Alex Jones, pictured here in 2020, seeming to have an extremely rare reflective moment. Elijah Nouvelage/Getty



“Do you know what perjury is?”
Yes, they all know.


War—it's what's for dinner!
we seve it up
nice n' Hot

ya can even have it
for lunch brunch
and break-fast
snacky snacks
and dessert!

may as Well
it's Costing
you Tril-

if only we could
eat our armaments


At least we can say that Seattle Police are the leaders in preventing non-crime.


"Joe Biden signed a new executive order to ensure abortion access for pregnant people"

fucking 'republicans'
say they want big Gbbmnt
off their backs! but 'govern' by
keeping a Handle on the Ladies'
Nether Regions instead. pussy grabbers!

just Remember
to Dump 'Em
in November

Even if ya gotta
Flush five, ten times


GameWorks. Not GameStop. I know this isn't important in the long run, and it's also in the headline.


"From Asia, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the flags at the Capitol to fly at half-staff to commemorate Walorski's memory,"

Why though? She was a shitty person. A Trumper. An 2020 election denier. Anti-healthcare. Anti-choice. Not everyone deserves respect. I think I have some thoughts and prayers lying around here though, let me see if I can find them.


And she'll get to lie in state in the capitol of the government against which she supported a coup. Fuck off with customs and pageantry. Throw her corpse in a ditch and let's move on.


maybe that bodily
Autonomy's a Good
thing to keep around

magnanimity in victory
may keep recalcitrant
repubs in a woke
state of mind

wonder if it's best
not to Alienate
All of them


Condolences to Rep. Jackie Walorski's family. May she be rewarded with what she earned in this life.


I'm fine with it. It's the classy thing to do, and it doesn't really cost anything politically.

Does she really get to lie in state? If she does, nothing prevents anyone from paying their respects in a t-shirt calling her a traitor.


@5 It is important! Fixed !


@1 patL: Yep. May Alex Jones roast like a stuck pig at a Hawaiian luau.

@4 kristofarian: Amen.

@8 kristofarian: Good idea, kris!! I'm all for firing every last RepubliKKKan one way into outer space.
We could cram them all into Jeff Bezos' atrocious space dildo.

@10: I love your avatar, Jas! Good one.

@11: Take a look in your bathroom mirror, MAGAt. Try not to fall in when you flush.


Alex Jones---the national image of every balding, fat male white supremacist pro-Trumpist RWNJ, forever living in mortal fear of emasculation every time a woman asserts herself.

May this spell the end of the GOP.


At least supposed “leftists” don’t support a coup to overthrow a free and fair election and usurp the foundation of all US law and democracy.


gosh milker
"no significant damage"?
tell that to the Capitol Po-po

our russian troll
cum MAGAt learning
us the Glories of Fascism
and the Downfalls of Society
taking Care of its Own. in Spite
of Spoilt, Selfish Billionaires' demands.

oh the Humanity.
oh the Kochs


Trump refused to concede an election he lost. He still claims against all evidence (and his own AG) that he won and proclaims himself the legitimate president. That itself is a coup, dipshit. Attempting to abduct the VP and install fake elector is a coup, dipshit. Sending armed insurrectionists to overthrow the certification is a coup, dipshit.


Watchdogs that study and monitor elections and global coups:

“It Was an Attempted Coup: The Cline Center’s Coup D’état Project Categorizes the January 6, 2021 Assault on the US Capitol

Bottom Line: Using the Cline Center’s Coup D’état Project definitions, the storming of the US Capitol Building on January 6, 2021 was an attempted coup d’état: an organized, illegal attempt to intervene in the presidential transition by displacing the power of the Congress to certify the election. Specifically, at the time of this writing, we classify it as an attempted dissident coup.”

American Oversight

And if Trumps coup had been successful the MAGA Death Cult trolls here would be cheering.


@16 Friend, nobody minds if you recycle Breitbart comments here but calling other people "npc" while you do it is more irony than you should inflict on us.


"What do you do when it's the police breaking the law?
Call a hippie"

Bumper sticker from the 60's AKA "the good old days"


@22: As @9 says " It's the classy thing to do, and it doesn't really cost anything politically."

Keep classy blip.


Pro-Orange Turd neofascist Joe Kent can NOT beat Jaime Herrera-Beutler!! Otherwise, Washington State, not just Clark County, is FUCKED!! Corrupt outside money is doing this!

RepubliKKKans should all be castrated, sterilized, disinfected, and then immediately hurtled off one way into outer space on Jeff Bezos' atrocious space dildo, never to be seen or heard of again.

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