They would have hundreds of miles of tunnels, shielded by hospitals, schools, mosques, and innocent people to shelter themselves and their weapons behind for the attack and the inevitable defensive counter-attack, while they appealed to people like you that were ready to believe their deflection of blame onto the Israel and the international community.

Left unsurrendered or unbeaten, the blockade and surveillance of Gaza will have to be even more severe moving forward for the security of Israel and Egypt alike. Periodic military intrusions into Gaza more frequent, intrusive, and forceful.

The alternative is to wait for the next Hamas attack, which will likely be more severe, and will, at some point, incorporate WMD, when they inevitably get their hands on some, and/or use their demonstrated creativity and intelligence to manufacture it within Gaza.

What the Israel and the international community have sucked at, is showing Gazans that there can be prosperity and reward for throwing off Hamas and coexisting peacefully with Egypt and Israel, although Israel in 2005 did show Gazans they would not take over, when they fully withdrew, dismantled and forcefully relocated Jewish settlements, and left Jewish owned factories in Gaza, fully intact for Gazans to operate if they wished.


Hamas terrorist genocidal sympathizers are planning another disruption today with their horrid chanting, signs, etc. This time it's Green Lake at 3pm. They're going to ruin a sunny day for Seattleites who thought they might have a bit of respite today at the lake.


@49, This PBS interview is worth your time.


"They're going to ruin a sunny day
for Seattleites who thought they
might have a bit of respite
today at the lake."



@54, An Israeli lefty, moderate, and righty all agree on one thing. Israel must keep fighting against Hamas in Gaza.

They don't agree politically on anything, but they agree on continuing the fight.


@42: I used to send postcards. Now I take a high-definition image of where I am in the world, write my own caption, and send both as a text message. Faster, less expensive, picture is of better quality, and as many persons as I like can each have one. Old-fashioned communication idea; new method.

‘Why bother to call them phones anymore?’

“IPhone” < “iHandHeldNetworkedSuperComputer”


speaking of Preverts:

this just in
from The

Seattle Lesbian
Bar Wildrose Shuttered
Over Lewd Exposed Ankle Violations

[there was a pic with a fucking
Ankle out there big as day]

At press time, SPD denied reports that sending 10 officers into the bar to photograph ankle violations as evidence was carried out just to nefariously upload and make money off the pictures and their own repressed sexual fetishes on wikiAnkle.

“Look, just because no one’s enforced this literal Victorian rule that’s been left on the books since 1885 doesn’t mean you can act like you’re above the law,” said Chester Higgins, a Seattle Police Department officer… “

more, facetiously:

good ole chester.
keep church
and State


@56: Which only further proves my point, teenie. It's no longer a phone, it's actually a pocket computer, or, more fittingly, an iGadget or an iGizmo. And so what if it has numerous functions like a camera, Apple TV, et al.? Apps? Come ON!
What is the use of what Big Tech calls a phone when reception is poor, even when connected to Wi-Fi? No thanks. I need something reliable with a dial tone with which I can make and take calls, and check voicemail. I honestly do miss my landline. I have little use for a cyber Swiss Army Knife forever sending indecipherable gobbledygook text messages pushing goods and services I neither need nor can afford. How often do people actually talk to each other anymore, whether in person or by---gasp!!---an actual telephone?
If I had $100.00 for every person I see every day over a year's time who is nose deep in an iPhone scrolling, ear buds cancelling noise, and totally oblivious to everything around them I could make a down payment on a house.


O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in 't.

— William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act V, Scene I, ll. 203–206


@58: I’m sorry your reception is poor; have you tried another carrier?

My point was merely that a short, easily-recognizable, and (somewhat) descriptive name works because, well, it’s short, easily-recognized and descriptive. (And there is indeed a telephone app on it…)

It’s not the fault of car manufacturers that Americans drive poorly. (And if I had just one nickel for every rude act I’d ever observed in my fellow Americans, I could long since have bought a string of mountaintop mansions.)


@60: I actually have been considering switching to a different carrier. But whom?
I don't want to get screwed any further by poor service and rate hikes.
It deeply concerns me how many here in the Divided States drive as poorly as they do,
and with expired license tabs, out-of-state plates, yanked licenses, etc. Freeways are a
complete mess anymore, even in good weather with fatal crashes at an all-time high.
Adding self-driving cars only exacerbates the current problem.
Too many people--drivers and pedestrians alike---need to get the fuck off their mobile
devices and start paying attention!

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