Who all do you think comprises "we" Hannah? Right now, today, there are literally two less Democratic Senators than Republican ones in the federal government (and that doesn't account for Manchin or Sinema). If "we" don't know that (and a bunch of other ways not enough of "us" have voted Republicans out of office) than "we" absolutely should get "our" heads out of "our" asses.


We're outraged that the Republicans have overturned women's rights to control their own bodies along with rights to privacy. They're scheming to end marriage equality and access to birth control next.

Voting is the only way out of this living nightmare, and we have to ensure that Democrats retain the House.

The DCCC has set up coordinated funds to support candidates fighting for reelection and newcomers working to flip House seats. Act Blue will split your donation automatically--they make it super easy!

We’ve got to give til it hurts and get people to vote to change this country and save ourselves. Anything helps.

Frontline: Reelect Democrats is close races

Red to Blue: Elect more Democrats to save our rights


Look at it this way, it took 50 years or so for movement conservatives and right wing billionaires to get us to this point of a super hard right supreme court majority. A lot of that entailed voting harder (in off year elections and pretty much all elections, unlike democrats, particularly younger ones) and in large consistent numbers even after losing. Those guys dust themselves off, get back up and fight and never give up. They don't do "what the f*** and give up." Dig in and fight. And consider throwing money and support toward those swing state senate races-WI, NC, PA, OH. We don't control the Senate contrary to hive mind repetition--50/50 tie with two brought and paid for Senators that turn it into a quasi republican majority and have totally screwed the ability of the Biden administration to govern. Hopefully add on some Senators in WI, NC, PA, OH and hold down NV, GA, AZ and provide the numbers to override the filibuster demands of those two corrupt democratic senators.

Do what the other side does and get engaged, not just the $$$, but as their people on the ground do.


Hannah - have a great weekend!
I always found the 3 day weekends were just enough time to forget the bad crap of the previous week.
And we’ve excelled in lots of bad crap lately.


We can always depend on Our Dear Hannah to provide the angry college freshman perspective.


well I think it's Helpful

speaking of Perspective:
"All women and all non-white people in this country need to be willing to stop everything and use force to put these white supremacist terrorists down."

when they overthrow the Election
that's when the Gloves come off
that's when we go on Strike
Women's Strike for Justice
11/10/22* prolly a few
well-Armed & Dane-
gerous* lefties
out there

we're gonna Need
a few Good

*or thereabouts
*possibly to
themselves mostly


"Just like with abortion bans, this law is completely pointless and people will easily find a way to work around it."

really. po' peeps just
gonna dash over to
the next state drop
a $K or so and be
back in time to
make Dinner?

assuming you don't gotta cross a Few fucking states -- or, you're right, there'll always be abortion pills. till there aren't. fascists and far 'right' extremists Hate the fact that Women can experience OODLES of Pleasure -- especially when they haven't a Clue as to the how-to of it and No desire to Learn. it's easier for the fundies to just Mutilate the womenfolk* than to learn how to give them that Pleasure. that's some pretty Fucked up shit. even for the 'right.'

oh and
your Venn Diagram
is waaay too Small

a Thing
so were

and it's ALL
about Kkkontrol

oh and

"republicans" don't want Democracy

they want Kings and Dynasties
and Eric and Ivanta trumpf
and Bezos and their Ilks to
Rule the Planet and the
Ironier the Fist they
more they Love it.


speaking of gas prices
as more and more of our
Foreign Policy* comes Home
to Roost expect the Citizenry to
get a little warm under the collar

see: Haiti
South America
Central America and
all the Democratically-
Elected governments we've
either overthrown or 'Made Safe
for Democracy' read: safe Haven for
Unbridled Capitalism including Sweat
Shops the Oilgarchy & Whatever WE Want

*no, not Human Rights
just Corporate Ones
AKA the Profiteers
who see the
World as


say that reminds me
how'd that little
Reich Wing Ad-
venturism* in
the Middle
East go?

did we

*you remember: the CHENEY
/bush exercise in Creating
Whole NEW! Realities in
Afghanistan & Iraq

did we bring 'em

can their Women Vote?
go to School or even
fucking Drive

the good ole
some just
Love it.

& Others just
can't get

Stockholm Syndrome.


say that reminds me
how'd that little
Reich Wing Ad-
venturism* in
the Middle
East go?

did we

*you remember: the CHENEY
/bush exercise in Creating
Whole NEW! Realities in
Afghanistan & Iraq

did we bring 'em

can their Women Vote?
go to School or even
fucking Drive

the good ole
some just
Love it.

& Others just
can't get

Stockholm Syndrome.


hmmm al-
most wanna
go for Three...


@13 -- 'war on Women'?
WHAT War on Women?

the Reich Wing one
you remember:

Inside the Extreme Effort to Punish Women for Abortion

Abortion “abolitionists” are the outer edge of the anti-abortion movement. They’re looking to gain followers after the decision to overturn Roe, unsettling mainstream anti-abortion groups.

how fucking
DARE they
Enjoy the
Act of

you want 'Witch Hunts'?
you're (soon to be!) in Luck!


Voting for Democrats is not what got us into this mess, and correct me if I'm wrong but not voting for Democrats is not the way of getting us out of this mess.


@ 5,

The causes of our national catastrophes were when the ratfucking Republinazi Supreme Court stole the 2000 election and installed CaliguBush against our will after he lost at the ballot box, and then the (s)Electoral College stole the 2016 election and installed Prezinazi AntiChrist against our will after he lost by over 3 million votes.

Republinazi racism, greed, hatred, lies, and incompetence are what caused the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, the end of the assault weapons ban resulting in countless mass shootings, the 2008 economic collapse due to refusal to regulate the banking industry, over 1 million Americans dead from COVID, and now a totally illegitimate, fascist Supreme Court hellbent on damning us to relive the 1850s.

We're all angry and upset, however we need to direct our outrage at those that deserve it. We have to elect more Democrats and pressure them into restoring women's rights, expanding the courts, and unfucking the nation's gerrymandered elections among many other priorities.


@9 it is almost too easy to laugh at. Almost.

'my mini fan fell on my lava lamp because of course it did. THATS OUR HANNAH (MONTANA). WHANT WHAAA.


Not again guys! Jeez, what a world!


"The 2016 election wasn’t stolen, just as the 2020 election wasn’t stolen. The electoral college rules didn’t change. You knew the rules beforehand."

Minority Rule
elects our Presidents
doesn't make it Acceptable

the South Takes
WAY above its


@25 -- and now that same Minoruty Rule OWNS 'our' Supreme Court -- formerly supreme, now it's all MkKonnel's (or Alito's or Kavanaughtius Maximus', whichever one can out-wrassle the other for a brand new Supreme Court Church -- or Brewery, depending

the Statuary will be
AMAZING or was
that the Mort-

let's all thank God
for the radical Extemist's
Tendencies for Over-reach

that may Prove to be the
Onliest thing that'll
Save our Asses.


@5 xina,@20 Original Andrew, and @25 & @26 kristofarian: I agree with the three of you.

@15: You already fiddle with yourself too much, Elmer. Is that why you live on SLOG 24/7?
Like gun-crazed, woman-hating Texans boasting "Don't mess with Texas!" you're just as messed up already without outside help.

@24: Pull your head out of your ass before you fall in, Scottie. Yes, the 2000 and 2016 elections were indeed stolen by the GOP! Get a fucking CLUE! Are you rooming with Elmer?


@19 Parah Sailin: Agreed with you, too.


@5 a crazy zealot to match the talibangelists of the right. Extremism in all its forms is ugly and counterproductive.


@13 Milksop, @29 Elmer, & @31 Phallus Bonehead: Oh, look! The three little trolling incel pigs are back, oinking it up because they can't get laid! So they start a War on Women because they're afraid of us! Ooooo!!!
@5 xina tells it like it IS. Grow a pair and deal with it.

@29: It's better than being a flatulent trolling old fart like you. If you'd pull your head out once in a while and spend less time wasted on jacking off, you wouldn't get so much crap on SLOG. You SHOULD be worried, Elmer. You and your ilk will be castrated next by the RepubliKKKan Nutzy Regime. What truly amazes me is why you're so wildly supportive of domestic terrorists who do NOT have your best interests at heart. They're laughing at you.

Hey--it's past 3 am PDT and no typos!


Reich wing complicity
is the terriblest thing

Welcome back
auntie Gee.

how's that


Oooooo, look, folks! Elmer got scared stupid again and felt compelled to blurt out SOMEthing in three whole minutes!

@33, @34, and @35: Were you and your motorized wheelchair running late for SuperFriends on Channel 4? Just can't get enough misinformation from Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, huh?

@36 kristofarian: Many thanks! It's good to hear from you and be back in The Stranger SLOG Land. My Love Beetle and I are doing fine. It's so nice to have convertible top down days again, although we can appreciate some rain on July 4th, and still have some leftover winter snow on Mount Baker. Hopefully that will help lessen the number of fire mishaps and fireworks-related ER disasters by careless idiots this year. Fireworks are illegal where I live. Our fair city has an annual July 4th Fireworks show on the waterfront. I'm all for it because I prefer to leave it to the professional pyrotechnicians--but feel for local cats and dogs in our neighborhood. New Year's Eve here is just as crazy.


@34: I am in AGREEMENT with @5 xina, you ultra maroon. The advice I gave is for you, Milksop @13, and Phallus Bonehead @31. Learn to read, Elmer, and maybe you wouldn't get shredded so often in the comment threads.


“What to the Slave
Is the 4th of July?”
James Earl Jones
Reads Frederick
Douglass’s His-
toric Speech:

is it truly too Soon to
End our Slave Patrols?

'and Justice for ALL'

happy 4th o' July!


also from Democracy Now

Nikole Hannah-Jones on “The 1619 Project,” Teaching Critical Race Theory & White Supremacy on Trial

We begin today’s [November 23, 2021's] show with Nikole Hannah-Jones, the Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter who covers racial injustice for The New York Times Magazine. She’s the creator of the landmark 1619 Project, which reframes U.S. history by marking the year 1619, when the first enslaved Africans arrived on Virginia soil, as the country’s foundational date. This month, two new books that she co-edited are out, The 1619 Project: A New Origin Story and an adaptation for children titled Born on the Water.

It was on the 400th anniversary of the first enslaved Africans landing in colonial Virginia in 1619 that The New York Times Magazine launched The 1619 Project as a special issue in 2019. It’s now been expanded as an anthology of 18 essays along with poems and short stories that examine the legacy of slavery, dedicated to the more than 30 million descendants of American slavery.

Many argue The 1619 Project has changed how history is taught and discussed in the United States. Just last year, then-President Donald Trump announced his proposed 1776 Commission at the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C., last year in direct response to The 1619 Project.
--Amy Goodman

PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP: "Critical race theory, The 1619 Project and the crusade against American history is toxic propaganda, ideological poison that, if not removed, will dissolve the civic bonds that tie us together, will destroy our country. That is why I recently banned trainings in this prejudiced ideology from the federal government, and banned it in the strongest manner possible."

because Nuthin' brings a Nation Together
quite like Mutual Hate and a little
good old-fashioned Fascism.

“We should all, as Americans, be deeply, deeply concerned about these anti-history laws, because what they’re really trying to do is control our memory and to control our understanding of our country,” says Hannah-Jones.


“The Hill We Climb,
If Only We Dare It”

Amanda Gorman, Youngest
Inaugural Poet in U.S. History

Mr. President, Dr. Biden,
Madam Vice President, Mr. Emhoff,
Americans, and the World:

When day comes, we ask ourselves:
Where can we find light
In this never-ending shade?
The loss we carry, a sea we must wade.

We’ve braved the belly of the beast.
We’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace,
And the norms and notions of what “just is”
Isn’t always justice.

And yet the dawn is ours before we knew it.
Somehow, we do it.
Somehow we’ve weathered and witnessed
A nation that isn’t broken, but simply

We, the successors of a country and a time
Where a skinny Black girl,
Descended from slaves and raised by a
single mother,
Can dream of becoming president,
Only to find herself reciting for one.

And yes, we are far from polished,
far from pristine.
But that doesn’t mean we are striving to
form a union that is perfect.
We are striving to forge our union with

To compose a country committed
To all cultures, colors, characters,
And conditions of man.
And so we lift our gazes not
To what stands between us,
But what stands before us.
We close the divide,
Because we know to put
Our future first, we must first
Put our differences aside.

We lay down our arms
So we can reach out our arms to one
We seek harm to none, and harmony for all.

Let the globe, if nothing else, say this is true:
That even as we grieved, we grew,
That even as we hurt, we hoped,
That even as we tired, we tried.
That we’ll forever be tied together.
Not because we will never again know
But because we will never again sow

Scripture tells us to envision that:
“Everyone shall sit under their own vine
and fig tree,
And no one shall make them afraid.”
If we’re to live up to our own time, then
Won’t lie in the blade, but in all the bridges
we’ve made.
That is the promised glade,
The hill we climb, if only we dare it:
Because being American is more than
a pride we inherit—
It’s the past we step into, and how we
repair it.

We’ve seen a force that would shatter our
nation rather than share it,
Would destroy our country if it meant
delaying democracy.
And this effort very nearly succeeded.
But while democracy can be periodically
It can never be permanently defeated.

In this truth, in this faith, we trust.
For while we have our eyes on the future,
History has its eyes on us.

This is the era of just redemption.
We feared at its inception.
We did not feel prepared to be the heirs
Of such a terrifying hour.
But within it we’ve found the power
To author a new chapter,
To offer hope and laughter to ourselves.

So while once we asked: How could we
possibly prevail over catastrophe?
Now we assert: How could catastrophe
possibly prevail over us?

We will not march back to what was,
But move to what shall be:
A country that is bruised but whole,
Benevolent but bold,
Fierce and free.

We will not be turned around,
Or interrupted by intimidation,
Because we know our inaction and inertia
Will be the inheritance of the next
Our blunders become their burdens.
But one thing is certain:
If we merge mercy with might, and might
with right,
Then love becomes our legacy,
And change, our children’s birthright.

So let us leave behind a country better
than the one we were left.
With every breath from my bronze-
pounded chest,
We will raise this wounded world into
a wondrous one.

We will rise from the gold-limned hills
of the West!
We will rise from the windswept
Northeast, where our forefathers first
realized revolution!
We will rise from the lake-rimmed cities
of the Midwestern states!
We will rise from the sunbaked South!

We will rebuild, reconcile, and recover,
In every known nook of our nation,
In every corner called our country,
Our people, diverse and dutiful.
We’ll emerge, battered and beautiful.

When day comes, we step out of the
Aflame and unafraid.
The new dawn blooms as we free it,
For there is always light,
If only we’re brave enough to see it,
If only we’re brave enough to be it.

--Amanda Gorman

THIS is the Fouth of July.


Jesus. 'the Atlantic' doesn't
know when to use
who's and

@42 -- when triggering
others becomes one's
life's work what is
that life worth?


so you'll settle
for a side-



Good reminder to kick in a bit more this month to Seattle Humane.


@44 kristofarian for the WIN, BAYBEE!!!!!! :)

@46 kristofarian: I'd hurtle the killer red potato salad I just made at Elmer if it wouldn't be a tragic waste of such awesome homemade potato salad. It's my mother's own recipe.

@37 CharlesUFarley: Agreed. I really feel sorry for cats and dogs this time of year, and on New Year's Eve.


@41 kristofarian: Heaven bless you, too, kris, for sharing Amanda Gorman's amazing poem, The Hill We Climb, If We Dare It !!


I went outside to watch the free Fourth of July Fireworks show, put on by our fair city. This year for me is different.
I don't know how to celebrate independence when 167 million U.S. citizens just got their reproductive rights unjustifiably stripped by the SCROTUS.


it Sucks
so Much
auntie Gee

they're giving US a
Fascist Theocracy
whither we Like
it or Not.

there's always

when "justice" Uncle Thomas
gets whind of FOUR Justices
of the female persuasion
expect him to be pulling
a Rudi and quoting Ver-
batim from 'Long Dong
Silver' long one of
Unc's Favorites
of the movie

dread Pirate
Roberts' g.g.g. grandson
to come at him with a gavel
and a Writ and Gawd only Knows
what kinida Retribution Kavanaugh-
tius Maximus has in Store for him. it could

get Ugly.

let's us


@52 redux:

they're giving US a
Fascist Theocracy
whither we Like
it or Not.

there's always

when "justice" Uncle Thomas
gets whind of FOUR Justices
of the female persuasion
expect him to be pulling
a Rudi and quoting Ver-
batim from 'Long Dong
Silver' long one of
Unc's Favorites
of the movie

dread Pirate
Roberts' g.g.g. grandson
to come at him with a gavel
and a Writ and Gawd only Knows
what kinda Retribution Kavanaugh-
tius Maximus has in Store for him. it could

get Ugly.

let's us

[ tis so Nice
to Edit! ]


@50 -- you're so
Welcome auntie Gee
but it was just There at
Democracy Now and it made
Sense -- ever listen to Amy Goodman?

and Thom Hartmann
on the FM dial and KODX-LP web-wise.


@52 & @23 kristofarian: I am still shaken by my eerily well timed bilateral hysterectomy. For me, the corrective procedure mercifully ended 43 years of the absolute worst monthly hell on Earth (you don't want to know). I don't know who to feel sorrier for, since the atrocity of the Extreme Court's unwarranted overturning of Roe: women and adolescent girls between the ages of 15 and 45 in their reproductive years, or little girls from birth to their preteens who have yet to experience their first menstrual period.
When will RepubliKKKan neofascist criminal insanity end? When every bootlicking charter member of the Orange Turd's GOP is dead?

@54 kristofarian: I LOVE Amy Goodman!! Thank you for sharing the link. :)


@55: Dang nab it! I obviously meant @52 & @53 kristofarian. Oops on the goofed up comment #'s! Funny how my most glaring typos occur when I haven't consumed a single drop of alcohol. Griz plans on having some more red red wine this evening.


"When will RepubliKKKan neo-
fascist criminal insanity end?"

Reich-wingers' fascist theocracy insanity
won't end. they'll Outlaw ending it
and it'll Stand till Women've
had their Fill of incompe-
tent 'leadership' from
this insidious power-
Mad Patriarchy.

"When every bootlicking
charter member of the
Orange Turd's GOP
is dead?"

they're Carefully
learning their
Progeny to
Shun Crit-
ical think-
ing so it's
gonna be
a While.

the "christian"
Soldiers will be
marching all over
the poor, off-Whites
womenfolk and the sick.

Jesus's gonna be
so fucking Pissed
he'll likely Cancel
the Rapture -- too
Late for Humanity.


@57 kristofarian: I say it'll be over when Nature decides she's finally had enough. She's rightfully pissed off already. Climate change is real and we humans blew it. What if all humanity suddenly gets wiped out? Will the rest of the barely living creatures on land, in the air and sea rejoice, or die out as well from the severely depleted lack of natural resources?

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