Renton will probably raise the minimum wage: Early returns from a special election show a ballot measure to raise the minimum wage in Renton to $19 leading by 15 points, 57% to 42%. Nineteen percent of Renton’s voters, or 11,650 people, had returned their ballots as of Wednesday afternoon. We’ll know more on the next ballot drop at 4 pm.

Spokane lawyers up: Far-right evangelist musician Sean Feucht is claiming damages after Spokane City Council passed a resolution condemning then-Mayor Nadine Woodard for appearing on stage with former State Rep. Matt Shea at one of Feucht's concerts. Feucht, an anti-queer patriot pastor, claims the resolution signaled to elected leaders in Spokane that if they gathered with him or anyone who worshiped like him, then they’d receive an official condemnation. He rose to prominence during the pandemic, when he defied restrictions, and he’s since embraced the groomer conspiracy theory and the term Christian nationalism, according to reporting from the Inlander

Jeff Bezos made a killing with the new Florida tax break: He didn’t say he was moving to Florida for tax reasons, but c’mon. Leaving right after Washington introduced a 7% capital gain tax is a little obvious. The week after he announced that move, he put a plan in place to sell $8 billion in Amazon shares. Bloomberg reported that last week he unloaded half of that sum, a transaction that would’ve cost him $288 million for public education funding here.

Alaska Airlines flight attendants authorize strike: They haven’t done this in more than 30 years. A vote doesn’t mean a strike will happen, but it raises the stakes in contract talks that’ve dragged on for more than a year. The flight attendants say Alaska doesn’t provide a livable wage for them, despite authorizing large pay increases for pilots.

Yikes: The former executive director of Kitsap County’s 911 service pled not guilty to the attempted criminal sexual abuse of a minor on Wednesday. Police in King County arrested Richard Kirton as part of a sting operation last month. He allegedly messaged an undercover cop’s fake profile and agreed to pay the 16-year-old they were pretending to be for sex. When the detective told Kirton he was 16, he allegedly wrote “that works for me.” He voluntarily resigned after his arrest.

IDF special forces raid Gaza hospital: The IDF claim the raid is a “precise and limited mission” to recover the bodies of hostages it believes are inside Nasser hospital. The Gazan Health Ministry said the raid is endangering the lives of intensive care patients, but the IDF says nobody is obligated to evacuate. Reporters for Al Jazeera said those inside don’t have a choice and are fleeing for their lives under heavy tank and machine gun fire. Correspondents are reporting Israeli forces attacking people inside and outside of the hospital. This is a developing story.

Shooting at Chiefs Parade: One person is dead and at least 22 are injured after a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl victory parade around Union Station Wednesday afternoon. Three people are in custody. The woman shot dead was a local radio DJ named Lisa Lopez-Galvan. Police have not identified any other victims, though nine were children. Officials say the shooting was criminal in nature and not an act of terrorism, but people sure felt terrorized.

Jump-scare: Nkechi Amare Diallo, better known as Rachel Anne Dolezal before a legal name change, lost her job at an Arizona public school after the district found out about her OnlyFans. It’s probably the second-worst way she’s lost a job. District records show Diallo was hired as an after-school instructor in August of last year. This headline may be the most buried of all ledes.

Star Wars: Russia wants to deploy some kind of nuclear anti-satellite system in space, according to US intelligence. We don’t know a ton because it hasn’t been declassified. Some members of Congress say the information should be, while senior leaders say the system does not pose an immediate threat and would be used to attack human beings. The US has made clear it would react “very forcefully” to an attack on its nuclear command and control satellites, which the government relies on for seamless control over our nuclear weapons. As far as we know, it is not clear how far the technology has progressed.

Who let this guy in: Eric Parker, the head of the Idaho Three Percenters, says he’s the leading force behind a bill that could gut the state’s terrorist control act. If passed, terrorism laws would only apply to federally designated foreign organizations like ISIS, and not homegrown extremists. The law originally passed nearly 40 years ago, after domestic white supremacists bombed a priest’s home in North Idaho.

Parker became famous on the far-right during the Cliven Bundy standoff in 2014 when a Reuters journalist snapped a photo of him pointing a semi-automatic rifle at federal agents. The photo got him accused of domestic terrorism by the FBI, and he spent 19 months in prison. He’s pretty cozy with some powerful elected officials. Investigate West has more here.

We’re seeing the effect of all those transphobic laws: For those able to flee their homes in Texas and Florida, states like Minnesota became hopeful destinations after lawmakers there passed a law that made the state a refuge for gender-affirming care. But providers are struggling to meet the new demand. For example, Children’s Minnesota saw a 30% increase in calls last year. Now the waitlist is between a year and 15 months. Family Tree Clinic in Minneapolis now sees 3,000 patients a year, and 225 of them came from out of state. 

So, are oysters good for sex? Maybe you figured this out last night. The Washington Post dug into the science of the supposed aphrodisiac. Experts said the briny mollusk contained elements that theoretically could enhance a person’s sex drive, but there is no scientific evidence supporting it. Raw oysters are high in zinc–one is about five times the recommended daily amount for men, and seven times the daily amount for women–an element associated with improved testosterone levels and horniness. Oysters also contain an amino acid called D-aspartic acid, which also supports t-levels in animals. The jury’s out on what the chemical does for us.