"The Supreme Court
is now just a church."

with a God (they don't even gotta
Prove exists) solely on Their Side

what a coincidence!
and if one can 'interpret'
the Constitution howsoever
one Chooses how 'Bout that holy
Bible might it be a bit malleable as well?

when the theocrats
toss it in with Capitalists
what you get is a White 'Christian'
Nationalist State and trumpfy's Orange
Shirts Brigade well-funded by the nra etc

they may not be Nazis
but the Fascism
just Reeks


The enemy of your enemy is not your friend. Just because Liz Cheney wants the trains to run on time doesn't mean she's not a vile person, a Cheney, and a Republican.

Excuse me, she's a "classic" Republican. As in, she still supports the horror show, she just wants it performed a little more subtly.


Who was that guy with the beard and neck-tattoos, sitting next to Sean Penn? I think I've seen him at all \the other hearings.


If justices are going to quote 400 year old witch hunters for guidance as to what our laws should be, then this is no surprise. After all the Constitution prohibits cruel AND unusual punishment, if it is "usual", or, presumably if it was anytime in the last 400 years or so, then it should be fine. Also I suppose, if the person requests it, how cruel can it be in their specific case?
A while back Ted Cruz quoted William Wallace, I don't remember the exact context. I don't know if it was related to Jan. 6, but I think it still may have been related to the "Big Lie", anyway I remember thinking "does Ted know what happened to William?" Perhaps it may happen to Ted too? Though it may be a bit less spectacular since Ted may have already emasculated himself and given his bits to tfg on a silver platter.
""I could not be a traitor to Democracy, for I was never its subject." William's version didn't work for him, hope it doesn't work for Ted et al either.

While I'm taking a very literal definition of "And", a reminder that "Lessor of two evils" is indeed LESS evil, conversely the greater of two evils is MORE evil. If there is a real chance (even if remote) for something better, then sure, one can chose it, but a totally impotent gesture could be construed as acquiesce to the greater evil.
"But I don't want evil!" Well you are going to get it anyway, you are free to campaign for better, but when the rubber hits the road (or pen his the paper) the choice is often only more or less evil, and if you chose less this time and less next time, and the time after that ... You know it only took some 200 million years to get from dinosaurs to modern humans, so a lot can be be accomplished with patience. (I'm not saying modern humans are an improvement, they are probably not, but still, it was a significant change)



I'd guess you're likely correct and the R will win Wyoming regardless of who it is. Though it's at least worth noting that a Dem recently won and held a Senate seat in freaking Alabama when the R was simply too toxic to support. Probably not inconceivable something similar could play out up there, especially if a couple fringe or third party candidates emerge to be written in.



Chase left a while ago.


@5 Michael Fanone, former DC police officer injured in the Jan. 6 insurrection attacks. Sean Penn is famewhoring off of him..


SCOTUS is just paving the way for legal mass executions, in case their party of choice wins or merely takes power in the coming coup. Just like in Russia, and in Germany, and in Rome before that, it will all be perfectly legal.

I can't help but wonder whether the concealed gun ruling wasn't also a tactical move to aid their precious militias.


The move to dictatorship is always justified as a move to ensure public safety and order, but is often a response to a manufactured or covertly encouraged threat. So more guns on the streets will be "helpful" one way or another.


My favorite Lusty Lady marquee was their Halloween announcement: "WE FORGOT OUR COSTUMES !"

Bless the poor old archivist who created a spreadsheet, and printed it out, rather than saving the original to a share and providing a link. I honestly read the text of that tweet as an order to one "Ima", to see if she can find a better way to share it than photographing the pages.


@8 Probably the quickest way to go, yes. Maybe even the least painful. But also the bloodiest, which is why most death penalty states don't like it.

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