Love to hear someone's compelling reasoning why the pride board is not permitting cops to march in uniform in the parade. Then ask yourself, why should anxiety over the past preclude building better relationships in the future? Is not inclusivity a hallmark of being a progressive?


During the Timber Wars of the 80's and 90's, Mitch Friedman drove a logging truck with a single old-growth doug fir on it across the country to bring awareness to the disappearing ancient forests of the pacific northwest. It worked too. People in the east had no idea how old and big these trees were. Sad thing is that the northern spotted owl is becoming replaced by the eastern barn owl in our forests.


the chateau just hosted tenacious d, who closed their show with "fuck her gently".


this just (recently) in:

Supreme Court Ruling
Limits Local Ability to
Restrict Guns Out-
side the Home

The 6-3 decision was based on a broad interpretation of the Second Amendment.

"The Supreme Court on Thursday struck down a New York law that placed strict limits on carrying guns outside the home, saying it was at odds with the Second Amendment."

oh goody -- all these well-armed and dangerous well-regulated Militias of One can now keep all the Peace they desire. welcome to the wild wild west.

thanks McMitch KkKonnel's Court!
gonna end Gayness next?
or dedicate the Women-
folk solely to

so much De-Regulating
to do . so little



@11 -- oopsies!


Funny how everyone who always defends capitalism (especially when it comes to billionaires and their corporations not paying their fare of taxes), gets their panties in a twist about the cost of gas. Americans don't even come close to paying what gas actually costs as a commodity (given it is a FINITE resource in this world). They scream "but capitalism!!!" when landlords raise the rents in obscene amounts (when the average person gets, if they're lucky, a 2% annual raise and there isn't a state in this country where anyone can afford to live on minimum wage, which people who scream about capitalism also love to defend even though it's starvation wages.

And even beyond that is the incomprehensible, never ending belief held by the idiots in this country that the president is somehow responsible for the price of gas.

You can't complain about the price of gas and defend everything I mentioned above and more.
You are either for the unfettered greed of capitalism and how it harms people (including you if you are complaining about the price of gas) or you are against it and believe there should be a different way of doing things (period, full stop).

This country is full of stupidity and hypocrisy and it is literally destroying the country in real time, but the only thing people seem to care about right now is the cost of gas.


@13: Easy for you to babble about, but you don't need to drive from point A to point B every day and back to make a living to put food on the table to raise a family.

Full Stop.

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