“Wouldn’t it be great if somebody did something about gun violence?” Kevin Dietsch/Getty



"Louis bought the AR-style rifle only hours before he shot up the office."

And if the fascist Democrats get their way people may have to wait days before mass slaughtering.


and who
has that kinda
Time these days?


Holy hamburgers, the comments are doing it again with the not displaying thing. Doesn't seem like it should be all that difficult a fix.


I'm just too old and cynical, I reckon, but watching the President's speech made me alternatively wish beyond wish and hope beyond hope and then finally admit never. I just don't think anything can be done about guns unless we tinker with the 2nd Amendment a bit. Others will say that once you open that Pandora's Box (like a Constitutional Convention), you will get all kinds of unintended consequences. What would Mitch McConnell, Ted Cruz, or Jim Jordon try to inject? Additionally, we have to change up the US Supreme Court. That's going to take time - like, a generation - or an unlikely but much needed court expansion. We have to get rid of Republicans in Washington - or at least most of them. But how? Have you seen how RED this country is by district? And if those rural or undereducated or senior or evangelical people who seem to support any Republican regardless of the candidate's deficient sense of duty and honor to the American people, what could we do to snap the spell they seem to be under. I mean, poor people in Appalachia supporting the elimination of the estate tax? Really?

Here's what's going to happen because it has happened several times before: President Biden will propose gun restrictions that are very mild. It will do nothing to remove the millions of assault weapons already out there. Background checks. Red Flag laws. Maybe funds for mental health. The Republicans will hem and haw and say well, maybe this could work. Yep. We think we might be able to support this maybe. Yep. Yep. Yep. Today, Susan Collins came out with a "this makes sense" kind of statement. And we all know about her many times on the teeter-totter.

They'll probably yack about this legislation until the 4th of July break, but they won't vote on it until closer to the August recess when typically Congress people go home to campaign if they seek re-election. The vote as I see it will be right before the break. The Republican will pull the carpet right out from under the Democrats at the last minute so they can go home with this message, "These laws that the Democrats are purposing wouldn't have saved one life at Uvalde or Buffalo or Tulsa, but it sure will make it harder for law-abiding citizens to buy a gun. President Biden is a teetering, ineffective old man who can't compromise and no longer has a clue how to get this country moving again. He's also responsible for all this inflation because of his socialist programs."

It's up to you young folk to get the country you want. It's going to take a metaphoric bulldozer and a lot of stamina. Best of luck.

By the way, I'm not saying Democrats are all saintly. I think when one party is in power long enough, the fabric will fray. I remember when the Democrats took a little graph during the Johnson and Carter years. But here's the difference: Dirty Democrats pocket money intended for public works - like during the Great Society or when the country was building the interstate system. Dirty Republicans take money from Big Pharma so that the drug company can charge $1000 for its nose spray.


@1 - Hopefully fascist Democrats can seek common ground with fascist Republicans to get a bill done. Mitch McConnell should be reminded that the 2nd amendment is not absolute, indeed as His Holiness Antonin Scalia wrote the majority opinion in the Heller case:
"Like most rights, the Second Amendment right is not unlimited. It is not a right to keep and carry any weapon whatsoever in any manner whatsoever and for whatever purpose."



Glad to see Stormy get her props. It disgusts me when people who are legally bound to uphold a fiduciary relationship burn a client. Imagine the anger when your lawyer fucks you over. But I hold out from full-on respect. For me, it's inconceivable that anyone would blow Donald Trump at any price. I mean hungry and cold? Still no.


Dig the floating wetlands. Shanghai has much much much larger ones bobbing in the Yangtze for crab habitat.


KkKonnell's gonna Do
whatever his Masters
Tell him to do

and to Hell
with the Citizenry
and their so-called
'Right' to pursue their 'happiness'
or whatever-the-fuck sans massacreation

it's just The Natural Order
of a Republican Utopia:
Gated communities
and the Planet's
Largest open-
air Prison -
for the*


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