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The only response to what is happening now is for brave leftists to leave these liberal enclaves, populate red states, and take back your country. We can take back state houses and national offices alike. The Supreme Court is poisoned for decades to come, but taking back other branches of government can offset that. There are more of us than them, and it’s time we actually got out in the world and walked out “diversity” talk anyway. I can’t anymore the the handwringing and preaching to the choir.


Charles, the cruise ship brawl took place last Monday, not six months ago.


Dear Charles - It’s gonna take more than Bill Evans.
1- that’s why I was stranded at Mt Baker this a m and couldn’t get a light rail. I biked downtown instead.
2- I know someone who rented in that firetrap in Belltown. God knows how the building lasted that long.
3- GOP controls 30 of 50 state legislatures. They will have complete control over gerrymandering- and picking the slate of electors in a Presidential election.
Remember the state legislatures also picked the Senators until the 17th amendment - at least the Supreme Court can’t toss that one out!


GOP can't take us back to before the New Deal without re-creating the conditions that produced it. Maybe AOC will be the second coming of FDR - they both use a monogram, its auspicious!

But I doubt there's any way back under the current Constitution. Its only the purest luck that USA avoided slouching into the same kind of rotten, bumbling brutish authoritarianism that marks every other Presidential Republic in the New World. Out luck has run out.


@ 6,

Don’t count on it. The KKKourt’s nonsensical, falsehood-filled, illegitimate and downright psychopathic rulings basically amount to “the law is whatever we want it to be,” no matter how insultingly offensive, self-contradictory, and illogical they are. They’re fascists willing to overturn anything and cause maximum chaos.


From the Anne Frannk House website:

"In November 1923, Hitler even led a coup attempt. It was a complete failure. Hitler ended up behind bars and the court banned the NSDAP. At the end of 1924, Hitler was released after serving a relatively short sentence. However, his political career was not over."

"From then on, the Nazis were to stick to the law and try to gain power by means of elections. They benefited from the economic crisis that began by the end of the 1920s. The Nazis used the crisis to condemn the government and the Versailles peace treaty. Their strategy was effective. In the 1928 elections, the NSDAP gained 0.8 million votes; in 1930, the number had increased to 6.4 million."

More creepy parallels here -

TL:DR - The United States of America is currently somewhere between the Germany of 1923-33.

Also read It Can't Happen Here by Sinclair Lewis if you haven't.


@4, make that brave young leftists that will have to fight the Christian Sharia Law crowd. People with a long life span to fight for the change, and hopefully live to experience it. While they'll lack the night life, the kids will get the cheap rents they've been pining for.


Well this certainly is an upbeat thread!


"The Supreme Court is poisoned for decades to come"

I kinda feel like the SC is maybe the institution that we could most easily restore some semblance of sanity to, if only in that expanding it isn't really all that daunting, at least relatively speaking. It'd require a filibuster proof majority of course, or elimination of the filibuster, neither of which are happening anytime soon. But it still feels somehow far more likely than the elimination of the Electoral College or Senate, which are among a couple of the other blatantly undemocratic institutions wrecking society at current.


@ 9,

Hello??? They’ll just rule that words don’t mean what they obviously mean, or that they mean the opposite of what’s written, or it’s what the Founding Fuckers always wanted which just happens to be exactly what they want.

Alito, Barrett, Gorsuch, Thomas, & Roberts are soulless lying psychopaths, it’s nothing to them, and neither are we.



As you were warned the consequences of 2016 are the end of democracy in America. Once Moore v. Harper happens there is no going back. You won’t have another party you won’t even have your laughably inert third parties.

I hope owning the libtards was worth it.


@11 -- yep
and once the
Nazis Seized Power
they Removed Access to it
far from everyone else's grasp.

they NEVER lost another Election &
they killed what a Hundred Million?

and This is whom
50,000,000 Aspire to?

"Are you anti-Fascist?"

"How could I Not be?"


We're SO fucked!

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