Boeing CEO David Calhoun testifying before Congress with the families of the crash victims behind him. The families wanted more than $20 billion in fines, but the company will pay less than half a billion. Andrew Harnik / GETTY



“I alone can fix it” vs
“I alone can beat Trump”
Yup, this is even more painful as watching the M’s repeatedly strand runners in scoring position.
Say goodbye to Ukraine, and the environment, but we get the Trump tax cuts forever!


Is it looking likely now that Biden may lose the popular vote as well, and not just the electoral college?


I'll be SO GLAD when this presidential election nonsense is finished.

Lemme see : Biden did a relatively good job for three-and-a-half-years.. Then, because he's been refusing to talk to anybody for that whole time, he had one bad day.
And the news media and "pundits" are completely ignoring Trump's lies and "Triumph Of The Will" performance,
Instead, they want Biden to drop out, and they're going to pick some random name out of a hat to run against Trump.

Does any of that make sense?


@3 Yes
@4 No
Welcome to the USA!
“I don’t belong to an organized party. I’m a Democrat!”



Eh, I kinda doubt it, but WTF do I know. Much as I think Biden's self-delusional and an asshole for putting us in this predicament, I do agree with him that polls this far out, especially when they're as close as they are, can and should be taken with a grain of salt. I'm definitely with @4 though in thinking that these next four months are going to be excruciating and exhausting.


Oh good lord, Liberals are such Pomeranians.

If something were to happen to President Biden, we have an eminently qualified VP to step up, and a competent cabinet to make sure everything keeps running. It's happened before, many times.

If something were to happen to trump (who is roughly the same age as Biden, but some Americans are too dumb to recognize a blonde dye job for what it is - the new blue rinse) We have a certifiably crazy, incompetent, rapist felon with God only knows what sort of VP we'd get, and a cabinet full of grifting sociopaths and bible-addled nitwits.

But here's the thing: There's some liberals who deep down can't stand the idea of a woman - let alone a BIPOC woman - as President. And there's some liberals who think that all Americans are as dumb as the average Republican. So they wet themselves and press the panic button, conveniently ignoring the fact that trump has never won the popular vote, and that Biden trounced him by more than seven million votes in the last election.

And don't even start with this "mini-primary" nonsense. Kamela Harris is the only option to Biden on the Democratic Side. Not only is she qualified, selection of any other candidate would be a huge insult to BIPOC women and the people who already voted for Biden in the primaries.

I will vote for anything that is running as a democrat, because that's the only way we keep trump out of The White House. But this nonsense about President Biden resigning as the Democratic candidate is just a bunch of gullible people who think they are the smartest kids in the room being played.


I’m hopeful the lessons from the French elections is anyone on the left (from centrist to progressive) is better than a fascist. Fingers crossed the US will follow suit (but resigned to Trump II as I’m not seeing the DSA folks embrace realpolitik).


@4 Biden has had dozens of equally or worse "bad days." The debate was just the most widely witnessed. For the elite media who have been (for the most part) covering up Biden's cognitive decline, and for the everyday voters who have been telling pollsters for at least the past two years that Biden is too old for a second term, the debate debacle was merely the proverbial last straw. And Kamala Harris is not "some random name," she's the vice president whose nomination in Biden's stead would reset the terms of the race, causing turmoil for the Republican campaign effort up and down the ballot while throwing the age issue firmly back into Trump's lap (he's clearly not happy about that prospect). Sorry if I offend anyone by saying Democrats should prioritize the defeat of Donald Trump over fairness to Joe Biden.


Bark, bark, whimper, bark!
Of course I will vote for the Dems (along with almost all Sloggers).
However, video replays of Biden slipping on the stairs to Air Force One played 3 years ago was amusing.
Seeing Biden at debate last week, looking like McConnell’s cadaver was an obvious source of alarm.
Voting for a ticket because you expect the President to keel over (and usher in the VP) is genuinely ghoulish. (Not withstanding FDR in 1944)
The Dems should have seen this after the 2022 Midterms, and taken precautions then. Now they are self- destructing in real time.


@7 "conveniently ignoring the fact that trump has never won the popular vote, and that Biden trounced him by more than seven million votes in the last election"

This is sort of a weird way to characterize the 2020 election. Biden barely squeaked by in a number of key battleground states, most notably in Arizona and Georgia, which came down to roughly 10,000 vote margins.

I doubt Biden's debate performance made him more attractive to the Arizona or Georgia electorate.


@7 Personally, I'd vote for Biden in a coma over Trump. But the problem is that millions of unpersuaded voters, who lack strong ideological commitments and don't pay enough attention to recognize the unique danger posed by Trump and his rabid personality cult, would not.

If Biden were leading Trump by a comfortable margin, like almost any other Democrat surely would be, this discussion wouldn't be happening. Democratic policies are widely popular, Republican ones aren't. (That's why the RP platform is being written behind closed doors.) But Biden's visible infirmity has made it impossible for him to close the polling gap. Something has to be done.


Dr. Clarence Booker Thomas Bledsoe is pulling down the veil of ignorance over all of our heads for his own selfish opportunism.


@7 what you, a committed Dem in a deep blue state, are going to do with your vote is absolutely irrelevant. The question is will the handful of undecided voters in the half-dozen or so states that will swing the election vote for a guy they watched all but drool on himself on national TV? Polls say they won't. So get your "Don't Blame Me I Voted Democrat" bumper sticker ready because the if the Dem leadership shares your thought process democracy's gonna get trounced this fall.


@1 It's 'now or never' to stop climate disaster, UN scientists say

The time is "now or never" to limit catastrophic temperature rises and climate breakdown, UN scientists have said in a final warning to governments.

"Rapid, deep and immediate" cuts to global carbon dioxide emissions, which need to begin declining by 2025 and halve by 2030, must be made immediately across every section of society if temperature changes are to remain at or below the dangerous threshold of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius), according to a new report by the UN's latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The report, which assesses the mitigation strategies available to combat climate change, says that even if all the carbon-cutting policies previously promised by governments had been fully implemented by 2020, the world would still warm by a disastrous 5.8 F (3.2 C).[..]

"We are on a fast track to climate disaster: Major cities underwater; unprecedented heat waves; terrifying storms; widespread water shortages; and the extinction of a million species of plants and animals," Guterres said in a news briefing Monday (April 4). "Some governments and business leaders are saying one thing but doing another. Simply put, they are lying. And the results will be catastrophic."


Pat L dear, a careful re-reading of my comment will reveal that I said "If" something were to happen to President Biden we would have a fine VP. Not that I wished for something to happen to President Biden. It's not me who is being ghoulish.

thirteen12 dear I have been on Slog for at least four presidential elections, and I remember well how neurotic the staff gets about this time of the election cycle. I would suggest calming yourself.


I think the act of fining someone for kissing their wife and kid is more damaging to the image of the sport than the kisses themselves, how tone deaf.

This is the first election since 1912 where at least two of the candidates have been President before, they’re fighting at the margins for the few inelastic voters and depending on turnout. The MAGA’s are obviously foaming at the mouth to vote, while and Biden isn’t exactly winning over any Phoenix and Atlanta housewives on the fence by Weekend at Bernie’s-ing it. Unlike France though, the U.S. can’t exactly pivot a national state by state campaign strategy on a dime… Kamala is weaker in places where Biden is stronger and vice versa and a lot of that strategy and spending has already been set since early voting starts in three months.


@17 I wasn't on Slog but I remember 2016 and how people had their heads in the sand about the real threat of Trump winning until it happened, with disastrous results. The country can't bear a repeat of that outcome just to spare one man's pride.


One bad day?
Are you serious?


I do think Biden made a cogent point in his recent interview where he pointed out even if he does lose to Trump, what it's all about is at least trying his best and giving it his all. I'm sure many of us will be disappointed if Trump wins, but he isn't going to declare Democracy void and institute hundreds of years of Fascism. Don't give in to election year media hysteria.


Trump will absolutely declare Democracy void. But it won’t be hundreds of years of fascism. History suggests that a fascist state generally gets to be a problem for the rest of the world, and they address it by turning said state to rubble. Not real happy about that prospect.


@22 we'll just have to convince xina to put her money where her mouth is before things get too far gone


@22 "Trump will absolutely declare Democracy void." Wow, not even a "maybe"! He "absolutely" will! I'm sorry, but this sounds "absolutely" insane to any normal voter. You'll still be allowed to vote in 2028. I promise.


So many people think they are an expert on why other people vote the way they do.

The defining sin of modernity is giving fate credit for the works of fortune. An epigram worthy of Mudede!


@21 That is, like, the weirdest post I've seen in many years.


All one has to do is watch Biden in videos taken when he ran for POTUS in 2020 and watch videos of him now. He is not fit to be the Commander in Chief. He needs to resign. His defiance is denial and delusion. He is arrogant and drunk on power and believes the kool aid he is drinking.

The Democrats are gaslighting the country with their only Joe and vote blue no matter who bullshit. They are going to find out just how much angry the people they have betrayed and ignored are and even if they don't lose to Trump and the Republicans, that damage is done and can never be undone. People cannot unsee what they have seen, they can only choose not to see and live in denial and delusion just like Biden.

The Biden Administration did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING, especially the so-called Department of Justice, to protect the people from Donald J. Trump, twice impeached, convicted felon, lifelong criminal and grifter from EVER being able to slither into the White House again. Democrats as a whole, while they had the power to so, did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING as well.

This country is now faced with a shit decision and all Trump has to do is keep his mouth shut (something we all believed he was incapable of doing, but he can and has, because as long as Biden's babbling on like a blithering idiot it doesn't matter what Trump does or doesn't say.

White supremacists have decided that they aren't going to do this anymore, pretend this country isn't solely for white men and everyone else is just there to serve the white men and earn them wealth and breed their work force and their heirs.

Project 2025 is terrifying. If Biden was not cognitively impaired, he would step aside. He cannot and will not beat Trump (even if Trump doesn't successfully steal the election outright this time). Biden and Democrats want everyone to believe that if everyone does not fall in line and do what they want they are abdicating America's "democracy." Meanwhile, threatening the people of the country to vote for them because they and they alone care about the country is just another type of fascism. If they cared about the country more than they cared about their power and wealth, they would have done what needed to be done when Biden took power in 2021. They would have done what needed to be done to codify voting rights into law (instead of allowing the corrupt and criminal and partisan supreme court to gut voting rights). They would have done what needed to be done to codify a woman's right to her own body and all decisions made about it hers and hers alone (instead of watching Roe v. Wade be overturned, turning hundreds of millions of girls and women into sub humans who exist solely to breed - in a country where depending on where you live you can die instead of receiving medical care to safe your life because you are pregnant, you can be charged with murder and go to prison if you have even a miscarriage, let alone and abortion, and men can rape whomever they want, if a pregnancy results they have ownership rights over the human created, therefore terrorizing the person they impregnated and their spawn FOR LIFE.

Biden has made it clear he will not resign, so unless he dies before the election, this country is 100% fucked. And everyone who believes this country run under the framework of Project 2025 is going to be better for them, better for anyone, is incomprehensibly unintelligent. Yeah the white people and even the white women, might survive longer than everyone else (maybe, depending on how much money they have), but this country will be thoroughly destroyed. The only framework that will be left will be one that makes sure the already wealthy and those already in power (or have the money to get into power) will be the only lives that matter. All other life on earth, including all non-human life, and the air, land, and water will be destroyed as it needs to be to ensure they get what they want and what they need for the longest amount of time possible.

Democrats who have power and wealth want the same thing. They are just as culpable for everything that is happening. They have coasted on "we're not the other guy" for the last 8 years and before President Obama, the 28 years prior to that. They are literally betting on that working again, no matter how much is at stake. It's a losing bet.



"...this nonsense about President Biden resigning as the Democratic candidate is just a bunch of gullible people who think they are the smartest kids in the room being played."

Have you seen an updated list of those advocating such a move? Because there are quite a few highly admired and well respected politicians and journalists in that camp.

And I'm sure you're better, smarter and more well connected politically than all of them*, but that fact alone doesn't make us/them a bunch of loonball-ass, Jill Stein worshipping crackpots.

*I kid, and very much enjoy your commentary here, even if I'm among those you're often poking fun at!


@26 If the weirdest post you've seen is one saying that the media tends toward exaggeration and sensationalism, their most dire predictions don't come true, and that we're probably going to be fine, I'd say you may wish to recalibrate your weirdness detector.


@16 It is impossible to make the cuts outlined in the report in that time frame without restricting energy production. Alternative sources will take much longer to get online which means you are going to create massive spikes in energy prices which will in turn impact the prices of many goods/services and huge declines in both employment and GDP. It will result in the deaths of millions of people worldwide mostly in poorer countries. Is that acceptable for you?


@26, It’s not so much weird as it is braindead, given the last Trump term ended with an insurrection and his big plan for term 2 is to completely dismantle the administrative state and replace everyone with loyalists.

Even if they fail to achieve their stretch goals they can do more than enough damage to hobble democracy and take a hatchet to people’s basic rights for decades to come. It’s already happening thanks to his supreme court appointments.

One could have gotten away with smugly dismissing people’s concerns about Trump in 2016, even though history proved them wrong, but today you sound more stupid than anything else.


mike blob dear, my point is that I am not smart or well-connected, but I know a fad when I see one. And I know that the news channels all have 24 hours of programming to fill each and every day. And I know that the Democratic party is a bunch of nervous nellies who love nothing more than to wring their hands and clutch their pearls.

I do not think President Biden is incapacitated. I, unlike others, understand that I am not a physician, and even physicians are not allowed to diagnose someone they've never met a la distance. But even if he were, we've had senile presidents (Reagan), Half dead Presidents (FDR's last term), incapacitated Presidents (Wilson), and we made it through. What we almost did not make it through was trump's first term. We do not need a second one (although the idea of a President trump up against a solidly Democratic House and Senate is tantalizing.


@24- he already refused to respect a democratic transfer of power once. Now that he’s been told by the Vatican Chamber that passes for a Court that he can do whatever TF he wants, I’m pretty sure how it’ll go down.


@31 Sigh. Again, if the polls are any indication, most voters aren't really persuaded by the constant boogeyman of an "insurrection" where a rowdy protest disagreeing with the election results was followed by grumblingly accepting and leaving office, which falls a little short of Hitlerian to say the least. @32 is right - try and think of the practical realities of dealing with a Presidential administration you disagree with, and a little less hysteria.


Oh, and plenty of completely non-democratic countries allow people to vote. I hear Putin did pretty well the last time he ran.


35, I understood you just fine the first time. Your point doesn’t get any less glib by repeating it.


@24 Well, when you add up Project 2025, January 6, his repeated "jokes" that he's owed a third term because his first one was hampered by Russia Russia Russia, his asking if the military could just shoot BLM protestors, etc. etc. it's pretty clear that yes, he will take assume fascist powers to the presidency. The Supreme Court sure isn't going to stop him. Congress commands no army. And the army has the rest of us outgunned.


@37 I would start right off the bat with Project 2025, another thing the news would like to scare you with, and perhaps you'll be reassured by the knowledge that Trump had literally nothing to do with its drafting and called the ideas within "ridiculous" (one of the few people who can really take on his own party, ironically!), and I think you'll find this general pattern follows most of these kinds of news stories. Try and apply a more critical eye during his likely second term.


You sound like every arrogant dipshit in 2020 telling us he’s not going to try to stay in office and will leave quietly if he loses the election, after 4 years of him doing all the things they told us he wouldn’t. Actually you sound even stupider given how many times this line of thinking has been proven wrong in the last 8 years.


@38 - Call me glib if it makes you feel better. If you believe that Trump has not been consulted on or signed off on Project 2025, Jared has a bridge in the Saudi desert to sell you. Also, the people who wrote it will be coming into the administration with him. And they are a million times worse. You may ot believe that Trump will try to wipe out democratic rights. But consider Steven Miller et al. That Nazi fuck would do it in a heartbeat, and Trump will not lift one of his tiny fingers to stop him.


@38 Project 2025 was created by his former aides as a template for him to use from day one of a second term to accomplish his stated aims. But no, he definitely, positively 100% won't use it. Suuuuure. Just like he never met Jeffrey Epstein.

OK, so ignore Project 2025. How about this quote form the man himself?

"I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president. We will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country. ... In 2016, I declared, I am your voice. Today, I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution."

Because /that/ definitely doesn't sound like a fascist talking. Unlimited power to punish his political enemies in any way he sees fit? Nooooo, totally normal there.


but once
Smokin' Joe
Biden pledged
'to Give it his ALL!'

that's gotta
Seal the Deal
the End of Story
we can Count on
Joe or his name Ain't
Smokin' Joe Robin Biden

what's More Important?
a President willing to Gamble
Away our Democracy or his Pride?

I think we
ALL know the
Answer to That.


@38 Suuuure. He's never met the folks behind Project 2025. I mean, only like half of them worked for him. And they only said that this was the plan to permanently enact Trump's agenda. You probably believe he's never met Jeffrey Epstein either.

OK, so how about this quote then, direct from the horse's mouth?

"I have an Article II, where I have the right to do whatever I want as president. We will root out the communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country. ... You're not going to be a dictator, are you? I said no, other than day one. In 2016, I declared, I am your voice. Today, I add, I am your warrior. I am your justice. And for those who have been wronged and betrayed, I am your retribution."

Because that sounds toooootally normal and not fascist at all. I mean, what president doesn't claim unbridled power and plan to use it as retribution against their enemies?


[hangs head in shame] Sorry, I thought the comment just didn't take.


@43, 44
nor did mine:

I had to circle
'round & enter
thru the backdoor

and there
it Was.


Reagan was perceived as the Great Communicator! Ike was ‘’I like Ike’
FDR got us through WW2. Yes, they faded after they were elected to a 2nd term,(4th for FDR) but that was then.
Every malaprop comment or sentence with scrambled syntax will make national news showing Biden at his worst. A 30 minute interview on CNN or MSNBC will not change the overall public perception that Biden is barely capable, and that millions have next to zero enthusiasm to vote for him.
And Adam Smith is my Congressional representative, since I am south of I-90. I would hardly call him a lightweight, as he was one of the Congressmen calling on Biden to reconsider running for President.


Catalina Vel-DuRay needs to check his privilege.



White House Briefing Devolves Into
Shouting Over Questions
About Biden’s Health

Karine Jean-Pierre, the press secretary, refused to answer questions about whether visits to the White House by a Parkinson’s doctor were about the president.

dragged out kicking and screaming
like william h macy in ‘Fargo’
when the Po-po popped
up – he’s NOT Gonna
Go Away silently

what’s the Upside
Uncle Joe? you
LOSE your

and are lumped for
Eternity with Ruth
Bader Ginsburg
& Sen. Dianne

so is That
Truly what
You wanna
Go Down in
History For?

thee Last President
of these ‘United’ States
the one who handed tfg djt
the Keys to the Whitehouse
which he promptly burnt down?

in order to move into the
Palatial Eltrumpfster's
House Of Glory
which he’ll rent
at Market Rate
tbd by one of
his Hench-

the Grifting
shall be

will be
as cheap
as witnessed
in 'the Death of
Stalin' a documentary
about a different Uncle Joe

at Least
we'll Know
whom to Blame.


Doug dear, you need to find a new cliche - or at least use an appropriate one.

How is expressing an opinion - an opinion that apparently hurts your feelings - expressing "privilege"?

This whole thing is a media-created crisis that too many liberals are falling for, hook, line, and sinker.


Looks like Raindrop got his profile yoinked. Pretty sure he was posting over on the trans prisoner thread.


@30 Making these fossil fuel cuts won't be easy. Obviously, it would have been much easier to start making them 30 years ago before straight out climate change deniers deceitfully revised their script to "global warming won't be that bad. Don't be an alarmist". But here we are facing the threat of catastrophic climate change and potential civilization collapse with so many people dying that it is difficult to give a number (10's, 100's of millions?).

It is clear that adapting our energy systems is going to demand a concerted global effort and massive government intervention. Leaving it to markets to do what's necessary and right for everybody is long past and not realistic. Solution to the climate and ecosystem emergency will necessitate much solidarity with the world poor which includes changes to the lifestyle of the wealthy (top ~10% of the developed world) who consume way too much for a sustainable future for everyone.


@49 Is "condescending Boomer" less of a cliche?


I’m sorry you are upset, Doug dear. That must make you feel awful.

When I feel bad, I like to think of nice things. Like puppies! And fresh apple cider!

(technically speaking, I’m a member of Generation X, but you can call me a boomer if that makes you feel better)


@51 it not only won't be easy, its impossible because other nations aren't going to commit suicide over theoretical models. The notion that the way to solve this issue is through restrictions and rationing is a fools errand. The only way it gets solved is by developing new technologies that transition to cleaner energy and others that reduce the impact on current emissions (think nuclear fission and fusion and carbon recapture). Those will take time however and there will be impacts but those impacts will be much less than if we start making drastic cuts in energy production as the study has outlined.


@50, That’s kind of surprising given how toxic he’s been for so long. I figured he was smart enough to avoid crossing the line but his hatred of trans people is palpable and he has been pushing the envelope for a while now.

I’m sure one of his many sock puppets will step up to the plate in his stead. Keep an eye out for substance-free shit-stirring with a completely unearned sense of self righteousness.


Climate change is a scientific theory, not a hypothesis, which means that it has been extensively tested and is supported by all the evidence (facts) available, whereas the vernacular use of 'theoretical' implies that it is restricted to ideas and it is not supported in the practical sense of the term. So, if you are using 'theoretical' to imply that the evidence/facts do not support the concept that climate change will be catastrophic if nothing is done in time to stop it, you'd be very wrong. There are hundred more death in Arizona due to heat waves, there are important and increasing disruptions to agriculture due to climate change thereby threatening food security (as we know agriculture needs a s table climate not a drought/flood every couple of years), 10,000's are dying prematurely due to smoke pollution, the intensity of tropical storms is increasing, etc .. There is nothing vernacularly theoretical about any of that.

Convincing all countries to act now will be a challenge but let's first get rid of all the fossil fuel lobbyists from negotiations and the picture will be clearer of what has to be done to move forward. The fools errand is to claim that we can continue business as usual, including wasteful over consumption, and still adequately deal with the environmental crisis.

We have to continue all research but claiming that nuclear will play any significant role in the near future is deluded. New nuclear technologies aren't ready, do not deliver on their promises, are way more expensive than renewables, and it literally takes decades to put new plants online. We need to act now as said by the IPCC report I cited.

Carbon capture is necessary to reverse emissions already incurred but most forms of capture are not proven, really expensive (another boondoggle for fossil fuel sector) and unsafe for the environment so promoting it in lieu of radically decreasing emissions should not happen if we are serious about stopping global warming to safe levels..


@56 is reply to @54


You cannot blame Biden for digging in, for goodness sake he has 99 percent of the Democratic delegates and party rules to back him, so why hand over all those delegates to Brand X when you’re in the driver’s seat just because a bunch of pussies are afraid you’re a doddering old fool and you’ll lose to Trump?

As long as Biden doesn’t start grabbing young women’s asses and saying “I’m David Copperfield and I want to cop-a-feel” like George H. W. Bush in his final days we’re probably okay.

Catalina Vel-DuRay speaks the truth, Trump looks like the Hellraiser version of Carrot Top, and may well die his pubic hair too, no to mention shave his ass and spritz it with Holy Water from the Hudson River.

And yes, there’s no telling what sort of Neanderfuck sexist pervert white overly-privileged snooty butt hole the orange Howler-Monkey may choose for a running mate,
which makes moving Kamala Harris up to the front and giving Biden a daily megadose of Viagra® all the more imperative as election day approaches.

True, Trump should be sent to the Ozarks on a fundraising junket with horny hillbillies, chained to a tree and cornholed, but we have bigger fish to fry.

One intelligent maneuver the Democrats have made is to give Harris more up front responsibilities, because she may well take over for Biden at some point.

She’s younger, photogenic and can effectively speak publicly. A public speaking coach can help her overcome the giggles, which is likely a defense mechanism or simply nervousness.

She will do well in front of a teleprompter, like Biden.

Neither candidate is Demosthenes, but you have to work with what you’re given, especially when facing down this generations anti-intellectual version of Mussolini.

Harris would garner the suburban women’s vote and hand Trump a resounding loss.

Biden is overmanaged, hence the faltering debate performance whereas Trump is undermanaged and getting ready to fuck the pooch by choosing a fellow inbred cracker like J.D. Vance or Governor Doug Burgum, who no doubt cruises the North Dakota flatlands with a ladder looking for livestock to screw.

Marco Rubio is from Florida, which would negate the Florida electoral college, which Trump needs to win, so Rubio, who is younger and bi-lingual and would appeal to more voters, is out.

At one point Rubio called Trump a “big orange dildo ball twiddler” so that may be a contributing factor to his dismissal from consideration.

Glad to have you back AgentSmith2, we posted successfully and fought yellow journalism together back in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer daze.


get vp Harris some
public speaking tutors
put her Upfront as biden's
Spokespersonage? Hell Yes!

if you Want
the JOB Kamala
Act fucking Presidential

take the Lead &
take the Load
off ol' pappy
biden. Put
on some

with a wink
& a Knee to
naughtiest bits

we need
a Prez with

have ya
Got any?

let sleepy
Joe relax.
he's Earn-
ed it.


From the link @16:

"Intense disagreements between scientists and governments over the contents of the summary quashed hopes of completion by Friday (April 1), turning the final stages of the session into a 48-hour weekend slog to wrap up the summary."

I'm sure we can completely trust our futures to the innately high quality of scientific work produced by such a method.

In reality, the world is doing a pretty good job of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, led by the United States. The US cut per-capita emissions by 25% over 2006-2022, and the world per-capita emissions rate has leveled off. (

So, as the world's per-capita CO2 emissions now remain steady, the next way to reduce overall carbon emissions is to start human population numbers on a downward path.

@51: "Solution to the climate and ecosystem emergency will necessitate much solidarity with the world poor ..." by helping the world poor achieve the negative-growth birthrates already realized in the richer countries.

(Unless, of course, you intended to use climate change as a way of forcing your eat-the-rich policies onto persons you already don't like.)


@60 There were disagreements between scientists and governments over the content of the summary, not about the science going into the report you moron.

"In reality, the world is doing a pretty good job of reducing carbon dioxide emissions"

False. Global greenhouse gas emissions are still rising. The report points out that large emitters haven't decreased their emissions as much as they said they would. Per capita emissions in some countries starting to decrease, is far from enough to prevent catastrophic climate change. Why don't you read the report instead of talking out of your behind? You'll learn something for a change.

"The report also highlights the importance of climate justice to a successful transition. The wealthiest 10% of households contribute 36% to 45% of global greenhouse gas emissions, the IPPC authors wrote.

"Most of the people living on the front lines of the climate emergency have done the least to cause this problem," Fionna Smyth, head of global policy and advocacy at Christian Aid, a U.K.-based relief and development agency, said in a statement. "For example, despite accounting for 17% of the world's population, Africans contribute just 4% of global emissions. They need major emitters to take drastic action so that we can all have a safe and secure climate."


@61: I’ll take the data presented at the URL I supplied, over the hastily-thrown-together conclusions upon which you’ve based your entire argument.

There’s also a rather large difference between recognizing a problem, and agreeing on how best to address that problem. As you appear not to have completed the first step, you’re in no position to lecture anyone else about the second.


@62 . You aren't answering any specific points I made and you aren't saying anything new. You are behaving like a propagandist and a climate change denier attempting (very poorly) to throw shade on the last IPCC report.

"Rapid, deep and immediate" cuts to global carbon dioxide emissions, which need to begin declining by 2025 and halve by 2030, must be made immediately across every section of society if temperature changes are to remain at or below the dangerous threshold of 2.7 degrees Fahrenheit (1.5 degrees Celsius), according to a new report by the UN's latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The report, which assesses the mitigation strategies available to combat climate change, says that even if all the carbon-cutting policies previously promised by governments had been fully implemented by 2020, the world would still warm by a disastrous 5.8 F (3.2 C)."


@61: “There were disagreements between scientists and governments over the content of the summary,”

Yes. Again from your URL @16, here’s what that summary contained:

“The most contentious wranglings were over how much funding the report recommends be given to developing countries; the role of carbon capture technology in meeting the crisis; and the future usage of fossil fuels.”

“…the role of carbon capture technology… and the future usage of fossil fuels…” form the basis of your quotes @16:

“The report, which assesses the mitigation strategies available to combat climate change…”

“Carbon capture technologies” form part of “mitigation strategies.” Again, from @16:

‘“Rapid, deep and immediate" cuts to global carbon dioxide emissions, which need to begin declining by 2025 and halve by 2030,’

…would require drastic reductions in “the future usage of fossil fuels.”

You’re not quoting from the climate science, which no one here has contested anyway. You’re quoting from the summary, which was wrangled together in a marathon ad-hoc working group, right ahead of the hard deadline. That’s how unprepared undergraduates hurriedly finish term papers, not how serious policy recommendations get made.


No. Everything to be found in the summary is found in the report, as a basic understanding of English should tell you if you weren't being deliberately obtuse. The science says that emissions have to be radically reduced now. The science also says that counting on unproven carbon capture and storage to reduce emissions in the future is not recommended because it will likely cause other environmental problems. The fact that some governments disagree with this assessment should tell you something about these governments, not about the science and the scientists trying to tell us.

You are denying the science because these findings do not fit your ideology. It is what climate change deniers do.


at least
our corporate
stooge's Fealty's
ascertained. thanks, ab.


@65: "Everything to be found in the summary is found in the report,"

Read entire whole report and summary, have you? Because you haven't given a URL from the report, just to a story which has a few quotes from it.

BTW, both the report and the story were published years ago, which kind of puts a layer of rust atop your whole sky-is-falling narrative.

I stand by my take on the story's version of the report, and upon the actual climate data I have also cited, which you dismissed without examination. Get back to me after you've actually red the report.


@58 pollysexual: +1 for the WIN!!!!!

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