How was Pye executed if he was "sentenced to life back in 1993"? But yeah, abolish the death penalty.

Re: Indonesian elections, it was nepotism and corruption from the current president, Joko Widodo, that helped lead to Prabowo's election. This does not bode well for democracy in the world's most populous Muslim country.


Kyiv may have been spared missile attacks for the past several weeks, but there was hardly a "44-day pause" in the war against Ukraine.


Oh, no! Not a five day work week for city employees! Disaster!


Weren’t we just talking about the poetic appeal of “axe murdering” like last week?


" Kinda sounds like a W for Republicans"

Welcome to being governed by "moderates"


Kudos to the UN on their Ceasefire Resolution.
I’m sure it will be every bit as impactful as voting uncommitted in the primary.


Re: Jonathon Choe

Hannah's spin: "After all, he is but a cog in the right-wing media machine driving us closer and closer to destruction everyday. "

Really? Most of his Discovery Institute video content of the plight of the homeless downtown and in other cities. Such videos are disturbing, but Hannah and the rest of the TS staff don't want you disturbed. He also covers the Palestinian protests, now this house squatter. Are house squatters now marginalized communities?

Jonathan Choe is a local hero.


“…the Seattle City Council voted unanimously and without discussion to reverse 20 bills the previous council passed in the last budget to impose checks and balances on executive departments.”

The Charter “imposes checks and balances” on City government by granting distinct legislative, executive, and judicial powers to those branches of city government. Under the Charter, the Council can pass laws to oversee the executive on specific matters. Any subsequent Council may revoke those laws. Nothing the Council did altered the City Charter.

We all understand the Stranger will explode in poutrage at every last little thing Council President Nelson does, but actually reporting what the Council really did would be nice, too.

If it will help soothe the Stranger, we can note one thing which has not changed at the Council: the above 20 reversals were all enacted in the absence of Sawant.


"so this seems like a pretty significant shift, likely prompted by the ongoing, anti-genocide protest movement and perhaps more specifically the campaign to vote "uncommitted" in the Presidential Primary."

Note the complete lack of evidence for this statement. This is simply wishful thinking: if you voted uncommitted, no one cared. You simply threw away your vote, and doing so had no impact whatsoever on U.S. foreign policy. It's silly to think performative nonsense like this makes a difference.


@5 the insistence that moderate Democrats are somehow akin to Republicans is a continual reminder that progressives are even worse.


Expanding on my @10, "uncommitted" delegates accounted for less than 10% of the vote in the Washington Democratic Presidential primary.* For context, perennial candidate Goodspaceguy got 4.4% of the vote in the recent D8 Seattle City Council primary.



@10: Ever since Hamas’ attack in Israel on 10/7, the Stranger has blithely assumed that Pres. Biden wants children to keep on dying in Gaza, and that the only things that can possibly change this are performative protests. Therefore, any move by him to end the suffering in Gaza must simply be attributed to nothing but these protests.

I can understand sheltered undergraduates believing this for awhile, but to see it come so strong, month after month after month, from putative adults, really makes an amazing spectacle.


Not only is the Biden Admin calling for a Ceasefire in the UN, but they're also actively working on negotiating one.

Contingent on Hostage Release or not, the rest of the UN ought to take this chance to get a resolution through - for all the good it will do. At this point, Hamas is the one deciding how long Gazans will starve.


You all might want to look at the Republicans position on Gaza. Speaker Johnson wants to invite Netanyahu to speak before the House. Trump wants him to finish the job. It is a binary choice, like it or not.


Continuing from above, the House Republicans also dropped a budget proposal prohibiting aid to the UNRWA, stopping food for Gaza. But there's no difference between them, right?


Of course one troll would admire another troll as a “local hero”


City employees already have the option for a four day work week. You can do four ten hour days. I know one work unit that does fourteen twelve hour days in a row, with fourteen days off.


I wish my beloved VW & I could could afford to live even part-time in San Juan County. I have some good friends out there and living in a beach cabin with a garage would feel utopian. But while life expectancy on the islands is high (average 86.3 years--best longevity in Washington State--from FYI Guy Gene Balk's study in The Seattle Times) life there isn't without its share of problems.
The cost of living is high; because it's a desirable tourist destination summer season is nuts. Relying on WSF to go anywhere would be an expensive booger. Additionally, healthcare (they only have a PeaceHealth outpatient clinic in Friday Harbor, the county seat), good auto mechanics, and other services are limited. Winter driving conditions on winding, hilly, and wooded roads would be treacherous for us, particularly in snow.
By statewide comparison, it is interesting that the average life span in Whatcom County is 80 years, despite the rate of alcoholism from Balk's statistical study.

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