George Washington never looked so cool. Anna Moneymaker / GETTY



the Fascists
cannot understand
how enabling a Genocide
is anethma (to civilized Human Beings)

and believe Only
in the Power
to have it

Smokin' Joe.


Not a good look to oppress Student Protests - and they are mostly students. That Congressional hearing put the zap on University President's heads.

If a university makes a commitment to divest from Israel and US weapons manufacturers (AKA Boeing), then what? Back to class?


We are living in the Age of the Ubiquitous Loon.


Smug vegans will be just as afflicted by bird flu if it spreads to humans. Maybe try reading the NYT’s recent coverage to learn more about how it’s jumping from species to species.


The irony of these protestors demanding their free speech rights so they can chant antisemitic genocidal slogans when months earlier someone who dared to question whether biological males should complete in women's sports was harassed and physically assaulted over her "hate speech" on a university campus. I guess free speech only really matters if it aligns with your worldview.


People on the East Side have had bus (I.e. public transit) service for longer than I can remember. At least since the ‘70s. Granted, they haven’t all used it, but it’s been there.



Great job there of painting all protestors with the same broad, flat brush. A single individual committing an offense against another individual is not the same as thousands of students exercising their First Amendment right to protest the ongoing, mass killing of tens of thousands of innocent civilians in Gaza.



but IS chanting
those 'antisemitic
genocidal slogans'
Really what they're
Saying or just what
you're hearing in your
brain? because I'm hearing

"Death to Israel."

it wouldn't be
the first time
you've made
shit up d12r.


“Wow, welcome to one of those flash-point-in-history moments.”

Please look at the academic calendar. Really soon, undergrads will have to start getting ready for finals, then packing up and going home. The next week, or two at most, are their last chance to yell self-righteous slogans in public. That’s the only reason for their ramp-up now.

@9: Obviously, you’ve reviewed images of every protest nationwide, cross-referenced each protester’s actions against that university’s campus code of conduct, and determined it was just peachy.

(Here’s a hint: it’s not “genocide” just because you say it’s “genocide,” and a person can disagree with you in good faith without being a supporter of “genocide.”)


@9 Hmmm, it is hard to review every camp to be sure but Congress overwhelming passed a resolution declaring "From the River to the Sea" to be antisemitic:
and that does seem to be the chant du jour on every campus.

Of course the "protestors" have also blocked Jews from entering campus in a throwback to 1938

and you have this guy leading one of the protests in NY who said all Zionists should be killed:

Finally, you have this guy walking around GWU with a poster extolling the final solution

I'm going to go out on a limb here and say when all this is taken together that yeah these "protests" are antisemitic. Maybe you need to start hearing things instead of just listening to the voices inside your bubble.

@8 Comte you are too funny. You complain about painting everyone with the same brush but have spent the last several years indicting every police officer for the actions of a few. Btw the incident I referenced wasn't a single person, it was a mob that tracked down and harassed a woman because she had a differing opinion and there have been numerous examples the last few years of similar incidents on college campuses across the country. So either you have free speech or you don't.


@10. Spot on. I think that's why most admins are taking a cautious approach, just waiting out the academic year. However, that's still cold comfort for the larger campus community.

One thing for sure, if there has to be direct action campaigns for the Palestinian cause, the campus is the most deserving location. Aging Marxists often lament that a typical university is a fairly corporate structure at root, a creme brulee of social justice on the surface (which conservative media thinks is its beating heart), but an institution reliant on elite funding for elite grooming to maintain an elite class.

And that structure is every bit present at the individual emotional/psychological level. These young adults will play act revolution, head off to tony summer retreats, and perhaps by next fall, be taking positions in law firms, investment houses, media outlets, and other professional endeavors. Campus culture doesn't indoctrinate, but simply offers the same Janus face it itself wears.

But occasionally, the Dionysian impulse wins the day, and the mask does feel real. It must be intoxicating to have been giving dry lectures on Stokely Carmichael for years to finally see students playing out his famous declaration "The only good Zionist is a dead Zionist."


"And these children that you spit on as they try to change their worlds; are immune to your consultations, they are quite aware of what they are going through."


@12: “These young adults will play act revolution, head off to tony summer retreats, and perhaps by next fall, be taking positions in law firms, investment houses, media outlets, and other professional endeavors.”

Hamas’ kidnapping, rape, and slaughter of Israeli civilians took place near the start of last Fall Semester. With students leaving campus soon, next Fall’s crop of students may well see Gaza as So Last Year, especially if the IDF has withdrawn from Gaza by then.


"...vegetarians, and vegans must be feeling pretty good about themselves right now." Nope. They are pissed off that they will suffer alongside the factory meat eaters of the world who created, through their demand for cheap meat, the perfect laboratory for viral mutation (not to mention antibiotic resistance, climate change, polluted water, etc). Those who read, listen, and can retain facts have known this for decades. A person is not smug for making an informed and rational choice not to participate in the meat economy. Calling such a person smug (@4) is a defense mechanism that allows people to deflect blame, but in reality is an expression of self-loathing for not doing the same thing themselves. If and when the bird flu takes off among humans, we will be dealing with a pandemic with a 50 percent mortality rate (NIH, 2023). If that does not spark some self-reflection, what will?


Droogs in cop suits body slamming and assaulting bystanders.

Remember your training! Subdue the threat to your authority with your practiced judo moves. Who are these thugs who call themselves defenders of public safety? They just want a sanctioned target for their rage. Trash. Scum. Unworthy of wearing that badge and firearm.


I'm not the least bit surprised the the birthrate in the U.S. is plummeting.
Women and girls should NOT be forced to give birth! We are NOT farm animals!
All RepubliKKKan males should be fully castrated at birth.
Death to the GOP!

Nor am I surprised to learn that the SPD is being sued for sexual assault, harassment, and hindering female personnel from promotions. Toxic masculinity is a global cancer that if not stopped will be the end of us all.


@1 kristofarian: NO!! I refuse to say, "Sayonara, Smokin' Joe!'
Do you REALLY want the criminally neofascist alternative, kris?
I sure as my morning shit do not!

What I especially despise is dirty money swaying election results.
This is exactly what the Orange Turd and its loyalists threaten to do,
despite their ironically falsely accusing Democrats of "stealing" elections.
RepubliKKKans are the heartless profiteering war criminals unfit to govern.
The sooner their cruelly misogynist and systematically racist "white men only"
society reaches mass extinction, the sooner this burning planet and the rest of
us can heal from this current dystopian nightmare.


@6 -- Yeah, no shit. What a stupid statement Natalie. Way more people ride the buses in this region than take the train. This will likely change ... never. Seriously, I really doubt we get to the point where more people ride the trains unless the bus system completely collapses. Even in Vancouver -- which has a rail system we can only dream of -- more people ride the bus than ride the train. If you live in a city like ours the key is for the buses and trains to work together (like they do in Vancouver). But again, we can only dream of that.


RE: Emery student protests and arrests....Thanks for showing the CNN video. Pretty clear case of a woman obstructing a police officer[s], then resisting arrest PRIOR to being forced to the ground. I realize those under 25 have a limited and more recent perspective on what is allowable behavior. Even my white dad had "the talk" with me.


@20 -- Good one:

Student Protest Leader
at Columbia: ‘Zionists
Don’t Deserve to Live’

this is a far
as I got:

After video surfaced on
social media, the student,
Khymani James, said on Friday
that his comments were wrong.



auntie Gee
it's the LAST
Thing I want!

tho I don't see Joe
surviving politically
if bibi's not yet in jail
or the student protests
havem't Yet diminished

plus Joe's
Energy level
appears dismal but
I do Hope I'm wrong on that


August 22's the Nomination
he's in The Hotseat
hope he's ready
for it. this is
NOT to Say
Joe's been
a failure.

he's gotten WAY more Done
then I'd expected & has a
pretty good track record
but Father Time is Not
on Uncle Joe's side
& it's seems to be
getting more and
more apparent

it's a TOUGH
fucking Job
and Joe's
not been
too Bad
at it.


@22: “this is a far
as I got:”

So, that means you read this:

‘Columbia University announced on Friday that it had barred from its campus a leader in the pro-Palestinian student protest encampment who declared on video in January that “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”‘

And this:

“The student, Khymani James, made the comments during and after a disciplinary hearing with Columbia administrators that he recorded and then posted on Instagram.”

And this:

‘The hearing, conducted by an administrator of the university’s Center for Student Success and Intervention, was focused on an earlier comment he shared on social media, in which he discussed fighting a Zionist. “I don’t fight to injure or for there to be a winner or a loser, I fight to kill,” he wrote.‘

After which you understood he hadn’t joined an over-enthusiastic chant at a rally, he hadn’t drunkenly parroted something he’d overheard, he wasn’t caught out of context. He was being disciplined for speaking death threats on campus when he said, “Zionists don’t deserve to live.”

Which he then posted himself.

Lovely company you’re excusing.



that means
you read this:"

Wormongue. that
was the Subheading dipshit.
I didn't even need to OPEN the Article.

can you not


your denial
of a Genocide's
dislodged your brain



@28: “I didn't even need to OPEN the Article.”

You’re right; I should not have accused you of ever having learned anything at all about the topic in question before you commented on it.

Again, lovely company you’re keeping.

Also, @26. lol.


Where are all the Bernie Bros at?

WASHINGTON, April 25 — Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) today released the following statement in response to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s claim yesterday that criticism of the Israeli government’s policies is antisemitic:

No, Mr. Netanyahu. It is not antisemitic or pro-Hamas to point out that in a little over six months your extremist government has killed 34,000 Palestinians and wounded more than 77,000 – seventy percent of whom are women and children.

It is not antisemitic to point out that your bombing has completely destroyed more than 221,000 housing units in Gaza, leaving more than one million people homeless – almost half the population.

It is not antisemitic to note that your government has obliterated Gaza’s civilian infrastructure – electricity, water, and sewage.

It is not antisemitic to realize that your government has annihilated Gaza’s health care system, knocking 26 hospitals out of service and killing more than 400 health care workers.

It is not antisemitic to condemn your government’s destruction of all of Gaza’s 12 universities and 56 of its schools, with hundreds more damaged, leaving 625,000 students with no education.

It is not antisemitic to agree with virtually every humanitarian organization in saying that your government, in violation of American law, has unreasonably blocked humanitarian aid coming into Gaza, creating the conditions in which hundreds of thousands of children face malnutrition and famine.

Mr. Netanyahu. Antisemitism is a vile and disgusting form of bigotry that has done unspeakable harm to many millions of people. But, please, do not insult the intelligence of the American people by attempting to distract us from the immoral and illegal war policies of your extremist and racist government. Do not use antisemitism to deflect attention from the criminal indictment you are facing in the Israeli courts. It is not antisemitic to hold you accountable for your actions.


Funny how everyone believes they some sort of god given right to own an arsenal of murder weapons due to the 2nd amendment and yet when it comes to protests and reading books (both things protected by the FIRST AMENDMENT) the same zealots could GAF and want dictators to sweep in and get rid of them.


“… kristofarian calling people ‘dipshit’…”

to be Fair
wormmy IS a dipshit

“… and bragging
about not reading
the New York Times.’

I subscribe
(for $5 a week!)
but when I read the
Headline, I’ll read the
Sub-head -- & when it
says ‘nothing to see here’

I don’t waste my time
like with Wormtongue
I seldom do more than
a quick glance to see if
his vitriol is outta control

but that’s all he’s
worth to me.

I don’t need
His poison.

nor yours


do not insult
the intelligence
of the American people
by attempting to distract us
from the immoral and illegal war
policies of your extremist and racist
government. Do not use antisemitism
to deflect attention from the criminal in-
dictment you are facing in the Israeli courts.
It is not antisemitic to hold you accountable for

your actions.

--Vermont Senator (I) Bernie Sanders
a Jew! for gods sake

& get booboo
into Court



@13: Yes, the student leaders of Columbia University’s Pro-Palestine protesters continue to amaze us with their profiles in courageous leadership during this time of crisis. From the NYT story quoted above:

“Mr. James did not respond to a request for comment, and student protesters declined to address the matter at a news conference on the Columbia campus Friday afternoon.”

Feel the moral leadership!



if Only them silly Students
had Yours and bibi's "moral leadership'

they'd likely be hacking away at
their fellow students
like it's Oct 8th.


Campus Crackdowns Ignite
Gaza Solidarity Movement*

“The worst persecution that the Jewish students on campus are facing is from Columbia University.

We were disproportionately banned by Columbia because so many of us are part of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment, trying to prevent a genocide in our name.”

“The universities across America have to realize that the young people of this country do not support the constant imperial wars that our government is either participating in or funding, and that something has to change,” Juan González concluded.

What for the University of Texas is a slogan, “What starts here changes the world,” is quickly becoming, for thousands of students across the country, a call to action, demanding peace in Gaza.

*keep crackin' them heads
you'll surely see them kids
won't take your just-say-Yes!
to-Genocide and walk away but
You only know ONE Thing -- violence

which reminds me:
Agents Provocatuer are
frequently employed by
Po-po to destroy shit at
Protests so the Cops can
Shut Everything Down. look
for them to start showing up
and shutting down Campuses

the Reich is very
Strong in our
Po-po these
salald days.


@37: "“The worst persecution that the Jewish students on campus are facing is from Columbia University.

"We were disproportionately banned by Columbia because so many of us are part of the Gaza Solidarity Encampment, trying to prevent a genocide in our name.”

Or because your student leaders brazenly engage in eliminationist rhetoric against anyone who dares disagree with you.

"which reminds me:
Agents Provocatuer are
frequently employed by
Po-po to destroy shit at
Protests so the Cops can
Shut Everything Down."

Instead of loudly proclaiming pride in your ignorance, you could have read past the sub-head, and learned the student protest leader who used eliminationist rhetoric was actually very sincere in wanting to kill persons who disagreed with him. He relented only after repeated rounds of discipline.

But who needs reality when you can simply fabricate paranoid conspiracy theories out of nothing?


"it wouldn't be
the first time
you've made
shit up"



if they're calling
for the Death of Jews
then they can fuck off

if they'e calling for
the End to bibi's
Genocide more
Power to Them

if that wasn't Clear
then I apologize
for your Con-

you two
as the 'Voices
of compassion' @tS?



if the
are 'Wrong' then let the
Massacring of Palestinians continue?

let me guess:


oh and if Smokin' Joe
cannot get on Top
of this he's Toast

And, perhaps,
so are We.


@43 'JEWS


END the

the former
is the Better?



@44. The answer lies in the legacy of Carmichael and SNNC, that created an ideological bridge between US race relations, black nationalism, decolonization, and the purported scourge of Israel's existence.

Decades after the Black Power movements salad days, Jews today are not accorded "marginalized" status, instead considered "white adjacent." At a federal agency here in Seattle, for example, their departments DEI office, when breaking employees into "affinity" groups for post Floyd struggle sessions, forced Jewish employees into the "white" group, despite their protests. During those meetings, they were treated no differently than Joe gentile.

GenZ is inherenting the legacy via the BLM epic, and internalized it more than any other demographic. According to the latest polling, self described "progressive" individuals aged 18-24 hold the highest levels of prejudice against Israel and Jews. For example, the gold standard of anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial - 1 in 5 GenZs answered affirmatively to "the Holocaust is a hoax." Equally high numbers for; Jews hold too much power in the world, Jews abuse the Holocaust story to advance themselves, etc.

It would seem ironic to have a "racial reckoning" in respect to African Americans then to see Jews being chased off campuses within a few years. All roads lead lead back 68-72.

Did I mention Nation of Islam? Mr. Farrakhan had some colorful things to say about Jews over the years, none of which, sadly would raise an eyebrow at the "liberated" encampment.

For a generation that sloganeered "OK Boomer" just a second ago, it's strange to see the new crop so dedicated to pantomime 1969.


""From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free' is antisemitic and genocidal as hell."

Perhaps this isn't a mutually exclusive statement simply because Republicans told you to twist it into that meaning?

Could you perhaps consider that the Palestinian territories could exist alongside Israel in a free society and not an apartheid one?

When the protestors chant, from the river to the sea, Israel and all its Jewish inhabitants will be exterminated," I will be first in line to condemn that antisemitism. But that isn't what they are saying!

That doesn't mean that some people are, but you are twisting their message in disingenuous outrage so that the Israeli government can continue their war crimes unchecked and those in league can mobilize their voter base with emotional reasoning, and so all the trolls on Twitter who bitched and moaned about their antisemitic posts being deleted can keep them upheld online while they own the libs and censor their free speech.

I can't take you seriously at all with this pearl clutching nonsense when you form a false equivalency to protect the Proud Boys and Charlottesville marchers who in the most opaque terms espoused antisemitism against Jews. Get real!


Ok, but let's give your argument equal time.

It is very well possible that this clip from South Park is closer to what is definitely happening in several places, and propagandists are helping to egg on angry mobs into spouting antisemitic slogans and through the power of suggestion enabling rampant antisemitism. That is totally unacceptable.

I use this analogy which is very offensive on its face, but illustrates what I believe to be happening in many places, so please recognize that the message is not meant to endorse anything Cartman says or does, but how well meaning people can be manipulated into enabling the opposite of their values.


Now, that being said, I will let Bernie do the talking better than any word salad I can muster in defense of students and free speech


@50. You didn't address my points or qualify your statement, and instead made it about me. Nothing I wrote was insulting in this instance. Low energy, 2/10, try again.


Why does freeing Palestine necessitate the destruction of Israel? Does Israel's existence necessitate the destruction of Palestine? Let my people go, man!

Raindrop, you can make your own arguments instead of deflecting to @46's word salad sophistry. I directly addressed your argument and even played devil's advocate. 1/10, please clap.


yes let's go live to the scene no we have our reporter Jim Smith there to take on this inhuman chaos are you there Jim?

yes I am here Steve and it's hard not to be struck by the depravity of the scene we're talking tens of thousands of children, some as young as 18 with very little to eat living in tents possibly contracting colds by the thousands it's truly one of the most sick things happening on the planet right now and it's shockingly happening in a ghetto that's existing in the middle of a supposedly free democracy and of course I'm talking about college campuses in the United States.

my God Jim that sounds insane and you know scenes like this are very disturbing hopefully there's some kind of rhyme or reason to why this is going on? are the victims okay?

not really no steve, you can hear their screams by the millions just blood curdling screams that are coming through on Twitter it's almost like a war zone out there and it's really a shame that people are subjected to this treatment where in some people in a country of more than half a million have radical views, some very distasteful and express them in a public square it is truly and shock to the system to find that in 2024 antisemitism exists and truly it is so deafening that it cannot be separated from other more sensitive opinions that truth be told could be expressed quieter for the truly enlightened ears among Us although some of it is breaking through the jist being the protesters are saying "people are dying by the tens of thousands in a relative penal colony being kept under heel by bombs from this country" but it's hard to hear under the deafening roar of small groups of people chanting possibly xenophobic chants. many of those people paradoxically self-identify as the group targeted, which speaks to a deeper threat that they have been co-opted by the obvious enemy here.

and Jim can you speculate on the true driver of these heinous acts that clearly couldn't be because of and I'm reading here "tens of thousands of dead children"

yes Steve there truly is a trojan horse at work, reasonable people will surely identify as the main cause of this heinous loitering related crime the three-headed monster of BLM, stokely Carmichael, and good old-fashioned Marxist conspiracy within the mysterious class of people known as "the educated". it is truly hard to stomach, the grass here used to be so so so well maintained, with tens of thousands perhaps a million beautiful blades of grass that will now forever be traumatized by this experience and some of course that will be trampled and perhaps even peed on, before grounds crews supported by incredibly rich institutions will inevitably replace the grass.

some will say a nuanced View could be taken where there is a mind to the distribution of suffering and not equate the uncomfortability of speech with the uncomfortability of being killed in a war zone but those people clearly Steve, are just antisemites.


Well, well, well!


@23 kristofarian: Thank you for the clarification. We usually see eye to eye on a lot of issues, and I was getting worried. I'm with you and Senator Bernie Sanders. Netanyahu and Putin must be stopped in their ruthless attacks on Gaza, Palestine, and Ukraine.

@25: Eat your paste before it hardens, raindrop dear.

@31 & @32 xina: +2 for the Win!! Thanks again for being spot on.
I'll take peaceful protests and books any day over willfully misinformational "white men only" MAGAt RWNJ gibberish. Long live the 1st Amendment!
It's too bad we can't round up all RepubliKKKans down to the most gullible of MAGAts, build a wall around 'em and be done with 'em.


"Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither."

Tell me, Raindrop, why are the protestors blocking freeways and airports and business as usual? Is it because at long last it is time to hate the Jews? Finally, all those evil libs are getting it off their chest that you must bow down to their hatred of Judaism and Ashkenazi and Sephardic et al for a new inquisition? What is the actual context of these (constitutionally protected) demonstrations? Is it because they are essentially the Proud Boys, but unlike them and the Charlottesville marchers who actually killed someone, they got your attention?

How many dozens of posts have you made defending the free speech rights of all the repugnant and virtriolic hate and antisemitism vomited ad nauseum on Twitter in the name of free speech absolutism? Absent any context like a war we are funding that is decidedly not conducted in our collective national interests, as evidenced by these actions? Why do you have this double standard when the ingroup does it unquestionably and enables a hostile online environment against Jews which translates to day to day micro and macroaggressions against Jewish folks? Do you think propagating the antisemitic rhetoric and the batshit conspiracy theories of the KKK and David Duke of the past century is more harmful than protestors blocking streets in protest of an unjust war, one that actually endangers Israelis even more than seeking peace?

People frequently attribute white supremacists as racist against minorities due to their hairbrained pseudoscience about racial taxonomy and evolution, but at the core of their savage ideology is the constent scapegoat of Jews. And all of that is being projected onto the protestors against Gazan genocide after years of public demands for their free speech to be upheld in denial of the holocaust and scapegoating of our society to any number of baffling space laser-esque conspiracies to hurt Jewish people and scapegoat them for their own problems to keep those they elect from accountability.

As I have said in crystal clear terms, antisemtism anywhere is against progressive values and all those of decent people. Those who would hijack the protests as a sanctioned venue for their antisemitism must be held accountable and their nonsense clearly bifurcated from the overarching purpose of the protests. It is not a referendum on Judaisim but on the Israeli regime's actions, a political disagreement and not an attack on a people because of who they are. Zionism has always been political since its inception, but it is easy to hijack the message when large groups of people express their anger because they are not reasoning rationally in all instances.

And who really could reason rationally at this point? To see that it is us that help inflict this needless and unjust suffering? No, it is a disservice to all concerned.

No one's safety and security should be threatened because of who they are. That is beyond unacceptable, and those Jewish students on college campuses and beyond in their daily lives and workplaces must not be prevented from doing so due to bigotry and hate or any reason! I condemn those actions in the strongest terms.

But you cannot simply paint all these protests and protestors as espousing rhetoric that you have defended for years and that the vast majority of peaceful citizens are clearly not saying and doing. You are victimizing a straw man to enable the soft and gentle and considerate Proud Boys and their ilk to be given moral license to do so in the most harmful and clear cut terms. Because apparently, like Trump, you like when people speak their mind.

Guess who else people liked who spoke his mind without shame in such terms?

Anyway, I will let Ian Berlin make the point for me:

'I do not deny that there has been a shocking and upsetting rise in antisemitism over the last few months, including several instances of antisemitism right at Yale and in New Haven. Last fall, one professor’s post on X (formerly Twitter) appearing to praise Hamas’ October 7th attack sparked a petition for her to be fired.

I have had countless painful conversations with close friends trying to explain to them how their rhetoric has at times minimized the killing and hostage-taking of Israeli Jews and how that language hurts their Jewish classmates, myself included.

But when people see pro-Palestinian protesters arrested at the same time as President Joe Biden and others are warning about a surge of antisemitism on college campuses, they apply the same tired framework — supposedly antisemitic pro-Palestine activists pitted against Jewish pro-Israel activists — to Yale. As a fourth-year Yale student, I find this characterization to be deeply frustrating, as it could not be further from the truth. At every turn, I have encountered a community of activists and organizers that is eager to listen, ready to learn and committed to including Jewish voices and perspectives.'


the 'Danger[s] to Society'
are those NOT

why do you
Hate Palestinians?


The protesters chanting "Zionists will not replace us!" seemed a bit over-the-top, although the tiki torches were a nice touch.
I'm sure there are very fine people on both sides.


Gen Z has an antisemitism problem, but its their faculty that's to blame.

Economist/YouGov Poll December 2-5, 2023, US
45A. Agreement with Statement —The Holocaust is a myth; 20% of ages 18-29 said Yes.
45B. Agreement with Statement - The Holocaust has been Exaggerated; 23% ages 18-29 said Yes.
45C. Agreement with Statement - Jews have too much power in America; 28% ages 18-29 said Yes.
[Age had the highest correlation to "Yes," and 18-29 had the highest affirmative response of all groups].

45J. American Jews make a positive contribution to American society; 52% ages 18-29 said Yes.
[Hold your applause kids. Ages 18-29 was the lowest group to answer affirmatively, just edging out Blacks, at 53%...Stokely Carmichael effect in all likelihood]
45K. The state of Israel has the right to exist; 51% ages 18-29 said Yes. [Yep, lowest group to affirm]

These numbers are frankly shocking. In the 80s-90s you would have to drive into some rural and impoverished zip code to get anything like this, and it still wouldn't have been close. It is telling that the new antisemitism is emanating from universities, and as other polls have shown, when you ask Gen Z to declare political preference, the preponderance of the those holding the "problematic" views are "progressive/democrat."

The Academy has bred a crop of Hamasjugend.


I want to see every contributing staff member of the Stranger to publicly answer those questions.



That poll was a nonsensical embarrassment.

In addition to the biases inherent to opt-in polls, the sample size was ridiculously small.


"We attempted to replicate the opt-in poll’s findings in our own survey, fielded in mid-January 2024 on Pew Research Center’s American Trends Panel. A dot plot showing that opt-in poll and probability-based surveys produce very different results on young adults’ views of the Holocaust, abortion.

Unlike the December opt-in survey, our survey panel is recruited by mail – rather than online – using probability-based sampling. And in fact, our findings were quite different.
Rather than 20%, we found that 3% of adults under 30 agree with the statement “The Holocaust is a myth.” (This percentage is the same for every other age group as well.) Had this been the original result, it is unlikely that it would have generated the same kind of media attention on one of the most sensitive possible topics."


@73. But one should be realistic and honest about statistics, particularly when they attribute the central mean to the outliers in bad faith to shut down all dialogue on policy decisions.


when they attribute
the central mean
to the outliers'



tho the
is quite Subtle.


The cold gruel;

Claims Conference

Harvard Caps/Harris;



@78. What are the protestors protesting against?


@78. Speaking of black folks being harassed, you are using the same playbook as the far right did to discredit the BLM movement, intentionally missing the forest for the trees, often using masked agents provocateur to destroy public property and deface buildings and break windows, in order to shift the meaning of BLM from stopping police brutality against them and removing the double standards in the law as codified and interpreted, in order to paint every BLM supporter as a left wing socialist atheist-Muslim extremist boogeyman. And they largely succeeded over time.

And that is PRECISELY what you are all doing by upholding all of these exceptions to the rule (which must be held accountable for the sake of the protest itself), so that you can have it both ways where antisemitic hate speech is upheld online and for tiki torch very fine people, but not for students and professors and all people who will no longer tolerate injustice against the Gazan people who are being starved en masse, and everything we have seen over and over and over again for six months like the Ludovico technique from A Clockwork Orange. You are full of false outrage because you can google half a dozen examples or protestors doing the wrong thing, twisting slogans for freedom into an entire ethos of oppression, and ultimately weaponizing antisemitism to silence legitimate grievances against our government and Israel's and also Palestine's!

Tel Aviv has been packed with protestors demanding ceasefire and for Netanyahu to negotiate for the remaining hostages for months on end! And no end in sight! Would you call them antisemitic, the very Israeli protestors we have common cause with on campuses and streets across America?

Stop spinning the narrative! You are ultimately enabling the very antisemitism you claim so hollowly to be against! And the protests are only growing in might and intensity and the pressure is building on all parties. You will not disenfranchise the American people!


"You [teddycommietc]
will not disenfranchise
the American people!"

that's Precisely what he's

has done
and Is DOING

one o' booboo's
bots? hard
to tell

but Well-Played
garbby! danke


they Will
the Protests
they know they
Cannot Win otherwise

that's why Widdow Mike
Yohnson went [not to Wisconsin]
but strait to Columbia to ensure FORCE'd
be the "Answer" to the Gaza/Palestine Problem

to Continue the Genocide
even if the gotta Kill
every Last Gazan
- sorry HAMAS
if that's What
it Takes [to
that fine


Shut OFF the Spigot
mr President: 'our'
Complicity shall
not look Well
in November


you gotta Ask
yourself whom
you're arguing
against @82?

"@78: Not sure
who you think you’re
arguing against there, heh."


but look-
there goes
all your hard-
earned credibility.


@80: "And that is PRECISELY what you are all doing by upholding all of these exceptions to the rule..."

Anti-Israel chants featured prominently in Seattle's very first pro-Palestinian demonstration after 10/7, as the Stranger itself reported:

'The protesters made their demands clear in their rallying chants: ... “There is only one solution, intifada revolution,” and, “We don’t want two states, we want 1948,”...'


The Stranger's subhead reads, in full, "Demonstrators Call on Federal and State Leaders to Cut Off Support for Israel’s War Machine," which both acknowledged the intent of the demonstrators was to prevent Israel from defending itself, and makes a subtle equation of Israel with Nazi Germany, whose ground army went by the name, "Wehrmacht," literally, "war machine."

Back at the beginning, the Stranger knew your 'exception' was actually the rule.


speaking of Progressives
from an email from
Bernie to ME!

“Today, the US House of Representatives has a stronger progressive presence than at any time in modern American history. The Congressional Progressive Caucus has nearly 100 members, including dozens of very strong progressives, who are taking on powerful special interests every single day.

These members are taking on
insurance companies and
fighting to establish
healthcare as a
human right.

They are fighting the oil and coal companies
to save our planet and transform
our energy system away
from fossil fuels.

They are standing with workers and consumers
against the outrageous level of cor-
porate greed we are seeing.

at great
political risk,
they are opposing AIPAC
and the leadership of both
political parties in refusing to
support any more U.S. military
aid to Netanyahu’s horrific war
against the Palestinian people.”

[fucking bravo.]

--VT Senator Bernie Sanders (I)


“Almost 30 years ago
I and a few other House members
started the chamber's "Progressive Caucus."

Back then, many of the ideas
we care about were consid-
ered "fringe" or "radical."

Medicare for All and lowering the cost of prescription drugs. Too radical. Making the wealthy pay their fair share in taxes. Too radical. Opposing outrageously high military budgets. Too radical. Ending childhood poverty. Too radical. Expanding Social Security. Too radical. Making public colleges and universities tuition free. Too radical.

these ideas,
as well as many others,
are widely accepted as mainstream
and enjoy the support of a majority of Americans.

That doesn't
happen by

--VT Senator Bernie Sanders (I)

no Sir
it Don’t
YOU Bernie.

let thine Commie
Haters speakth:


speaking of

College Protests Over Gaza
Deepen Democratic Rifts

Scenes of chaos unfolding on campuses across the country are stoking internal divisions and carry political risk as a major election year unfolds.

Nearly seven months after the Israel-Hamas war began, the demonstrations convulsing college campuses nationwide are exposing fresh tensions within the Democratic Party over how to balance free speech protections and support for Gazans with concerns that some Jewish Americans are raising about antisemitism.

As scenes of campus turmoil play out across the country in the final days of the school year, the moment also carries political risk for a party that has harnessed promises of stability and normalcy to win critical recent elections, and faces a challenging battle for control of the government in the fall.

“The real question is, can the Democrats again portray themselves as the steady hand at the helm?” said Dan Sena, a veteran Democratic strategist. “Things that create national chaos like this make that harder to do.”

--by Katie Glueck; April 28, 2024


gonna be a Tough
few Months* for
Uncle Joe

‘Specially if he
Don’t get a
on this

oh and speaking
of Outside Agitators, 'enfant
terribles' & Agents Provocatuer:

What We Know
About the Protests
at Columbia University

Demonstrations outside the school gates
added to the upheaval, with protesters
who appear unconnected to
the university targeting
Jewish students.

[now There’s a
Bloody Surprise]


*8/22’s the ‘Democratic’
National Convention
when the DNC [llc]
Next Prez.

I say
1 in 3.
unless he
Handles it.
then it's a LANDSLIDE

and El trumpfster's
Over and OUT in
La Dumpfster


if you ever really wanted a Shot
at being a GREAT LEADER
Smokin' Joe -- right
fawking NOW'd be
a damn Good Time.

you're in the
Perfect Spot
for fucks sake.

I gotta say I shudder
to think whom the
'D'NC'll give to
US This time.

Hang in


Reich wing Oppression
Rears its ugly head
elsewhere as well

As Anger
Grows Over Gaza,
Arab Leaders Crack Down on Protests

The war has led to demonstrations across the Arab world. The numerous arrests suggest that governments are fearful of the outrage turning on them.





i hate ignorance
stupidity & the
inhumane way
OUR Tax $'re
spent on a

like I've said
oodles of times
I hold No Animosity
towards Jews. their Fascist
'leader' of Isreal and his team
of Far 'right' Genociders? I'd LOVE
to see them -- and fucking Hamas -- on
the Docket at the International Court of Justice

How 'bout you?
have you a soft spot
in your head for nutnyahoo?



what a


actually hold on
I Admire them
doesn't that
make me

or is that


@61: How does building a wall around all the MAGAts and RWNJ neofascists to keep them from further harming anyone make me a bloodthirsty threat to society, raindrop dear? I see your ALI (Artificial Lack of Intelligence) feeble brain controller kicked in. Eat your paste before it hardens, raindrop dear. The Orange Turd is laughing its filthy, spoiled, entitled, rich white narcissistic ass off at you.

@95: For someone who claims not to be a bigot you sure are a consistently willing pawn of FOX TeeVee and the Orange Turd, raindrop dear.


@95: ....said the present day Archie Bunker.

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