Spring is springing: I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: We are sooooo back. Today’s weather will start off sorta meh. You can expect cloudy skies and temperatures in the mid 40s. But then, 1 pm comes around and the sun should come out in full force, bringing 50 degree weather with it. The clouds will return later in the evening, but with temperatures in the mid 50s, you won’t want to miss a post-work walk. If that sounds good, you’re in for a treat this weekend! 

Ballot drop: The Secretary of State (SOS) tallied up more ballots in the Presidential primary yesterday. Obviously, Genocide Joe and the flop insurrectionist won their respective primaries, but the movement to vote “uncommitted” increased its vote share from the first day of counting to the second. On Tuesday night, SOS reported 48,000 votes for “uncommitted,” and on Wednesday their pile of votes grew up to almost 54,000. With just over a week of organizing, that’s really impressive, tbh. That’s more votes than Amy Klobuchar got in Washington in 2020! 

So long, Mr. Chopp: Longtime, highly influential Rep. Frank Chopp announced yesterday afternoon that he will not seek re-election next year. Chopp told me in an email that his election plans, or lack thereof, do not mean he’s “retiring.” In a press release, Chopp said he will “continue to advocate and organize efforts in the public interest as a public citizen, but no longer running for re-election as a State Representative.” 

Here comes Shaun! Seattle’s favorite failed lefty council candidate Shaun Scott announced this morning that he will run to replace Chopp to represent the 43rd Legislative District. I think it’s smart for Scott to announce before the body gets too cold because Chopp’s departure will bring people out of the woodwork to run for the seat that seemed all but untouchable for the last three decades. So far, I’ve only heard a couple of other potential contenders, but if they haven’t put years of work into the campaign already, then I fear they will already be behind Scott. He came out swinging with a platform beefed up by more than 100 specific progressive policies, a decent level of name recognition and community support, and several years of experience as a lobbyist in Olympia. Read about it here

Make up your mind: In a prudish betrayal of working people, King County Prosecuting Attorney Leesa Manion asked Governor Inslee to veto part of the historic Strippers' Bill of Rights. If removed, strippers said it would be more difficult for them to collect payment from customers without getting ticketed. When reporter Ashley Nerbovig gave Manion a call to clear things up, Manion waffled under even mild interrogation of her beliefs, and now she has completely back-tracked. Lol. 

Let him cook: Columnist Danny Westneat, who usually evokes groans from The Stranger staff, made a point I agree with yesterday. The State’s new capital gains tax, a tax on the very wealthiest Washingtonians to fund public education, is a huge boon for counties in Eastern Washington because 84% of the money comes from King County and only 3% comes from counties east of the mountains. Westneat said the tax amounts to a “huge money transfer” from the bluest county to more rural counties that generate less tax revenue to support their schools. He wrote that one school district in Douglas County will get $5 million from the state’s school construction fund, but taxpayers in that county paid less than $100,000 into the tax that pays for the fund. So he asks that Eastern Washington voters, who usually vote more conservatively than King County voters, remember this when they vote on mega-rich dude Brian Heywood’s repeal of the capital gains tax in November. Sending the article to my mom right now. Thanks!

Checking in: Yesterday, Seattle organizers continued their protests against Boeing, one of the biggest war profiteers in the world as a weapons manufacturer. Earlier this week, they successfully scared Boeing into making one of their events remote. Yesterday, cops had to escort attendees to the event. Don’t get why the anti-war peeps care about Boeing execs? Read about it in their own words.

Rest in peace: A medical examiner ruled that Nex Benedict, a nonbinary child who died after getting beat up by girls in the bathroom, committed suicide by ingesting a mix of Benadryl and Prozac. Some people online say the child's death by suicide would still mean hate and transphobia killed Nex. And of course, right-wingers continue to dance on a child’s grave. 

Pass this yesterday: Senator Bernie Sanders introduced the “Thirty-Two Hour Work Week Act” to establish a four-day work week without loss of pay. His bill would also guarantee workers get paid time-and-a-half when they work longer than eight hours in a shift and double-time when they work longer than 12. Rep. Mark Takano (D-CA) introduced the act in the House in 2021, garnering just 17 cosponsors and then only seven when he reintroduced it in 2023. The policy never saw a vote, but maybe Sanders can use his clout to push the idea further. 

New Laufey: If you even care…