Hannah Krieg mentioned this in the AM. I'm bringing it up again in the PM. Basically, the city is fucked if a 7.5 magnitude earthquake erupts. But in the current political climate, being fucked by nature doesn't sound half bad. One can come to terms with a natural disaster. Nothing could be done. It just happened. It was an act of God, if you will. But there's no such consolation for a disaster caused by the culture (or, put another way, mental conceptions) of six judges on the Supreme Court. 

Boeing is holding Renton hostage and demanding that Congress allow its 737 MAX 10 series to "extend a regulatory deadline that would allow the jet to enter service without an upgrade to the 737 crew alerting system" or it will blow a huge hole into the city's economy. Seattle Times reports that the threat to cancel "plans for the largest member of the MAX family — which has about 640 orders with prospects for more, including from Delta," must be feared because it "would curtail future job growth at the Renton assembly plant." Yeah, these boys don't play.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has the numbers. And they look pretty good for workers in the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue metro area. They earned "an average hourly wage of $36.62 in May 2021, about 31% higher than the national average of $28.01..." But housing is still too expensive in this area, and also, high wages should never be the dominant issue for labor. Time must be. What we want is more life, which is only time, in time, being time. This is what the pandemic revealed to many. What we lacked was time to reconsider, to plan, to dream. This temporal conception of the labor movement defines my Marxism

Idaho's abortion law is not 100%. It's not as pure as Jesus. Pregnant people that put their lives on the line, or that seek abortions because of incest or rape, can get abortions. But they need the cops to sign off on it first. Damn. Idaho also has seen a sharp increase rape and incest cases.

We want this train to run yesterday! The bus to Vancouver, BC is horrible. I can't wait until September for the most civilized way to get from here to there, the most beautiful city in the Pacific Northwest.

The Pacific Northwest Canadians are back in Seattle today for their one big baseball game series in the region. We have not seen them since 2019: 

Yes, Bill Gates
, buy all the land you want in North Dakota, and exploit the hell out of those hicks, who lost socialist cred long, long ago. Yahoo! Finance: "Bill Gates just won legal approval to buy 2,100 acres of North Dakota farmland worth $13.5M — and people are ‘livid’ about it all across the state."

Why are they livid? Because "Gates’ purchase of farmland in North Dakota... raised concerns because of a Depression-era law that prohibits corporations and limited liability companies from owning farmland in the region." No. Not just a "Depression-era law." It was a law that socialist farmers fought for and won. The 1979 film Northern Lights dramatized this struggle, which cost plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. Farmers against capital. Farmers against exploitation. Farmers demanding the right to make a decent living. The North Dakota of today has no memory of this struggle or of its socialists. The state is now run, from top to bottom, by Republicans. You can't have it both ways. Bill Gates is going to buy your abortion-hating state.

What did Jas Keimig have to say about this? "Newsom wants to be president real bad." But, for real, he is making Biden look old and pointless.

Benny Hill, the theme for the Conservative Party.

Did Boris Johnson try to quote Kurtis Blow in his resignation speech, which really wasn't a resignation speech? He described his downfall as "them's the breaks." But I think he meant: "These are the breaks," which is how the rapper Kurtis Blow put it in his 1980 track "The Breaks."

Blow raps:

And the IRS says they wanna chat
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
And you can't explain why you claimed your cat
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
And Ma Bell sends you a whoppin' bill
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
With eighteen phone calls to Brazil
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
And you borrowed money from the mob
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
And yesterday you lost your job
(That's the breaks, that's the breaks)
Well, these are the breaks
Break it up, break it up, break it up

Let's end PM with The Breaks: