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Are the farmers asking for socialism yet or can you grow cherries with bootstraps?


It's so much easier to fill in some circles and sign your name and send mail in even numbered years.

It might be a good thing to increase turnout but also good lord people are lazy fucks


do Not Believe
Do believe in Handouts


The comments seem to be giving off a vibe of fixed-ness. Which is appreciated!



Lazy Fucks get a vote too Brent. And there are probably more lazy fucks than either of us would care to admit.

Not everyone cares about the political process as much as you and I.

It doesn't make them lazy, it doesn't make them less than we are.

For whatever reason Brent Gumbo you and I were taught to care about the political process, to care about and understand the minutiae of governance.

We are not most people Brent.

Most people don't give a shit about politics, politicians, policies, or "isms".

They are more concerned about how they are going to pick up the kids from school and deliver little Emma to her football practice, little Johnny to his dance lesson, and little Stacy to their acting class.

They also care about how they are going to fit some semblance of a balanced diet and meal structure into their kids lives.

Or maybe they aren't able to provide that level of support at all and are just hanging on to low wage job, hoping that Emma, Johnny, and Stacy are able to fend for themselves long enough to put themselves to bed.

Yet they get a vote. They may not have paid any attention or even known there was an election until mid-October, but they get a vote.

Don't deride, dismiss, or insult them for not caring about politics as much as you do.

Being able to spend the time to study politics, to read the news daily, and form an opinion is a luxury and a privilege.


@9 I don't know what you are going on about but the gravitational permutations of tides has jack shit to do with climate change.

If you want to think about our species adapting through harsh circumstances, you might want to think about the Toba Volcanic eruptions some 75,000 years ago. DNA evidence suggests that after these eruptions fewer than 10,000 humans existed. On the entire planet.

If you think reducing our current population from greater than 7 billion, to fewer than 10,000 would be in any way beneficial, then you are just one sick puppy. Putting it charitably.


How much money did you give to MOHAI, Jas?

And yeah… it’s so much harder to mail in a pre-stamped ballot in odd numbered years. People don’t vote cause they are lazy and don’t care. It has nothing to do with the calendar. But keep making excuses for laziness, that’s consistent with the theme around Slog.


@11 - certainly agree that people are fundamentally lazy. I know I am. But the fact that there are generally only local issues on in the odd-numbered years means that the election gets less attention, and people are generally less engaged. Doesn't it make sense to run only elections that people are even going to notice? The cynic in me kinda wonders whether running the City Council elections in odd years might be intended in part to make sure that only the most motivated voters (i.e., the college sophomore-level wannabee class warriors supporting the Scarfed Menace) turn out.


and in Other NEWS

Who Is Financing Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ Caucus?
Corporations You Know.
June 15, 2022

All told, as of this week, corporations and industry groups gave almost $32 million to the House and Senate members who voted to overturn the election and to the G.O.P. committees focused on the party’s congressional campaigns.

… a lot of money . . . has gone to politicians who reject the 2020 election results based on lies told by the former president, according to a tally kept by the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, known as CREW.

The top 10 companies that gave money to those members, according to CREW’s analysis of campaign finance disclosures, are Koch Industries, Boeing, Home Depot, Valero Energy, Lockheed Martin, UPS, Raytheon, Marathon Petroleum, General Motors and FedEx.
by Alex Kingsbury

more at

good ole Corps Americana
bringing US the Fascism
we likely 'deserve.'



Moving elections to the even years for greater turnout ignores the fact that many only vote for the top of the ballot and ignore the "lesser" races. To say nothing of the fact that these local races will be drowned out by the ads for the other candidates. And if they can get ad space, it will cost more. But go ahead.


matthew's beach is closed due to goose shit. it's literally everywhere you walk. time for another gooseocaust.

the cherry harvest sucks because it was too wet and cold for the bees to pollinate the trees. rainiers are supposed to be better than bings this year. it's an El Nino year: colder and wetter. its a normal fluctuation, not ACC, necessarily.


"I do not pretend to understand the economy, "

Hannah, Charles "pretends" to understand the economy but still writes about it. You'll never be successful in media journalism with that attitude. Your lack of intellectual curiosity is at odds with your chosen profession.
Economics is called the "dismal science" - and it is. It's not trivial. It is boring and exciting at the same time. You can make more the latter if you challenge yourself.


Oops, @18 was meant for Thursday AM Slog.

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