Now that we know that Joe Biden's dog bit Secret Service members, I'm wondering if he pissed on Melania's insurrection rug.



We had one heat wave already, but I suppose you forgot. You certainly forgot every real fact about economics.


Major biting the Stasi makes way more sense now. Dogs know what's up with people.


@3 June 25-27, temps hit above 90.


"But why is our health,
a matter of life and death,
in the market in the first place?"

why Indeed.


'We only get
the Weather
we Deserve.'
--@Big Oil:

'THNX! for all the


“The sun …. comes forth to run its course. At the end of the sky is the rising of the sun, to the furthest end of the sky is its course. There is nothing concealed from its burning heat.” Psalm 19


" If, however, the charge is true and no proof of the young woman’s virginity can be found, she shall be brought to the door of her father’s house and there the men of her town shall stone her to death." Deuteronomy 22: 20-21


@9 -- you forgot
In Thy Mercy



Sun or rain, if we're spared hail the size of golf balls, severe flooding, hurricane winds, triple digit temperatures, and wildfire smoke, I'll take it. The neofascist RWNJ red states who want manmade climate change so badly from their fossil fuel gluttony can have the unlivable and extreme weather brought to us by KKKorprate greed.
And how about that 9.5 earthquake that the PNW region is ~ 320 years overdue for?

Go, Major! Take down the Trump Crime Syndicate and their MAGA rubes! Sic 'em, boy!
Breaking News: Major, the First Dog Who Saved U.S. Democracy from becoming RepubliKKKan-fucked Democrazy.


Charles, “More tears are shed over answered prayers than unanswered ones.”

I’m getting increasingly weary of hearing about the stock market as if it is an indicator of the economy – which it by and large isn’t. What’s the statistic? Eighty percent of all stocks are owned by less than twenty percent of the public. Yeah, maybe it matters somewhat if you have mutual funds in your 401k, but really, what does the stock market do when people are out of work or when things are humming along nicely? It goes it’s own way. More and more the market doesn’t reflect anything that’s current or real for most folk. So the news says the Dow is up 600 points. Yippee if you own a lot of stocks. Meanwhile, people can’t afford the medicine they need, can’t afford housing, very small businesses continue to struggle, and there’s a growing, detrimental national fear in this wildly violent America. Fear or resignation. Still, the Dow is over 30K. Hasn’t it been proven – time and time again – that the fix is in? There are those who have advance access to IPOs and future stock prices (even if it’s only in a computer’s milliseconds) that the rest of us don’t and that they make an unfair killing on that knowledge all while the regular ol’ Joe investor tosses the imaginary dice. So, remember when you hear that the S&P lost 2% today, one correct response would be, “So what?”

Seems perfectly in character to me that while our democracy was in imminent danger of collapse, Melania was doing rugs. Be best, Ice Queen.

Funny you should mention…I was listening to an Eagles album a couple of days ago because – well, it came up, and it had been a while. I remember Glenn, who was a nice guy, kind of down to earth, but not overly modest about his talent and rightfully so, always said that it was Don who had the voice in the group. And indeed, there are several songs that Don sang that I thoroughly love and enjoy, but I have to disagree with Glenn on this. Glenn had a marvelous, sweet, of-its-time voice that was so pleasing to my ears. I mean, “Lyin’ Eyes”, right? Anyway, I was listening to him sing “Tequila Sunrise”, and I don’t know if I was just tired enough or it just caught me at a vulnerable moment, but as I listened, the tears started welling up, and I let them.


@13 I'm investing heavily in cat food futures


@14 - Friskies Buffet au gratin.



Go back to counting bullet-riddled dead bodies, you worthless fuck.


The entire Secret Service needs to be fired and rebuilt. It is compromised beyond comprehension. And yes that's why the dog was biting the Secret Service members. Dogs do not like people who are a threat to their owners. They got rid of the dog when they should have gotten rid of the Secret Service agents.

Like everything else, the question as to why every last one of these assholes not only still have jobs, but are walking around free. If our government does not prosecute Trump and everyone involved in his very clearly premeditated plan to overthrow the federal government, we may as well have no fucking government (and let's face it the one we had was already shit - owned and operated by the wealthy and the white).


@9: Thank you for sharing further glaring proof that "The Bible" was meant to only serve men exclusively, and especially when a national holiday honors the rape and impregnation of a married woman ("immaculate conception", my ASS!), and the birth of a child under the most primitive of circumstances.
I can't help but wonder how many times "The Bible" has been lost in willful mistranslation over the centuries, what with all the RepubliKKKan RWNJ hypocrisy and misinformation rammed down our throats in social media today. There's enough bullshit coming from the megachurches to fertilize the entire African continent into self-sustainability, and turn the Sahara Desert into a utopian paradise.
Atheism, anyone? I'm in.

@18: xina for the WIN!!


I would hope that Major not only pissed on Melania's insurrection rug, but also took a nice big dump on it with his regards, To Orange Turd, With Love.

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