Led by a Palestinian flag, demonstrators march through Seattle demanding human rights for Palestinians. ALEX GARLAND



Ha! "More cops" my ass. SPD has always sucked. Now they're overpaid too.


Cops suspended for slow shooting response.

If SPD is taking 20mins to respond to an actual, confirmed shooting at a Pilar night spot, then how can Harrell justify a contract with ShotSpotter to send cops goose-chasing phantom false-alarm non-shootings at random locations?


I’d guess the dance team rehearses outside of their normal shift so it wouldn’t impact service.
Is this a worse thing than nurses making tik-tok dance videos during the plague when they said they were so overworked?


Driving yourself to Harborview after being shot is a good way to avoid a really expensive ambulance ride. Go USA.


@1: Yes, we know you feel that way. So I assume you can hence logically understand why recruitment is down.


@5 Why would an increase in the total number of SPD officers result in reduced response time if the officers we have decide whether a Priority 1 call is actually a real priority based on their feelings?


@2, "An actual, confirmed shooting." Bullshit.

97% of calls received by 911 in Seattle are resolved (classified) differently than they are initially classified according to 911 call data. 79.7% were for non-criminal response (in the end analysis, not the initial classification).

So because people called in someone shot, someone was actually shot? Usually not. Well this is was one of the 3% of the time when what got called in was actually what occurred.

That said, these officers got what they deserved, probably less than what they deserved. The public has a right to have that initial call taken credibly and seriously, until police investigate and determine it was wrong 97% of the time.

The unreliability of the pubic is also one reason why we need armed officers to respond to non-criminal calls. Are they really non-criminal and non-violent? Are they remain that way throughout the duration of the call?

Yes we need more social workers and mental health professionals responding to 911 calls. But we also need armed response INITIALLY to protect social workers and mental health professionals until the determination is made that weapons, or a criminal act aren't part of the call. Then the cops can go away to the next call, rather than complete the call.


@8: So you want me to compare a subset to the whole based on particular scenario and provide reasoning that increasing the whole would not alleviate the scenario to which you refer?


Hey, if women and girls can't get safe, legal abortions and birth control anymore, I'm all for dick control.
This, and men lobbying for men passing laws that serve only men and insisting on making all the decisions are the root of the human overpopulation problem.
Let's not stop at just offensive statues. Let's whack 'em off all the male RWNJs, KKKorporate Orange Turd lovin' RepubliKKKan neofascists, Taliban, rapists, and incestuous sex predators, too. I hope it hurts 'em. They deserve it for flushing the Earth and all other life forms down the toilet.


@5: SPD recruitment is down because of systematic men's locker room corruption, racism, and misogyny, raindrop dear. Until this gun-crazed, violent LE shitshow changes for any better we will have to take the law into our own hands, like the gunshot victim who had to drive himself to Harborview Medical Center.
Sadly, it is no wonder as to why Morty no longer posts cop-related comments on SLOG, anymore. He must be reeling from embarrassment every time there is a mass shooting that cops---working within the Seattle city limits or elsewhere--- just shrug off.


The police failure to respond story is very telling. Essentially the trainee is a much better police officer than the TWO 17 year veterans who state either a) that they have psychic powers or b) they don't know why didn't respond. ( b was the trainer... heh heh). Give the trainee a few years of "experience" and they won't respond either.
Nothing could more clearly illustrate how corrupt SPD has become. Also interesting to note that they were lounging at SPOG headquarters while they weren't responding. SPOG must go.


@14, Did you miss the fact that what is reported to 911 and what actually occurs, is wrong 97% of the time? See @9.


@8: Let's ask AI - Here's is Copilot's response over at bing.com:


Would increasing the number of Seattle Police officers result in reduced response times?


Due to officers being spread thin, police call response times have increased, with the highest priority calls taking an average of 10 minutes to get a response. This is slower than the city’s goal of having seven minute response times for all priority one calls1. While Seattle police say it takes, at most, seven minutes to respond to 911 calls reporting violence, threat or major crime in progress, it’s the other emergency calls that have left people frustrated2. The department hasn’t met either goal since last May, and response times for Priority 1 calls ran as high as 8.06 minutes in June3. The population growth in King County has skyrocketed, adding 36,000 people between July 2015 and 2016, but growth inside the Seattle Police Department hasn’t been so quick2More resources would likely help improve response times, but the challenge lies in recruiting and retaining officers to meet the increasing demands.

Now let's ask Copilot the complete question posed by @8:


Would increasing the number of Seattle Police officers result in reduced response times, if the officers can decide whether a Priority 1 call is actually a real priority based on their feelings?


Increasing the number of Seattle Police officers could potentially lead to reduced response times for emergency calls. However, it’s essential to consider various factors beyond just officer numbers.
Here’s some context:
Current Response Times:
As of recent data, Seattle Police Department (SPD) aims to respond to Priority 1 calls (such as reported shootings or active robberies) within seven minutes and Priority 2 calls (like assaults no longer in progress) within 15 minutes12.
Unfortunately, the department hasn’t consistently met these goals1.
Officer Availability and Prioritization:
While having more officers could potentially improve response times, it’s crucial to ensure that officers prioritize calls effectively.
Allowing officers to decide based on their feelings whether a Priority 1 call is genuine could be problematic. Objective criteria should guide prioritization to prevent delays in critical situations.
The recent case where two officers took 23 minutes to respond to a shooting call highlights the importance of timely action3.
Balancing Resources and Training:
Increasing officer numbers requires proper training, resources, and supervision.
Quality matters as much as quantity. Well-trained officers who follow established protocols are essential for effective emergency response.
Community Trust and Accountability:
Public trust in law enforcement is crucial. Transparency, accountability, and community engagement play a significant role.
Striking a balance between swift response and thorough investigation is essential.
In summary, while increasing officer numbers may help, it’s equally vital to address training, protocols, and community trust. Decisions based solely on officers’ feelings could lead to inconsistent outcomes. A comprehensive approach is necessary to enhance public safety and emergency response.


My heartfelt condolences to Yulia Navalny and your friends and family, over your husband, Alexei Navalny's murder. Rest in peace, Alexei. Vladimir Putin is a heartless global terrorist and the Orange Turd is his willing sock puppet.

I sympathize with the hiker who had to be taken to Harborview from Snoqualmie Pass for injuries from a cougar attack. This is another reminder, however, to use common sense. For those of us who seek nature's solace in the mountains: the higher we venture up in the hills, the more we risk facing wildlife. They are losing their homes to the human overpopulation. Don't expect them to be happy about it.
There was also a report of a six month old cougar kitten? Did the hikers get between a mother and her young?


@10 Just checking in. You seem to always think that the solution to response times is more officers. Now that it's been demonstrated that /training officers/ deliberately slow-walked a shots-fired response, how do you feel about the best approach to improving response times?

@16 Do you not even have the courage of your convictions to answer a question yourself? Why outsource to Bing? But then even Bing agrees that training and objective criteria for response are necessary. Given that the 17-year veterans who slow-walked this were training the new guy (see also @14) to also slow-walk a response, I'm not holding my breath for SPD to get their shit together.

@15 If 97% of 911 reports by humans are wrong, what makes you think that Shotspotter will be better?


@18: You're the one that brought up the response times, not me. Why would you think that it's "courage of convictions" rather than data to answer your postulation? AI is tool, that saves time in drilling down.

I suggest you approach the question from an academic perspective rather than with your favorite SPD anecdotes and stereotypes. Or go play with auntie.

Ashely Nerbovig should take @16 as the basis for a post.


@18, I am not a fan of shotspotter. Not because it fails to accurately (at least more accurately than humans) identify gunshots and their location. It doesn't result in higher rates of apprehension for gunfire, higher rates of conviction for unlawful gunfire, deter unlawful gunfire, etc.

My only point with the 97% figure is that radio dispatch calls have a bit of "boy who cried wolf" vibe to a seasoned officer.

That in no way justifies the delayed response by these seasoned officers. Reality is that these cops don't know what the nature of the call actually is until they get there and take a look. Since, if the call turns out to be what it was reported as, someone is probably bleeding out, and others are potentially at risk, its vital to get there ASAP and make sure it really is the usual "boy who cried wolf".

Also that 97% figure overstates the degree of "boy who cried wolf". Someone calls in something like, "I was robbed at my front door." That is a priority 1 call, violent crime call (force or threat of force was used against a person to get property).

What really happened, was a package was taken from their front porch. Now it's misdemeanor Theft. The caller just knows they had property taken that belonged to them, and colloquially, and as they understand the crime, were "robbed."

The officer gets there, and it turns out its a screened in porch with a screen door that opens and closes. Now the call is a felony Burglary, but it's not a misdemeanor, but it's also not a threat to people. Or the porch is not an enclosed structure, but an open porch, so now we are back to misdemeanor Theft. Oh, but wait, the package contained a $1,600 item, making it felony Theft (>$1,500).

Most of the public isn't going to know the nuances of law. Even the 911 call taker, who is hopefully going to ask follow-up questions, isn't going to know all those nuances (and they have two or three calls queued and waiting to be answered while this person is describing their package loss).

You have to start somewhere, Without resources to answer all calls that come in at the same time (not realistic or desired IMO) have to be prioritized somehow.

Back to our veteran cops. When someone really does get shot, or shots are ongoing, typically the 911 calls are multiple, temporarily flooding the system, and the updates over the air are near constant. So I can see why these cops went "Meh." That doesn't justify them substituting their judgment for the singular caller, from a remote location, or for SPD policy. It's entitled, arrogant, and dismissive. The discipline was in order, or understated.


@19 raindrop and his latest MAGA trainee, @20 Cap'n Crunch: Congratulations, both of you. Your futile arguments only prove that Big Tech is out to get us. KKKorporate billionaires, in their race to the bottom for the last U.S dollar, can't wait to become trillionaires, owning everyone and everything. Climate change be damned!
Are you two really that eager to become among the first human guinea pigs to have your flesh, body parts, and brain tissue replaced by robotic cogs and gears?
Profiteering KKKorporations don't want to actually pay human employees, anymore. CEOs won't be satisfied until every last human being is reprogrammed to march in GOP / KGB lockstep 24/7.


rumor is that Navalny actually died from Putin Resistance Syndrome


wildlife was in the mountains first, before us humanoids


@22 flotsam: Don't be another of raindrop's MAGA misinformed, Kool-Aid chugging recruits. Obviously, the late Alexei Navalny preferred to die while fighting Vladimir Putin's ruthless global tyranny.
Quit pandering to SLOG's resident troll now before your brain tissue turns to Malt-o-Meal.


@22: I hope you were only being sarcastic. This dying planet is getting more dystopian by the day.


It took them over three years to dock those SPD officers a shift's pay for their slow response? That's pretty slack for a paramilitary organization.


@19 So you're willing to take the time to type into Bing, then copy and paste the results, but you're not willing to say what your own opinion is. That, sir, is a true profile in courage. Good job!

Since you want to work from an academic direction, please identify the academic sources that Bing used to develop its response. Oh, right. That might be rough since nobody knows. OK, then, go ahead and post up any academic sources that discuss the intersection of police staffing, response times, training, and police deciding not to respond.


@28: Why are you asking me to have an opinion on the results? But to satisfy your thirst, let me say I support more SPD officers, now fewer. And you yourself admit the AI results contain some of points you brought up.


Ignore my comment @27 - the Times article linked to said the shooting took place 12/19/2020, instead of 12/19/2022.


@17: Problems with cougars? Just leave a few footballs lying around. That'll scare them away.


I’m sorry but who the fuck uses bing.com? Haha

Raindrop, you’re not only a bad person but completely out of touch.


@32: People who want to easily check ChatGPT. If that doesn't float your boat, haha yourself.


Another triumph of plodding reform plus defund. My respect for SPD has hit a level not seen since WTO.

Will the last officer out of SPD please tell the city to just start over, already?


'Two cops who
respectively made
$211,000 and $315,000 in 2022'

the Po-po's
been very Bad
for Po-poing. can
we offer them Bonuses?

if they're
not too


$1,200 fucking
Dollars PER DAY?

can someone
Defund ME?


speaking of

Protest Actions
Against Israel’s Genocide
Continue Around the World

Solidarity protests with Gaza took place around the world again this weekend, including in London, England, where tens of thousands of people streamed through city streets. In India, workers with the Water Transport Workers Federation have vowed not to load or unload weapons to Israel, saying they “always stand against the war and killing of innocent people.”

In the U.S., the African Methodist Episcopal Church Bishops Council called on the Biden administration to end funding for what it called Israel’s “mass genocide.” In Michigan, Rashida Tlaib, the only Palestinian American member of the U.S. Congress, is urging Democrats to vote “uncommitted” in next Tuesday’s presidential primary to protest President Biden’s complicity in Israel’s assault on Gaza.


‘them Protestors
ain’t Nuthin’ but a
damn Focus Group!’

--gee dubya bush just prior to Invading
TWO Sovereign Nations in the Middle East

“they’re Bloody
--a lotta tS’s

Hell --
it can only be
Genocide IF the
Genociders agree
On the Term & they’re
a Murderous, Picky af bunch
when it comes to Grammar Naziing

the Domicide?
you may ask

an Impertinent
query too Unimportant
for Serious People to address



@26 Garb Garblar: +1 Agreed. Add the Orange Turd alongside Vladimir Putin to be skinned alive, dipped in acid, drawn and quartered, and both their putrid remains fed to pigs--after they've butt-fucked each other in a pool stocked with piranha. Of course, I'm still being too kind.

@34 tensora, and @35 & @36 kristofarian: If my regards for the SPD and SPOG were any lower they'd be underground.


@38.a: Ewwww. That sounds gross.


Why were he cops hanging at the union hall while on duty? Why would anyone want to hang out there in the first place? The whole place screams “Look at me! I’m a butthurt wannabe victim”


@40: “Why were he cops hanging at the union hall while on duty?”

Exactly. In the union jobs I’ve had, we never went to our union hall during work hours; in fact, both the union and the employer demanded complete separation between work time and union time.


@29 Noted that you provide no evidence to back up your position. So per @19 I'm supposed to approach this from an academic perspective, but you can just float your feelings. Double standard much?


@1 ftw.

Oh, and never bike near cliffs or trees in areas with cougars and bobcats, it's a good way to get attacked


@42: Why do you assume I have a position that I need to back up? At least I was providing data, you were just providing anecdotes.

I just let the data speak for itself in regard to hiring more police


Thanks @auntiegrizelda for pointing this out. WDFW has not confirmed yet (they seem reluctant to use the word "kitten") but this was indeed likely a 6-month-old kitten. This kind of aggressive behavior rises when too many mother cougars are killed and kittens are left to fend for themselves.


@39a: Newsflash: MAGA, FOX TeeVee, RWNJs, Twitter / X, the NRA, and the KGB are infinitely grosser, raindrop dear. Akin to Adolf Hitler, the Orange Turd and Vladimir Putin are both beyond evil, corrupt, sick, and Schadenfreude level cruel. Their deaths deserve to be as fully grotesque as possible, and go viral. What's left of the world would cheer.
I'll tell you what. I'll munch on popcorn and dark chocolate, sipping good red wine while you bury your head in the sand. Eat your paste before it hardens, raindrop dear.

@43 Will in Seattle +1 Agreed: @1 DOUG for the WIN!!
And also agreed regarding hiking up in mountainous areas filled with cougars, bobcats, wolves, bears, etc.
It never ceases to amaze me how some people react as if wildlife encountered on nature hikes is equivalent to domesticated household pets, or caged animals they saw at Woodland Park, Point Defiance, or any other Zoo.

@45 porkupine: You are most welcome. Mention of a six month old cougar kitten caught my attention.
Similar consequences have happened when humans, whether intentionally or not, have gotten between
a mother bear and her cub. Mess with nature, pay the price. Right now Mother Nature has every right to be pissed at humankind.


@42 boatgeek: Our resident SLOG troll, raindrop, routinely gets so dizzy from chasing his tail and chugging the MAGA Kool-Aid, he doesn't know what he's posting half the time.

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