Stabbing on the waterfront: A 28-year-old man is in critical condition after being stabbed 10 times in the back and abdomen near Alaskan Way and Spring Street around midnight on Saturday. Police suspect two people stabbed the man.

Sound Transit bus crash: A Sound Transit bus crashed into a downtown building on Saturday after the bus' brakes failed, according to the driver. The vehicle slammed into a walled structure outside a building on Fifth Avenue and Terrace Street. Fifteen passengers were injured, and one man remains critically injured. 

Library hackers can burn in hell: The Seattle Public Library is still in a state of computer-less paralysis after a ransomware attack four weeks ago. SPL librarians, who are having to check everything out via hand, are asking people to just not return their books at the moment since they don't have a way to check books back into their system without their computers up and running. Computers in the libraries don't work, and neither does library wifi. Library officials estimate at least two more weeks of this stilted, helpless limbo.

Nice weather continues in Seattle: Sorry to everyone melting around the world, Seattle will see a breezy high of 69 degrees today. 

New fear unlocked: If Mount Rainier erupted, it's not the potential for hot lava flows or suffocating volcanic ash we should worry about—it's the lahar. Rainier's unique icy, snowy, steep make-up means lahar, a swiftly moving slurry of water and volcanic rock debris, will slush down the mountain and gush into surrounding areas, covering them with "a river of mud, rocks, lava and icy water" that will dry like concrete. The deadliest lahar in recent history killed 23,000 people in minutes when Colombia’s Nevado del Ruiz volcano erupted. Mount Rainier has "about eight times the amount of glaciers and snow" as Nevado del Ruiz had at the time of that volcano's eruption. 

Everett Herald staff will strike: The journalists who remain at the Herald after ownership gutted the paper's staff in a round of layoffs last week will strike on Monday. 

World's worst layover: Two NASA astronauts are stranded on the International Space Station after hitching a ride on Boeing's Starliner. After years of delays, earlier this month the capsule finally made a successful crewed launch. Unfortunately, on that inaugural flight the crew found five helium leaks in the thruster system. Two astronauts who were only supposed to stay a week on the ISS have now been there three weeks, and it seems as though they won't be on a return flight home until sometime in July. To make matters worse, due to limited fuel on the ISS, the Starliner can only stay docked there for 45 days. The clock is ticking. This is like a more mundane Interstellar.

Extreme heat during Hajj: Extreme heat killed over 1,300 Islamic people making the pilgrimage to holy sites in and around Mecca as temperatures soared to 117 to 120 degrees across the five-day pilgrimage. According to Saudi Arabia's health minister, 81% of the deceased were unauthorized pilgrims, meaning they didn't have the proper visas to travel to Mecca and therefore didn't have hotels within which they could escape from the scorching temperatures. 

RIP, king: The US Postal Service will honor the late, great Jeopardy! host, Alex Trebek, by making a batch of Jeopardy!-themed Forever Stamps. The whole stamp sheet, split into text-heavy blue squares, will resemble the game's clue board. The stamps will be available at the end of July and will cost the new Forever Stamp price of 73 cents a stamp, up from 68 cents a stamp.

More Israeli strikes: On Friday, Israel struck tent camps housing displaced Palestinians near Gaza's southern city of Rafah. The shelling killed at least 25 people and injured 50 others. The attacks occurred at a location just outside Muwasi, an Israel-designated safe zone. Israel said it is trying to root out Hamas leaders and avoid civilian deaths, however, Israel somehow keeps killing civilians. 

So, what about that ceasefire? Shockingly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu does not want a full ceasefire as outlined in Joe Biden's three-phase plan for winding down the Israel-Hamas war. No, Netanyahu would do a "partial" ceasefire, but he's not going to end this war until he's destroyed Hamas. The partial ceasefire would only exist while the two groups returned each others' hostages. Then, Netanyahu wants the war and all of the death that comes with it to continue. This could (maybe???) further strain relationships between the US and Israel, since the US did a big diplomatic push for Biden's three-phase ceasefire plan. 

Parisians plan poop protest: Paris has been cleaning up the Seine because the City wants to host Olympic swimming races in the historic river. That would be all well and good, except that the river, despite the $1.5 billion the French government has spent to clean it up, is still contaminated. Nevertheless, officials remain confident they'll have everything in ship shape by Olympic games time next month. French President Emmanuel Macron and Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo said they'd swim in the river to prove it was safe. Parisians think they're full of shit. To illustrate their point, many Parisians planned to shit in the Seine. "Because after putting us in shit it's up to them to bathe in our shit," a website for the event declares. It was supposed to happen on Sunday, but it's unclear whether any mass Seine shitting occurred. 

Ah, this should end horribly: The Supreme Court agreed to take up a case challenging Tennessee's ban on gender-affirming care for minors. Call me a pessimist, but I can't see that ending well.

Penile cancer on the rise: Penis cancer, while rare, is increasing globally. Brazil has one of the highest incident rates, occurring in 2.1 in 100,000 men. In the last decade, Brazil recorded 4,000 dick cancer deaths and 6,500 amputations. Doctors believe one of the main causes to be "persistent infection of human papillomavirus," or HPV, a sexually transmitted virus that people can be vaccinated against. However, vaccination rates are down in Brazil due to misinformation around the shot. 

A song for your Monday: Too on the nose? I don't care.