Washington closed its Pacific coastline "to the harvesting of shellfish, including mussels, clams, scallops and oysters," according to the Associated Press. Mariano Sayno / GETTY



Yep, on the “penis news,” cholesterol wreaks havoc on the blood flow down there. Not surprising to see Viagra having benefits elsewhere. Watch your blood work numbers, men! And pass on the burgers.


“Overturning Roe v. Wade and curtailing abortion access wasn't enough for these ghouls.”

And they made it clear for decades. Thanks to everyone who repeated the bald-faced lies about Democrats and Republicans having no real differences, and special thanks to Seattle’s own then-CM Sawant, who, in 2016, campaigned against Clinton in swing states.

@1: “The majority of Americans support Israel,”

And it’s not even close:

‘Mark Penn, the co-director of the poll, said support for Israel “has not budged” despite the “campus unrest.” He said the student protests appear out of step with broader public attitudes on Israel and noted that the poll showed Americans largely want a cease-fire in the war but only after Hamas is removed from power and the hostages they seized during its Oct. 7 attack on Israel are returned.’

‘At the same time, the poll also found support for Israel to continue its military operation into the city of Rafah, where many Palestinian civilians have fled to after Israel’s offensive began. Israeli leaders have said that Hamas militants are in the city.

‘More than 70 percent of respondents said Israel should move forward with the operation, including 57 percent of those 18 to 24 and increasing percentages with each older age group.’



"But scary things seem to be happening over there. "

Just like here, like a couple stories down regarding abortion. This is what happens when you put centrists in power. Rightward shifts are inevitable. Because centrists are closet regressives.


"when the plane he was flying around the San Juan Islands plummeted into he water."

nice passive voice.

"90 years old at the time of his death."

there's the cause


@6 A friend texted me "I think he dive-bombed on purpose." I'll only add that it's interesting that it happened on the same day that Tacoma's PBS station KBTC aired a rerun of their 2018 interview with him, which they had promoted all last week. (See it at https://www.kbtc.org/northwest-now/ )



Barry Petchesky wrote a short, but pretty great piece on him. Would highly recommend checking it out.



who Needs an FDR or
a Bernie when ya got Schumer
and Pelosi and Neoliberals galore


@4 No, that's what happens when you say there's no difference between Clinton and Trump. You get a Court on a roll taking away rights and laughing at ethics. If you don't know the Court would have been completely different if that "centrist" Hillary Clinton won, you haven't been paying attention.



"90 years old at the time of his death."

there's the cause

Or perhaps it was mechanical failure - probably should wait for the official cause of death before speculating.

FWIW, Anders was about as experienced a pilot as one could be - I mean, he flew to the moon and back, duh - with thousands of flight-hours in all manner of aircraft (he was on the board of the Heritage Flight Museum in Burlington, and had personally flown many of the planes in their collection). Age in and of itself isn't indicative of his abilities - or lack thereof - which like all licensed pilots, requires bi-annual review by a qualified FAA flight instructor in order to receive recertification. Presumably, Anders was recertified sometime within the past 24 months.


@3 As if asking "do you prefer Hamas or Israel more" was a fair question. I am surprised 20% said they preferred Hamas. The formulation of the poll is so biased it's laughable.

Polls that are properly formulated get completely different results:
Majority in U.S. Now Disapprove of Israeli Action in Gaza; Approval has dropped from 50% to 36% since November

Basically conservatives and the old (usually the same) approve of the conduct of the war while the rest doesn't.


@1 As if normalizing the discourse and the policies of the far right ever prevented the far right from growing. In fact, the opposite is precisely what happened in France where Macron's party got pulverized after they passed the strongest anti-immigration laws ever and they demonized Muslims constantly. Biden's approval rating among youth, latinos and black Americans is dismal and he won't win without these constituencies on board. He wouldn't have won in 2020 without these people voting for him. Out-Trumping Trump on immigration is going to do the opposite.


@2- I guess thinking with your dick is a good thing after all.


@9 Clinton mostly lost because people in the rust belt and beyond lost their jobs and got their communities destroyed thanks to neoliberal Democrats like the Clintons (and conservatives of course). Instead of showing she understood the problem, candidate Clinton doubled down, gave private speeches to bankers and refused to release the transcripts, thus leaving the door wide open for Trump to outflank her with ease. Clinton lost by her very own self like Joe Biden may lose the electoral college because of a lackluster turnout due to lack of enthusiasm for a flawed candidate.


@16 Biden has run the most progressive administration since FDR. He won in 2020 by embracing the folks who supported Bernie Sanders and picking a VP seen as more liberal than he was. Hillary lost in 2016 by telling those of us who supported Bernie to remember our place and vote blue no matter who, and then picked a VP to the right of her. A Democratic Party that abandons core Democratic values deserves to lose. The Democratic Party does best when it puts its historical base first: workers, immigrants, and minorities!

@14 He makes me think of my partner's late father. He went on hospice care after the start of Covid. As liver failure took its toll, he saw his doctor and got two things in the same visit: his Covid vaccine, and his death with dignity paperwork. The Dr. was initially hesitant to Rx the vaccine, because he was likely to have a fatal reaction. Her Dad pointed out that a fatal reaction was the goal of the other Rx. The vaccine at least held the hope of him seeing a few friends before using the other Rx. At some point, the risk becomes a fringe benefit.


@19 To be fair, the right has been doing plenty of bitching and moaning about Biden too. That said, I do see a lot of parallels to 2009-10, when a lot of lefties complained up and down about being sold out by Obamacare and then wondering why none of their voters showed up for the 2010 election.



I don't know if one could call Anders a "bold pilot" in the sense of being a risk-taker. Sure, going to the moon and back in 1968 was certainly a risky endeavor, but one with perhaps more risk assessment performed, analyzed, reviewed, and signed-off on than any other flight in human history, with the exception of the Apollo 11 mission. A pilot of his caliber doesn't reach the venerable age of 90 by taking unnecessary chances, especially when he's the one in the left seat.


@22 Looks like he was a risk-taker. This site has the video and link to flightaware playback:


"An online video shows the aircraft in an inverted dive/loop before it impacted the water at high speed. It appears that the maneuver is consistent with a Split S, in which the pilot half-rolls their aircraft inverted and executes a descending half-loop, resulting in level flight in the opposite direction at a lower altitude."


@16 have you noticed how many incumbent conservative Democrats lost to MAGA newcomers in recent election cycles? I haven't counted but there are many. Progressives who talk about economic fairness, and cut through the culture wars BS, would have a much better chance of retaining these seats for Democrats, that is if they can make it through primaries stacked against them by the party machine tipping the scale and blue dogs taking conservative money (like AIPAC)


averagebob dear, Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college because there were enough stupid people who wanted to see the TV star in the White House because he spoke to their personal failings and gave them someone to blame for their poor life choices. Stupid people love being victims, and the GOP knows how to play that.

If trump gets back in, it will be for the same reason.


@12: 'As if asking "do you prefer Hamas or Israel more" was a fair question.'

Israel and Hamas are the two sides fighting in Gaza. What's unfair about asking for a preference between two opposing sides in a conflict?

"I am surprised 20% said they preferred Hamas."

Why? We recently endured a month of campus protests nationwide, organized by a group, Students for Justice in Palestine, which holds a violently eliminationist position against Israel. (In the days after 10/7, SJP openly celebrated Hamas' rapes, murders, and kidnappings of Israelis as "necessary.") Unsurprisingly, eliminationist hate rhetoric flowed constantly from American college campuses towards Israel, and toward anyone who dared oppose the intolerance of the protestors. If students at elite schools could chant such hateful slogans, why can't one-fifth of those surveyed (not a large minority, btw) agree?

"Polls that are properly formulated get completely different results"

Two polls that asked different questions of different populations obtained different results. That you find this remarkable tells us all we need to know about your knowledge of polling.

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