If the Governor signs the Strippers' Bill of Rights, then strip clubs will be funner and safer for strippers, and the nipple and the jock strap shall be free in queer bars. RS



"Obstructing, influencing, or impeding an official proceeding."

That law applies to people who behave this way toward the United States Congress. Maybe we need a local equivalent.


I feel that Wendy's surge pricing thing is going to fail hard. I'm guessing a significant portion of any chain's fast food business is from repeat customers, and who wants to go to their fave nearby spot without knowing what they're gonna be paying? When I was younger I always had a pretty solid idea of what I'd be getting from Taco Bell before I went so a price fluctuation would have pissed me right off and had me walking out the door.

And if it does work...oh well. Let dumb people pay more for their shitty food.


7% of pre-October levels?
Seems as though Hamas bit off more than they could chew when they broke the peace.

It’s funny to me how proprietors of strip clubs have been trying to get the Lewd Conduct laws changed for decades and neither party really paid much attention to them.
As soon as the gay bars were affected though, Olympia was tripping over itself to change the law.


"Biden only won the battleground state by a slim margin of 150,000 votes in 2020, so any wavering support matters and could shift his position on Gaza."

take whatchya
fucking Get and
either Like it or it's
a vote for El trumpfster.

Quiet or
Else trumpfy
wins. your Choice

Electorate! take it
or fucking Leave it.

pay more
for their shitty food."

but it's FAST!
so eat it Fast
or Taste it.


Uncommitted actually got less than most other Michigan elections, but, hey, tell yourselves it's a big deal.

Trump not even getting 80% is a big deal.


"As soon as the gay bars
were affected though,
Olympia was trip-
ping over itself
to change the

One might
think we the
Peeps have Schway

but One'd be
WRONG. so shut
the Fuck UP & just
Take whateverthefuck.

"Seems as though Hamas
bit off more than they
could chew when
they broke the

"living" in an
Open-air Concentration
Camp is fucking "Peace"?

how many Americans're
Willing to Make
THAT Deal?

The Massacre.
Ceasefire and Dump
BiBi Nutnyahoo Pronto, baby.


"Cathy Moore called for their arrest because she said she feared for her safety."

Didn't take long for this council to go Full Karen


@7: Well, that's better than blood and gore all over the floor, right?


I'm presuming that uncommitted dems in MI who are of the Muslim faith are cool with the possibility of a Muslim ban as well as a likely ban on Palestinian refugees if Trump is elected. Trump would cheerlead continued slaughter in Gaza.


“During public comment at last night’s council meeting, asylum-seekers and their lefty allies once again asked the City to fund housing for hundreds of Venezuelan, Angolan and Congolese refugees facing homelessness” - in spite of the fact that this was not an item on the agenda, thus denying others the opportunity to lawfully participate in the process of representative government.

So - how would The Stranger react if there were a public hearing on affordable housing for immigrants and some old White boomer guy disrupted it by grandstanding on whatever-the-fuck irrelevant issue was on his mind?


I can barely blame Sara Nelson for putting a lid on meeting interruptions, because this Alex Zimmerman-style protest is old hat. The Council needs to do business, not listen to the unhinged.


All the ballyhoo about the "success" of the protest vote in MI without acknowledging that 11% also voted uncommitted against Obama in 2012.

Surge pricing works for Uber because people are generally captive when they get sucked into it, i.e. they need to get somewhere in the very near term. Other than late night drunk food walk up places or Taco Bell, no one is going to feel captive to a Wendy's.


To provide a little more context on Michigan, in the 2020 election 5.45M votes were cast for president. Last night about 1.85M were cast (representing 35% of the 2020 turnout). Of those, 101K voted uncommitted representing 5.4% of the primary vote and less than 2% of the electorate from 2020. I don't think Biden will pay heed to that turnout and even if he did he would lose far more votes by joining the antisemitic brigade being led by Tlaib.


nyt: Biden Should Be Worried
About the Protest Results
in Michigan

When 'Listen to Michigan, '
the group organizing people
to vote uncommitted in the
state’s primary, said it hoped
to get 10,000 to 15,000 votes,
it was setting expectations low.

As many have pointed out,
20,000 people voted uncommitted
in the heated Democratic primary in 2020,
when no high-profile campaign was asking them to.

One Democrat in the House
told me that any percentage in
the double digits would be worrisome.

If so,
should probably
be worried. By Wednesday
morning, there were more than 100,000
votes for uncommitted — 13.3 percent of the total.

--by Michelle Goldberg



@7: For an correct response like @8, but without the hyperbole, see @11.


@ Wow, Trump would "cheerlead continued slaughter in Gaza"? Biden has funded and armed unconditional support for Israel's war every step of the way - if that's what Biden's opposition looks like, I'd hate to see what it'd look like if he were on their side!


Rep. Cathy Moore totally overreacted to rowdy activists at the City Council meeting. It's one thing to ask for protesters to be removed, but calling for their arrest was an hysterical dick move. As a former judge, she is used to be feared and in control. Welcome to democracy, you corporate business tool! I'm looking forward to voting you out in four years.


@12, 13 Not to mention that the situation in Gaza will be substantially different in October than it is now. We don't really know how, but it seems likely that there will be a cease-fire in not very long even if it's not on the ice cream timeline. The new requirements for Israel to get more weapons will also take effect in a couple of weeks, as will a re-hearing in the ICJ on Gaza and likely the result of the hearings on occupation. All of those will give Biden the opportunity to take more pro-active steps. And lots of people will have something to say about the difference between Trump and Biden.


for more on the Uncommitted
from Democracy Now:

The major battleground state is home to one of the largest Arab American populations in the country, but the movement to vote “uncommitted” is now expected to spread to other states, including Minnesota and Washington.

“I’ve rarely seen such an organic and authentic movement come together,” says former Democratic congressmember from Michigan Andy Levin. “We really need actual change in policy, and I think we sent that message strongly last night.”

President of the Arab American Institute James Zogby says that Democratic voters need a reason to come out to the polls. “We gave them a reason with 'uncommitted.'

Joe Biden’s got to give them a reason in November,” says Zogby. “There is genocide unfolding. People want it to end. The president either is going to have to act decisively to end it, or it’s going to have an impact in November.”


‘’Joe Biden’s
got to give them a
reason in November,’ says Zogby.’

ultimately do We serve our
Leaders or do they
Answer to US?

"... the movement to vote “uncommitted” is now expected to spread to other states, including Minnesota and Washington."


G. Joe.


Question-would Biden breaking with Israel in a meaningful way guarantee he loses in November?
Not loses Michigan, but loses the entire election?

Second question-if Trump is elected in November, does that increase or decrease the number of dead Palestinians in the long run? How about the odds for an eventual two-state solution?


@18, Nothing wrong with the ICJ. But expecting it move the needle for non-combatants in a war is like expecting a sun dance to stop a rainy Seattle afternoon.

Facts on the ground are what matters. Is one side or the other so tired of the cost and pain of pounding the other guy that they will cry uncle (e.g. The U.S. in Afghanistan - securing a solemn but quiet agreement from the Taliban that letting people use their territory to plan attacks on the U.S. also helped)? Is one side so tired of getting pounded on they cry uncle (The U.S. in Vietnam after 58,200 dead soldiers)? Is one side no longer capable of organized resistance (Iraq, First Gulf War 1991)?

About 2/3 of the Israeli public want Bibi gone. No tears shed by me.

But 75% of the Israeli public want Gaza pounded until Hamas looses the capability or will to fight and its top leaders are dead or captured. For the Israeli public its not about retribution. It's about ending, or sharply curtailing, the capacities and threat of Hamas. It's not about genocide. It's about an existential threat of a group that has sworn itself to kill all of them, or die trying.

Israel doesn't need the U.S. to continue. We don't have the leverage we have had in prior conflicts to make them stop. The U.S. ending support because of U.S. domestic politics just means the IDF uses dumber and even more indiscriminate munitions that it gets on global markets, and black markets if necessary. If you the fairly substantial and tight control of supplies going into Gaza didn't stop Hamas from getting weapons, a blockade of Israel with holes so big you can drive a tanker through them, won't work.


Biden's legacy, and the reason his approval rating is in the toilet, his sole accomplishment, will be the immolation of young Air Force members who believed that was the way to build a better world than what Biden offered.


===> some old White boomer guy <===


Sigh ....



@20 It depends on the break. I don't think that Biden will stop all military aid. I that it's more likely that there will be meaningful actions to stop the conflict and/or change Israel's approach to the conflict. With the new requirements on weapons delivery, Biden has the power to shut off the tap and Israel knows it. If senior US leadership tells Israel to knock the fuck off of the war crimes, there's real teeth behind it now. Biden shook things up symbolically by changing the US policy on settlements back to something reasonable and adding sanctions on settlers who encouraged/led violence in the West Bank. No, those aren't going to end the war, but they are certainly heard in Jerusalem. Likewise, the US' veto at the Security Council may not be as freely available as in the past. Again, I think it's unlikely that the US will abstain on a particular resolution rather than veto, but I do think it's likely that US officials will communicate that the US' support is not boundless, leading to changes on the ground.

As far as the war goes, I think the most likely scenario is that there'll be a 2-3 month cease-fire in the next month or so and the war won't resume after that. Once there is a pause in the fighting and most or all of the hostages are released, the Israeli government is going to turn on itself as they start pointing fingers about who supported Hamas in the leadup to the war. It will be an excellent opportunity for Netanyahu's enemies to ditch him.

Why do I think Hamas will release the hostages? Because now is probably the best deal they're going to get. While the IDF probably can't completely destroy Hamas militarily, they likely will not want to take the risk that they are whittled down to a shell of their former power.

But what do I know? I'm Some Dude on the Internet. But we'll see what happens.


@25, There is support for continuing the war amongst any government that will replace Netanyahu. I agree he needs to go. I think it probable that he does.

I don't see any evidence in Israeli polling that the desire of the public to continue to prosecute the Gaza War is lessening. Support for a two-state solution in Israel, even on the Israeli left, has collapsed.

About the only thing Israeli's agree on, and they agree on it broadly, is continuing to go after Hamas in Gaza.

Israel doesn't need the U.S. for weapons. They have a long history of getting around the U.S. and international community to get what they want and think they need, including illicitly. Our shutting off the U.S. tap would be in inconvenience to be sure, but just a major inconvenience.


@25 Biden could literally not do more to vehemently support Israel's war in Gaza, he has applied the absolutely opposite of leverage by doing nothing but finance and arm its war from day one, and you appear to seriously believe that Biden will end the war in Gaza in one month, with a total absence of evidence. I am astonished at this fantasy.


when Smolderin' Joe
went to Israel & hugged
the Bibi* and handed to him
Carte Blanche it was Over. now
he's trying to claw it back & not Piss
Off his Zionist fan club. good Luck with that, Joe

a Whole Lotta
Israelis on the Anti-
Nutnyahoo Bandwagon

but he's Gone
when his War on
Palestinians is over

he cannot delay
the Inevitable

invited to Congress
to Lecture Obama on whatevertf


"he cannot delay
the Inevitable"

& Is.

he can Postpone
for a time the Inevitable
becoming Dictator or WWIII co-Owner

or perhaps


@28 & @29 kristofarian: Jesus fucking wept. I just don't know this Orange Turd's-butt-ugly dystopian world anymore! Don't these MAGAts, RWNJs, NRA gun nuts, global terrorists, and fellow neofascist RepubliKKKan shitwipes realize that we're all on the only life sustaining planet in existence?
Has anyone heard from xina lately?


@17: "As a former judge, she is used to be feared and in control."

She's used to working in a place where courteous and respectful discourse delivers information relevant to the issue at hand. For far too long, the Seattle City Council chamber has been a place where Socialist Alternative's rent-a-mobs screamed obscenities and shouted threats at Council Members for not obeying diktats from Comrade Sawant. Voters have tired of such antics, and have restored order to Council chambers. Anyone who didn't get that memo can quiet down, leave, or get arrested. Their choice.

"I'm looking forward to voting you out in four years."

Just like you voted to keep her out, last November?


Hey Xina! Griz wants to hear from you!

@30: I left her a voicemail, let's see if she responds.

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