I wish Spanish were gender neutral. ¿Why is it “el dia” and “la noche”?

¡Dios mio…fucking confusing!


Gender neutral is boring, as neutral by itself is inherently boring. Think of all the love songs, especially in the romance languages. Non-binary should be about being cumulative to our culture, not replacing.


"Is there really nothing we can do about this guy? "

Well you could move to West Virginia, and bring a lot of friends with you.

The only people who can decide whether Joe Manchin keeps his job, or influence how he votes are the people who live in West Virginia.

Keep in mind that West Virginia voted overwhelmingly for Trump, so if the West Virginia voters decide to replace him it will be with someone far, far, far worse.

The most important vote any Senator makes each Session of Congress is the very first one, who should be the Majority Leader. Can you imagine what it would have been like the last two years if Manchin had cast that vote for McConnell?

I don't like it either, but them's the facts.

There's still time but you'll have to move fast, and I do mean move.

The three Republican Senate Seats most likely to switch are in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and North Carolina. The three most vulnerable Democratic Senate Seats are in Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia.

Want to diminish the power of Manchin? Move to one of those six states. To be safe you'll want to establish residence at least 2 months in advance so time to start looking.

On the bright side I think housing in each of those 6 states is less expensive than it is in Seattle.


Tesla is ranked 27th of 28 by Consumer Reports for reliability.

For every Tesla-bro who replies "but, my ride works fine" there are 2 or more others who are not having that experience.


Owning a tesla is not about reliability, it's about being seen owning a tesla. Reminds me of all the coffee shop freelancers who need a MacBook just to use a word processor


"Is there really nothing we can do about this guy?"

Democrats can hold the House and win two more Senate seats in November. You can help by knocking doors for the Schrier campaign.


"'We are
accelerating it as
much as humanely possible,'
Inslee [didn't say] of the sweeps timeline."

indeed &

the Stress
it puts on our
Billionaires and
Forced to view the un-
Homed is UnbeLiveable

pretty sure
it's a War



We absolutely provide housing for the unhoused.

There is a facility at 9601 Steilacoom Blvd SW, Lakewood, WA 98498.

And another at 1313 N 13th Ave, Walla Walla, WA 99362.

Each facility is customized to the individual needs of each person.


who said
we didn't?


so you've abandoned Nihilism
what're the odds
it'll take?



I sincerely and wholeheartedly admire your consistent efforts to call attention to whatever steps would be theoretically necessary to gain a stronger democratic foothold in the Senate. But the unfortunate reality is that people will not be picking up and moving to shitholes like West Virginia or Oklahoma simply for the sake of attempting to wield some infinitesimally tiny change in our goof-ass demography, and that goof-ass demography's outsized role in our backward-ass legislature. The more righteous message for you to advocate would be to upend and disband the United States Senate outright. It's not a change that has a realistic chance of happening in our lifetimes, but we do have a responsibility to future generations to advocate for a better society.


Tesla's total revenue fell to $16.93 billion in the second quarter from $18.76 billion a quarter earlier. They didn't have "a $16.9 billion drop in revenue this quarter". The Guardian article you linked to as a citation doesn't even report the $16.9B number at all. That's a pretty sloppy fail on your part (and wrong of course). Focus on the facts more, rants less perhaps.


Fun fact: President Sanders or President Elf Queen or President Libertarian Dipshit would be in exactly the same position as Biden. Only with an even more hostile congress as they’d have no coalition at all.


@4 STII: Give your delusional idea of getting progressive-minded Democratic voters to hurry up and relocate to neofascist RepubliKKKan shithole states a REST, al-fucking-ready! These are also the states that are against mail-in balloting, favor gerrymandering and rezoning laws to permanently enforce RepubliKKKan RWNJ legislature and white supremacy, and keep corrupt racists and misogynist white male chauvinist pigs in charge. I would think that that alone would turn any Democratic voters even THINKING of moving to Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, or West Virginia just to make a difference for the better into voiceless sitting ducks during any election season.
We need to get rid of the filibuster and the pathetically outdated Electoral College, and set term limits on Congressional and SCROTUS seats.

@7 aaronbrethorst: I like your thinking. Thanks for the link. Go, Kim Schrier in District 8, GO!

@13 mike blob: Thank you. Hopefully Sir Doofus will finally listen to you if not to me.

What to do about Joe Manchin? I have a few ideas....

We could roast Joe Manchin over an open spit like the main course at a Hawaiian luau, but he's all fat and gristle, especially between his dumbass stubborn elephant (NOT donkey!) ears.

We could send Manchin bungee jumping over the side of the Deception Pass Bridge, hanging by his limp coal-soiled dick. His agonized screams would be the sweetest music.

We could bind Joe Manchin to a conveyor belt at a meat slaughtering plant that processes canned dog food, and ship the rendered contents To Russia With Love. Again, his agonized screams in the processing would be the sweetest music.

We could also hurtle Manchin along with his fellow Third Reich sideshow members, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Krysten Sinema, Marjorie Taylor Greene, ad nauseum into outer space on Jeff Bezos' giant dildo monstrosity. Flagrantly obstructionist DINOs like Manchin and Sinema should face fitting consequences.

RepubliKKKans and their bootliKKKers marching in lockstep should all be castrated, sterilized, disinfected, and blasted off one way into Donald Trump's flatulent black hole, never to be seen again. And all MAGA rubes dumb enough to STILL vote GOP should have their voting rights permanently rescinded.


Somebody has been watching Hellraiser movies.



Eh, the infuriatingly unfortunate reality of our corrupt and wholly undemocratic system(s) mandates that we DO continue to relentlessly advocate for and support the lesser of the two presented evils. But we can absolutely do so while also calling for wholesale and far-reaching systemic changes that might one day render such systems actually democratic in their make-up and function.



Great be all aspirational.

But back here on Earth the fate of this nation hinges very much on very close Senate races in PA, WI, NC, AZ, GA, and NV.

Jas, a progressive journalist with a prominent platform, asked about Manchin
"Is there really nothing we can do about this guy? "

The answer to their question is work to elect Democratic Senators in PA, WI, NC, AZ, GA, and NV.

Or you could piously Demand unicorns.



Go back to counting bullet-riddled dead bodies you worthless fuck.


Thrive on

fuck 'em

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