The security applies to all justices, which will be helpful when threats are made to justices whose political dispositions are pleasing to democrats.


"June 2022, ignore the haters. This is very fine weather, and thank you for keeping the 80°-day away so far. And how I love the temperature and clouds today. They seem to be making a promise to me. They are saying that summer may not even happen this year. Fall is after all not that far away. No salty sweat, dead grass, roasting sun. As you say these things to me in this tantalizing way today, you must keep in mind that my earlobes are shamelessly erogenous. "

A man after my own heart.


I assume all those election officials who received death threats and had mobs of Trump supporters show up at their home will also get extra protection, because, you know, all lives matter. Right?




I've had to crank up my little space heater both yesterday and today! (I mean, I didn't have to. Could've thrown on a pair of pants and a sweater, I suppose. But my apartment was legitimately chilly.) Can't say I've hated it either.


No reference made to, nor explanation of, the charming structures in the lead photo?

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