Here's Biden signing an executive order on LGBTQ+ equality, in case you were wondering what he's done for you lately. Alex Wong / Getty Staff



there's no gas shortage
see any Lines? Gouging the
Citizenry's become a Natural
Condition: they Love to LOVE Us!

but a gas-tax Holiday?
how 'bout an Excess
Profiteering Tax

@3 -- Homelessness
is a Sympton: too
few have TOO
Much which
is why they-
're There:

"live" in Squalor
expect Shitty

when a hundred Million
Citizens had Inadequate
healthcare in the richest
country in Earth's History
and are just one medical
Emergency* from the
Streets it's not
to see what
we're doing

how many Estates
does one person require?
we have a minimum wage
let's have a Maximum wage

and Reinvest in
the Citizenry

*or a busted


speaking of Juneteenth:
Absolutely. I think, very clearly, the critical race theory — the idea of it is being used as a bogeyman, and it is being misrepresented and distorted by people who don’t even know what critical race theory is, right?

So we should be clear that the thing that people are calling critical race theory is just — that is the language that they are using to talk about the idea

of teaching any sort of history that rejects the idea that America is a singularly exceptional place, and
that we should not account for the history of harm

that has been enacted to create opportunities and intergenerational wealth for millions of people, that has come at the direct expense of millions and millions of other people across generations.

Clint Smith on Democracy Now



Me to Cathy McMorris Rodgers: Drop dead. Or better yet, date Eric Greiten.


Eastern WA reps are just insane: mean-spirited and willfully ignorant, but the candidates are even worse. Tiffany Smith (the GOP challenger to Patty Murray) is another Marjorie Taylor-Greene, and there’s a few psychos running for the Vancouver area district (which isn’t Eastern Washington, but might as well be).


Why bother, Raindrop? She’s just another nitwit, like Lauren Kulp


Shorter RWNJ'S: "It's the bike thieves, they're sending our country down the toilet! Something MUST BE DONE!

What? An attempted coup? A $250,000,000 grift? Rapacious oil companies raking in billions of dollars in excess profit by jacking up gas prices? I have no idea what you're talking about. And even if I did (which I most definitely DON'T), eh - what are ya' gonna do?"


Prior studies show that 90 percent of the money from a "gas tax rebate or holiday" get taken by the fossil fuel corporations, not given to consumers.

It's a very very very bad idea.


@2 China burns a lot of coal. But the US is still number three. So its not like we are totally awesome.

But what is important is consumption per capita. As in use based on population.

Per-capita Australia, of all places, burns the most (5,343.29 cu ft per capita).


@14 -- THANK

and just like the
Asteroid Movie says:

[Punching Down's Cool but]

Don't Look UP

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