I remember when The Stranger had good writers. Those were the days.


Mush and the Twits deserve each other in their online sewer marriage.


"Perhaps the study should
have considered the quality of
singles and not just the quantity."

they say for women in Alaska
the Odds are Good but
the goods are Odd.


"Watch out for
an in-depth story
on how to commit voter
fraud to get abortion back."

so we're gonna borrow from
'republicans' a way to take back
our power. Brilliant! but won't they
be Suspicious? if only there were a Way


Don't listen to the haters, Hannah. You're crushing it.


@1 I think Hannah has potential as a writer but unfortunately she’s either following the poor example of Matt/Will or being directed to try to engage readers by inserting disingenuous and inflammatory comments in her pieces. It’s too bad but hopefully she cuts her teeth and moves on from TS like others before her. If not @5 the only thing she is crushing is other potential opportunities in actual journalism.


@7 dear, I’ll admit that I have seen better days, but I can still be had for the cost of a cocktail.

It’s not a criticism of Our Dear Hannah per se. It just seems like slog posts are increasingly rote, and on just a handful of topics. Like they have a wheel they spin, or something. And despite the youth of the writers, they have all seem to have a middle-aged crankiness about them.


What I've always heard is that Seattle (and the PNW generally, especially Alaska) is demographically great for singles if you're a gay man or a straight woman. The opposite, not so much.


Wait---so I was already ahead of the game getting a bilateral hysterectomy back in 2020? I had a gut feeling during that turbulent election year, and especially when one of our last true U.S. Supreme Court Justices, Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away, to be scandalously replaced by COVID Amy Barrett, rushed in by Moscow Mitch McConnell.
Suck it and choke, anti-abortionist RWNJs! Keep your filthy hands off our bodies!

@4: kristofarian: BINGO! Have you ever seen the Alfred Hitchcock cold war / espionage thriller, North by Northwest from 1959, starring Cary Grant and Eva Marie Saint?
Right-hand henchman Leonard (played by Martin Landau) says to his evil kingpin boss, Claude Vandamm (played by James Mason) when a gun is discovered to only have blanks: "It's an old Gestapo trick: shoot one of your own to prove you're not one of them."
The gun-nutzi Party of Trump. This sick, apocalyptic shit is what we're now up against.


At least Jeff Bezos and his oversized ego are put on hold for insisting on dismantling a centuries old European bridge just to sail his stupid mega-yacht. Any fool routinely going that insanely big is obviously lacking elsewhere. Does he have little shriveled up morels between his legs?


if someone left the roadway and hit a tent, they probably nodded-off while driving after visiting another tent to score drugs.


Here you go Hannah


@14: More plausible than Hannah's narrative. Let's not confuse "anti-homeless" with "anti-homelessness".


Per HuffPost (sat 7/9) a pregnant woman was caught driving in the carpool lane in Texas, protesting that there were 2 persons in the car.
You knew this was going to happen in the post Roe world!


@9 - "And despite the youth of the writers, they have all seem to have a middle-aged crankiness about them."

Yeah what could young people possibly have to be mad about these days?


@20: There's a difference between cranky (what Catalina said) and mad. It's subtle, but yet distinct. For example, you can be mad about the Republicans, but not cranky in your communications and relationships with others.



"they say for women in Alaska
the Odds are Good but
the goods are Odd."

K! That's pretty fucking wonderful. May I borrow it?


Whatcha talkin'? Seattle is Lesbian Central. And it's not so great splendid for gay men either. Yeah, we have the numbers, but man, did I ever have to learn to be distant and aloof. You ask a guy out to dinner in Seattle, and if you take him any place nicer than Burger King, you get, "You're crowding me."

So glad that part of my life is over.


@14, close enough - drunk and driving a stolen car. It must be that Tacoma Is Drunk crowd that drove him to it.


@22 -- sorry but
i'm no Libary

gonna hafta do what
i did -- Steal it Honestly &
from whom gawd only Knows

trumpf even Wrote a how-to Book
about it: "The Art of the Steal."

it sold Millions of copies
he bought Every one
at a Discount stiffed
the Publisher and
Wrote it Off. an
nyt Bestseller
if ya can be-
lieve That.

trumpfy's Magical
Midas* Touch
he calls it

*not the Muffler
the King dude


@18 pat L: I don't know why people in the Lone Star State keep bragging, "Don't mess with Texas!" It's messed up enough down there already! I swear, it must be the heat, humidity, hurricanes, and flash flooding that's making people batshit crazy enough to keep voting RepubliKKKan. And Texas lawmakers STILL claim that climate change is a hoax-----as long as reaping fossil fuels is still profitable.

@24 kristofarian: That's a pretty filthy "Midas touch". Everything the Orange Turd touches turns to shit.


@25, continued: And then, when their own separate power grid shat the bed in February 2021 during a historically frigid cold snap, extreme temperatures dropped to single digits, and citizens and livestock died in droves, all the macho shithead Texas lawmakers except one covering his crooked ass (see below)----screamed at the federal guv'MINT to get their sorry asses down and help them--NOW!!---while Ted Chickenshit Cruz skipped town for Cancun, then blamed everything on his wife.
I wish Texas WOULD finally secede from the union. Then, as a separate nation we could legitimately declare war on the Bush regime and see just how well they do patching things up with Mexico and Orange Turd's Great Wall of Lies.


I love Texas and its people. Fine state in my opinion. Just needs Beto as its governor.


@28: Trolling idiots like you would claim to love fucked up neofascist red states like Texas, Elmer. Ironically, it doesn't appear that you spend any actual time there. But feel free to secede from the Deeply Divided States of Confusion any time you like.

@29 PrincessAngeline#2: Agreed. Whenever I see @8's avatar I know to automatically scroll down.


@30: Send money to Beto and shut up about Texas.


@30: Take it away George Strait:


“ Right now, the responsibility for contraceptives falls unfairly on people with wombs. ”

I’m used to being reduced to my biological destiny by the right, but it stings to hear it from the progressive left too. Welcome to our new reality, ladies. Commodified for votes, babies, but no intrinsic value. Feels pretty terrible.


Yeah, sure, Hannah's writing would be so pretty if it smiled more. 🙄


@31 & @33: Fuck George Strait, shut up about Texas, and go get your sorry trolling MAGA ass neutered, ya ultra maroon.

@32 skidmark: Okay, thank you for pointing out the Texas state slogan's origin. Duly noted.
I was referring to the large number of arrogant rednecks from the Lone Star State who push their racism, misogyny, and pro-Trumpist corruption. To them, the former First Lady's slogan appears to be a national license to bully rather than address environmental concerns.


@31 & @33: And while you're at it, get a full frontal lobotomy, too, and rot in your mother's fruit cellar.


Nothing about Beto? You can't get away with hating Texas so much if you're not willing to fight, grizzled old bat.


How inspirationally thoughtful of you @shoo to sing the praises of our adolescent rookie staffer here at Slog. They need every morsel of positive reinforcement no matter where it comes from.


@40: With insufficient facts to make a determination, the author assigned blame to persons and groups she already didn't like. When additional facts became available, but did not support her hasty blaming of persons and groups she already didn't like, she simply failed to update the story. Turns out the only persons to blame were the ones directly involved: the couple who pitched their tent too close to the roadway, and the drunk driver who went off the road in the car he had stolen, hitting their tent:

"After leaving the hospital, the driver was arrested on four different charges: two counts of vehicular assault, one count of possession of a stolen vehicle, and one count of driving while intoxicated. He is being held without bail, and his arraignment is scheduled for Monday." (

(No "Seattle is Dying crowd and the regional anti-homelessness propaganda" were involved, apparently. Sad.)


So why am I singing the praises of Texas? 40 electoral votes, that's why. If Beto wins the governorship, it elevates the chances of the state voting blue in 2024. The state is essentially purple already.

Beto will veto any shenanigans of the legislature to submit their own chosen electors. 40 electoral votes would certainly blunt such nasty legislature attempts in swing states.

You see, I'm far more of a "progressive dem" than the crowd who thinks the volume of their anger at red states suffices for trying to make world a better place.

@44: Ah, so you essentially concur that Hannah ignored additional facts becoming available because all you can think to refute tensor's argument is to concoct a 'Pot meet kettle' quip. Pathetic you are my dear.


@44: So, as @40 suggests, you're still perfectly happy with the author of this post hastily assigning blame to persons and groups who had no apparent involvement with the tragedy, and then not making any clarifications after facts became available?


All the Zillow thing tells us is that Seattle is great for singles - from other cities - to move to and buy condos and houses as they greenwash the money from the inflated property values in the place they left and the money their parents in Asia and Europe gave them to buy a place here so they can sponsor their parents.

No, seriously.


@39: It's better than being a verbally flatulent, black smoke farting incel like you, Elmer, trolling 24/7 out of sheer boredom and lack of a life. I don't believe one word of your claim to be a Democrat. From what you have spewed in past SLOG comment threads, you're exactly like Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema---just another one of Moscow Mitch McConnell's bootlicking RepubliKKKan obstructionist sock puppets marching in lockstep. Cop to it---you're already on record for praising Adolf Hitler fer christsakes, ya ultra maroon!!

@41 shoobop: Elmer's used to shooting himself in the foot. It's to keep him awake until the opiates set in.
His mama tried.

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