Inslee is the epitome of a tone-deaf elitist woke politician. Pouring salt into the inflation wounds and throwing guilt shade on Washingtonians just trying to make ends meet - who are already forced by the high prices to cut back on unnecessary driving.


Somebody should talk to Murkowski and Collins (yeah, I know, ugh) and see if they will vote to suspend the filibuster for marriage equality and abortion rights and birth control. Offer Murkowski that chair that Manchin currently holds if necessary.


I feel pretty certain that the against vote for the RFM act would have been larger had the bill not included interracial marriage. A certain few would have voted against that in 2022, but rural Republicans? They still are having trouble swallowing marriage equality - and in fact, 13 Republican Attorneys General got the Court of Appeals out of East Tennessee to put the brakes on Biden's attempts to include gay and transgender rights within Title IX reversing Trumpy's little circus act. The AGs claim what they've claimed since slavery. Firing someone for being gay or denying housing is a State's right.

See? We all knew they wouldn't stop at Roe. Now they are coming for us, my brothers and sisters.


Charles please let us weather freaks have our fun! The rains will come back soon enough, and then it will be ‘back to life, back to reality’.


Inslee's proposal is beautiful and while more always needs to be done it shows the inclusive values that he and his administration holds.

It's also brilliant how Charles set up the blurb and left a big-ass road sign to look into the details of Inslee's statement, so that fools like @1 whose purpose has pretty much always been above all "to own the libs" get a chance to showcase their foolishness.


Midnight Oil's new(er) track is apt:


@5: Such a malleable cause though. Take something most people need to do everyday for their jobs like driving, pair it with a cause that tugs the heart strings, and say that by not doing A you're helping B.

If this crap floats your boat, I'm glad. I don't want to own the libs, they're already worthless.


The fast radio burst from another galaxy happened billions of years ago, so I think we're safe.


@13 Still, I like one of the comments on the linked site: Could aliens be telling us they've just received season one of "I Love Lucy"?


@5 a heat dome is on tract for next week for all you sun worshipping/wildfire smoke freaks! As far as the rains returning, as long as we aren't in an El nino year. Weather patterns are changing all over the globe which will turn earth into a giant tinderbox because of heat domes. I think we are past the the tipping point. Hello hell!


Hell arrived when the Orange turd rode down the escalator.
Thankfully, our damp spring has delayed the fire season in the Northwest this year. As far as the tipping point, I agree. World governments are so tepid in their response to climate instability, they are quite happy to let the earth fry.


Inslee's just trolling eastern WA and all the Puget Sound Republicans who don't want to give up all of the services and overall more enlightened attitudes of the liberal part of the state.

They hate Inslee over in eastern WA, but they're also trying to resurrect that living doorknob Culp to be a congress member or something so that tells you the level of political stupidity over there.


Does Inslee not fucking realize that outside of the core of Seattle, public transportation is nonexistent? The nearest metro stop to my house is almost three miles away. You think I'm gonna walk six miles round trip to take a bus to the grocery store??

Joke's on him... I've got to fly to NYC for work twice within the second half of September, which is techincally car-free transport!


@1 I love you RainDrop. In a platonic "right-on!" kinda way.


A car-free week is ASPIRATIONAL, you whiny fucks.

80 is a fucking great temp, you whiny fucks.


I'm not sure why Charles is trying to whip up a frenzy about Inslee when the link and quote he provided isn't from the Governor's office (click on "About" and you'll see it's from a private, non-profit disabilty-rights organization) and is from 4 years ago.


Get friggin reality checks keep us sane!


If only Pike Place Market would close its thoroughfare to cars the climate would cool back down and everything would return to normal.


@4, 8, 9, 10, 11:

Go back to counting bullet-riddled dead bodies you worthless fuck.


@25: If he annoys you, add him to your magic blocker thing like you did me - as you can't see this message, but anyway.

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