do you think
should I go over or under?"

you go Over the
bike goes under
then you hop
back on. or
go thru
the cab


I like your posts!


thnx LA


Hi Matt!
The Stranger is beloved (usually!
Don’t read the comments (except thus one)


Good on Morales for pointing attention to crappy intersections.
I know someone who worked at Lighthouse for the Blind, and the nearby crossing at 23rd S is a hazard.
I’m sure Charles could weigh in on many dangerous intersections along Rainier Ave S, (like at S Oregon St).


@10 i came here to say the same! Cosplay, music, parades etc could Make Voting Fun Again.


Matt, you have other options besides those two, namely, go around or cross the street. That flatbed tow truck driver is doing some actual work, most likely dropping off a vehicle for repair, and will probably have pulled out by the time you turn the corner and get in line at Cafe Vita. And FWIW, Aker's Automotive has been around for a good half-century and is a veritable Capitol Hill treasure: say what you will about the scourge of internal combustion engine powered personal transportation vehicles, but Denny and his crew are top-notch mechanics and do things right. And they don't just work on fancy-schmancy Porsches and Audis - they're terrific VW mechanics as well; something becoming increasingly rare in these parts.

As for the Angry Emu, it just reminds me of this, which those of a certain age may recall:


@5: Hey- !!!--I know how you could make Seattle a decent place to live. You could always leave Seattle and go back to your red state of confusion elsewhere.
There. I fixed it for you. You're welcome. :)

@9 shoobop and @12 PrincessAngeline#2: Amen!

@14 COMTE: That's good to know. My beloved VW and I are lucky mechanic-wise where we are.

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