Evergreen State College says it will divest: Around a week after Evergreen students started their protest encampment, they will remove tents and stop the protest after Evergreen State College agreed to explore divestment from companies involved in the Israel-Hamas war. Additionally, the college agreed to publicly call for a ceasefire. Evergreen now joins Brown and Northwestern in the group of colleges that have listened to its student protesters. 

Another dead Boeing whistleblower: Joshua Dean, 45, a former quality auditor at a Boeing supplier, died Tuesday after a MRSA bacterial infection. Dean was openly concerned about the improperly drilled holes in Boeing's 737 Max jet fuselages. Dean is the second Boeing whistleblower to die in the last three months, according to NPR. Hm. I guess it's just... coincidence? 

Quake shakes Vancouver Island: Last night, a magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck off the coast of Vancouver Island. Did you feel any shaking? 

Natural gas blows up Ballard restaurant: Take 5 Urban Market in Ballard was rocked by an accidental natural gas explosion and then engulfed in flames early Thursday morning. The structure remained intact, but the inside of the market is a complete loss. Take 5 owners say they're looking to rebuild. 

Zebra still on the lamb: One zebra, known as Z, is still at large after escaping from a trailer transporting her and her brethren earlier this week. So, now the zebra is loose somewhere along the Snoqualmie Valley Regional Trail. People keep flocking to the area trying to see the zebra. This is not helping anyone find the zebra. How necessary is it to find this zebra? Can't we let her be free? Can't we let her become part of Washington mythology? We can tell tales of the Snoqualmie zebra for years to come. 

NYPD officer fired his gun inside Columbia University building: A new report from Axios says on Tuesday night, while removing students from Hamilton Hall, an NYPD officer fired his gun. Like, his actual gun, not a gun full of rubber bullets. According to the NYPD, this was an oopsie daisy sort of thing, the cop was using the flashlight on his firearm and accidentally fired the bullet. That's even worse! The bullet struck a nearby frame and didn't harm anyone. 

A dispatch from job land: Hiring in April took a steep nosedive compared to hiring in March. In April, employers added a cool 175,000 jobs. Compared to the 315,000 added in March, economists are signaling this means high-interest rates are taking a toll on the global economy. 

Sea lion lie-in: Over 1,000 sea lions have descended on San Francisco's Pier 39 to flop around and laze in the sun and gorge themselves on the feast of anchovies in the bay. 

Paris cleans up the Seine: Paris has a lofty goal of hosting this summer's Olympic swimming competitions in the River Seine, a waterway which has been historically so dirty it's been illegal to swim in it since 1923. With the construction of a new giant water storage basin to catch stormwater and prevent wastewater from entering the river, the Seine could be clean enough to swim in by the summer. Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo promised she would swim in the river before the Olympics. France President Emmanuel Macron may join her. 

Florida beats (lab-grown) meat: Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law that bans and criminalizes the sale and production of artificially-grown meat, otherwise known as cultivated meat, or, as the Florida Republicans are labeling it, lab-grown meat. DeSantis said this bill is Florida "fighting back against the global elite’s plan to force the world to eat meat grown in a petri dish or bugs to achieve their authoritarian goals." In reality, the growing cultivated meat industry is oriented around a future where food is scarce. Global protein demand is supposed to double by 2050. Will Florida be able to handle that demand? Alabama, Arizona, and Tennessee have also banned artificial meat. 

Biden's bad speech: On Thursday, President Joe Biden spoke out about the protests happening on college campuses. In doing so, Biden condemned the student demonstrations, saying they've gone too far and that protest should not cause chaos. Or, as he put it, "dissent must never lead to disorder." I'm pretty sure that's the whole point of protest. Speaking truth to power, being a voice calling for change by whatever means necessary, is the whole bedrock of this country's self-mythology. 

Remember when those goats were airlifted out of the Olympic Peninsula to the North Cascades? And it was 2019 and life was simple and it was so funny and cute to see flying goats? Well, all of those goats are dead now. Okay, not all of them, but out of the 115 airlifted goats, only three are still alive. 

Repeat offender poaches more eggs: A prolific egg thief won't fry for his crimes. Police found almost 3,000 wild birds in his house last summer, making this the third time he's been caught for nabbing eggs. But, our egg thief admitted his wild bird egg thievery is actually an addiction. He's too tempted by the eggs. Instead of jail time, the thief will receive a required 12-month mental health treatment and he must pay fines to the British Trust for Ornithology as well as his court fees and a victim surcharge. 

A song for your Friday: Kendrick Lamar released a track dissing Drake. I love the drama.