I don't understand people with Ring cameras.

Outside your house, cool, you can see if someone swipes your packages and then have a video to give to police who can then tell you there's nothing they can do.

Inside your house, just ew, WTF are you thinking? Why would you voluntarily expose your private life to the creeps who manage Rings servers and DBs?


People are putting Ring cameras inside their houses? This makes me glad I'm kinda old and not super techy.


Wait until Q figures out that the Novavax vaccine chip is directly tied to your Ring camera.


Quite the balancing act to force children to bear their rapist's spawn while still saying you're anti-rapist, but there's Ohio's ruling class up on the wire doing their damn best. Truly revolting human beings all around


Come on now, you're not sure if the full moon has anything to do with the tides?!?!


“Imagine if all white artists had to do that!” Had to do what, and why? Are we generalizing the bad behavior of one artist to all artists who happen to be of the same race?


I just noticed that sister paper The Portland Mercury has killed off its article comments, without the courtesy of a warning or mention. I realize comments sections over there were a ghost town compared to here, but it's still sad. And is The Stranger next?


"On Saturday, Portugal's government declared a state of heightened alert that was set to run from Monday through Friday. The central Alentejo region of Portugal is expected to reach 46 C (115 F) on Wednesday and Thursday... Hundreds of firefighters in Portugal tried to tame blazes mostly in villages around Santarem and Pomba, and authorities said sweltering conditions could worsen the danger.

The danger of more fires led Portuguese Prime Minister António Costa to postpone a visit to Mozambique this week. President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa also canceled a trip to attend a United Nations event in New York."


RepubliKKKans should all be fully sterilized, disinfected, covered with murder hornets, and fired off one way in Jeff Bezos' atrocious space dildo to Hell. Their agonized screams for destroying the Earth and all living beings for their own selfish KKKorporate gain would bring music to my ears.

@1 Brent Gumbo: Ring cameras? I have a new thing to get worried about?

@2 dvs99: I hear you. I just got my first mobile phone. Griz is connected to the 21st Century. Eek.
I'm a bit overwhelmed by high tech and social media being EVERYWHERE.


the comments section of any online site are the dregs of our society, and all of them should be shut down. or else, people should be required to provide their actual name.


In an age of propaganda on both sides, comment sections provide an opportunity to pop the ideological bubble. While not perfect, they are important for presenting a range of opinions within one media site. In the absence of the comment section, we just have The Stranger propaganda machine.

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