After weeks of delay, Sound Transit returns to its regular slow-ass service. CHARLES MUDEDE



"A passing
floating sauna
headed toward the
car and rescued its occupants"

If you're gonna drive your Ford
into a fjord it's always Best
to do it in fucking

now that's


"Give my wife album of the year!" Grammys are such a joke.

A train every 10 minutes is fine.


does anyone know how to free Grammy videos from the clutches of the Xitter universe?




FYI: Sound Transit has already scheduled Link Light Rail maintenance during Seattle’s 2026 World Cup matches. Plan accordingly.


Awesome it was seeing Tracy Chapman
& Luke Combs doing 'Fast Car' and
Taylor Swift dancing/singing along
like no one was watching.
Thanks Nattie!


@5, you're kidding, no?


Baltimore? Super Bowl is in Vegas. Not that it really matters, the point is valid, but getting it off my 80% of the width of the US sort of detracts from it.


@8: Also, 19,400 miles seems a terribly indirect distance to fly (even to Vegas) considering the Earth's circumference is 25,000 miles.



It's only about 5,500 air miles from Tokyo to Las Vegas - where did this 19,400 miles figure come from? FAUX News?


It's Poets, not Poet's.

"10 minutes is still too long for a reliable, frequent transportation system"

For starters, at times it's 8 minutes. In any case, it's crazy how people are so quick to bash Link. Not to sound like Grandma Simpson, but it wasn't too long ago that there was NO LINK. I don't expect everyone to walk around constantly amazed by everything, but it wasn't that long ago that there was no tunnel at all (outside of the DTTT). People hop aboard a train that zooms from Northgate to past the airport and people act like its been there forever. It's just kinda odd how quickly people become jaded to engineering. 10 minute frequency? "Unacceptable!" they yell.


Yeah, that's not what the carbon article said. 19k was for two weeks of travel IF she tried to make it to the Super Bowl from Tokyo. And, as pointed out, the SB is in Las Vegas so she would't be going to Baltimore at all. That's where the game was last week.
Details matter if you want people to care about this stuff.


I'm sure Taylor's travel budget includes carbon offsets. And I'd be fine with 10-minute headway on Link if ST could just deliver it consistently and dependably.


A lot of this could be solved by building an extensive and robust nationwide high speed rail network, as exists in most First World and many Third World countries.


@1, Finland has the largest artillery force in NATO and the largest mobilized ground army.

Now that's socialism.


hell even
Israel has

we would too
be we "cannot
Afford it." it's sad

but it's a


weird that TS would pile on the Fox News' anti-Taylor bandwagon. Always being the cool anti-hero, the stranger. As if Taylor would not fly home anyway after the show. And no complaints about every other MAN who flies to watch the game as a fan, player, or 'celebrity'. And the Grammys? What was the carbon-impact there? Oh, I'm sure they all carpooled.

This was a weak comment meant to clickbait more eyeballs on Taylor's name. Stay classy, Stranger


LDS @17: "weird that TS would pile on the Fox News' anti-Taylor bandwagon. Always being the cool anti-hero, the stranger."

It must be exhausting always rooting for the anti-hero.


People bond over nuclear-tipped air-to-air missiles all the time. It's just not widely reported.


Good News: The light rail returns to normal

Bad News: the escalators are also ‘back to normal,’ sketchy as fuck


@15.....The contemporary military has always been the perfect example of what socialism is all about; to be successful everyone must toe the going line.


Tracy Chapman
and Luke Combs Gave
America a Rare Gift: Harmony

Culture can too often drive us apart. At the Grammys on Sunday, two artists delivered something different.

When a beloved artist who has not performed live in some time returns to the stage, we often expect them to appear fragile, unsteady, ill at ease.

But during Sunday night’s Grammy Awards, when the camera first pulled back from a tight shot of a woman’s fingers picking a familiar riff on an acoustic guitar and revealed the face of the great, elusive folk singer Tracy Chapman, what you noticed was the joy radiating from her face. Her contented smile. The unwavering tone and rich steadiness of her voice.

It was a genuine moment of warmth and unity, the sort seldom offered these days by televised award shows — or televised anything, really.

Singing her rousing 1988 hit “Fast Car” live for the first time in years, duetting with the country star Luke Combs — whose faithful cover of the song was one of last year’s defining hits — and taking in the rapturous applause of her musical peers, Chapman gave off the feeling, in the words of her timeless song, that she belonged.
--by Lindsay Zoladz


it Was pretty

oh and it's only "SOCIALISM!"
when the Wrong People
receive it.

ARE People too



If you rub that Genie rocket the right way, it will grant you three wishes, so long as those wishes involve the altitude at which you want it to explode.


I'm a genie in a rocket, baby
You gotta rub me the right way, honey
I'm a genie in a rocket, baby
Come, come, come on and let me out


@24 - that's
very Nukular


Yaay at least for light rail returning to normal. That's got to suck about the escalators, though. Still no repairs on the horizon?

I already emailed California relatives to check in. At least I can still email and text---my iGizmo (currently being anything but a phone) is still on the fritz. Hopefully everyone is all right, and traffic fatalities / structural damage is minimal. Climate change is real.

Boeing--Just Say No.

Boo hiss to Taylor Swift, and everyone willfully increasing carbon emissions. Jet fuel is among the worst polluters.

@23 & @24: And you worry about me, Swifty? I don't even own or carry any firearms.
Hard pass on nuclear war. Be careful on what you wish for! There are too many crazies out there who would love to make WWIII happen for real.


@26 Oh, Christ, just give it a rest, will you?


@27: I will if you will, Swifty. You're the one with the guns, not I.

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