Tfw you owe $49.3 MILLION in damages for being an unrepentant asshole. Drew Angerer | Getty



You know what’s louder and more annoying than the Blue Angels? The yearly whinefest from the bougey progressives in this city who are incapable of tolerating loud noise for a few days each year. It’s trite and mundane.


As I noted this morning’s post, living in a diverse and inclusive city involves putting up with things one might not personally care for - like hydroplane races, golf courses, cyclists, and the Blue Angels.

Calm down. It’s only for a few days. There are those who truly love it. Let them have their fun.


@3 Catalina Vel-DuRay: Indeed. It does seem to be the price of urban living. The bigger and more diverse the population, the more the people of the community have to endure.
I do feel for our neighborhood cats, dogs, and small children effected by high decibel noise
when the Blue Angels have their flight show, and on the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve
I grew up on Fidalgo Island between the communities of La Conner and Anacortes, and across from Northeastern Whidbey Island, where we could hear naval jets from Oak Harbor. I can't imagine living anywhere near the fly zone today, what with the current use of eardrum-shattering F-35s and F-18Es.


Thank you, Will, for sharing news stories of those getting their just deserts--particularly Alex Jones and Tim Eyman. After a somewhat weird Friday, I could use some brighter news.
Suddenly I'm in the mood for dessert, accompanied by an equally delicious revenge movie. Dark chocolate and red wine, anyone?


Depending on the clout of the plaintiff it often unlikely that they will much of the damages. Recall notoriously OJ only paid out about
$110,000 of the millions he owed the Goldman’s. (Even Exxon only paid out 1/10 of the billions in damages over the Exxon Valdez oil spill and they managed to evade payments through delay racists and shades quasi-legal side settlements and on top of that spent millions lobbying to cap punitive damages).

So don’t count your chickens I guess.


Delay tactics.


SCOTUS is already chomping at the bit to overturn the Alex Jones ruling.


and in Other 'news'

Biden: "U.S.
Won’t Rest Until
Brittney Griner Returned Home
To Serve Marijuana Possession Sentence"

see the: Onion

and Alex Jones
gotta pay $50M
for Scumbaggery

say that reminds me:

mind the shrooms
and Good Luck
Mr. Eyeman


Always hated the Blue Angels, thought it was a total waste of fuel every time they flew. Realize I was wrong, because they need to be flown to be kept in flying and fighting shape.

It is unbelievably satisfying to see Tim Eyman's demise. Finally that guy gets what he deserves.

As for Alex Jones, there's no point in celebrating a $45 million payout when TX caps such things at $750,000. Alex knows it, the judge knows it, the jury knows, and the lawyers know it. So what's the point? That asshole belongs in prison. No amount of money he has to pay will ever be enough for what he has done to those families. I hope the lawsuits he still has coming (in other states, without caps on damages), especially the one in CT, leave him truly financially ruined. If he won't be sent to prison, one can only hope he is left with literally nothing and dies on the streets penniless. He is literally one of the worst human beings on the face of the planet. He deserves to suffer, badly and for as long as possible for all of the hatred and lies he has spewed endlessly, caring about no one. Listening to Jesse Lewis' mother tell him the damage he has done made me cry as much as the fact that Jesse Lewis stood up to the shooter (who was reloading) and told his friends to run, enabling them to escape before that shit bag shot Jesse in the face, murdering him. Every asshole out there who denies these mass shootings, especially of children, should be forced to undergo the same fate as the children they deny existed.


These poor and underprivileged minorities are predictably over scrutinized and underassessed by law enforcement with this lazy, ineffectual City Attorney and her goon squad whose goal in life is to suck Trump’s dick.

Like rightwing militants from Peru, Ann Davison has her hit list of citizens who get a Puerto Rican necktie or wind up in a mass grave out in eastern Washington.

Davison probably wants to run for Congress as a backwater red neck conservative and have Trump pee in her mouth, although those socially regressive days are receding in the rear-view mirror, with progressive Democrats in power for the most part, and Trump facing prison time for jacking off while Rome burned and blood flowed in the streets during the assault on our nation’s capital by kooky rednecks who sought to overthrow the government in a hissy fit over Biden’s legitimate, resounding win.

The Harrell administration and their legion of municipal vampires have absolutely no interest in human rights and have cynically devised policies to move homeless and indigent people around the city like pawns on a chessboard for public relations purposes, further exacerbating the criminal desperation of those who live on the edge.

Poor folks don’t vote, usually, so the yuppies who run the city have taken to ignoring them, in grand American tradition, in hopes they’ll dry up and blow away, or the Seattle baboon platoon in blue can stuff them into paddy wagons and drop them off on the perimeter of town, like they did in the bad old Dragnet days.

Nice to see these rightwing firebrands get their just desserts at the feet of lady justice. Soon Tim Eyman will be living in the woods and bathing in the creek for all of his pandering to the dark urges of the proletariat and campaign financing indiscretions. Alex Jones is a real piece of shit and should be molested by horny Himba tribespeople then fed to the sharks on Shark Week.

Imagine the level of cynicism required to use the Sandy Hook atrocity as a talking point to agitate gun nuts and make money for your backward-looking right-wing organization.

Such demagoguery has no place in America, and Jones should be fined and repetitiously intimately consoled in federal prison. Hopefully other legal avenues can be explored to wipe him out financially and make him live in the woods with Eyman, an equivalent Trumpian dog shit, as they fondle each other and rinse their asses in the creek.

Agreed, the Blue Angels should be parked in the hangar and preserved for national defense and this ear-splitting hillbilly Chautauqua left to the confines of Seattle yahoo history.

Certainly, Seward Park residents are weary of onlookers barfing and peeing in their yards, not to mention the parking issues and noise pollution.

Yes, yes, remove all trade barriers, especially those that apply to that bubbly nectar of the gods brewed here in good old Washington State, that Oregonians should be afforded the ability to partake. That hoppy, loamy brew is a great eye-opener if you need some hair of the dog, and makes a refreshing after sex douche.

Here again, we see the cruelty of Republicans exhibited by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, who treats immigrants like political pawns or the aforementioned chess pieces, to make a rightist scrotum-sucking pro-Trump anti-immigration statement, at the expense of terrified human beings who want a piece of the good life, after harrowing life experiences south of the border.

What is with the moral rot we see on the political right, with the mind-bending exploitation of Alex Jones and racism of Governor Abbott?

We need to flush the toilet and expunge these Trump-like troglodytes who capitalize on human suffering for political gain.

Nice to know some back-breaking student loan obligations are being forgiven, and that free beef at Les Schwab scam that Trump was running to suck the unenlightened into his so-called university should be addressed too.

Bannon, who needs a haircut and a shave, should take that ballot stuffing propaganda elsewhere, because everyone is fatigued by this rightwing paranoia the Trump cultists are dishing.

Herrera Beutler is in a tight one down in the 3rd congressional, and should take the nuclear option and cinch the deal with girls gone wild cleavage flash.

Remember, Herrera Beutler was the only member of the Washington State Republican delegation to publicly endorse the impeachment and removal of Trump, the green-orange antediluvian howler-monkey, for the good of our nation, also she’s a hottie.

Punch it twice for Herrera Beutler, all you lovable backwoods hooligans down there in volcano territory.

This monkeypox outbreak has everyone wearing two condoms and being careful whose dick they suck at the green lake mensroom. Be sure to shave their pubic area and swab their nuts with SPOROX® disinfectant.


although jones'll likely
Never get there

when you hit
Rock Bottom
there's room
for Improve-


jones is in a league
with the newt grinsrich
and rush the Oxymoron
in destroying any Civility
the Citizenry may have had &
even 'normalized' the trumpfster

we'll need a few
Statues to their


@10 xina and @11 polysexual: Amen!!


@6: SCROTUS can chomp on my shit and die. The Orange Turd's neofascist loyalists must be impeached and stripped of their insane power. They are serving only their own idiotology, corruption, and self interests over the citizens of the United States. Church and state must be kept separate.

@13 kristofarian: I'm with xina and pollysexual. Here's hoping The Orange Turd, Mitch McConnell, Joe Manchin, Krysten Sinema, the neofascists of SCROTUS, Alex Jone sand Tim Eye Sore all end up penniless and on the streets. Justice would indeed finally be served.
and @14 kristofarian: Hell is indeed already booked. The GOP has every spot reserved through 2500. What a pity the Earth won't last that long.
I understand those running Hades supposedly have a sense of humor, according to to cartoonist David Wiley Miller (who goes by Wiley). They allegedly have a spot in Hell for [RepubliKKKan] Whites Only.


speaking of hurdles
Climate and Tax Bill
Scales Crucial Senate Hur-
dle Paving Path to Passage

Democrats united behind the plan and advanced it over unanimous Republican opposition, signaling that they had finally coalesced behind a bill that could become law within days.

a couple comments
[LOVE nyt's commentariat]:

This is fantastic. I think this is one of the most consequential bills to come out of Congress in years. It's a superb piece of legislation. Yes, Senator Sinema took a little out and the Senate Parliamentarian took a little out. But it's still a great bill.

I am honestly really proud of the Democrats for sticking together, going through the hurdles, and almost advancing this bill into legislation.

Folks, this bill is going to help A LOT of people. It really helps all of us as we are all affected by climate change.

Thank goodness this bill will pass. It's fantastic news.

Personally, the Democrats absolutely earned the right to keep the senate after the midterm elections. And Chuck Schumer did a masterful job in shepherding this through.
--@Truth Sayer; Maryland Aug. 6

@Truth Sayer
And Manchin did a perfect head fake on McConnell. McConnell was going to stop the CHIP Act unless the Build Back Better plan was scuttled.

Then Manchin declared BBB dead, which led to bipartisan support for the CHIP Act. Once that was done Manchin revived BBB, albeit with a different title, and McConnell lost any remaining leverage.

Well played Joe.

--@Motown; Michigan today

things is looking Up
and Yes ucantstopus
it Is too little too late
but it may get us to a
place where "progres-
sives" are merely Cen-
trists. so fucking VOTE

@11 -- qlr&e!


Are Eyman and his ex actually separated or is the divorce just a money-laundering thing?


redemption song


I don’t know what the rules are for compensation in Texas, but I believe jones has another trial coming up in Connecticut, and there are no caps there (or so the internet says). They also take a strong stance on perjury.


Suggs dear, that's not stopping Roger Stone from fundraising on the decision.


@20 kristofarian: Amen!

@25 Suggs and @26 Catalina Vel-DuRay: This reminds me of "Don't Mess With Texas". Apparently the slogan was initially part of a state beautification plan to discourage littering, promoted by Lady Bird Johnson.
I can't help but wonder, though, if RWNJ RepubliKKKans fueled by Greg Abbott are willfully misusing "Don't Mess With Texas" to promote systematic racism, white supremacism, homophobia, and misogyny at its cruelest in a horrifically lawless Southern-fried wasteland.
Methinks the Lone Star State needs to get rid of a lot of shit (not just litter) starting with its current governor!


This is off topic, but I feel the need to share, what with RepubliKKKan neofascism run amok, especially in Texas. Senator Raphael Warnock, D---Georgia, needs votes to keep Georgia blue.
Urgutha Forka? Any news from the Peach State?

Everybody vote Democrat like there is no tomorrow. Because there really won't be any sunshine again if RepubliKKKans seize control.

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