Why is Trump wearing a hat during the national anthem? When I go to a Mariner game the PA announcer makes me take mine off.


Boeing is falling to pieces…almost daily now


Re: the Trump rally stuff: "When someone shows you who they are, believe them the first time." -Toni Morrison

Or at least the eighty-fifth time? Can we try that, please?


Here we go again:
Trump invokes a dark metaphor but always has an out (e.g. bloodbath about auto industry).
Mainstream media lights their hair on fire.
Trump reaps more headlines and monopolizes news cycles.
Rinse and repeat.

But bloodbath is a ubiquitous metaphor - used all the time innocuously. Libs are incredibly hypocritical.


But we should light our hair on fire over the "animals" reference in the speech.


Dehumanizing people from another country, culture, or ethnicity and comparing them to animals? That's certainly never preceded any events in history people wouldn't want to repeat! Seems legit, let it ride.


Are the quotation marks around "regroup" because you don't believe Hamas could or would do that?


Instead of spending an entire paragraph whining about how a journalist at KING-5 made a mistake, why not just correct the “Sheriff doesn't have to enforce Burien's bad ban” paragraph from Friday’s Slog AM, which (as of 9:53 on Monday morning), still repeats that mistake?



Is Boeing falling to pieces or is it the maintenance teams at United airlines?
Either way,
Union built
Union maintained


@8 Came here to post that as well.

Nathalie's conclusion that "A judge ruled in favor of the sheriff" is still up, despite the fact that statement is dead wrong.


Trump's planning on 1/20/25 being America's Night of the Long Knives.


It would be really great if The Stranger didn't repeat every single psyop propaganda point that our FBI/CIA/National Security State floats out there via Aaron Rupar, the biggest Blue MAGA social media operative at their disposal...


Hey, Natalie:

During the IDF and the Shin Bet's reinvasion of Shifa Hospital in northern Gaza on Monday, they killed Hamas's Interior Ministry Operations Chief Faack Mabhough.
Mabhough has been in charge of all of Hamas's internal security forces both during the war and during peacetime.
Israeli forces killed Mabhough during an exchange of gunfire when he resisted arrest and had been trying to hide within the Shifa complex.
In the room next to his hiding spot, significant Hamas weaponry was located.


“Trump invokes a dark metaphor, but always has an out”
Which is one reason why he escapes consequences for his inciting comments.


El trumpfster's Nuremburgh Rallies’ll
soon enough need a little Protection
from the Komminuss Marxists

he’s gonna need his very own
Private Militia to keep Order
It’ll be no more a ‘Blood
Bath’ than the def. NOT
Genocide in Gaza. so
Stop Worrying and
Enjoy our Slide

all Hail
Herr Furor!


@12: "Blue MAGA"?


@11: Regardless of whether he wins, probably.

Oh Donald, you're just not the former celebrity game-show host buffoon and source of amusement anymore.


@1, he has to cover the meatus at the top of his head.
@3 Actually, according to Wikipedia & everyone else I've ever heard quote it, that's Maya Angelou.
@9, I'm not sure what you're trying to say, but one thing you learn as a union member is that management has the absolute right to manage. Meaning, when they say to ignore missing bolts, the union workers either ignore them or get fired for insubordination......or commit suicide years later after decades of useless whistleblowing.
I just ran across a really, really enlightening YouTube piece by John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, entitled simply "Boeing". The first 8 min are just a recap of Boeing's mishaps. But the rest is an excellent insight into WHY Boeing is so fouled up these days. It goes back to when they merged with McDonnell Douglas, which was really hard corps cost cutters....but I see there are a lot of articles about this on line.
Missing panel.....they made it sound like a 6'x10' section had fallen off. Unless I'm mistaken, on the news they showed the little door on the nose of the plane which closes up the tiny compartment which houses the phone handset which a ground crew member uses to talk to the cockpit. It's about twice the size of a cell phone screen. Another commentator mentioned something I've been wondering about: Incidents happen all the time. Lately it's been no more than usual. It's just all the scrutiny because of the door plug getting sucked out. (Not that any of that would be of any comfort to someone who got sucked out of an airborne plane at 980,000 million feet.)
"Putin Wins "Highly Orchestrated" Election".......That made me think of the old joke about the electric trolley car conductor who got electrocuted trying to steal the money from the fare box. He was a bad conductor. (Of course that's a different kind of orchestra & conductor, but it made me remember the joke anyway.)
And again I reiterate my 2cents about Gaza: If the people living in Gaza had dropped a dime to Israel about Hamas digging tunnels & caching weapons before Hamas attacked, they could have avoided all this misery. If I'd been sneak attacked like Israel was, I also would be more concerned about rooting out the attacking force than about the collateral damage. And for those who blame Biden for not stopping Bibi......go ahead, vote for Trump. I'm sure Trump will take care of it all for you. Only President Tiny Hands can fix it. The current food drops & boat loads are a drop in the bucket, but what else can be done? Hamas has been using human shields for decades.
@14, What goes around, comes around.......You reap what you sow.....KARMA!! The sooner the better, I hope.


&, in
Other News:

Trump says Jews
who support Democrats
‘hate Israel’ and ‘their religion.’

Former President Donald J. Trump accused Jews who vote for Democrats of hating their religion and Israel, reviving and escalating a claim he made as president that Jewish Democrats were disloyal.

A few hours later, facing mounting criticism from Jewish groups, Mr. Trump’s campaign repeated his incendiary charge, declaring that “Trump is right,” and that the Democratic Party “has turned into a full-blown anti-Israel, antisemitic, pro-terrorist cabal.”
--by Chris Cameron

the more Normalized
El trumpfster becomes
the more Heated the rhetoric
the Stochastic Terrorism right around
the corner . will El trumpfster’s fooly-reg-
ulated brown-shirted Militias OWN our Streets by 11/5?

will our Po-po be Sympathetic?
our Soldiery in cahoots?
WHO’ll Force the Na-
tional Guard to
Stand Down?

B. how many Admirals Kommnandants
and Generals do they even Need
for a nice, clean, comfortable
Coup d'état? More than a
few many even have a
little Experience in
this governmental
Field. Plus it
takes only a
Few states
to declare

and throw
the Whole
damn Thing
to the House
of Representatives*
possibly needing to re-
sort to Shenanigans to keep
their currently-wafer-thin Majority

*or back to each
State’s House of Reps
Each having one vote ac-
cording to its state’s Legislature:

R or D.

so if the upcoming Election
Turns onto a Catastrophe
it favors the Fashcysts

looks like
ole Donny Brooker’s
Fueling up the Firesturm und Drang already


the trumpf fambly
Dienasty now Owns
the "republican" partay

Doling Out - Or
NOT to the

so how Low
can you Bow?


@10: ‘“A judge ruled in favor of the sheriff" is still up, despite the fact that statement is dead wrong.’

As of Monday evening, The Stranger’s error from Friday morning still sits there, uncorrected.

“This is a big journalistic blunder. So big that it makes you wonder whether a journalist actually wrote it.”

So, on the topic of who is better qualified to report the truth, the Stranger says writers who don’t correct their mistakes get to criticize writers who do?


@19 & @20 kristofarian: I don't know how to deal with this cruelly dystopian universe anymore.
I know Charles Mudede is freaking out about the unseasonably warm, sunny days and that we will most likely pay in spades this summer when smoke season rears its Trump's butt-ugly, fossil-fuel industry induced head.
Clear skies, sunshine, being close to water, and playing my music are bringing me peace right now.


A case of the pot calling the kettle black if I ever saw one:

This is a big journalistic blunder. So big that it makes you wonder whether a journalist actually wrote it.


hang in there
auntie Gee. sometimes
it's Crucial to take a bit of a Break

away from all this Noise.

Thank God
for making


@24 kristofarian: Amen, and bless you, kris. That is exactly what I am and have been doing.
I'm back to writing my short story accompanying my latest orchestrated piece.

I will have more time for figuring out what to score next this year. The local community theatre of which I have been affiliated with over the last seventeen years does not have an upper range woodwind part for me this year.
I'll miss not playing in the pit orchestra, but maybe it's a sign that I need to pack my beloved VW for another road trip when the good weather returns.

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