She's taking the ol' oath tomorrow. I wonder if she has any second thoughts on taking the job... Kevin Lamarque-Pool/Getty



Here's something that managed to get buried yesterday:

Yesterday, our Rep. Pramila Jayapal introduced a TRANS BILL OF RIGHTS in Congress (H Res 1209, co-sponsored by 85 other representatives) "to protect and codify the rights of transgender and nonbinary people under the law and ensure their access to medical care, shelter, safety, and economic security." Oh, and also codify Row v Wade regarding reproductive healthcare like birth control, fertility treatments and abortion.

You can read the full text of House Resolution 1209 here (as well as follow its progress):

And here's Rep Jayapal's press release about it:

Seeing this missed in the bulk of the national media is understandable, but missing it in local media is extra disappointing.


Have you ever heard of Thurgood Marshall?


"There's no need for alarm, ladies and gentlemen. We're just stopping to pick up some party ice."


"85% of Americans believe that the nation is "on the wrong track" with high inflation, high-ass gas prices, skyrocketing rent"

Would love to know how many of that percentage worship the idea of the free market.

This is what capitalism looks like. You're not saying you want the government to do something about it are you? That might be a tad hypocritical



JFC dude, it was an obvious typo. Even if we were to concede that she was somehow unaware of the existence of Marshall, which is a ridiculous and inconceivable concession on it's face, it's not even remotely possible this would also be true of Thomas. It was a typo. An editor should've caught it, but we also know they're currently down one of their two staff editors, interviewing for that position, and give less consideration to AM/PM posts than feature stories in general. It was an unfortunate typo that should've been caught. Move on.


Ha ha, sorry, just realized I referred to Jas as "she," which was another careless typo.


Man, as insanely frustrated though I am with the current state of domestic affairs, I really don't think I view Biden's performance unfavorably. Which is to say, with a couple exceptions, I don't know what he really could or should have done differently to make a significant difference from where we are today. He inherited a shit situation with no realistically actionable resources to remedy it, and now has largely been unsuccessful in remedying it.

I guess the counter-factual would be to envision the potential and exponentially different/worse situation we could be mired in had Shitler won, and I've honestly no idea what the would like and I'm glad I don't live have to live in that reality. I don't know how to work that into a catchy campaign slogan next year, but that kinda seems to be where we're headed.



@14 should read "...I've honestly no idea what that would look like..." of course.

Fuckin' typos!


16, and others.

The Stranger writers who remain didn't sign up to recap the TV evening news, which is essentially what the Slog AM/PM is, now that we are currently inside of this Digital Daily. Guns, car crashed, house fire, if it bleeds it leads. Shove yer 'ledes'. Journalism has always been like this, see any number of TV show or movies with idealistic lead character, etc.

You can see it if you read the pieces by Jas or Matt that involve what they really want to write about (and were HIRED FOR), be it art, or comic books or...adults who like to dress like Disney park characters. Their integrity and passion for the subject shines through.

Charles is basically a tenured professor that you hope you don't have to take a class from, published a few papers (or movies in his case), spouts a lot of hot air, lashes out at his peers, and occasionally hits a point of truth, but otherwise is just there. Some people like that. Where else could he go, though?

Will Casey, despite his Youth Pastor Watch profile photo (consult your Stranger archives kids!) is more in his element, but again is strongest doing long-ish form stories on criminal justice. Hannah is intelligent and prolific, but kneecaps herself by letting her youthful ego get in the way. We all been there.

So, this is where the Stranger is, right here right now. Who will lead? Certainly not the publishers. Tim we know, the other who has ultimate signoff we do not call her by name. Look it up.

Unless they can find an Editor to wrangle this crew for less money than they are worth (stepping stone journalism, the whole lot) it remains to be seen.

But. It's not the writers' fault. They are just cannon fodder.


Also Shrubby is just Prof once again failing in rehab and will eventually get more and more abusive the 'dipshits' have already started and he will spiral until he gets banned then swear to himself he won't even look again and then maybe will just have a little taste and it won't spiral again this time but eventually it is back to rehab all over again.

Don't enable him.


Thanks for catching that typo everyone! Def thought I caught it and didn’t….


are brain farts typos?

"I’ve seen no evidence that Stranger writers have any knowledge of or curiosity about history, political science, architecture … "

whilst not speaking
to the rest of tS's Writers
see: Chas and Architecture,
political science, History etc.

perhaps just another Brain Fart st2

or part of your Anti-tS
misinformation campaign?

which begs the query: WTF
are you even doing here?

@20 -- Bingo

@19 -- your
Hair grew Back!


All I'm gonna say is, I was amused when I saw that The Stranger's ad/job listing for a Social Media Engagement Manager requires proofreading skills. Must be a new obligation, I thought.


@25 and 24

alls They wanna Do
is get Rid of
ALL of

'less you be White
Wealthy and Male

the rest of Us well
they'll let hang around
as long as we're still Useful

and don't


@fucking dewey:
please stop ignoring
the Fascists at the door

they don't Like "your type"
and after Trade Unions
they'll be coming
for YOU

and not in Any
Good Way.



nyt's got
typos they
owe me a sub

I'd Settle for
an Edit Button right here.


thnx, PADuece!

I'd require
my writers to read a book
and meet up about it* something
to keep them Sharp -- give them Plenty
of Time Off -- don't want 'em burnin' OUT

*a Big Meal, Table, cocktails, joints
morning after pills whatever
and then three days Off

and if you're
still hung over
on Monday take
the whole Week off.

for fuck's sake
they're fucking Writers
for fuck's sake



"I’ve seen no evidence that Stranger writers have any knowledge of or curiosity about history, political science, architecture, urban design, or really any topic outside their internal biases."

Funny, that's exactly the same thing a lot of commenters here think about you...

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