Biden’s working on finding a way to worsen climate change. He said today that he’ll have an announcement soon about pausing gas taxes, which would essentially be the government paying people to emit more pollution. No word on getting people out from under the thumb of needing fossil fuel in the first place.

Violent man makes violent ad. Republican (obviously) Senate candidate Eric Greitens released a political ad today in which he carries a giant gun and declares his desire to shoot other Republicans who are insufficiently conservative. Greitens is facing allegations of domestic abuse from his ex-wife, and he was previously accused of beating and blackmailing his mistress.

Whoops, YouTube just wiped out a university’s entire library. Cornell University’s YouTube channel is gone. The company terminated the school’s account after academics posted a series of lectures about the history of lesbian magazines. Great timing!

It’s looking good for a police abolitionist running for LA City Council. Challenger Eunisses Hernandez is pulling ahead of the ho-hum incumbent Gil Cedillo in LA. Hernandez is a longtime community organizer and justice reformer with big ideas for changing the way the city handles incarceration, housing, and social services.

Which Seattle streets are the most effective at killing residents? You’re never going to believe this, but Seattle’s poorest neighborhoods have the most dangerous streets. Who could possibly have foreseen etc, etc, etc.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers to endangered wildlife: Drop dead. Rodgers voted no on the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, which would direct $1.3 billion to state wildlife agencies and another $97 million to tribal agencies. Rodgers, who is always on the wrong side of every issue, said it’s too expensive – the usual Republican garbage. The bill passed over her objections and now heads to the Senate and then Biden’s desk.

Need something to keep your teenager busy? The Washington Trails Association is hosting youth trail workshops. Youngsters 14 and older will help create a new trail through Glendale Forest, a recently-acquired patch of land, in early July and late August.

Juneteenth celebrations continue. Here’s a delightful rollerskating gathering from yesterday:

Chelsea Hendrickson is safe. The advocate for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women hadn’t been heard from since early June, triggering a frantic search. Now she’s been found safe in Marysville, and her family is requesting privacy.

Have you seen this bike? It was taken from the Roosevelt station – the heavy-duty lock was cut by unknown malefactors sometime Saturday afternoon.

Bothell’s letting us down. Oh, Bothell. I had such high hopes for you. Alas, the city spent four years on a bike plan, and now the best they have to show for it is a little paint

Further victims of climate change: A three-day heatwave in Kansas conspired with insufficient cooling infrastructure on farms to kill at least two thousand cows and perhaps as many as ten thousand. More heat is on the way for the midwest, and it will be possibly even worse than last week

At least there’s a bright side to deadly drought. An ancient, flooded city dating back to around 1500 BC re-emerged in Iraq following a lengthy drought. While they had their chance, a group of archeologists raced in and cataloged as much as they could. They also recovered a small cache of tablets that may shed some light on who lived there.

Seattle summer could fall on a weekend this year. We’re looking at a string of days with temperatures in the 80s – possibly stretching into Sunday! Ready those picnic blankets that you have been using as extra blankets for the bed.