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“honorary memberships with the KKK”? Does that pass for KKK lite? Just a little white supremacy? Wait till the GOP finds out that Jesus was a Palestinian Jew!


was this the sequence? mass looting, warning shots, stampede, panicked troop gunfire, truck drivers drive off in panic. all before 5 in the morning.


MOD Pizza is trash for screwing its employees. It will no longer get my business.


“above-ground treehouses” - as opposed to subterranean tree-houses?


Pagliacci Pizza is trash for raising the price of a pepperoni slice to around $5. It will no longer get my business.


Damn that conservative family for making tasty burgers.
I did the Tournament of Roses Parade a couple of times back in the 90s and always loved that complimentary Double-Double at the end.


@5: where can you get a slice for less than that? not Post Alley - they're $4.75. Big Mario's start at $5.

pizza ain't cheap no more.


In-N-Out sucks but their hamburgers are so good. Next time you cave, look for the scripture versus on the bottom of the cups, on boxes, etc. just to remind yourself and feel guilty.


$5 for anything that fills your gut - not to mention your arteries - sounds like a veritable bargain these days. OTOH, a Costco hot dog and soda is still $1.50 pre-tax, so the budget-conscious can always go there for their cheap ultra-processed protein, carb, HFCS and sodium fix.


are you en-
joying living in this
rigged game of Monopoly?”

requires homes
be treated as Commodities.

you don’t “Like it”?
then You MUST
be a COMMIE!

there’s truly
No Other

it’s just the


"Humpback whales photographed
having sex for the first time
and both were male"

it's got Everything!
Perfecto for tS's


Wow. Nothing from TS on that one.


Good for the IRS. More please.


@2: do You work
for a maker of

from the United Nations:

The International Court of Justice concluded that South Africa has a plausible case that Israel’s actions constitute genocide.

The ICJ found it plausible that Israel’s acts could amount to genocide and issued six provisional measures, ordering Israel to take all measures within its power to prevent genocidal acts, including preventing and punishing incitement to genocide, ensuring aid and services reach Palestinians under siege in Gaza, and preserving evidence of crimes committed in Gaza.

'ensuring aid
and services reach
Palestinians under siege in Gaza.'

bomb them to Smithereens
shuffle them around and
Bomb them some more
and now

BiBi's Starving
them to Death
and then having
his IDF shoot them
as they try to provide
something for their Families

GENOCIDE? it’s just
a little Famine. Cum Mass
Murder but Totes JUSTIFIED

by genocidal justifiers
Everywhere! now
wormtongue tell
us how those
work. Re-
Mind us:

it’s merely
a Massacre. it’s
always Such a Comfort.



How has that worked out in practice? Where is the army of ICJ Bailiffs to go into Gaza and use coercive force to achieve that outcome?

The war will end when one party, or both, suffers enough overwhelming coercive force by the other, or an outside force, to break their will or capacity to fight. Until then, the ICJ rulings are worth the paper they are printed on, and worth even less to the non-combatants in Gaza.


@13: That's old news, and worse, you somehow forgot to note the ICJ refused South Africa's request for an immediate ceasefire order. (Amazing how loudly vocal proponents of ceasefire can't ever seem to notice that...) If they thought genocide* was happening, why didn't they order a cease-fire?

So, are you ever going to recognize that Hamas committed genocide* in Israel on 10/7? Or are you going to continue your pathetically futile efforts to redefine "genocide" so it applies only to Israel, and not Hamas?


The original, the best, the one & only!
Accept absolutely no substitutions
Of any kind, way, shape or form
Type, description, iteration,
And certainly not in the
Way of functionality
Even if that means
Your favorites
Are Guilty
Of it.


@17 I mostly ignore you, but if the Stranger had any balls they'd ban your ass. But you probably drive too many clicks (which is why I ignore you).


@13: "BiBi's Starving them to Death and then having his IDF shoot them as they try to provide something for their Families."

I think you're saying Netanyahu ordered the troops escorting the convoy to shoot the Gazan men pulling the aid off the trucks, and that there was no desperation or looting or panic involved? Because that's likely not what happened.

And it has fuck all to do with S. Africa or the ICJ.


Pagliacci’s has always been a little on the pricey side – just a little – as far back as I remember. But you return and you order because it is soooo Seattle. Also, it beats the shit out of corporate pizza though not a good, I don’t think, as those places run by 1st and 2nd generation Italians who all retired years ago and, apparently, sold their businesses to Korean-Americans. But Pagliacci’s? They were doing pear, blue cheese, and walnut pizzas in autumn way before anyone else. I used to love their pasta salad, too. It was just fresh pesto, lots of mayonnaise, and shells, but shit!

You know, the bible-thumpin’, closed on Sundays thing doesn’t keep people away from Chick-Fil-A either. Hardly. They line up around the block at lunchtime in Manhattan. I don’t eat beef, but In-and-Out has an off-the-menu menu that has things on it like grilled cheese that I hear are pretty far out. I bet some readers got a little pissed at the Slog banner that hinted In-and-Out was in Washington only to read that it’s going to be in Bumfuck Somewhere opening sometime in the nebulous future. For me, it’s only news if it’s opening next week down the street.

Wonderful weekend, all. We’re preparing for the rain again in LA, but if I can rely on history, there’s never very much this late in the season. By March winter is over in Southern California.


Some folks don't like conflating Jews as a race. I made a note of it.


"... there was no
desperation or
looting or
panic... "

of course not.
they're in a

of Aid Convoy Violence
Describe Shooting, Panic and Desperation

“I saw people falling to the ground after being shot,” said one witness, “and others simply took the food items that were with them and continued running for their lives.”

The Gazan health authorities have said that Israeli troops killed more than 100 people and wounded 700 others in a “massacre” as the convoy rolled along a dark road, a version of events that Israel disputed.

--by Raja Abdulrahim, Matthew Mpoke
Bigg, Adam Rasgon and Michael Levenson


“a version of events that Israel disputed”

suprise suprise suprise
but Gospel according to
Pro-genocidal suppoorters

five of the Top comments
on the article in order
of concurrment:

This incident is unforgivable.
-- Nancy; usa

I've been pro-Israel all my life, but this is a catastrophe. The Biden administration should refuse all further aid to Israel until Netanyahu is gone from power, preferably in jail. Time for regime change in the Middle East.
-- Really; SF

Yesterday I saw a clip showing settlers who have gathered by the Israeli side of Gaza border ready to go in and start their 'outposts' in Gaza. A middle aged woman being interviewed was carrying on about how they are determined to settle Gaza and this being proof of the removal of settlements from there not working.

The fact that the government allows this while saying "we have no plans to settle Gaza", mind you not "we don't intend to settle Gaza" is proof that this is where Israel is heading. Apparently "from the river to the sea" is perfectly fine if Jews are saying it, and putting it into practice.
--WestSider; UWS

It's telling that the IDF does not provide an explanation for casualties around an aid convoy under their own control. They are either incompetent, unable to secure an aid convoy, or liars, given how their evidentiary drone footage cuts off at a convenient time.

So much for "the most moral army in the world".
--Chris; New York

It is difficult to imagine that a supposed modern democracy and a supposed ally of of the U.S. is treating 2 million people so barbarically.

What is being done to the Palestinians in Gaza by Israel is one of the most shameful episodes in modern history.

And no, it is in no way justified by a terrorist attack committed by an organization composed of a very small fraction of the people of Gaza.

An organization that did not even have popular support in Gaza.

--Francis; Cleveland Ohio

Dollar$ at Work.


Raindrop, that’s not how you use that word.

It would be “some people don’t like conflating Jews AND race.” You cant conflate something AS something.

Anyway Jews are a race of people (and separately used as a demonym for people whole follow the religion called Judaism - which sometimes are not racially Jewish). It’s not really a matter of opinion bro, it’s a fact.

Go read a book. Prob start with a dictionary first.


“a version of events that Israel disputed”

suprise suprise suprise
but Gospel* according to
Pro-genocidal suppoorters

*Nutnyahoo's far
Far FAR some'd say
fascist 'right' wing IDF's gun-
ned down so fucking Many Journalists
the Fog of War is their bloody, misty remains

Free Press and
Welcome to The Nightmare.


DOUG. @20: "@17 I mostly ignore you, but if the Stranger had any balls they'd ban your ass. But you probably drive too many clicks (which is why I ignore you)."

OK, I'm not seeing a comment @17, so I guess The Stranger did ban their ass. Who was this?


@26 it was racist garbage from the troll @22.


@24: Yes, Jews are indeed a race - "and" is better, that's what I meant. I appreciate your correction.
@27: Aww, I'm sorry you feel that way.



The Empire's Weakness Is
That It Still Needs Normal
People To Turn Its Gears

Imperial propaganda outlet The New York Times is currently embroiled in a massive scandal over its reporting which alleges mass rapes on October 7 — and the scandal is being fueled in part by leaks from its own staff.

In case you haven’t been following the story, back in December the Times published an article titled “‘Screams Without Words’: How Hamas Weaponized Sexual Violence on Oct. 7” which was riddled with glaring plot holes that were exposed by research from outlets like The Grayzone, Electronic Intifada, and Mondoweiss.

Later it came out with the help of an anonymous Twitter account named zei_squirrel that one of the three authors of the New York Times piece — Anat Schwartz — is a genocide-supporting Israeli intelligence veteran who had never worked in journalism before, and that another author of the piece — a food writer named Adam Sella — is her partner’s nephew.

In late January a report from The Intercept revealed that there was a major internal conflict at The New York Times about the strength of the reporting in “Screams Without Words”, with a Times podcast dedicated to the article postponed and then abandoned when staff couldn’t agree whether to stick to the original reporting and risk an embarrassing retraction, or present it in less certain light and tacitly advertise that they didn’t have confidence in their report.

The other day The Intercept printed a follow-up piece which included more information from New York Times sources, as well as damning admissions Schwartz made in Hebrew on an Israeli podcast about the process of publishing “Screams Without Words”.

Schwartz’s comments make it clear that everywhere she looked at the beginning of her investigation turned up zero evidence of sexual assault, only finding “evidence” when she moved on to thoroughly discredited sources like the ultra-orthodox group Zaka.

It also makes it clear that it was The New York Times who approached Schwartz to help write “Screams Without Words” of their own initiative — so this scandal is all theirs.

--by Caitlin Johnstone
March 1, 2024

more, suspiciously:

all those Words
you spent convincing
Us this Israelian story’s TRUE

It carried your
Narrative will it
Continue to carry
Water in 2 months?


END the

Ceasefucking Fire.


@29: Wait, is the New York Times a reliable source, as you quoted it @23, or an “Imperial propaganda outlet”? Or is it each in turn, depending entirely upon whether it agrees with your predetermined conclusions? (And you call someone else “wormmy”? Really?)

Yes, your rape-denier Johnstone denies rape. Why do you consider this to be news?

(Oh, and you might want to avoid repeating some of her more obvious howlers, e.g. “… exposed by research from outlets like … Electronic Intifada…” Yeah, there’s a reliable source for you.)


In Gaza, Desperate Palestinians are Killed While Hungry

While the specifics of the chaotic and bloody scene in Gaza on Thursday are still emerging, the general details are horrifying enough: Many people were killed as they sought desperately needed humanitarian aid.

“On my way into Gaza, I passed hundreds of trucks, all unable to reach those in dire need,” said Jan Egeland, a former senior United Nations official who now leads the Norwegian Refugee Council and recently visited Gaza. “We must be clear: Civilians in Gaza are falling sick from hunger and thirst because of Israel’s entry restrictions.”

So, if there was looting of the trucks and Gazans were trampled and run over, one reason is that they were desperate for the food that has been systematically denied to them.

Israeli troops may well have opened fire because they felt threatened by an unruly crowd. I’ve been in places — in Congo, in Sudan, in Iraq — where desperate mobs threaten aid convoys, and it’s scary. But the way to solve that problem isn’t for troops to open fire on hungry people seeking assistance; it’s to allow more aid to enter.

Hamas’ savagery and hostage-taking on Oct. 7 cannot be trotted out day after day, week after week, month after month, to excuse military operations in Gaza that even President Biden terms “indiscriminate” and “over the top.”

Biden, as Israel’s most important backer, bears a measure of responsibility. He has urged Israel to provide more assistance and to show more restraint militarily, but he has not backed his words with tough actions.

I hope Biden will accept that the United States, by strongly backing Netanyahu, also bears moral responsibility for what is unfolding. He should remember that history will judge our complicity in mass deaths of children and hungry civilians.
--by Nicholas Kristof


“Hamas’ savagery and hostage-taking on Oct. 7 cannot be trotted out day after day, week after week, month after month, to excuse military operations in Gaza that even President Biden terms ‘indiscriminate’ and ‘over the top.’”

Sure they can.
that’s Your Cue wormmy*

the nyt gets it correct
and sometimes otherwise

more than
Earned your nick-
name Wormtongue.


"I hope Biden will accept that the United States, by strongly backing Netanyahu, also bears moral responsibility for what is unfolding. He should remember that history will judge our complicity in mass deaths of children and hungry civilians."

are Complicit
in this Genocide
which isn't a Genocide
it's only Genocide Light

like Hamas're
awful Convenient
to Hide well behind
whilst genociding away

now have a
Nice Day.


That must be absolutely dizzying, flipping the New York Times from “reliable source” to “Imperial propaganda outlet” and then to “unimpeachable voice of moral clarity,” in about as many comments. A tremendous amount of doublethink and post-facto rationalization, even for you. (Then again, you have loads of experience at it.)

Just out of curiosity - could Hamas do anything in Israel that you would call “genocide”? What further atrocities would they have to commit, how much more eliminationist rhetoric would they have to spout, to earn the word you otherwise throw about with such casual ease here? Or is Hamas simply ineligible for your charge of “genocide,” no matter what they do? Because so far, you’ve shown the last is the case.


@30, 33 et al
ad genocide
oh wormmy

from aljazerra:

A United Nations team and medical officials have reported seeing “a large number” of gunshot wounds among Palestinians in Gaza after Israeli troops opened fire near an aid convoy, which has triggered global condemnation and calls for justice.

The head of a Gaza City hospital that treated some of the Palestinians wounded in the bloodshed said on Friday that more than 80 percent of the injured had been struck by gunfire, suggesting there was heavy shooting by Israeli troops.

The United Nations has particularly cited restrictions on access to northern Gaza, where residents have been reduced to eating animal fodder and even leaves.

Human Rights Watch earlier this week said Israel was violating the orders of the International Court of Justice by blocking aid to Palestinians who are facing near-famine conditions after nearly five months of Israeli bombardment that has killed more than 30,000 people, most of them children and women.

“The Israeli government is starving Gaza’s 2.3 million Palestinians, putting them in even more peril than before the World Court’s binding order,” Omar Shakir, Israel and Palestine director at Human Rights Watch, said on February 26.

“The Israeli government has simply ignored the court’s ruling, and in some ways even intensified its repression, including further blocking lifesaving aid.”

more on the neverending Genocide:*

“The Israeli government has
simply ignored the court’s ruling,
and in some ways even intensified its
repression, including further blocking lifesaving aid.”

*grammar nazis
can fuck right off
the World sees your
livestreamed genocide
call it whatevertheFuck you wanna


@31-@32: You flip from the New York Times being so incredibly honest and reliable, even the reader comments can be quoted as gospel truth (!), to the Times being an "Imperial propaganda outlet," then back to providing an unimpeachable voice of moral clarity -- in the space of just a few comments! That's a truly impressive amount of pure doublethink, even for someone with as much practice at it as you have.

It's also fun to watch you rape-deniers try to pin everything on this one story in the New York Times. Even if that one story has all of the problems Johnstone etc. claim, there's still little doubt Hamas raped many Israeli women on 10/7, and that these rapes were an intentional part of Hamas' attack plan, not merely the result of a few renegades. From the BBC, last December:

"Videos of naked and bloodied women filmed by Hamas on the day of the attack, and photographs of bodies taken at the sites afterwards, suggest that women were sexually targeted by their attackers."


Also, just for fun: is there anything Hamas could possibly do which would earn the word "genocide" from you? How many more Israeli/Jewish women would Hamas need to rape, mutilate, and kill? How much more eliminationist hate speech against Israel and Jews would Hamas have to spout? Or, in your view, is Hamas simply not eligible for the word you otherwise throw about with such casual ease here? Because everything you've written here suggests the latter is the case.


@35, @34 deflects. Kristo never addresses how the NYT is reliable, not reliable, reliable.

Kristo never addresses what to do with facts that check out that Kristo doesn't already agree with.



"Of 2020 voters: Trump is winning 97% of those who say they voted for him four years ago, and virtually none of his past supporters said they are casting a ballot for Biden. In contrast, Biden is winning only 83% of his 2020 voters, with 10% saying they now back Trump."

It's a long way to November, but that is truly depressing.


@ 37 - Crickey, A! Our lunch together has just turned into a quick dessert: i"ll have the hot fudge sundae with mapled walnuts and loaded with Tuinal, please.

But seriously, I don't think I can truly worry about this until - hmmm - August? And if by then, if there is no change in the wind direction, I'll see you at Schrafft's.


@35, 36

Oh wormmy
oh cap’nfaxxy

have you not Seen
tS’s opinion slashed
all over its pixeled pages

it is Genocide
wormmy you can
even Ask this Pub-
lication. Where’re your
virulently vile tS-Protestations?

apologies. I cannot stomach
more than a few sentences from
ol’ wormmy and your 35,000* word
Diatribes’re no match for my intention
span or I wake up with a nasty Headache

it’s not You
it’s me.

seldom read as well're
the 'shorter' ones often
referring back to some ar-
cane detail you've plopped
down somewhere could be
anywhere to me but pass too.

*the perfessor sold me
his blocking machine
[for less than $2K]!
& it sorta works
it more Fogs
up your

which works too.

do you think I
got a good


It takes about 30 seconds to confirm that Alexei Navalny was both CIA and a Nazi.

I mean, the Russia hysteria in (Seattle) liberal circles has to end eventually... right?



@39: I’ve repeatedly objected to the Stranger’s abuse of the word, “genocide.” Please do try to keep up.

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