An "elderly man with a poor memory:"A prosecutor decided not to file criminal charges against President Joe Biden for mishandling confidential documents. That's good news right? Well, no. The prosecutor made this choice by determining that Biden was a "well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory" with "diminished faculties in advancing age." Apparently, in interviews with the prosecutor, Biden couldn't remember years events had occurred and couldn't even remember what year his son, Beau, died. So, Biden held a press conference to assure everyone he was mentally fit as a fiddle. Unfortunately, during that press conference Biden referred to Egyptian president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as the president of Mexico. Welcome to the 2024 election cycle! It's going to be hell :) 

McMorris-Rodgers says no more, please: US Rep. Cathy McMorris-Rodgers (R-Spokane) announced Thursday she will not be seeking re-election. At 54 years old, she has over two decades of seniority and she chairs the powerful House Energy and Commerce Committee, so the announcement comes as a surprise. The big takeaway is that it must fucking suck to work in Congress right now. “When a new chair of a top committee retires, it tells you exactly how bad a workplace Congress has become,” former Republican National Committee communications director Doug Heye mused on X. Now, it's time to see whether Democrats can flip the 5th District. 

Don't dose the kids: An investigation found that a teacher at SEED Early Childhood School at Temple Beth Am, which services kids ages three months old to five years old, slipped children melatonin at nap time. Other staff member became suspicious when nap time lasted two to three hours. State law prohibits child care providers from giving children sedatives unless they are prescribed. The teacher was fired. 

Arrivederci, Machiavelli: After 36 years of service, the beloved Capitol Hill restaurant—which Angela Garbes called "the people's date night"—announced its closure. The owner explained the restaurant had been operating without a lease and was going through “a very difficult negotiation process" with the property's owner. Construction added stress. Overall business seemed to decline in recent years. If you love your neighborhood gems, support them. Machiavelli has been closed for the last week due to staffing issues, however it will reopen one last time on Feb 15 from 3 to 10 pm. 

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La Niña is coming: Scientists are tracking an evolving weather pattern. It looks a lot like La Niña, which will bring sort of the opposite of the weather we've had during this El Niño winter. That means wetter-than-normal weather in the Pacific Northwest and a dryer-than-normal weather in the southern US. La Niña will develop around August, scientists predict. 

Speaking of weather: Let's focus on the now. Friday in Seattle should be a bit sunny and a bit chilly. Enjoy. 

You still want to repeal the capital gains tax? The fiscal note for the effort to repeal Washington's limited capital gains tax—which 99.8% of households don't pay—came out and showed that if the repeal passed then Washington would lose $5.66 billion for education over five years. So, you're saying 0.2% of households can fund $5.66 billion with a small tax on certain stocks and bonds profits? There is so much quiet wealth in this state and we are just barely starting to tax it.

ICYMI: My latest "Play Date" column came out yesterday. This time, I learned all about the local astrologer community. 

Thieves steal radio tower: Alabama radio station WJLX had a rude awakening this week when thieves ransacked their building for recording equipment and stole their 200-foot radio tower

Chile ravaged by wild fires: Last Friday, the fires started in the central Chile city of Valparaíso amid a heat wave that sent temperatures climbing toward 100 degrees. High heat, high winds, low moisture, and low humidity created a recipe for disaster as the fires spread. Some officials suggested the fires were set intentionally. So far, more than 130 people are dead, more that 300 people are missing, and thousands of structures have been decimated. The fires currently are contained, however not fully controlled. This could be the deadliest disaster in Chile since the 2010 earthquake.

Netanyahu targets Rafah: Israel top boss Benjamin Netanyahu is planning an invasion of Rafah, the overcrowded town on Egypt's border where many in Gaza have fled during this war. Rafah currently hosts 1.5 million people, many of whom were displaced from their homes already. Netanyahu claimed that "Rafah is the last remaining Hamas stronghold." In light of these new plans, Joe Biden called conduct "over the top." Despite that biting criticism, Israel unleashed bombs overnight and early Friday morning, hitting two Rafah residential buildings. The death toll in Gaza is nearing 28,000 with two-thirds of the dead women and children.

Michelle Sarju says stop the racist dog whistling: At a Seattle School Board meeting this week, board member Sarju spoke at length about recent controversies. Sarju's comments seemed directed at Vivian Song, one of the two board members who resigned earlier this month due to residency issues. In a Seattle Times story, Sarju called the issue "a matter of right and wrong." According to Sarju, she has been called a bully for these comments and other comments. She said "accusing a Black woman of being a bully when she suggested you do the right thing is not being a bully" but rather a "racist dog whistle."



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Supreme Court hears ballot case: On Thursday, the Supreme Court heard two hours of arguments in the Colorado case to remove Donald Trump from the state's ballot. The case centers on individual state's right to interpret Section 3 of the 14th Amendment of the Constitution, which bars those who engage in insurrection from holding office. However, given the Court's reactions yesterday, it doesn't seem like Colorado will be able to kick Trump off the ballot. According to the Associated Press, "from across the court’s ideological divide, there was near consensus that the Colorado arguments were flawed."

Happy Valentine's Day: "The San Antonio Zoo will let you name a cockroach after your ex and feed it to an animal."

That Iceland volcano erupted again: The volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula erupted for a third time. The lava engulfed a supply pipeline and cut off several communities from heat and hot water.

The Enhanced Games find an athlete: Did you know about the Enhanced Games? A couple of Australian billionaires want to start an annual sporting event to rival the Olympics, only this event wouldn't require drug testing. The games, which will be held this December for the first time, will feature track and field, swimming, weightlifting, gymnastics, and combat sports. Organizers reportedly offered retired Aussie swimmer James Magnussen $1.5 million if he can break the 50 meter freestyle record. Magnussen said, "If they put up $1 million for the 50 freestyle world record, I will come on board as their first athlete. I’ll juice to the gills and I’ll break it in six months."

A song for your Friday: This one's been on repeat for me recently. I'm not sure why. Sad and pretty chords, maybe.