You didn't see this coming? You really didn't think robots were going to move into the Macy's building? Charles Mudede



The raid was probably the best thing Trump could have hoped for, and he's going to milk it for all the publicity he can squeeze. If Merrick Garland really didn't inform the White House he should be fired for political sabotage of the Democrat's campaign.


Don't blame Facebook, who submitted to a search warrant as any company would given the advice of its legal department, including Index Newspapers LLC.


White trash gnash over Sodamn Insane’s palace FBI party crash.


we're here solely to be
Farmed or Harvested
whatever makes the
gop's Donor Class
happy's Always
gonna be the
Law of the

so don't Expect Big
Tech or Pharma or
Oil to give a shite
about you and
your Loved
ones cuz'
they do

you're merely a Profit
Point in this "republi-
can" Dystopia so
y'all better Get
Used to it.



The Attorney General and the Justice Department are under no obligation to tell the White House about any active investigation, including the execution of search warrants.

That the Justice Department functions independently of the White House is one of the strengths of our system.



You must be a lot of fun at parties.


@2 I blame Facebook for at least three things: (1) existing; (2) allowing users under 18; and (3) storing so much user data that it will now become a go-to resource for zealous anti-abortion prosecutors nationwide.


@1 I know it's hard to understand this after what happened in 2016, but the FBI and White House are not supposed to conspire against their personal enemies. Let me introduce you to a person named Richard Nixon.

The AG not informing the White House is how we drained the swamp before Trump came along.


It was a beautiful raid. The most beautiful raid ever, that's what people are calling it.


Can Joe Kent be struck down by a lightning bolt before November?

WAKE UP, Clark County voters!!

May the septic tidal wave of MAGA meltdowns spell the death of the GOP.



"True, still not notifying the President of an extreme unprecedented action of a daylight raid on an ex President's (and political opponent's) home...."

Is exactly how the system is supposed to work.

It doesn't make Biden look like a "sap." It makes Biden look like a President who understands the rules of law and the checks and balances that go with our political system, and understands that his Justice Department will operate with a level of independence.

That's not a "sap," that's a "statesman."

No one is above the law, including ex-presidents. The FBI convinced a Federal Judge (who very likely was appointed by Trump) to sign a warrant.


@9 & @10: YOU'RE the sap, jackoff. Go count bullet-ridden dead bodies, you pathetic trolling neofascist MAGA turd.

@11 CKathes: Further proof that RepubliKKKans and the idiots who keep voting for them are sick fucks who should all be fully castrated, sterilized, and disinfected.

@14, @15, & @16 PrincessAngeline#2: Agreed.


We were told the Mar-A-Lago raid was about classified documents. We were lied to. It was just a fishing expedition to get Trump, to find anything. Totally gratuitous.


@18: Standard practice in a court-ordered, warranted search is to…you know, search. How do you think it’s supposed to be conducted? “Oh, wait, that’s MELANIA’S room, don’t go in there.” Nothing is off-limits. That’s the whole point. Otherwise you could just hide shit in the off-limits areas.

This isn’t hard.


Slog writers: bitch about how broken the two party system is.
Also Slog writers: bitch about a new political party that doesn't fit their narrative and might appeal to middle of the road voters.

Well, which is it? Pick a struggle guys.


@22 thanks for proving my point that we need a LOT of non-D/R options to continue to siphon their power. As a left leaning centrist, I fully support multiple 3P entities that give me options that aren't the batshit crazy far left or right of the two dominant parties. I'm sick of 1) voting for the lesser of two evils and 2) being told that voting for a 3rd party is throwing my vote away/siphoning support from one of the two big parties.


Two parties? I wish.

We only have one party now and a cult. Not good.



Go back to counting bullet-riddled dead bodies, you worthless fuck.


The idea that this is going to alter the political landscape is ludicrous. MAGA-heads are up in arms. What else is new; it is their outrage of the week. Trump haters are giddy. The vast majority of America doesn't give a fuck. Trump is upset, or course, but it won't change his decision going into the next presidential election.

Most of America cares about important shit, like jobs, inflation, Ukraine. How the various parties spin those real issues will determine how things shake out this November, and the November a couple years later.


Drake is Canada's greatest ever rapper.

Other than that, good summary.


@25 -- so you'te
leaving the cult?
well done.


It's funny that Charles thinks RESIDENTS use gas-powered leaf blowers. From my observation, commercial GARDENERS use them.

Residents, if they garden at all, use electric leaf blowers, and also rakes.


@19 schmacky: Just getting up in the morning is hard enough for Elmer (@18).

@25: And of course, you're still stupidly rooting for the Orange Turd's death cult, aren't you, Elmer?
Quit while you're already eight centuries behind. You're fooling nobody.

Remember, folks--this is the same MAGA troll on record for hailing Hitler.

@29 kristofarian: I wouldn't get too excited yet, kris. Elmer's only trolling, as usual.


Along with this most recent Facebook fuckwittery, we should never forget that its embrace of anivaxxers and its willful failure to block outright lies and brazen misinformation about COVID has resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people.

That many of them deserved what they got (a HermanCain Award) is beside the point.

And just as many of us correctly predicted the kafkaesque environment in a post Roe world, we also predicted what would happen if companies like Facebook, et al. were gifted blanket immunity under Section 230 of the DCA.

Yet another of the myriad abuses that we can thank Bill Clinton and his neoliberal Republicrats for.

Yet another

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