"My god, all of that is finally is over. And you know exactly what I'm talking about. And, yes, the creep won."

Both creeps won some, both creeps lost a lot.


"Workers and small businesses operate at the market level of society, not the capitalist one"

And that market should be free. But also Joe Biden needs to do something about gas prices.




That duck photo is heckin' phenomenal.


Agreed on the duck photo--very fine. I take exception with this line: 'a strong a job market with lots of openings." As a poorly certificated (no masters, phd, etc) middle-aged person, finding a living-wage job in Seattle is perplexingly difficult. Many dozens of applications for jobs that suit my resume have failed to result in an interview. Living-wage (50 to 60k) is too high a bar?


God love Joe Manchin and Kyrsen Sinema for saving America from economic collapse had BBB been passed in the Senate through reconciliation. It will take years to get inflation under control as it is. We need more democrats schooled in economics.


Like the new site and the duck photo very much. Kudos!


@6 unlikely the progressives all believe in modern monetary theory now and in true progressive fashion the only reason we have issues now is because we didn’t go far enough.


i guess we're cursed with @6 until the fucking sun comes out, eh?


@9: I suppose it depends on weather or not you agree.


"...the more an economy benefits the wage-earning classes, the less capitalist it is. Even small business owners are not capitalists."

So Charles, after years of utter failure in convincing readers he knows anything at all about economics, has reached the point where he resorts to simply and brazenly re-defining the commonly-accepted meanings of words. How many more years of complete failure on this self-appointed task must he endure, before he invokes the almighty Rule of Take My Ball And Go Home?

Watch this space and see!


You myopic fools can't see past your noses when it comes to the economy. You're content to maintain a collision course off a cliff as long as the beans add up because changing direction requires a but of effort and urgent innovation.


A bit of effort, though a butt of effort as well, as in get off your ass.

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