yet another $14B for
Bibi to mow down ever
more women and children
all to keep BiBi's corrupt ass
the fuckoutta Prison? give it a
Rest America. Israel's already got
Socialized Medicine. we've got Zilch.*

*unless you count the 35 Million
without Any and a 100 Million More
with inadequate Healthcare insurance

nah. we
'cannot afford'
medicare for all.

we have
'other priorities. '


God Save the King!


Glad to see WSP is recommending charges for the freeway fiasco. Not sure I have confidence that the KC prosecutor's office will follow through but at least its a first step. I'd love to see a nice fine and a bunch of hours of community service scrubbing graffiti along I-5.


Don't die, Charles.

doesn't have a clue what's contained in the Senate Immigration Bill. He really is the worst person in America.


“I remain restricted to a system that reduces me to a still photo attached to a prisoner’s identification number.”

Yeah. That happens when you choose to commit murder.


TRUMP doesn't have a clue. I hate typing his name.


“The Washington State Patrol said it will ‘recommend’ charging at least six protesters who blocked I-5 to call for a ceasefire in Gaza.”

Good. If the protesters want to ‘show solidarity’ with the suffering in Gaza they should be willingly to defend their action in court and, if convicted, do a little time.


@3: Agreed. Let’s hope for some successful prosecutions as a result of the protesters’ blocking an ambulance. (Note the linked story at the Seattle Times actually says charges are “likely,” not merely “recommended,” as the Stranger claimed.)


RE: Toby Kieth;
I wasn't a fan, but still sad that he passed, and stomach cancer is a hard way to go.
Now, not to pick on the recently deceased, but I want to point out that Kieth worked for many years in the oil fields of Oklahoma as a roughneck for a few years while a young man. As a laborer he would have had a fairly large exposure to a large number of carcinogens, working in, or living near an oil field or a refinery has been long linked to an increased cancer risk.

One more reason to move away from fossil fuels as soon as possible.


I'm not a fan of Charles either but my first thought was, too bad it's him and not ... you know.


@8 unbelievably, I actually think Hannah is correct on her wording this time. The WSP can only recommend charges to the KC prosecutor and then that office decides if they will file or not. When the ST says charges are likely they are making an assumption of action. Perhaps they have an inside source but they are taking a leap. It wouldn't surprise me at all to see KC not file charges as they are still seem to dismiss these types of cases. That was one of the reasons given last spring when Davison asked the council to give her authorization to be able to prosecute misdemeanor drug use.


@9, Yes we can switch to giving miners cancer from heavy metal exposure. The rest of us can get cancer from electric car battery debris from crashes, and car battery disposal, getting concentrated in the human environment.

There is no free lunch.


@1, What makes you think a different government will end the attack against Hamas.

It is politically untenable for any government in Israel to just sit back and wait for the next 10/7, bigger, better, and improved.

So unless you have a solution to Hamas, the war in Gaza will not end.


Pretty disgusting, isn’t it? How someone can gum up the judicial system perhaps forever but certainly until after the election? We know that a good 30-40% of voters have drunk T’s Kool-Aid, have douched with it, given themselves enemas with it, and have it on a slow IV drip. They won’t change their minds about him regardless of what is said or not said in a courtroom, but there is a strong feeling that some of the lean-towards independents, once they hear - night after night - the evidence regarding January 6th and the fraudulent electors, about Trump throwing hissy-fits during the Electoral College procedure, how everyone was telling him it was over and him saying, “No, it’s not,” about how he listened to a crocked Giuliani’s plan to question election integrity in the swing states even after recounts and hearings had proven and affirmed veracity, trying to throw the results into question so that maybe he could stay president forever (or until his death at which point one of his kids would take over). The hope is that most of those on the fence will, after learning about all of this, will say, “Ew, no.”

30-40%. When did Americans get so mean-spirited? I know the stories: Rust-belt workers facing very hard times being ignored for years. Rich people bitching about taxation being unfair. Little Johnnie running home from school saying, “Mommy, I just learned about trans people. I want my pee-pee cut off and I’m going to start wearing a bra to school. The teacher said that would be OK.” What’s a person to do except support a fascist?

Anyway, he’s managed to delay the March 4th start, and I’m upset about that. Can you tell?

No one deserves cancer. It’s true though that eldest sons (and now daughters) of long-reigning monarchs don’t get many years on the throne. Edward VII got – what? – nine years? And Hannah we can discuss whether or not the UK needs a royal family anymore, but let's not blame Charles for India. All the best, Charlie.

Poor ol’, put-upon, multi-billionaire Jay-Z. Closets full of Grammys aren’t good enough. I want you to give my ultra-successful wife this one in particular because, you know, y’all be prejudiced. Didn’t watch the Grammys. Don’t anymore because of shit like this. Cheers to a man who has worked his way up from nothing, but when you get there, you need to be a little gracious because luck had much to do with it. He should have been grateful for the honor, thanked the NARAS, blown a kiss to his wife, and sat down. You’ll notice for all the big boobs and oversized butt cheeks in hip hop, his daughter, who joined him on stage, was very tastefully dressed in couture I couldn't afford in three lifetimes. That’s how you do an awards show. Save the pornstar look for the performance, if you feel you need it.


and smokin’ Joe
takes the gloves
Off nyt:

Biden Tells Congress to ‘Show Some
Spine’ as Border-Ukraine Deal Falters

President Biden blamed Republicans’
fear of their 2024 front-runner,
Donald Trump, for thwarting
the legislation.

“I understand the former president is desperately trying to stop this bill because he’s not interested in solving the border problem,” Mr. Biden said. “He wants a political issue to run against me on.”

“Republicans have to decide,” he added.
“Who do they serve? Donald Trump
or the American people?”

He called the bipartisan agreement “a win for America” because it combines the “most fair, humane reforms” to immigration law and “the toughest set of reforms to secure the border” at a time of record illegal migration.

To buttress his point, he cited support from institutions normally favorable to Republicans, including the Wall Street Journal editorial page, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Border Patrol Council, a union that endorsed Mr. Trump in 2016 and 2020.

“If this bill fails,
I want to be absolutely clear
about something,” Mr. Biden said.
“The American people are going to know
why it failed. I’ll be taking this issue to the country.”

The reason, he said, is Republican fear of their front-runner. “They’re afraid of Donald Trump,” Mr. Biden said. “Every day between now and November, the American people are going to know that the only reason the border is not secure is Donald Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.”

The president is coming late to the debate.

--by Peter Baker and Catie Edmondson


he is indeed.

let the
begin by god


@14 You are entirely too optimistic. I wish you weren't too optimistic. RCP rolling poll average:

Trump: 46.7%
Biden: 44.6%

With Kennedy, Stein, and West on the ballot as a third-parties:

Trump: 41.6%
Biden: 36.8%
Kennedy: 13%
Others: 4.4%

Georgia: Trump +7.2
Wisconsin: Trump +4.2
Arizona: Trump +4.5
Nevada: Trump: +7.0
Michigan: Trump +5.1
Pennsylvania: Trump +.03


Biden needs Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan to hit 270. The lead in AZ is a bit less, but has been un-moving. Wisconsin and Michigan have been bounding around, marginally favoring or getting close to Biden at points in time.

Separate polling that tested the effect of a felony conviction in the pending cases, only knocked about 2% off Trump's numbers.

So I think your Kool Aid number is low.

Polling of independents has the Southern Border as a top issue. Who leads Biden by 25 points on that issue? Trump the Dump.

Next issue for them is the economy: Who leads on that one by a double digits? Trump.

Social issues are way down the list among Republicans and Independents. It's even a distant ran for Democrats who are supposed to be motivated by Dobbs.

We have a good economy, which Biden is getting no love for with Independents, which I don't understand.

Just do a mini "Rip Van Winkle". When you wake-up at the end of November at the completion of recounts and legal challenges, see who 400,000 voters in three or four states decided to give us our next President. You probably emerge into a waking nightmare.


@ 16 A, I still want to do lunch, but you're making me choke on my corn fritter. The boundary of my optimism is this: Much can happen in nine months. But yeah, I shiver.


There is nothing sadder or more desperate than entertainers whinging cause they didn't win The Big Trophy.


"The rest of us can get cancer from electric car battery debris from crashes, and car battery disposal, getting concentrated in the human environment."

It gives me the giggles when people post things like this. It's like Our Dear Ahab thinks that history is over and that we will never have cleaner battery technologies. If that sort of thinking were mainstream, we'd still be driving cars with leaded gasoline.


@13: You’re giving the simple (and correct) explanation: Israelis understand Hamas poses an existential threat to Israel, Israel is a democracy, and therefore whomever gets elected to govern Israel will make war upon Hamas in Gaza.

He wants a simplistic explanation, one where Israel is led by an evil man, and Israelis are doing evil in Gaza, by intentionally killing women and children. That’s why he never mentions Hamas, except to rail at someone else who has. In reality, Hamas is evil, and is the cause of the current war, but to him, that explanation unacceptably denies the role of absolute evil to Bibi and his evil minions in Israel.


@ 20

You've got it exactly backwards.

Israel is an existntial threat to Palestinians, who've elected Hamas (with Israeli government encouragement and aid via Qatar.

Moreover, the war, or rather ethnic cleansing, war crimes and genocide perpetuated by Israel didn't just begin as a reaction to the October 6 attacks.


@19, "Cleaner"

That was the point. Not "clean," but in your own words, "cleaner."

Everything is a list of trade-offs. How much pollution will be accepted? Of what kind? At what increased cost to have less of it? At what decrease in unit of energy per dollar?

With fossils, the more dense the energy, the more carbon output per unit and the more energy output per unit. The less land area you need for solar panels and wind blades. The less volume of solar panel and blade waste. The less fish habitat you have to plug up with carbon emitting concrete (both in its manufacture and while it cures).

It's all trade-offs. Price, reliability, and environmental impact. The better you do on one, the worse you do on the other two.

The more expensive and less reliable you make it, the less energy is available to prevent prematurely short lifespans in the undeveloped world, verses the developed world.



@7 Max Solomon: +1 I feel your pain,, Max. If anyone drops dead this year, why can't it be the Orange Turd?
And please, please, please, pretty please, BEFORE November?
Better yet, why can't all RepubliKKKans just kill and eat each other up, thus miraculously restoring what little democracy we have left?


@21: “Israel is an existntial threat to Palestinians,”

Well then, Israel has done an exceptionally bad job of carrying through on that threat. The Palestinians have lost multiple full-scale wars with Israel, and yet continue to exist. Most other peoples who repeatedly choose war and lose find themselves driven out of the region, assimilated, or otherwise annihilated. What’s Israel doing wrong?


@23: Because life is not a Hannah-Barbara cartoon?


@16 Cap'n Crunch: Yeah, that's it, Cap'n. Obediently follow raindrop's script to a MAGA-t.
You might want to check the high fructose corn syrup level as well as the chemical content in your breakfast cereal.

@25: .....says the leading SLOG troll willfully misleading his little army of MAGA tools, forever chugging the FOX TeeVee Kool-Aid. You must be SO proud of your latest brainwashees, Necrophiliac and Cap'n Crunch.
What stupid pet trick will you have 'em do next, Fred Flintstone? Scale the fences on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Washington, D.C., 20500 with zip ties and AR-15s on January 6, 2025 in a repeat of 2021?
Back to your cave, Avis.


@15 kristofarian: Better a little late, but still with time left than never at all.
Go, Smokin' Joe, GO!!!

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