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Waiting for The Stranger to blame roadway design an cars for those kids running down pedestrians.


"Dead kids are the problem, and expanding criminal accountability won't help."

I dunno, man. I guess 15 years might be a bit harsh, but I'm all for negligent parents who casually supply homicidal children with deadly weapons finally facing some consequences for their actions.


Well at least the insurance that the car's owners were required to get will pay for any injuries to the victims. Oh wait, it won't because the owner's aren't civilly responsible for what is done with the deadly weapon after its stolen.

When will there be charges against Kia and Hyundai for not designing the car so its harder to steal? Oh wait, we don't hold 4,000 pound deadly weapon manufacturers criminally or civilly liable for how people criminally, or negligently, use their product.

How about charging the car's owners for not securing the 4,000 pound deadly weapon in a car lock box (aka garage)? Oh wait, they aren't criminally culpable for that either.

The people animating the deadly weapon are the ONLY people we hold criminally or civilly liable when the deadly weapon used is a car. Imagine that.


Tossing a few idiot parents who arm their teenagers and then completely fail to supervise them in jail for a few years should give future fuckup parents something to think about. I say it’s worth a shot.


Also, what is the LCB’s position on rum and the lash?


@2, What if the deadly weapon supplied to the kid is the family car? Let's say he had been drawing images of running over people, and ran it into a group of students outside the school.

What if the deadly weapon was a bottle from the family recycling full of gas siphoned from the family car after drawing images of people getting Molotov cocktailed on his school paper?

Should the parents be charged then, with all the same facts an circumstances, just change the deadly weapon used?


“Johnny, you’ve been such a good boy! Here’s an AR-15 that you can play with!”
In which universe does this make any sense?


@4, Same questions to you @ @3. What if the kid had just been armed with the family car or some other deadly weapon from the household, and killed with it, under the same facts and circumstances?

Would the victims be any less dead? Would the intent of the teen been any different? Would the failure of the parents to yank him out of school and have him evaluated by a mental health professional be any less criminally culpable?


@7 none, obviously, to anyone with half a brain. That's why arguments like @4 that jailing these people is a valuable deterrent don't make sense. No parent capable of rational thought was doing this to begin with


(Kids get shot up at school)

Society: Hey, we should do something about guns in schools.

Right wingnut: Noooooooo!!!!! Mah gunz! I need my gunz! Slippery slope! Freedumb!!!

Society: Sigh....okay, at least we can hold the shooter accountable.

Left wingnut: Noooooooo!!! That poor innocent child is a victim! A victim of bad parenting. Late-stage capitalism! Evil right wing agitprop! Hug that poor innocent victim, NOW!!!!

Society: Sigh...okay, so about the bad parents? We can hold them accountable, surely as they are adults and responsible?

Left wingnut #2 (aka: "Vivian"): Nooooooooo!!!! This could be an inequitably applied precedent! We can't judge! No one should be judged...maybe they are victims too!

Society: Soooooo....we can't hold the weapon designed exclusively to kill and injure or the manufacturer responsible in any way according to the rightwingnuts. Nor can the weapon owner at least we required to have liability insurance. And the leftwingnuts insist that no actual direct actor can be held responsible. So in effect, the default position is that your pet issues and how they trump the opposite wingnuts issues are more important than stopping this at all? Or am I missing something.

L&R Wingnuts (in unison): Stupid centrist sheeple. Piss off.


To recap: We shouldn't be trying to solve the problem of mass murders by "throwing jail sentences at this problem."


The item on the missing bolts was fine, without the incoherent Twit you tagged on to it.


Ahab is a shitty lawyer.
(I think Trump is hiring.)


“Dead kids are the problem, and expanding criminal accountability won't help.”

What is expanding gun control laws but an expansion of criminal accountability? Who, then, should be held accountable if we’re trying to reduce gun deaths?


@3 Uh, you just can't stop being wrong, can you? Parents can be held civilly liable for their children's actions in every state except NY and NH. HI, FL, LA, MA, and NJ have no limits on the parental liability.

Further, 42 states have laws allowing parents to be criminally charged for their children being "delinquent."


So yeah, both civil and criminal liability for your children's actions is absolutely possible, whether a firearm is involved or not.

If a child expressed a desire to run over a bunch of kids at school and the parents responded by giving them keys to a car, I wouldn't be surprised to see charges of involuntary manslaughter brought against the parents.

@7 In this case, it was even worse. "Johnny, I know you've had a lot of mental health issues lately. Here's a gun for an early Christmas present!"


on what Planet
Wouldn't handing
an emotionally-unstable
16 yo a weapon of maximal destruction*
put an Xmas Smile on the Whole damn fambly's face?


*try standing
in Front of one

@14 if he were
paid* by-the-word
be could hire 50 AIs
and Swamp this place out

you should Go
to mal-a-rago
post haste &
el cap'n!



you should Go
to mal-a-rago
post haste &
el cap'n !!



@11 perfect summary

@15 you are using too much logic for TS. It could be a micro aggression.


Sorry, Stranger.
You missed the mark on this one. Holding adults liable for not locking up their lethal weapons, thereby becoming accessories in the murder of innocent people, is exactly the deterrent needed.
She wasn't found guilty for being a bad mom. She was found guilty for not keeping their weapon out of the hands of their child. Or more exactly, placing the gun in his hands, teaching him how to kill with it, then sending him out the door with the gun in his backpack. Hopefully she will serve real time, not probation.


@18, I hate Trump. He is dangerous. He should be in prison. Unfortunately, more voters, particularly in four of six, key swing states disagree with me.

FYI: https://www.seattletimes.com/nation-world/world/israel-and-hamas-are-far-apart-on-a-gaza-cease-fire-and-hostage-deal-what-are-the-sticking-points/

The aims of both are not just far apart, but irreconcilable. The aims are mutually exclusive, so that doesn't leave a middle position for the parties to compromise on.

The best hope for Gazans is overwhelming force being a applied such that one, or both sides, lose the will or means to continue to fight.

Nobody, not even Gazans, has a plan for the day after the fighting ends.


Should the unions that represent Boeing's employees share in the responsibility for the missing bolts that the workers forgot to install?


@2 mike blob, @4 dvs99, and @15 Teslick +3 Agreed.

@21: Cap'n Crunch: You say you hate the Orange Turd. Why are you so quick to show how rabidly eager the clueless MAGA population is to shove that heartless white collar dictator wannabe back into the White House?
Are the free Kool-Aid and Twinkies at raindrop's really worth spreading the FOX TeeVee misinformation? You have enough manure to fertilize the entire continent of Africa.

Boeing for Bankruptcy 2024!


if they're
on Boeing's Board of Ds.

trumpfed the
Engineers yet
again & see
what hasta


@23, To address anything, first you have to identify the problem. Know what you are up against.

Or you can just keep echoing around the bubble, while the narcissist-in-chief wins another term, possibly a term that lasts the rest of his miserable (for us) life.

You rely on assumptions about the MAGA. They rely on assumptions about Progressives. Both sides make assumptions about the 400,000 independents in three swing states that likely pick decency & democracy (Biden) or fascism (Trump). The assumptions are based in reality, but then they become caricatures.

All hope of persuasion, to avoid a civil war, is lost if we talk to caricatures of each other, instead of real people, with real, legitimate, concerns.


@24.....It's not the board of directors, the bean counters, or even the engineers who attach the bolts.


@25: A very thoughtful and educational response. Let's see if it triggers auntie's hostility to anything that suggests understanding political adversaries -- in which case she'll go deeper into cartoonland and spew out cringing explitives, or maybe she'll surprise us with an appreciation of your insight.


@25: Too much media hype (i.e,: Twitter / X, FOX TeeVee, Sinclair Broadcasting, etc.) is a caricature, Cap'n.
That's why I take breaks from social media and come up for air as often as I can. It keeps me healthy and focused. You and raindrop should try it, especially on sunny days.

@27: What hostility, raindrop dear? I'm not among the party who rabidly and violently attempted to overthrow the U.S. Government on January 6, 2021, killing five people, threatening to murder House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and on a manhunt for exiting VP Mike Pence, all because a narcissistic dictator wannabe can't handle losing a fair and just election. Nice try, Avis.


@28: You're right, not hostility but silliness.


The GOP has surrendered its dignity to Putin, the very antithesis of what their people died for. Vote Trump if you want to hand your freedom over to the Kremlin. Keep America America. Not these sellout clowns playing God with our tax dollars. We need better representation from within and not from whoever can pay to win from without. Get a spine and get in line in 2024.


Feb. 8, 2024, 11:10 a.m. Just now
Colorado Ballot
Supreme Court Hearing Case on Trump’s Eligibility for Another Term
The justices are considering whether the former president’s attempts to subvert the 2020 election disqualify him from again holding office. Mr. Trump’s lawyer has made his arguments, and now a lawyer arguing to disqualify him is making his case.


fucking LIVE


@29: You are the reigning SLOG champ of silliness, raindrop dear.
Do come up for air once in a while. You'll thank me for it.

@30 Garb Garblar and @31 kristofarian +2 for the WIN!!!

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